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Monday, 19 May 2014

We're all going on a Summer Holiday...

Well, maybe not all of you, but I am. After the wedding and with the come-down that followed I can now officially get excited for our honeymoon, which is on the 26th June (NEXT WEEK BABY!) 10 whole days of no work, pure relaxation, not moving form a sun-lounger unless it's to abuse the all-inclusive food and drink and precious time spent away with the hubby, which judging by how busy we've been post-wedding, it's really welcome. This is all very exciting except for one thing.... I haven't actually been away on a ABROAD/BEACH holiday for roughly 6 years.. I KNOW...

So, what the frick do I pack for a beach holiday?! I have been stalking Instagram, Pinterest and every other blog to find out what is considered cool whilst away, what bikini (if I dare to bare) should I choose and what accessories work by the pool - it is one crazy minefield out there! I can't deny it, I'm one of these people that swell in the heat - not just my feet, oh no, my entire body has a tendency to grow, so for me, comfort will always come over style. No bodycon or too fitted, I need full on flowing, relaxed wear.

Currently I'm loving

This white broderie dress from Baukjen is perfect to throw on for the evenings when off out for dinner. Hopefully the white won't look too horrific against my skin tone (lets hope I get a tan) and it doesn't have anything tied round the waist. Add in a statement necklace and a vibrant flat sandal and I think this would be perfect.
£129 Baukjen

I'm not normally a floral fan, but this maxi dress from Zara, is more of a grown-up flower. V-neck is perfect and flattering for my rather large and annoying chesticles, but is still cinched in under the rib cage which is great for avoiding the 'tent' look. Also, priced at £39.99 I think you get alot of dress for your money!

This necklace pretty much has every 'tropical' colour you can think of - I love this! The great thing with a statement necklace is you can pretty much throw it on ANYTHING and it can finish the outfit off nicely! priced at £29.00 this necklace is a cheap cost per wear!

I am OBSESSED with this dress by Boden - this is THE holiday dress. I actually get excited when I look at this! I want to team this with a simple tan flat sandal with a cross-over bag. This dress is just so pretty, you can't really say no.

and here we go with the florals again - this dropped hem, simple strap dress is perfect for the beach-bar journey. Simply throw it on! 

I'm so in love with the brand Kelly Love - everything about the collections are cool. And well, I want to be cool. I want to take this skirt away and love it for the rest of my life! This slightly A-line mini-skirt would look great with a simple white shirt and jewelled sandals for a trip to the local town. Team with a straw fedora and wayfarer sunnies and you are good to go!

You cannot beat a little beach sparkle and these sandals look so pretty! I'm a stickler for a good sandal and these Clarks ones look brilliant - I want to team these with black linen trousers and a slim fit shirt for the evening.

With a week to go I'm starting to get a little nervous and planning a last-minute trip to the shops! 

So what's you fail-safe beach wear style?

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TheOnlineStylist said...

With you all the way on relaxed, flowing and comfort - I can't bear anything clingy in the heat. Or in any other weather for that matter! Hope you're having a fantastic time Lovely Lady - look forward to hearing about your adventures on your return!
Lots of Love, A xxx

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