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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Upmarket Lounging...

I'm not going to lie to you, I spend probably 75% of my time in 'lounge-wear' or what I'd like to call, my comfy clothes. I hate to say this but from 5pm on a Friday until 10pm on a Sunday, you will mostly find me in the most ugliest pair of elastic waist (more eating room) trousers/jogging bottoms and man sized t-shirt - that's just the way I roll. I often dread Monday mornings when, shock horror, I actually have to put on proper clothes, y'know as in actual fitted, womens clothes that DO have to match. I'm definitely a 'comfort over style' kinda girl, I cant help it, and it just so happens what is comfy to me, is the tattiest, ugliest, threadbare clothes known to man (I think some even moth holes) In fact, dont tell me you're not the same.... you are aren't you?

Lately though, I find myself reading about the new style lounge-wear... in magazines, on blogs, apparently you dont have to look a tramp to dress comfy. SURPRISE! I've been taking a look (or should I say disgruntled peek) at myself whilst dressed in, err, 'comfy mode, and well, to be frank I'm surprised I still have a hubby, but what shocks me the most in all these very pretty glossy articles is the price to look good whilst 'lounging'.

Trousers for £80, cardigans from £135 (I shan't mention the company names)?!? Have I missed something? Really, there is no way ON THIS earth I would be lounging in anything that costs me over £10 - I have a habit of spilling food down me, I may partake in a few household chores at the same time as wearing these clothes (or do people not do housework), I am often covered in rabbit fur and hay and, dare I say it, I might actually fall asleep in these clothes - so why on earth the price tag?

Don't get me wrong, I do look at these articles of models and bloggers alike (cue the onslaught) modelling their very pretty lounge-wear-esque type clothing and cant help but wonder who can really, and I mean actually put their hand in their purse and buy this range of clothing. I am a 30 year old married woman, with no children, my own house and I think I live a reasonably good life, with a reasonable income and the ability to occasionally treat myself but yet, if you told me to go and buy some lounge-wear for £50+ at a time I would probably, most definitely laugh in your face.

However, that being said and in a way of apology, I do still look at these posts and articles with love - who DOESN'T want to look that good huh!? but a conscious effort will be made on my part to perhaps look a little better when 'lounging' but there High Street for me, will be where it's at - give me H&M and Primark any day of the week - those clothes don't mind when I spill bean juice down them.

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Samantha Sunderland said...

All I'm gonna say is, I'm sat here reading this in an old, hole-y vest top with some faded Nike yoga pants that have definitely seen better days!

I wish I cared, but in all honesty - I don't, haha! xx

MostlyYummy said...

Haha! I love this! I must confess that I don't do loungewear mostly because I suspect that if I did, I'd never ever wear anything else. My Uggs habit is bad enough! But part of me thinks that actually, if you wear this stuff all of the time, cost per wear and all that jazz, maybe you should treat yourself to something extra special. But then the sensible part of me shakes my head along with you and thinks it's madness! Ha!

Christina said...

I always swoon over The White Company's beautiful lounge wear, but the price tag just isn't justifiable! And like you, I am so messy I can't even get dressed until just before I leave the house for work, for fear of coffee/breakfast/foundation/cat attacking me.

That being said, I do love white/grey loungewear - something about it is so luxurious!

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