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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The pink coat trend... does it work?

Every year there is a trend that hits both the catwalk and the High Street that everyone and their mother goes doolally about - this season the pink coat hit the headlines. Now being a sceptic about most trends that crop up every now and then, when I heard that a pink coat was something that everyone HAS to be wearing I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Lets get this straight: I haven't worn a candy coloured coat since roughly the age of 4, I am now 29.... yeah, you see where I'm coming from. But still, after opening every glossy mag a newer, fluffier, sweeter looking pink coat stared straight back at me, could I possibly get away with this?

Choosing the RIGHT kind of pink coat was a tricky one: for me, the more sweeter, baby pinks are NOT a good look, I am not 4 and I'm not into Barbie, plus my normal wardrobe colour palette doesn't contain anything as sickly sweets to match, I was looking for something that was perhaps, a little more grown up. Enter La Redoute, now their take on the 'pink coat' trend is a step above the rest.

A little less stream-lines than most coats, a little less PINK than most of the trend and a little more cooler is probably the best way to describe La Redoute's Double-Breasted Boxy Coat. I'm not going to lie, when I opened he packaging my eyes nearly fell outta my head and my dear OH done a roll-the-eyes kinda thing ("not another trend Sarah") with trepidation I got changed into a more suitable outfit (a onesie doesn't cut it) and put it on. I'm not really used to a more casual fit of a coat, but I really loved the rather sophisticated look it gave me - sophisticated... in pink??? is that possible? well yes! The pink was exactly the right kind of pink for me, being a 'must-wear-black' all the time type of girl, it was nice to team a colour popping item to me and my face! I loved it! The texture of this coat gives it a whole new dimension and makes the coat seem, I don't know, more wearable?

Stepping out in the coat was a scary thing for me - I am wholly used to teaming my poor beaten up parka with everything and to my surprise the coat done what most coats normally do (keep me warm and dry etc) but I loved wearing something that felt slightly more sophisticated and dare I say it, ON TREND! I have since been teaming my pink coat on day trips, night trips and mostly stroking it everytime I walk past it in the hallway, I think, yes, I think me and my pink coat trend are getting along like a house on fire all thanks to La Redoute!

Have you tried the pink coat trend and does it work on you?

*I was gifted the coat thanks to La Redoute, however all views are my own and yes, I really do love the pink coat trend*


Jess said...

I love this coat. I too am a little wary of this trend because it's all too easy to end up looking a bit too Barbie. This coat is a great way to combat that. It's a very sophisticated (grown up) cut and the pink just adds something interesting.


Melanie said...

Oh gosh! Yours looks AMAZING! I liked the one in Zara, the baby pink one, but it ran out of stock before I could get my filthy mitts on it!

daisychain said...

Oh Sarah, this coat is amazing and looks fantastic on you.
It also seems that, although it's an on-trend colour right now, it won't date for the years ahead.


Christina said...

This coat is so beautiful!

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