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Thursday, 30 January 2014

I wanna be one of them...

I'm not going to lie about it, I well and truly want to be a Boden-ite. Some of you may or may not have heard of this made-up terms, it loosely means  that I want everything Boden, yes every single item of clothing.

Over the years my style has changed and dare I say it, with my 30th Birthday just around the corner (9th February) I feel I have a reached the classiest stage of dressing. No longer do I feel suited to the likes of Topshop and their ever shortening tops, nor do I wish to walk around hitching my trousers up, pulling my skirt down and worrying whether Im gonig to fall over in my platform shoes - I have turned the proverbial STYLE corner and find myself inexplicably drawn to class rather than the more zany. So why Boden? come on.. every looked in their catalogue or swooned online? I literally cannot get enough of their styling.

Boden screams Britain, and whilst I'm not overtly patriotic when it comes to Britain and style - this is the brand to keep you going. Our rather lovely land is not known for it's hot,sunny weather, instead preferring to be a little bit unpredictable (us Britons are CRAZY) and Boden fits with this combination oh so well - with outfits and styles to suit pretty much any weather, any occasion and any mood.

I regularly find myself licking through their catalogue and pretty much longing to be one of their models, or alternatively living the Boden life - it looks good right? Great marketing and PR it may be, but hey, why should I NOT sell into that lifestyle - life is challenging enough, there is no harm in a little dream right? This new season Boden has inspired me to go crazier with colour - ditching the black and opting for a more new take on the classic style. This is a look and brand I whole heartedly jump on board of.

Still unsure of Boden? Well, here are my fave pics which I know will complete any type of style and wardrobe

Head on over to Boden to check out their latest collection and even grab a bargain with their 20% deals!

Are you a Boden-ite?


Alex Marshall said...

I loooooove Boden! They do amazing vintage-style boyleg swimsuits, can't wait to order another this summer!

Christina said...

I want everything!

fannyshaven said...

Love this, Boden rock my world!!

Love from Fanny xx

MostlyYummy said...

I am with you on this one! Boden just gets better and better every season I love it and like you just want EVERYTHING! Gorgeous picks there x

KatGotTheCream said...

My name is Kathryn Sharman and I am most definitely a Bodenite!

Thanks for the follow over on bloglovin babe - much appreciated xx

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