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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sometimes life is just an open book, waiting to be read...

Can you believe it's another Monday? Another week is over, a new one to begin. Sometimes, especially lately, I have failed to stop and take it all in. I try to tell myself to stop. Not all the time, but once every day, take a walk outside or go to another room and just sit.

Does anyone else do this?

Life moves so darn fast and for me, I cannot believe that we're already coming into March in the year 2013. Christmas seem a distant memory now: the presents are packed away, no more Christmas chocolate exists (even though the excess weight does) but as we're rapidly approaching Spring, there dim and distant year of 2012 seems long gone and good riddance. When I do stop and think, this year, already, has brought me so much I can barely begin to list it all, but one thing that is apparent in my life is acceptance.

Acceptance for life

Acceptance for me

I accept the bad moments, the crappy moments, the not-so-good moments, but mostly I accept my life for what it is. Everything happens for a reason, and now? I believe that more than ever.

I literally wake up everyday smiling, I haven't won the lottery but you know what? I feel like I have. It's all about making yourself happy in this moment in time: things aren't always perfect that is for sure but embrace this moment for what it is.

Here is what I've been up courtesy of my phone pics!

Wedding planning! Me and Mark have set our date for the wedding as April 11th 2014. It's so super exciting. After meeting with the Vicar at the weekend, everything is a little more official. Our vicar is the most amazing lady and I'm super thrilled that everything is in place! I will most def try not to become all about the wedding on the blog, but it is a massive part of my life so hope you don't mind me sharing! If you want to see more wedding ideas, do go and follow my Pinterest HERE where I am currently spending my entire life pinning the crap out of everything!

Weee! Exciting!

A Vicar appropriate outfit

Spending a Sunday morning working out how to open a can of Jus-Roll croissant dough! I know they're not essentially 'homemade' but hey, it's a start!

P.S they tasted yum!

Getting excited about the up and coming Sweaty Betty #TheFitCrowd even on the 27th Feb! so much so, I've been oggling the new Spring/Summer 2013 LookBook and have made a massive mental wishlist!

How amazing does she look??

Another little wedding 'thing' receiving Engagement cards like this one (thanks Katie!) is pretty darn lovely... Wish this could happen everyday!

<3 p="">

So tell me, what have you been up to? what is on your 'life at the moment' list?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

A clean WHITE palette - what to wear...

I have been spending a lot of time staring at my wardrobe, it’s not a new hobby no, but my wardrobe is beyond cluttered. The insides look like a clothing bomb has gone off: arms of tops poking out, trousers piled high and jumpers carelessly thrown on the side. Y’know when you can’t bring yourself to look at something because it’s THAT bad? Yeah that. But whilst the wardrobe itself is a mess there doesn't seem to be any organisation or pattern to my clothing tastes – how on earth do I manage to even put an outfit together?!

It got me thinking about a wardrobe detox, is that even a thing? I don’t know. But whilst last years clashing prints and colours were bang on trend and after I have filled my wardrobe with way too many clashes, a part of me longs to clear and calm my wardrobe and go all white. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the worlds biggest WHITE fan, but there is something nicely pure about it and cleansing. 

White was seen all over the catwalks for the Spring/Summer 2013 season, with Valentino and Stella McCartney playing with cute broderie anglaise and clean precise structure at Prada, but with the 7ft, size nothing models sporting the colour, it’s a little hard to work out how us (as in, me and you) are going to be able to wear them and afford it. Here are my top picks for wearing White this season whatever size you are, all from our humble high street:

Crochet Waist Dress £38 Topshop, Nude wedge £45 Dorothy Perkins, Cameo Collar necklace £16.50 Topshop

White Skinny Jeans £14.99 H + M, Breton Stripe Tee £25.00 Boden, Posionberry shoes £195 Kurt Geiger, Pastel Necklace £8 Ever Ours
Monochrome Silhouette Dress £37.50 SimplyBe, Waterfall White jacket £19.50 SimplyBe, Chain Leather cuff £30 Whistles

I'm definitely warming to the idea of a white colour palette in my otherwise hectic wardrobe. What about you? are you a white wearer? and do you cleanse your wardrobe?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wishing for the warmth..

Hello and happy Wednesday! For me, this week has already seemed like the longest one in the history of the earth, although I am pretty sure I say this every Wednesday. This morning I’ve wqoken up to dark and dismal weather again, it’s a shock to the system after the 3 whole days (I know, I’m impressed by the sheer number too) of sunny weather. It made such a difference to my mood and the way I acted. There is something really lovely about just looking up at the clear blue sky even if it is a little chilly.

As I was out in the garden on Sunday, washing my bike, I suddenly got to thinking about those Spring and Summer mornings, when the sun is peeking out but not reached its full heat, when the birds are frantically singing their wake up call and there is a distinct stillness in the air – it’s an amazing feeling. It’s true what they say, light is good for you, a bit of sun can recharge the soul.  Do you know what I love most about the lighter sunnier seasons? The colours. I get to wear pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, greens and no black in sight. I long for Summer shoes – the ones you can slip on and off in a heartbeat to feel the grass between your  toes. I love that feeling of bare feet in shoes at summer: flip flops, sandals, pumps or brogues – all of them feel and look better with a bare ankle.

Here are my top summery shoes to get you wishing for the sunnier months

Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE at ASOS
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE
Available HERE at House of Fraser

What are you most looking forward to when Spring/Summer comes?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

What's on your menu? Blueberries are good...

Blueberries are uber pretty dont you think? More purply than blue I have to be honest, I'm more of a visual fan of blueberries than actual eating the fruit. That being said, put these little critters in a muffin? yeah, I'm yours. Yum! But, tell me to put blueberries on my toast and I will not be happy, not happy at all, but lately on my menu is the new Limited Edition New York Bakery bagels.

I love bagels: the chewy dough but crispy on the outside - they really are pretty darn yum. The sesame seeded ones? with bacon and sausages? oh wow... there is nothing else like it. Sorry, I digress. Y'see the New York Bakery have launched some new flavours to their already 'yum' family: Fruit and oat, Red onion and chive and lastly the limited Edition Blueberry flavour! I was lucky enough to taste test these and let me tell you, they are lip smackingly good.

I didn't really know what I should be doing with a sweet but savoury bagel: the entire concept was a little alien to me, so I decided to keep it nice and simple, by toasting and buttering - DONE

These bagels are gorgeous, they weren't 'too' sweet but yet had enough flavour to warrant just eating them alone with no further toppings and dya know what, they tasted just perfect the way they are - perfect for the mid-afternoon snack when the munchies strike! These bagels have gone straight to the top of my most munched, even over-taking my old time fave of sesame. These Limited Edition Blueberry bagels are available at Sainsbury NOW and priced at jut £1.55 for a pack of four, and I suggest you go NOW!

What's been on your menu lately?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Feel Good Friday List #4

This weeks Feel Good Friday List #4

What are your Friday feelings?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Feeling the lurve...

You'd have to be locked in a hole to not realise that today is in fact Valentine’s Day. The day that is filled with love: love for all, whether you are in a relationship or single, there are so many ways to feel the love today and as I'm sure many of you already know, I got engaged on Saturday 9th February (my birthday) 

Wow, I'm engaged...

I have been with my partner for Mark for 10 years now, and some might say it is overdue but the time is perfect… Y’see I have had a long struggle to realise why in fact anyone would want to be with me in the first place and I have spent many of years whilst being with Mark actually wondering how someone can love me when in fact I didn't really love myself very much. Mark has been the perfect partner: putting up with a lot of crap, my insecurities about myself, about him about life in general and has still remained a pillar of strength for me, he is the type of person who 100% supports me no matter what, listens and lets me lean on him when I need him but also talks huge amounts of sense.

I am so lucky.

Being engaged is an amazing feeling – things have definitely changed for the better, it’s a renewal of love, everything is fresh, new and exciting! I’m gushing… I can’t help it. For me being engaged isn't about how big my ring is, how lavish our wedding is or even how many wedding pressies we get, I am just so excited to know that Mark will be my husband and I will be his wife forever….

For those who have been sick and stopped reading , I am done with the mushiness  Done. And so, for those who are single or for those who are spending this Valentine’s day alone? Fear not, why not spend this Valentines doing something for YOU. Here are my top tips:

  • Buy yourself a bottle of champers and punnet of strawberries – who says they were meant for two people?! There is nothing quite like the sweet taste of the strawberries and bubble texture of the champers to get the taste buds flowing, and hey… its all for you.
  • Buy a big box of chocolates – simple, you get to eat them all yourself.
  • Pick up the phone call your friends or even member of your family and arrange to do something – whether it be a simple movie night round yours, a trip to the cinema or even a meal out – don’t let Valentines define you.
  • No friends or family nearby? Use skype, twitter or facebook to connect with people far away.
  •  Who is your celeb crush?? George Clooney? Ryan Gosling? Rent a ton of movies all based around your celeb crush and spend the night ogling…
  • Turn up the music, get the karaoke machine out, or just dance – either way, don’t just sit down alone, hop to it and get moving!
  • Know that you're not alone... On Valentine's Day, it is common for people to feel like they're the only single person out there and everybody else is with a significant other, however that is just an illusion - thanks to the commercialism  The reality is that there are a lot of single people out there. Being single does not make you an exception, it actually makes you a large segment of he population. There is someone out there who loves you, celebrate it.
  • Spend no more than £3 on yourself by treating yourself to some Radox. Me and Radox are a match made in heaven. Pour Calendula & Rose bath for a calming, luxurious soak, or ‘spice it up’ with a glug of Eastern Spirit. All these come in shades of pink which make them perfect for a Valentine’s dip in the tub. Light some candles, turn the music on and take a relaxing soak – no getting the tap end to!
Happy Valentines day people - lots of love to you all!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sweaty Betty comes to Marlow...

For those of you who aren't all that familiar with Sweaty Betty, the brand itself was literally born out of the need to provide women with good, well fitting feminine sportswear. Instead of the masculine approach to sportswear, Sweaty Betty have managed to create sportswear that are made solely for the female form no matter what size you are, empowering and inspiring women through fitness. For me, the colours they choose aren't your typical 'pink for girls', they are bright, vibrant and exciting. The way they create season appropriate collections that are suitable for UK weather that might or might not happen, and as well as the way the clothes look there is the way that each item is made, comfort is key as well as the usual technical aspects.

As a bit of a girl fan over all things Sweaty Betty, the brand, the clothes and the amazing work ethic behind them, I was uber excited to hear that they were opening a new boutique store in Marlow which is literally about 10 mins from me - cant get better than that right!?  I went along to check the new store out and to finally get my chance to swathe myself in all things Sweaty Betty

Ballet wear:

Running wear:

Yoga wear:


The shop itself was light airy and spirited. Full credit to their staff who let me amble around taking various photos! What caught my eye the most was the shop layout, everything was simply set out in almost activity sections, the different areas of sportswear ran seamlessly from one to the next, and outfits were shown with matching tonal colours within the scheme - I love it when I go into a shop and I can easily put together 3 or 4 different outfits with ease. 

Their running was section was right up my street and I especially fell in love with these amazing leggings. 

Technical tees and outerwear that was thick enough to provide valid warmth, whilst still maintaining sweat wicking fabric. There was a brilliant section at the rear of the shop that was aimed at all the different types of running trouser/legging which were displayed on a mannequin enabling us to get a really good feel of how each trouser will look. This section was very well stocked, however at the front of the shop the size choices for the running wear was a little limited - granted, I think it might have been just because it had opened, but I'd like to see some more larger sizes there. 

At the rear of the store there was a section where the changing rooms were  situated and a display advertising the range of fitness classes that are going to be held at the Marlow store, I cant wait to try both of these! 

The shop is a great addition to Marlow town and at last I don't have to travel far and wide to get to visit one. Another great well built and thought out store for Sweaty Betty to add to the others. I cant wait to go back again!

Are you a Sweaty Betty fan?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The simple week off...

There is nothing quite like putting the 'out of office' on knowing you have an entire week off work... wow... it's an amazing feeling right!?Why the time off? well, it's my 29th Birthday Saturday.... Time to take 'time out'

Before you all ask I'm not going away: I'm not going to some exotic hot climate to bare my white bits, and neither am I being whisked off to a expensive spa to be pampered  All of those things would be lovely, but instead I'm taking a week off to stay at home.

To stay at home with the fella, who coincidently we share our 10 year anniversary together on the Sunday. This year for my Birthday I want to take it all back to simple. The house that we spent so long putting together? well, we're going to spend some time in it, have bed picnics, watch trash tv and day long box sets, going back to cooking real meals, popping out for a walk and stopping off at a pub but mostly we're just being us.

Although tomorrow, we are sneaking off here.. *squeels*

I will try to blog what I get up to or at least snap away about my week long 'simple' break.

What do you do for your birthday?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tried and Tested: Freya 365 days of Deco..

We all know I like talking boobies, and being the proud owner of some D cup jubblies I know how important finding the right bra is, and it is not an easy job let me tell you. Before the days of me actually knowing what a good fitting bra was (yes, those existed) I often walked along with the dreaded 4 boob syndrome or constantly hitching me bra straps up - let me tell you, neither of these are good looks.. no.. not a good look. Once I decided to go and experience the joys of getting measured for a bra and finally realising that the b cup bra I was wearing barely covered my nipples, let alone my entire chest I  became almost instantly obsessed with buying bras.

I was that woman, lingerie crazy me, but it bothered me that I couldn't buy just one style of bra that would look good in any and all kinds of outfit - I was buying different colours, lacy, non lace, moulded, soft cup, half cup, push up - ARGHHHHHH! it got annoying and expensive. When I heard about my favourite brand, Freya, launching their new '365 days of Deco' I had to have a nose. Freya had made a bra that is suitable to wear under any of your outfits, and not only that, but doing it 365 days of the year. Slim fit tee? sorted, Clingy dress? sorted. The Deco range of underwear was created to provide seam-free loveliness and brilliant fit and still in size ranges of 28-38 B-GG cup sizes. I have to be honest I was expecting some kind of matronly bra, yknow the kind that have an industrial strength clasp and cups that are the size and shape of flying saucers but not the Deco range. It's actually one of the prettiest 'does it all' bras I've seen in a long time. I would def not be ashamed to bare this one at night that's for sure. Available in the classic nude, black and white this style was pretty much made for this 365 days challenge.

Now it's all very well and good me saying this, the questions is does it actually do just that? I was gifted with the Freya Deco Moulded Plunge bra in 34D, which retails at £30 in nude along with the nude shorts/brief. I was instantly worried that the plunge bra wasn't going to hold my chesticles in place very well but I was pleasantly surprised that the bra itself was sturdy even though it was completely seam-free. The moulded plunge cups were comfy and felt lovely against the skin, the cups shaped themselves well around my curves. I wore this bra set underneath a slim fit plain semi see-through top and some skinny jeans - Sometimes I find it harder to get a bra to suit slim fit tops more than any other clothing, you want good support, a nice womanly shape and no 4 boob syndrome! This done just that.

I actually loved the shape that this bra gave me, it was absolutely completely seam free and there was not a single lump or bump, not even at the back. I was worried it was going to be a little 'booby' for me, but it wasn't  in fact it gave me a nice shape to my cleavage. This really is a bra that I can and will wear with everything in my wardrobe, I cant wait to try it out with a more low-cut dress. 

If you too want to get yourself with the perfect bra, 365 days a year then head on over to Freya's website HERE

Alongside this campaign, Freya are launching the Deco Style Wall, where us lovely fans of Freya Deco can win prizes by showing off our style and how Deco fits and supports our outfits.  All you have to do is simply upload a photo of yourself wearing Deco under their outfit! Once entered its down to Freya to select lucky entrant who could feature on the Deco 365 style wall, one of the quarterly campaign adverts, win a deco set, the entire Deco collection or an £1000 shopping spree with a stylist. Upload your picture HERE 

I was so impressed with this Deco bra and I will most certainly by buying from this collection again - at last a bra that fits your real life.

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