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Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Inspiration..

Just because I'm feeling Festive...


A whole day dedicated to watching these...

Mmmmm Christmas candles

Reindeer on a jumper? OH YES.

Winter skin... HELP!

Log fires.. heavens above I need one of these

home-made mince pies ARE the best.. and by home-made I clearly mean shop brought pastry and mincemeat!

Gingerbread, give me the gingerbread. ALL THE GINGERBREAD

Getting drunk on Mulled Wine.. ooooooooo yeahhhhh

Advent time..... never too old...

1 comment:

Christina said...

How could you forget Jingle All the Way!!

I'm a total Yankee candle convert - in fact I'm a convert to spending more than a few pounds on a decent candle. My skin is awful in winter - my hands are already so dry and cracked :(

You know what? I haven't even had a mince pie yet. Can you believe it!?

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