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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

An ode to Cath Kidston.. not just a pretty face

Pretty much everyone recognises the brand name Cath Kidston, with its pretty florals, kitsch prints, I'm not going to lie to you, I am such a massive fan. When I look at Cath Kidston I get a warm feeling in my belly: everything is just oh so pretty. The colours, oh the colours, pretty pinks, sky blues, Gentle peaches, mellow yellows.. these are the good colours, the happy colours, the smiling colours - These are the colours that remind me of my childhood, remind me of my family home, remind me of my mother, my nan and everything that was simple when I was younger. That's not to mention the prints : ditzy roses, cute butterflies, snazzy polka dots, mushrooms on dresses for heavens sake, how can anyone not want a dress with a mushroom on it!?!?

The beauty with Cath Kidston designs are that they are simple. They are not trying to compete with anyone, they aren't trying to be classed as high fashion with edgy prints, colours and fabrics - it is what it is -  simple, classic and most of all fun. I get annoyed when people often question the brand or style, granted, it's not for everyone, but in a world where alot of bad things happen, people are put under stress every day of their lives, surely your style in clothes is one of the things in your life that is purely your own, and I can sure as hell tell you, that when I wake up in morning, I'm tired, I'm a little grumpy (I need a coffee first) but when I see my Cath Kidston towels, with their pretty petals an colourful designs, I smile - it's a simple way to make good of the bad.

Have you ever been into a Cath Kidston shop? If you haven't - get your ass there now. Every time I step in there I want my house to be JUST LIKE IT. Filled to the brim with everything 'lovely' it's like walking into happy land. What always surprises me about walking into their shops is the feel good factor. I love walking into somewhere and feel like it's ok that I browse, I dont HAVE to buy anything but I can appreciate the products and take my time to browse. The staff are always kind (but lets face it if I worked there I'd be beside myself in happy) and everything is always presentable. Some might say that is purely to make the likes of me want to buy everything, well I''d agree with them, it works but who doesn't want that from a shop.

When I was little I grew up wanting to be just like my mum and nan. I wanted to bake.. ALOT, I wanted to drink tea, wear an apron, cook for my husband, have a family and smile all the time like they did. I wanted a home filled with happiness, I wanted to cook in a kitchen with mis-matched cutlery, plates and cups. I wanted to get into a bed that was covered in flowers and wear pjs that were too pretty to wear in bed. I sounds idealistic and in reality I probably wont have any of this, but I can get a whole lot closer when I fill my life with prettiness and yes, it is ALL from Cath Kidston - I'm not even sorry. To me, I work hard for my money, my life isn't perfect, but for the bad things, I simple choose to opt for things that make me smile and Cath Kidston does just that.

Check out Cath Kidston online here http://www.cathkidston.com/

What do you think of Cath Kidston?


Christina said...

You're not helping my Cath Kidston addiction!!

Katie Albury said...

Great CK finds! I love their products...you just know they will be timeless so well worth the money.

Katie x

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