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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tried and Tested: Liz Earle - learning to cleanse, tone and moisturise

My skincare regime is err *ahem* not the best, I have been known to faceplant the pillow with a face full of makeup sans removing it first, but despite wearing makeup most days I am quite lucky that my skin hasn't thrown a tantrum similar to that of a teenager, but I have noticed that as the years roll on so does the texture and feel of my skin, but being a complete novice I know little about what to actually do when it involved my skin.

Thanks to QVC and Liz Earle I was offered the chance to be a proper lady and learn how to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise properly. I have odd skin, and by 'odd' I mean awkward. I have regular flare ups, it cannot deal with any product that is too scented and I often get very dry patches hence the reason why I try to avoid using anything on my skin. I have always been intrigued by Liz Earle's products and the fella has often caught me eyeing up countless skincare sets on QVC (I'm that person)

The products that I was lucky enough to try was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (with muslin Cloth), the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser. All these products look amazing, but lets face it I didn't have the foggiest idea what the hell any of them done but with clear instructions on the back of each product, I set to work on getting my skin in order!

Firstly, I applied the Cleanse and Polish cream to a dry, unwashed face. I still had a face full of makeup and sweatiness after I just cycled home (yeah, I am that sexy) and I must admit it did feel a little weird to be applying a cream to dry skin rather than wet. The cream went on smoothly and smelt heavenly (getting a waft of eucalyptus oil was delightful) 

After applying the Cleanse and Polish cream it was time to grab the Muslin Cloth and rinse under warm water. I did wonder why I couldn't just use any old flannel but word on the street (or back of the product) is that the muslin cloth is a far more gentler way to exfoliate that scrubbing away with any old cloth - worth a go huh?

I then used the damp muslin cloth to complete the 'polishing' part of the routine. Massaging and polishing the cream into the face. I was genuinely worried this would feel ever-so slightly scratchy but it felt really nice - much like a really deep clean for the skin. I could feel every bit of dirt/grime/makeup being removed with no nasty after-effects either. 

My skin felt all tingly and dare I say it again? but smelt amazing!

My next product was the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Now, the only tonic I know is the one that comes with a measure of gin (what?!) however this tonic was supposed to be beneficial (who knew) with the promise to further revitalise my skin I couldn't turn this one down.

Despite its promises, this is the one product I would've never of tried or purchased myself. As my skin is silly sensitive I was instantly worried about it's alcohol content and the possibility that it might burn my face off - it didn't however (thank god) The product went on smoothly, without drying my skin out. After applying with a cotton wool pad, my skin felt so fresh and tingly and not at all clogged.

To finish, I applied a slick of Skin Repair Moisturiser. This is a really good all-round daily moisturiser that was absorbed nicely, but do be careful to not load on too much as it is quite thick. They do recommend using this after using the Skin Tonic!

Ta-Da! My skin felt amazing - really clean and fresh and really pampered. (Do excuse my face sans makeup) 

I have to be honest, this range of products surprised me. I would've never have purchased these normally - mainly through fear of what it would do to my overly sensitive skin and also because I never really understood what these products could do to benefit me and in fact I would've thought they were out of my every-day league, but thanks to QVC I have most def been reaping the benefits of really good, cleansed skin.

You can buy all these products from QVC online or alternatively you can tune in via Sky Digital on channel 640, Virgin channel 740, Freesat channel 800 and Freeview channel 16.

*I was gifted these products but all views are m own and I have shiny lush skin with thanks to them!*

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Veronica said...

I have only just started using these, and love the products too. I have also just invested in a small pot of super skin moisturiser for night time, and that is brilliant too. Now looking at the makeup line lol.

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