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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Keeping up with life with iPhone5

Keeping up with life is hard at the best of times, but throw in the countless ways we all live our lives through social media and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. I am often finding myself getting caught behind with it all. I am on Facebook both personally and blog wise, I tweet (alot) I post photos, I blog and write for various other sites, but keeping my head above water and most importantly staying interactive, is hugely important but oh so hard. When I am away from my laptop, a multimedia phone is a must and after approx 3 years struggling with my current phone I often find myself fantasising about the iPhone 5.

The iPhone5 is like the Queen of all phones, the leader in technology: it's the phone that makes all the others feel jealous - its the popular one. Why do I want a iPhone5 you ask?

  • 8MP iSight camera - which would be just amazing for the more random photo's needed for my blog!
  • Super speedy wireless internet - ideal for on-the-go blogging
  • 4 inch retina display with 326pixels per inch - perfect for some online shopping or picking my must-buys to feature on my site. 
I have to be honest, it's the photo thing for me. There is something so brilliant about the iPhone5 photo's with the abilities to share the photo's across all social media. There is no need to faff around! It would've certainly helped with some existing blurry photos...

The list is endless - this is the phone that I need. Available from the CarphoneWarehouse the great thing is there are so many deals to suit all, but ultimately I think the phone pays for itself. No more faffing with a phone that's battery rapidly runs out, no more struggling to get a decent picture when at a event, and most of all I love the fact that the iPhone 5 is able to reorganise your social media life all at once. 

Unlike some phones, the iPhone5 has endless options and choices for different Apps to make your life more easier and more fun! One of my favourite apps has to be Instagram which is an app that is widely used alongside the iPhone5 and I have been known to turn a little green with envy everytime I hear one of my friends talk about it... not fair!

For someone who struggles with juggling all the social things in life, I think things can be solved in one fail swoop!

what do you use to keep up?

*This post is sponsored*

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