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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sweaty Betty comes to Marlow...

For those of you who aren't all that familiar with Sweaty Betty, the brand itself was literally born out of the need to provide women with good, well fitting feminine sportswear. Instead of the masculine approach to sportswear, Sweaty Betty have managed to create sportswear that are made solely for the female form no matter what size you are, empowering and inspiring women through fitness. For me, the colours they choose aren't your typical 'pink for girls', they are bright, vibrant and exciting. The way they create season appropriate collections that are suitable for UK weather that might or might not happen, and as well as the way the clothes look there is the way that each item is made, comfort is key as well as the usual technical aspects.

As a bit of a girl fan over all things Sweaty Betty, the brand, the clothes and the amazing work ethic behind them, I was uber excited to hear that they were opening a new boutique store in Marlow which is literally about 10 mins from me - cant get better than that right!?  I went along to check the new store out and to finally get my chance to swathe myself in all things Sweaty Betty

Ballet wear:

Running wear:

Yoga wear:


The shop itself was light airy and spirited. Full credit to their staff who let me amble around taking various photos! What caught my eye the most was the shop layout, everything was simply set out in almost activity sections, the different areas of sportswear ran seamlessly from one to the next, and outfits were shown with matching tonal colours within the scheme - I love it when I go into a shop and I can easily put together 3 or 4 different outfits with ease. 

Their running was section was right up my street and I especially fell in love with these amazing leggings. 

Technical tees and outerwear that was thick enough to provide valid warmth, whilst still maintaining sweat wicking fabric. There was a brilliant section at the rear of the shop that was aimed at all the different types of running trouser/legging which were displayed on a mannequin enabling us to get a really good feel of how each trouser will look. This section was very well stocked, however at the front of the shop the size choices for the running wear was a little limited - granted, I think it might have been just because it had opened, but I'd like to see some more larger sizes there. 

At the rear of the store there was a section where the changing rooms were  situated and a display advertising the range of fitness classes that are going to be held at the Marlow store, I cant wait to try both of these! 

The shop is a great addition to Marlow town and at last I don't have to travel far and wide to get to visit one. Another great well built and thought out store for Sweaty Betty to add to the others. I cant wait to go back again!

Are you a Sweaty Betty fan?


Ffion said...

I love those leggings, I'm about to go drool at the website!

London Spotlight said...

Great review-thanks for the SB shout out and we are so pleased to be part of the Marlow community!

April x

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