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Monday, 25 February 2013

Sometimes life is just an open book, waiting to be read...

Can you believe it's another Monday? Another week is over, a new one to begin. Sometimes, especially lately, I have failed to stop and take it all in. I try to tell myself to stop. Not all the time, but once every day, take a walk outside or go to another room and just sit.

Does anyone else do this?

Life moves so darn fast and for me, I cannot believe that we're already coming into March in the year 2013. Christmas seem a distant memory now: the presents are packed away, no more Christmas chocolate exists (even though the excess weight does) but as we're rapidly approaching Spring, there dim and distant year of 2012 seems long gone and good riddance. When I do stop and think, this year, already, has brought me so much I can barely begin to list it all, but one thing that is apparent in my life is acceptance.

Acceptance for life

Acceptance for me

I accept the bad moments, the crappy moments, the not-so-good moments, but mostly I accept my life for what it is. Everything happens for a reason, and now? I believe that more than ever.

I literally wake up everyday smiling, I haven't won the lottery but you know what? I feel like I have. It's all about making yourself happy in this moment in time: things aren't always perfect that is for sure but embrace this moment for what it is.

Here is what I've been up courtesy of my phone pics!

Wedding planning! Me and Mark have set our date for the wedding as April 11th 2014. It's so super exciting. After meeting with the Vicar at the weekend, everything is a little more official. Our vicar is the most amazing lady and I'm super thrilled that everything is in place! I will most def try not to become all about the wedding on the blog, but it is a massive part of my life so hope you don't mind me sharing! If you want to see more wedding ideas, do go and follow my Pinterest HERE where I am currently spending my entire life pinning the crap out of everything!

Weee! Exciting!

A Vicar appropriate outfit

Spending a Sunday morning working out how to open a can of Jus-Roll croissant dough! I know they're not essentially 'homemade' but hey, it's a start!

P.S they tasted yum!

Getting excited about the up and coming Sweaty Betty #TheFitCrowd even on the 27th Feb! so much so, I've been oggling the new Spring/Summer 2013 LookBook and have made a massive mental wishlist!

How amazing does she look??

Another little wedding 'thing' receiving Engagement cards like this one (thanks Katie!) is pretty darn lovely... Wish this could happen everyday!

<3 p="">

So tell me, what have you been up to? what is on your 'life at the moment' list?

1 comment:

Big Fashionista said...

I love this. I too have decided that positivity is not just something that happens, you have to make it happen.

No more crying, it doesn't do a DAMN thing. I pick myself up and SMILE, I look for the good instead of the bad.

Great post and loving your wedding excitement

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