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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Wednesday Wanted... The new food edit

1. New York Bakery Co. Spiced Apple £1.45
Couldn’t help but slip this one in there seen as it’s Halloween today! These fiendishly yummy bagels from everyone’s fave bagel makers, New York Bakery. Filled to the brim with apple pieces, cinnamon and gorgeous spices these make a fab Autumn/Winter snack! I love nothing more than coming home and popping one under the grill!
I do love me a good hot sauce range, and after getting a little bored of the ol’ Nando’s (I know, Shock, horror) It’s nice to see the much-loved Brit brand Heinz launching their selection of three hot sauces. Choose from the sweet but very spicy Yellow Habenero Sauce ideal for fajitas or a spicy spicy dip, the Green Jalapeno with a hot an zesty flavour which is amazing on nacho’s or pizza or for those wanting something a little milder go for the Chipotle and Garlic!  
3. Burts 'Guinness' Crisps £1.99 Available in Asda and Waitrose
I have yet to try these, but the thought intrigues me. I love a good food collab (Marmite cheese? genius) and anyone that can turn an alcoholic drink into a savory snack gets a thumbs up from me! Now, when is the Cosmopolitan bread being launched?
Some of us are natural cake makers and some of us aren't, but what I find difficult these days, is getting the time to create a gorgeous home-made cake when you fancy it! This is where The Half-Baked Cake Company come into their own. Coming fully prepared and ready for you to pop in the oven, choose from Farmhouse Apple, Coffee and Walnut, Chocolate and Lemon drizzle.
 One of my fave restaurants has now got a brand of ready meals in your local supermarket, Sainsbury. I have yet to try one of these but they sure as hell look amazing! Desperate to try the Wild Boar pasta... Mmmm Boar.
How amazing does this cake look? it's not ice-cream, it's not cake, it's the mixture of the two together.. I know, heaven right? Consisting of a pistachio biscuit base, layers of macadamia nut ice cream and meringue and a coating of raspberry sorbet all resulting - the Häagen-Dazs Ice Moon Cake – is an indulgent and artistic Christmas dessert and the design duo’s first ever edible spherical prototype. For the opportunity to purchase one of the fifty Ice Moon cakes available in the UK, visit www.facebook.com/haagendazs from the 24th October (RRP £50) Purchase includes hand delivery (conditions apply). Do it, Do it now and tell me about it!

What's on your menu this week?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Flashing Baukjen...

No, not that kind of flashing, but a superb flash sale has just been launched over at (my fave) fashion website Baukjen. For only TWO DAYS you can get an awesome purse-friendly 30% off selected outerwear and knitwear pieces! Coming at the perfect time where the temperatures have most definitely take a dip and the weather a little more wet and windy, it is the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a very stylish bargain. My faves?

Click HERE

Click HERE

Click HERE

All you have to do is enter the code: FLASH at the checkout and you, your wardrobe AND your purse can be happy winter bunnies.

Get over to Baukjen's website HERE

Monday, 29 October 2012

Three times a charm...

And so that Sunday arrived, that Sunday was the day that I was to run my third half marathon at Run To The Beat. I'm not going to give you a full race report as I done similar the last time I ran.

I was going back to the scene of the crime almost -  just over a year ago now, it was the first half marathon I had managed to partake in, and it was almost the start of a very long, arduous journey - and not just my running journey. Alot of you know the reason why I run: the endless task of bettering myself through bouts of depression, a way to move the dark cloud away and a way to bring clarity to my life. Run To The Beat 2012 was always going to be a little hard for me. Even though it is my third half marathon and deep down I know I 'can' run it and complete it, the nerves were def there, unlike the GNR a month earlier. This time I was running this half alone. I was lucky enough to have my brother there, supporting, but this time it was only me in that starting pen, only me I could call upon for extra support should I start to falter and only me to tell me I could do this.

It just so happened that yesterday, Sunday, was possibly one of the coldest days this year. From waking up at 5am, walking the mile and a half to catch the train at half 6 I was doing my best snowman impression by wearing multiple layers. There was a biting wind, constant chill and almost a certain iciness to the air - I was not filled with joy to be quite honest with you. Getting to the O2 was painless and I was a little more inspired when seeing all the other runners loaded onto the tube, but when getting to the O2 I felt immense sadness. I felt very contemplative over the fact my Team Bangs girls weren't running it with me, I didn't have my Sam who ran the GNR with me too, suddenly it was only me. For me running is a very mental thing, not just a physical 'move my legs' thing, for me it takes more brain work for me to carry on - I quite often have to, out loud, tell myself to 'keep going' or 'dont stop' and this was what I was afraid of during this run. I had no-one to share my worries with.

The run itself,  despite being so god damn cold, went really well. I made a concious decision to not run with my Nike+ to not track my times etc and just roll with the punches: I almost wanted to feel what it was like to enjoy the actual race and people cheering.

The race was good, I enjoyed it. All the hills didn't even faze me: they were hard but I didn't struggle anymore. I felt a little weak just after mile 10 but after seeing Muireann (Bangsandabun) at mile 11 cheering for her running crew I felt spirited. I know she wasn't directly cheering for me, but seeing my Mamma run there made such a difference. I crossed the line with a 'fast run' finish (not quite sprinting) and after I didn't hurt, I smiled. I had done it. It was a mental struggle to get even across the starting line, so I was proud for crossing the finish.

If anything, that half marathon taught me to love running again. Maybe I wont ever get a sub 2 hr half marathon under my belt but I do love the act of running and what it means to me. To all of you who text me, tweeted me support messages, I owe you more than you know.

Also, after running it means I can enjoy this...

Thank you to you all.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Wednesday Wanted... The Winter jumper edit

This jumper is just so pretty and feminine - suitable for wearing out for a casual coffee or layered over boyfriends jeans when relaxing at home.
Thanks to the gorgeous Kat from Katgotthecream blog fame I have found this amazingly gorgeous, snuggle-some  wintry looking Nordic jumper! This for me is a must-have this A/W and at £12.99 I might buy two!
This cardigan is a more 'don't wear when eating bolognese' cardigan, or any stain-able food. With it's suede effect panels and shearling collar,you'll want to take good care of this!

This jumper looks so soft that you just want to rub your face all over it.. I wont however! But at the bargain price of only £21 you cant really say no!
Yeah, I had to, a bit of leopard print goes a very long way!  This cardigan is as subtle as a smack in the face, but I kinda like my leopard print that way! Both wearable for the office as it is for casual, this cardigan pretty much ticks all my boxes
It wouldn't be a jumper collection without a few festive types! This reindeer cardigan is for the more shy of the festive jumpers - with a cute but not OTT reindeer print, I'm pretty sure this jumper will see you through the Winter period.
Everyone has to own at least one sparkly jumper or cardigan - this thin jumper from Mango is ideal for those smart/casual dinners out when you want to keep the heat in but the style on. Reasonably priced and a wardrobe staple.
I'm a waterfall cardigan junkie, I own so many whats another between friends right?! This wintry choice will look just amazing for those long country walks - teamed with layers,denim, tan boots and a finger-less gloves - I have fallen in love with this!
This jumper is far too cute, I love it! Whether you're an early bird or a twitter addict (a la me) then this jumper is a must-have! 
A little more pricier than I would normally think about spending on a jumper, but this deer print (it's all about the animals) is too cute to miss. Available in 5 different colours you are bound to find one that suits you.
I love penguins, who doesn't love penguins... and well penguins on a jumper is a bit like perfection for me, but add in sequins and everyone's a winner. Festive, cute, comfy and stylish - yep, I'm sold.

How are you wearing your jumpers this year?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Giving High Fashion a new home...

I truly believe that each and every time I decide to part with my hard earned cash, that whatever I'm spending it on, is worth it and that I'm getting my money's worth, and well you can bet your sweet ass I will be taking good care of it - I grew up in a day and age where I had to make do with alot of hand-me-down's (I was never the cool girl at school) and upon Christmas morning when I was given something brand spanking new from Santa (he exists right?) that, the pressie was going to be my 'be all and end all' no matter what. And so as the years have gone by, so too have many Christmases and I still find myself in the same place: I like to treasure each and every thing I own. The same has to be said for passing my old loves on, I dont think I can ever bring myself to 'throw' anything away, instead choosing to pass on to friends or donate to charity - I like to think my much-loved item go to the best possible home where I know they'll be taken care of.

High-Fashion-Society is like one finely tuned (and pretty) website that does pretty much all of the above, except this home from home is dedicated to more luxurious things, no Primark here. Whether you have lusted over that Luella for years, or have an unused Chanel sitting in the back of a wardrobe, High-Fashion-Society is the one website you wanna be visiting. 

How does it all work then? It works like an exclusive members only club (like those bars I could never get into when I was 18) There are two types of membership to choose from with High-Fashion-Society You can choose from standard or VIP membership, both tailored to suit your buying or selling preferences.
Standard membership is designed for both buyers and sellers, those who require occasional use of the selling service, selling a one off piece or those who are looking for that hard to find gem and a true designer bargain.
Free Standard membership includes:
•The selling of your luxury goods
• 50% commission charge
• Occasional discounts
• Product alerts
• Regular newsletters + style tips

VIP membership is designed for those who want to sell a mass of designer items, high value items  and those who require the selling service on a more frequent basis this ensures the seller gets the most back from their pre-loved designer items with a competitively low commission charge VIP members get back 70% of the final sale price.

£99 VIP membership includes:
• The selling of your luxury goods
Occasional Shopping discounts
• 30% commission charge - competitively low commission rate
• Waiting list priority
• Sourcing service
• Regular newsletters

High-Fashion-Society has a huge selection of stunning vintage and pre-loved authentic designer items - this is the place where true clothes find a new, worthy home i.e me and one of the best things, is it's all purse friendly - trust me, if they had room to fit me in, I'd live there. From past experience buying used designer garments can be a little bit of a mind-field, especially when buying online - there is always that risk that your Chanel could be a Chanelled... 

This website has pretty much solved all my problems for Birthdays, Christmas and even anniversary gifts, oh and even more for myself... that's ok right?

Go check out their website HERE

Friday, 19 October 2012

Boots No7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara... Tried and Tested

don't 'do' make-up.

don't treat myself to many beauty products and half the time I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to applying make-up... seriously, I have even been known to put blusher on my lips.. Moving on... after clicking on too many beauty blogs, I have been actively sourcing some new fandangle products to update the contents of my make-up bag and attempt to use.

First up is No7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara. I have to be 100% honest I have literally never spent more than £5 on a mascara, which is a little bad considering it’s a product that gets used (and regularly smudged) into my eyeballs. It has to be said that buying a mascara is on par with learning Cantonese: I don’t get it. There are a million products out there all ‘claiming’ to lengthen, create volume, brightening.. you name it, apparently these mascara’s can do it (they don’t seem to be able to bring me breakfast in bed mind) personally, I have not a clue what my eyelashes wish for me to transform them into, all I know is that they are a little bit stubby and I look a little bit dead without wearing mascara.

On a recent trip to Boots, I was greeted by a new No7 stand showing off this ‘new’ mascara. After attempting to get the last dregs of my mascara out that morning, I decided to take the plunge, shut my eyes at the price tag and buy. With it’s slick silver packaging that basically looks like it belongs in space, and promise to volumise, lengthen AND separate the lashes, this seemed like the creme de la crème of the mascara world.

I have to be honest, looking at the brush/wand I was a little ‘err’ about it. Rather than the normal thick full bristled brush, there alone stood a ‘star’ shaped brush that looked more like a bunch of cogs. As it went through my lashes, it coated evenly, and full, separating every lash. I literally only needed one coat on the lashes for it to make even my very short stumpy lashes, appear double the length and full. 



The effect lasted all day and unlike some cheaper mascara’s, I didn't find it flaking off towards the end of the day. I can understand why for someone with already rather full lashes the brush may ‘clog’ together your lashes (something that I've read about on the reviews) but for my sparse lashes it really created a full, lengthened look: something I've never before experienced.

No7, for me, have come up trumps with this mascara and on this one purchase alone has made me buy two more of their branded products!

Priced at £12.95 and available at all good Boots stores and online HERE

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Wednesday Wanted...The night time edit

I have well and truly fallen in love with Turquaz - a range of pyjama's that I stumbled upon at the website The Pyjama Store Their selection of soft crushed cotton pj's are that elusive mixture of cute, comfy, sexy, practical and well 'I WANT' whether you are looking for a pj set or just some bottom's, these are perfect to snuggle down in.
Being a long standing fan of the pure scented Abahna and their other scents, I nearly fell off my sofa when I spotted this Winter edition. In 100% natural wax, free from petroleum, this scent is sensual and will (hopefully) promote serenity with overtones of love - uber nice for Xmas and your guests right?
There is nothing more lovely than putting on a soft, cuddly robe straight when you get out of the bath, or get up in the morning. This robe is lightweight but cuddly and warm and feels so luxurious - this robe gives you an excuse to get changed into your pj's as soon as you step through the door!
Everyone needs slippers, there is nothing more irritating than having cold tootsies and these Matalan slippers are way too cute to miss: not only do they look the part, are warm,comfy  and are tres seasonal but they also only cost only £10 - I know, buy.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a fleece blanket for those lazy Sunday mornings or cosy Saturday nights, where you can curl up on the sofa and read that book you've been meaning to get stuck into. Fleece blankets are a  real economical blanket and keep the warmth in. This one is available in a wide range of colours that you can blend into the background in peace.
You like hot water bottles and you like dogs? well, then you'll love this hot water bottle from notonthehighstreet.com A hot water bottle gets you truly prepared for Winter and the fact this has cute doggies on means it's a must-have. Want.
If like me you crave the warmth and cosiness of a cuppa tea late at night but worry about the 'buzz buzz' effect of caffeine, Redbush tea is perfect for you, this tea has a delicate sweet flavour and is perfect to snuggle down with.
* squels* I know, I know, I could resist! Cath Kidston makes everything seem just right from the pretty designs: I get all 'homely' and want to start baking pies and stuff. The great thing about  Cath Kidston is it doesn't have to match everything, a little mis-match here and there looks 'cool'

What do you like for your night time?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oh well hello there, it's me in Zest Magazine...

*coughs* So, err, I don’t find it all that easy to sit here and type out a load of blurb all about me – I just feel like I am boasting (badly) and generally feel all kinds of uncomfortable. However, this blog post is all about me, a massive part of me in fact, something that is a part of my every day life and that is why I want to share it with you.

I have been lucky enough to be featured in this month’s edition (November) of Zest magazine in their running special. I won’t go into too much detail as I’ll let you read the article for yourself (see, I really don’t like talking about myself) but I put myself forward for this piece to help others and hopefully inspire or guide people in the right direction if you are stuck under the dark cloud of depression. Running has helped me in far too many ways to begin to express and without it I am not even sure where I would be. In this article I pay thanks to Muireann from Bangs and a bun, who started this very long journey off – it was the very least I could do.

And so…. Please give it a read, circulate to others, or even think of the article if you too are having a bad day… you can pull through it, it’s all about believing in yourself.

I really hope you all don’t mind me posting this here and that this doesn’t come across as being massively pompous...

Thank you for reading.. *blush*

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Printed Trouser: Outfit for £100

It would seem that loud and proud trousers are hot property right now, not only are they good for coco the clown, but it seems everyone and their dog should be getting involved with the printed trouser. Not one for the faint hearted that's for sure, I can't quite decide whether I actually 'like' this trend or really rather hate it...however with all the major designers showing off their selection for prices as small as, err, £300 (no thank you Isabel Marant) I can safely say that should I dare to wear these 'look at me trousers' I will be going in search of a more purse friendly option, hello High Street.

The only thing, other than the price that seems to put me off is how to actually get my thighs in a pair. Being on the rather short side I'm desperately trying to figure out how to not shrink myself further and not channel my inner power ranger by wearing this decidedly hard trend. Here are my top High Street picks, how to wear them and how to create an outfit for under £100, It's ok, you can thank me later..

Trousers: £35  Next
Black blouse £12.99  H + M
Black and gold court shoes £20  Dorothy Perkins
Gold bib necklace £8.40 Forever21
Black patent work bag £20 Oasis at John Lewis

Paisley Jacquard trousers £45  Topshop
Sequined crop top £28  Republic
Strappy heels £10 Barratts
Gem drop earrings £4.99  New Look
Berry bangle cluster £5.99  New Look

Vivid stripe trousers £14.99  H + M
Angora mix stitch jumper £25  Next
Shiny leather loafer £45  Topshop
Corn Yellow across the body bag £8.99 New Look
Twisted bead necklace £7.99  H + M

The above looks are very similar: I think if you're going to do this trend then it's best to make sure the trousers are the focus point of your outfit: wearing prints or something busy on the top half will only make you look like the pages of Vogue have thrown up on you. If you are slightly bigger on the bottom half than the top, pick the cut of the trouser carefully, make sure the length hits just on the ankle and if is safe to do so, wear heels. Apart from that, my motto is, embrace the wild trouser, I'm pretty sure it will be a fleeting trend, might as well make the most of it!

Will you be wearing the printed trouser trend? how will you wear yours?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday reading: Quant by Quant

There is nothing I love more than snuggling down with a good ol' book, a self-proclaimed book worm I am more than often finding myself whizzing through books one a week, so I thought I'd share with you, every Sunday, the books that I am either currently reading or taken a shine to!

This week I have immersed myself in 'Quant by Quant' The autobiography of Mary Quant. This book has been newly republished featuring a new foreword by Mary Quant herself and is available in both paperback and e-book.

This story, written in Quant's own words, it talks about this formidable women's journey through her early life and through the start of her career. I immediately warmed to this book solely because of the way Quant talks about her own life in a very candid, entertaining way, there are no airs or graces in the way she writes about her homelife, her welsh parents and their constant wish for their children to do well academically and for them to seek a 'normal' solid working career and her apparent lack for anything of such sort. Quant, in her early years, comes across almost like a dreamer, bewitched by the young Alexander Plunket Green she tells of how the 'grown up' young boy entered her life, the way they chose to grow up and how ultimately they joined forces in both relationship and work to create the start of Quant's amazing career.

Throughout the book, I often found myself nodding along, agreeing with Quant about her feelings towards work or the joy of finding that she could actually forge 'work' out of something she so genuinely had a love for: fashion design. The book swoops through the changes that occurred in the sixties  Quant goes into detail about the fun and drama of growing up in this era and for me, what I love are the tales of the actual fashion business and what the fashion journalists around at that time were really like. As a whole this book is inspiring, hearing Quant's story on her determination to make something from nothing, changing people's opinions on what was 'in' fashion - Quant in this young naive era is extremely likeable and despite initial thoughts has a real eye for business. As a long standing fan of Mary Quant I found myself completely immersed in her world, fascinated at where it all started, especially knowing that all that stands now is the make-up brand.

For any fashion fans, or sixties fans, I would suggest buying this, even if you lack the want to read more about the era, I suggest reading this book for the sheer fact I found myself feeling really inspired to go and do something I love.

You can buy this book from the lovely V and A shop HERE priced at £8.99 or for those who would like an e-book, this costs just £6.99 available from October at various online retailers.

What have you been reading mostly?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Becoming a Boden...

I've heard way too many comments about Boden and the 'women' who wear the brand: "it's mainly a mum's brand, you're a boden-ite (whatever one of those is), they look all the same, it's all a bit mumsy".. blah blah blah, not being one to judge a book by a cover I have always been interested to see what Boden have to offer for a 28 year old, 'no children' woman - were the tattle tales to be believed?

Well, hell no! It has to be said after checking out their website I have made a mental wish list of just about everything. There are a few main collection's to Boden and whereas with some brands I only like 'some' of them, I honestly loved all of them. Their normal collections are really rather pretty, well structured, blended well together and so wearable. I could quite happily buy any of the dresses and be able to wear them to both  work and for the weekend. Their knitwear, newly released for Winter is outstanding - I love a good jumper but sometimes cannot find a 'type' of jumper/cardigan to be worn for best, not just slobbing round the house. Granted, at prices starting at £30 for certain knitwear going up to £80+ and £40 for dresses going up to £120+, these are the type of clothes I would wear for best only, but I would hope that I would get wear out of wear in them, year after year. One of their newest collections, The Capsule Collection by Limited Edition has certainly pricked up my style ears.

Heavy play on texture and shape, this collection, I think, is well worth the money. I especially compare this collection to some of the 'celebrity' collections of some brands and wonder why on earth we're paying for them to do the 'designing' (I use this term lightly) Clever use of jewel colours in tops and dresses, make for perfect A/W 2012 wear, with the Couture Tee being one of my 'must-buys' The Peacock Leopard Jacquard cropped trouser are both so heavily in style this season but also so wearable. Team with the matching top and statement heels and fur for those Christmas nights out, or balance it out with a neutral plain cardigan and ballet flats for the working day or lunch out with friends. The whole range certainly doesn't say 'samey' or 'mumsy' at all, in fact I'd go as far to say (if I could afford it) I would happily, wear every single item and be able to make endless varieties of outfits out of each piece.

Click HERE
Click HERE and HERE

Click HERE and HERE

Click HERE

I am however slightly out of the price ranges for Boden, but would definitely consider saving up for a must-have piece, the Couture tee being one of them. The use of the models and whoever does their styling really helps make Boden a good looking brand - not only are their clothes enticing to me, but I do want to be a Boden woman... that is some clever marketing right there!

It's a thumbs from me.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's a little advice between friends?

I'm a 28 year old woman, I have a job, a good, normal life and well, I like to think I am semi attractive and believe it or not I do enjoy sex.

*watches the tumbleweed bounce past, hears plates crashing*

Yes, you can all mop that tea up, close your mouth and stop blushing. I’m not afraid to say I like to ‘hop on the good foot and do the bad thing’ I’m sure we all like a bit of the duvet rustling don’t we…. come on now, even you over there in the corner – hands where we can see them please! But seriously, it’s a natural thing right? Judging by my latest experiences, I have come to think I may be in a small minority. Imagine this, you are looking at ways to *coughs* do something nice as a couple and want to ask your friends advice and thoughts, no harm in that, what’s a sex toy between friends hey? Well it would seem that there is a lot of subjects off limits.

I've never been a massive prude talking about all things sexual, whereas I don’t shout (or swing) from the rooftops about it, I do think sex is a massive part of everyone’s lives – it’s what put me and you here don’t ya know! But when toying with the subject of asking some friends I know, about certain things to ‘enjoy’ in the bedroom area I was met with silence. 


Yeah, it didn't feel good then and it still doesn't now. Was I wrong in asking fellow female (both single and attached) women their advice about different ideas to add some spice? Surely the talk of some sexy lingerie isn't so out of bounds these days when we are faced with a pair of pert breasts everyday in the Sun newspaper – I was wrong. Not only was there the ‘ground swallow me up’ silence, but I was met with disdain and a refusal to divulge any information. I only wanted to know whether the black or the red was best… and this isn't the only time I've struggled to find a females honest and true opinion on anything remotely sexual. I wasn't sure when the ruling came in, that us women were not allowed to be interested in vibrators, sexy underwear or looking to find a little something stimulating and enjoyable for ourselves. Oh wait, I forgot we’re still living in 1880.

To find a female who is willing to talk to another female about what vibrators worked for her and would not blush or falter in conversation was refreshing. This person knows who she is, and to be honest her advice was spot on – I was a little bit in awe of how straight talking and matter of fact she was. No awkward silences here. This woman wasn't even a best friend, nor was she someone who I've bought dinner first, she was just a lady who I was acquainted with, who has since gone up in my estimation massively. And yes, I did ask someone for their advice on a good vibrator and brand of naughty lingerie…..

But it got me wondering why, as a nation of women who like to think and show other women that we do indeed ‘have it all’, that we are still not quite comfortable with ourselves and our own sexuality, to stand up and say “yeah, I can give you advice on a good vibrator” I’m pretty sure, to some of my friends, I’m slightly dirty, slightly embarrassing and should probably use the rest of my holiday to go and stay in a convent... but you know what? I won’t. I find it a shame that having girlfriends is often seen as a competition: if it’s not jobs, money, fashion, style, houses or a pair of sodding Jimmy Choos, it’s who’s got the most successful relationship – I find that if you dare ask for advice from some women (about anything) it is seen as a negative, a downfall, that I may be seen a failure –but you know what? I’m not asking for world peace, I’m simply looking to see what will get me off.

Obviously, this is just my opinion and I am sure that there are some women who may find this post vulgar and disagree with getting advice on sex, I do apologise, but if you ever need any advice on the best crotch–less panties you know where to find me.

What’s your view? Is this a no-go subject no matter who you’re talking to? Do you rely on magazines for advice of the personal kind only?

Monday, 8 October 2012

The seasonal love... My Winter Coat

There was something quite different about me this morning.. no I didn't have toothpaste round my mouth, and no my skirt wasn't tucked into my knickers (none of these things have happened to me before, nope never) but today was the day I grabbed my winter coat and swooped it over me (a la a superhero) It’s almost a rites of passage that come the 1st October, me and my winter coat become reacquainted for the foreseeable future – we have this part-time relationship going on, more of a seasonal lover. And so the time has come to grab my part time lover and take it out.

I personally don’t mind the Autumnal/Winter weather, yeah I know it plays havoc with my hair, footwear choices and getting up on time, but wearing a good coat really can change the way you feel about battening down the hatches so to speak. Firstly, think of your body shape. There are way too many people out there who just get far too caught up with the latest trend, but lets face it for a 5ft nothing 10stone tubby like me the puffa coat is never going to look good. Get yourself out there and try these new styles out and make sure you wear an outfit that you would normally wear that requires your winter coat (i.e sometimes you don’t have to wear a million layers – layers add weight girls) Secondly, think of your budget. If you have limited funds are looking only or an update on style, going for new trend style from a high street branded shop is ideal. They normally get their styles in fast through the Winter period and therefore will be slightly cheaper. However, if you are looking to spend a little more it is worth looking into a more classic style, one that will not age by next Winter – Jaeger and Reiss are good for these! Lastly, be wise with your colour choices. That white/beige coat may look luxurious and be bang on trend but if you have small kiddies with a penchant for chocolate/tomato ketchup you can guarantee that it wont be staying that shade much longer! Pick a shade that will suit you and your lifestyle. My best bet is to go neutral making the coat wearable for going to work and pleasure. This season try a military/bottle green which adds a modern twist on neutral.

Here are my top picks this year

This coat from Mango priced at £129.99 (click HERE) is right snap bang on  trend. With its gentle navy colour and contrasting collar and cuffs this coat is both perfect for the office or for a late night drink. On the flip side this H + M wool coat (click HERE) may not be as conventional but you can bet your bottom dollar it's eye catching - not one for the messy that's for sure!

Reiss have well n truly come up trumps with this amazing 'Fit n Flare' dress coat (click HERE). Priced at £295 it is not your average 'buy on a whim' coat but in classy bottle green this coat will last you for many years to come. In sumptuous wine red this coat from Coast (click HERE) screams to be worn around Christmas time. With it's subtle funnel neckline and slim patent belt, this coat is for those special occasions only.
I simply adore this Karen Millen coat (click HERE) this coat has a fab shape with the ability to let loose if feeling milder but cinching the waist in to create an amazing line. This style will suit almost all body shapes - I cannot get enough! Once again putting the focus on the waist, this budget trench coat from H+M (click HERE) is a good all-round, suitable for every day kinda coat, and let's face it, priced at only £15 you cant fault it!
This grey marl coat from Esprit (click HERE) has a real natural, easy-going look to it, perfect for layering over the palest of jeans with a slouchy jumper, or worn with the thinnest tea dress for those afternoon pub visits. This biker jacket is not going to be the most warmest coat this season so thermal underwear might be needed - but ideal for those nights out where style and warmth is needed, New Look (click HERE) have come up trumps. Try teaming with some skinny leather trousers and long-line top or later over thick opaque tights with some wild leopard print shoe boots.

No matter how you choose your coat make sure you do some serious trying on - its well worth it if you are thinking of spending anymore than £90! Get yourself to the high street, get looking around and get trying on!

What coats will you be wearing this year? are you a budget friendly-high fashion kind or do you prefer spending a bit more?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Running #Oddities...

I'm a real muncher, I munch on pretty much anything I can get my grubby mitts on - normally involving the less healthy things, err chocolate and cake anyone? Now apart from them being probably the 'wrong' things for me to snack (despite tasting scrumptious) I always get the attack of the munchies at the worst possible times, and one of the more popular times is when I'm out for a run - I simply am one of these people who cannot carry on/concentrate once the stomach gurgles begin and let's face it, it's a little bit frowned upon should you carry cream cakes and run (not sure why though) and so thanks to Jacobs Oddities I now have the perfect snack on the run!

Before you all hand me over to the junk food police, Jacobs Oddities are not crisps, nor are they fattening crackers..These are teeny tiny light crispy snacks that have no artificial colours or flavours (see, I am healthy) and most of all are all shaped, err, oddly. Either in cheese or smoky bacon they come in an ideal size to fit in my running leggings pocket for when the the growl appears and I have to be honest they taste ruddy lush! I dont like to eat anything too heavy when out on a run and Oddities are super light, they almost melt in the mouth but arent wishy washy in flavour either. So my challenge, should I choose to accept is to photograph the oddest place I've eaten Jacobs Oddities and Ladies and Gents, here it is.. on tonight's run!

Now get yourself over to stare at them more at Jacobs Oddities

*This post is sponsored but all thought are completely 100% honest*

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