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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

#RunThisTown update and time for you to get involved...

With it being the Olympics and expectations for Team GB at an all time high I get on to thinking about my own sporting journey, and of course it is by no means anywhere near as important as the medals, but wow wee, there is only 47 days to go… yes 47 excuse me whilst I throw up a little! #RunThisTown is well n truly picking up pace now and my training for the GNR half mara hit fever pitch this weekend when I managed to log my first 10miles in training. 10 miles has always been a big mental barrier and a year ago a physical one too, but on Sunday I laced up the trainers, ignored the severe weather warnings (in July!) and headed out. The first 3 miles for me always seem hard: I never know how my body will react and know by now, that if by the end of the 3 miles I'm still uncomfortable then this run isn’t going much further, and this run was no exception. At 3 miles I had only just found my stride but I had found it good, I eased into the 4mile mark and with my thoughts solely on the GNR actual race, I got to thinking about my #RunThisTown team mates.

Being able to say I’m with these guys has been great: I know I am based a million miles away from most of the team members but I know my girls and boys are always here for me online whenever I need advice or a kick up the bum. Mile 5 came easy but miles 6 and 7 were slightly jaded, and despite me going pretty much all the way around Maidenhead I still wasn’t anywhere near finishing. With an ominous big black cloud chasing me, I headed off into Cookham and decided to go into the fields for a more rougher terrain, as the heavy rain began to fall my speed and spirit lifted – there is something magical about running in the rain – refreshing much?! And before I knew it, 10 miles was done.

Now I feel ready for the half marathon.

After my surprise ease at the 10 miler I was especially happy to see my first #RunThisTown email ping into my inbox. As you already know this was started by the gorgeous Sam (@samcentric) here http://geordieracer.posterous.com/runthistown and seeing the first email made me swell with pride. With handy running tips and the opportunity to make plans for before AND after the big race, this email couldn’t have come at a better time, so this is where you lot come into it, if you are running the Great North Run half marathon and you want to run with some amazing runners that are, err, non-runners, want a giggle and to party hard then we ARE your team! Sign up for the emails by clicking HERE

Go on… you know you want to!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Nike… as a self-proclaimed Nike dressed advert every time I go out and run, there isn’t a bigger or better compliment that someone copying and Nike have done just that… launching their own version of #RunThisTown. Now, I don’t mind as such but it would be really awesome if  Nike, read this and all our tweets and join us so we can really get #RunThisTown underway! We are all runners from different ends of the UK, doing what we like most and not taking ourselves too seriously…So come on Nike, give us a hand…. You can help us by tweeting @nikerunning telling them that WE #RunThisTown and link to Sam’s post (http://geordieracer.posterous.com/runthistown) or this one!

Also, you can still go and show me some support by sponsoring me on my journey HERE

Have you been out running? What do you think of the Olympics?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spelling it out Rob Ryan style...

I have been a fan of Rob Ryan for a while, it never amazes me that such delicate work can be created by someone with words that speak to my very soul. I often find myself immersing myself in Rob's work and finding myself feeling the words and pictures he has created are for me: that is the work of a pretty special artist. For those unaware of Rob's talents, since 2002 Rob has primarily worked in the  medium of paper cutting and despite many peoples thought of a fine artist putting paintbrush to paper, Rob has created true fine art with his delicate, intricate designs which then transform themselves readily in screen printing, used on ceramics and fabrics. Rob's work is whimsical, fairytale-like but what captivates me more than anything is the use of words that are paired with his drawings: such honest, often amusing and sentimental phrases are a real part of Rob, and make his work seem more real than just a standard drawing.

Unfortunately as much as I do love his work I am restricted to what I can buy of his work. One of the first thing I bought was a card: and to this day still is my favourite piece by Rob. I almost cried when I read these words - it's the pure simplicity, meaning and feeling behind the words. my aim is to get this in screenprint... one day

Not only has Rob done some amazing work for himself, and has collaborated with the likes of Liberty's of London, Vogue and Fortnum and Mason - some amazing names and a bright future I hope! Adding to this bow, I recently found out (and squealed with happiness!) about a collaboration with Alphabet Bags.
Already a firm favourite of mine and my bag collection, Alphabet Bags motto is brilliant: creating lovely items with an emphasis on simple, bold and cheerful, seriously, what is there not to like!

Rob has created the full alphabet A-Z in his trademark papercutting style and with the gorgeous cute little bird and heart, these then feature on Alphabet Bag totes which well, let's face it is a match made in heaven! I literally love every single one and cannot wait until I get one of my very own, I'm in even half tempted to buy one spelling out 'Scribbles'.....too much?? possibly!

These bag's make me fall a little bit more in love with both Rob Ryan and Alphabet Bags - they are well matched - I really hope that one day I get to own more of Rob's work, I pretty much want to decorate my entire house in his work, but until then I will continue to follow his work and fall more and more in love.

Check out Rob Ryan's website HERE
Rob Ryan's Etsy shop HERE
Check out Alphabet Bags website HERE

Monday, 23 July 2012

My Week - My Style...

"Clown Feet"
Fluted sleeve Top: Topshop
Navy Chinos: NewLook
Red Patent Pumps: Marks and Spencer

"Angry trousers"
Red Chinos: Marks and Spencer
Green vest top: Topshop
Grey marl cardigan: Topshop
Silver pumps: Primark
Chain necklace: Marks and Spencer

"In full bloom"
Flower wrap dress: Sainsbury
Tan belt: Zara
Mid heel tan shoes: Next
Gold multi chain necklace: Monsoon

"This is what I call my happy run outfit"
All: Nike

"It's all in the pumps"
Jeans: Sainsbury
Pumps: Next
Chiffon Top: Monsoon
Beaded necklace: Accessorize

"Cycle much?"
Converse: Office
Jeggings: Sainsbury
Floral Vest: Primark
Grey marl cardigan: Topshop

What have you been wearing?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The D.I.Y Ombre...

I really am a self-confessed 'try it at home' person when it comes to trying something new with my hair, it used to be a running joke when I lived at home the amount of times I'd change the style or colour - it was a new thing each week... Even I was surprised I had hair left. You'd think at the age of 28 I would've grown out of such madness: I mean come on, aren't I supposed to be all mature, sophisticated and classy? yeah, well maybe in my head, but a little part of me is going to begrudge paying almost £100 to have my hair dyed when oh look, £7 later I could have something completely different!

That being said lately there has been alot more difference in DIY hair styling - gone are the 'easy to do' block colouring jobs: there are more different colours, techniques and styles going round, ones that even I, a seasoned dyer, am scared of. One of these was going ombre. You'd have to be living under a rock or in a cave to not know what ombre is: to put it plainly its where your roots are darker/natural and the ends of hair are lightened, but all done gradually so it is more 'dip dye' effect than bad roots. And so, I wanted this new trend... me and my very short hair craved it, but with hair no longer than a pudding basin (and no, my mum did not cut it for me) there was no way in hell I was going to pay a little over £70 to have it done, but the question was, could I do it at home?

After ranting about it via Twitter and with pretty much 98% of responses being 'Don't do it' I got an email advertising the new Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper and Remover products... and not only that but instructions on how to ombre your hair AT HOME. Yeah.. .we all know what's coming next - I tried it.

I used the Decolour Stripper as I have relatively dark coloured hair even underneath my hair dye - this will basically mean it strips the colour out. There is another product calle the Remover for recently dyed on fair hair. The full 'proper' process is here I had to do mine a little different due to how short my hair is. I simply washed my hair with a good clarifying shampoo as instructed by the directions on the box and towel dried. I mixed together the Decolour Stripper product and began the process. For me, I parted my towel dried hair as normal, shoved on the gloves and applied a small smidgen of the product on my fingertips ad gently applied to the ends of my hair - this was my first layer, I matched up the other side and tried my hardest to get it equal (anyone who's left handed will know how hard this is) then left this on for roughly 12mins.

After 12 mins I applied a little bit more further up, once again matching it to the other side - this was left on for nearing 15mins.

I then applied one more lot, again  little further up and this was my final set - this was left for another 12-15mins. Once the application time had finished I could already see that the colour had been stripped quite nicely so decided to rinse - I rinsed my whole hair and towel dried again, ready to get a glimpse!

I was shocked and happily surprised by how well the product had taken and the effect it had already, without even styling my hair  -granted there was a slight brassiness to it, but nothing close to what I imagined (yes I'd had a few horror stories before with bleach...) I was already thrilled - to think less than an hour ago my hair was boring!

Onto the next stage of getting rid of the brassy copper tones - I applied the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore in Cool Ash. Simply applying to the end of my hair and leaving for 20 minutes - literally that.is.it - SIMPLE! After the time was up, I rinsed away and with no need to wash again I simply blow dried . My mission to Ombre was complete ladies and gents, and here is the finished article:

Overall I am beyond and overly excited and happy with results of my hair. The fact that this product was literally so easy to apply is its main selling point and the results are brilliant - it proved to me I can do this at home, on short hair and get the type of subtle result I wanted. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone and everyone and can not hype it up anymore. It was a god send!

Go get yours over at the KMI Club HERE

*massive thanks to Scott Cornwall for the hints and tips and also KMI for providing the product - all views are my own and I am truly thrilled*

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Shoe-Lust: Splash of colour...

These shoes makes me want to dance some kind of happy sunshine dance, sing from the rooftops and do a high kick at everyone! Look at them! Adding a much needed splash of colour to your outfits, I love the Barbie-esque pink of these pumps by my fave Cocorose Limited, and what’s more these are pumps of the foldable kind, meaning you can pack up those uncomfy heels and pop these on for instant foot relief as well as style relief. Priced at £45.00 these have been sat on my ‘To Buy’ list for months, even though they no longer have my size… I shall sit and stare at them regardless though!

Go check out these and Cocorose’s other amazing designs HERE

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Latest Pinterest loves...

My latest Pinterest loves...

What's been on your Pinterest radar?

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday's Must-Haves: Blue isn't just for boys...

With the darn British weather not doing as it's told, and giving us blazing hot sunshine one minute and manic downpours the next finding the right thing to wear is proving somewhat awkward - imagine my horror when wearing a pair of mellow yellow coloured trousers in the sunny morning to then be rained on in the afternoon, the once sunny yellow looked a little sad to say the least, and so instead of caring about the item of clothing I'm wearing, now it's all about the colour.

We all want something that will look fitting should this freak English weather catch us unaware and right now, Cobalt blue is holding it's own. Proving blue isn't just for boys, this springy shade of blue really knows when to pop in the sun and also still play it cool when the temperature dips, what I love about this shade of blue is that it is really flattering and works well on all skin tones and the best thing is, this sky blue shade is transferring it magic all over the A/W catwalks too! Here are my top picks:

1- Elastic waist dress £69 Cos 2- Shoulde tie shirt £40 Jaeger 3- Laptop case £20 ASOS

4- Beaded chain necklace £79 Pink Powder at Fenwick 5- Kitten heel sandals £60 Dorothy Perkins 6- Quilted bucket bag £45 ASOS

7- Knitted cardigan £46 Topshop, 8- Betsy pump £25 Accessorize, 9- Edie silk skater dress £149 Jaeger, 10- Fuji bracelet £8 ASOS

Will you be turning blue?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My week - My style...

"Spots the grown-up way"
Spotty skater style dress: Topshop
Tan loafers: ASOS
Tab belt: Sainsbury
Mac: Next
Cream bag: Marks and Spencer

"It's a Special K red dress day"
Red shirt dress: ASOS
Tan loafers: ASOS
Tan belt: Sainsbury
Black tights: Primark
Black mac (not seen): Dorothy Perkins

"Angry red legs"
Tomato red chinos: Marks and Spencer
Blue and White stripe tee: Matalan
Multi-chain necklace: Marks Spencer
Mac: Next
Lace up sandals: George at Asda
Cream bag: Marks and Spencer

"its the Converse girl"
Leopard print tee shirt dress: ASOS
Leather Jacket: charity shop
Trainers: Converse
tights: Primark
Cream bag: Marks and Spencer
Chunky silver collar necklace (not seen): Debenhams

"Quick, the sun is out and so should my pale skin"
Blue and orange wrap dress: H+M
Blue long cardigan: Topshop
Lace up sandals: George at Asda
Sun: Limited edition ;)

What have you been wearing?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tried and Tested.... Revlon ColourStay Nails...

Ever since I tried out coloured gel nails I have been an absolute convert - there is nothing quite like being the proud owner of some serious shiny and glossy nails with no chips even after a whole week of work. With most gels telling us they stay put for 2-3 weeks it was my solution to all those embarrassing moments when your nails chip - I never seem to find the spare time to patch up the chips, or even, *shock horror* remove the old and repaint. Somewhere, somehow I can never find the time (or willing) and so I usually find myself attempting to not show my fingertips anywhere, getting money out your purse can be a little bit awkward...This is where the gels come into their own, literally no worries, except maybe the ones to my bank balance.

I'm no skin flint, but seriously, I have to draw the line at beauty treatments if I know I'm going to be living off baked beans for the next two weeks and so  after finding that having my nails done was leaving me a little short, I went cold turkey and had to give up my nail luxury and come face to face with doing my own nails. It has not gone well. I have zero patience for painting nails and for some reason seem to be completely incapable of sitting still for 5seconds to at least give my drying nails a chance - this in turn results in a fabric printed, smudged mess that is sat on my nails, and oh, instead of taking it off and starting again how about I just leave it to dry a mess...*sigh* without the funds to go back to gels or the ability to make my nail polish last longer than a day I had begun to fall out of love with nail varnish, until I stepped into my local Boots store and saw that there was a special offer on Revlon ColourStay nail varnish. With the promise of gel-like shine and up to 11 days of shatterproof nail colour - I was sold! At only £7.99 per nail colour I decided it was worth spending out the money on a colour and topcoat... it was worth a try right?

It says on the bottle that they recommend at least two coats and quite frankly, I refuse to do any more on a nail colour, yes, I get that bored. The brush was relatively thick and flat which made applying easy, although the varnish itself seemed quite thick to me, I had to be careful that I didn't slap on one massively thick coat (I used to do this to save time, never works) I was a good girl whilst applying, I waited between each coat to make sure the layer was dry before I reapplied but I did find it took a long time to dry. Once I had completed the two coats the spicy red colour Id' picked (Delicious) had covered well and there was a real dazzling shine to it that I hadn't seen with any of my regular nail varnishes. I could make out slight mishaps in my coating, I think the shine does magnify it a little. I applied a top coat, which normally I wouldn't have even considered but I thought I'd give it a whirl - it made the nail look even more shiner and giving the finished look a gel-like look.

Now the real test is this 11 day statement that Revlon give - can it really last? I haven't done anything different with my nails or not done anything that I would normally do - I have been washing the same (and no, I don't have a dish washer) and even this morning I have been scrubbing my bathroom using everyone's favourite Cilit Bang, so all in all, my nails have taken a beating and well, its day 8 now and this is what I'm left with

There you have it, not bad eh!? I was really really pleasantly surprised with just how good the outcome has been when normally my nail varnish fails after 3 days. The main chipping came from right at the tips, caused by typing I think, and there was a few lifts at the base but nothing that looked massively unsightly or that I was embarrassed about!

I shall most definitely be buying this again in every colour - with a high shine finish and lasting as well for 8 days (so far) Revlon have excelled themselves! Get yourself down to your nearest Boots store as there is a special offer on at the moment or go over to Revlon's website HERE for full selection of colours.

Have you tried this - what are your views? are you a gel convert?

Monday, 9 July 2012

#RunThisTown update and where I am...

There is no pictures in this post: no pretty drawings, photos or art that reflects the thoughts and processes going on in my head right now. Perhaps subconsciously, I want you all to read this post: read it for what it's worth and take it in. Maybe I want your advice or maybe I just want to share.

I have had a funny ol'weekend. Not sure I mean funny as in 'ha ha' but funny as in life. We all know that I sometimes suffer with being 'too much up in my head' well I guess this weekend could be described as one of those, although, at times there was some serious 'ha's in there too. It was ten weeks yesterday... ten whole weeks until me and my little #RunThisTown crew set of and do that 13.1 mile thing in the Great North Run. That same run that I sat and watched last year on my TV whilst wrapped up in my pj's eating a bacon sarnie.... in between mouthfuls of crispy bacon did I spit the crumbed words of 'I'm def doing that next year' well Sarah - you got your wish. Training is going, err, well. I say 'err' because some days I smash it so hard even I,  have the up most respect for myself, whereas others I'd like to slap myself round the chops with the proverbial wet fish. I guess all runners have goodish days and big granny pants days and I'm trying my hardest not to let it get to me or my legs, easier said than done that.
I am running better than I probably ever have done - more focused and dare I say it, more strong. I am running with a better posture and feel I know a little bit more about my own poor technique. I cant say it's easy though. Despite my love for running, the pissing (literally) weather has been putting a literal dampener on my spirits, that being said all has gone well once my ass is out that god damn door (read: out of bed) My lovely on line network of #RunThisTown buddies have been there for me and well, I don't know what I would've done without our team leader Sam lately, always there for a cyber kick up the ass (thanks Sam) all in all, it's going ok. So, this ten week thing? it has launched a whole new kind of pressure on to myself: yeah so training is going well, and still I love everything about running but what I'm failing at quite miserably, is the pressure I am putting on myself. I don't have much to prove in my life to be honest, and all in all I haven't ever done anything in my life that I guess I can say I am 'proud' of, I haven't changed the world. Ten weeks yesterday and I find myself in a competition of two: me and getting sub2hours. Daft I know you're thinking, I think it to. But on my first half mara, when I chucked out 2hours 11mins I knew the next one had to be sub 2, no if's and no but's, it had to be done. And so, ten weeks.... ten weeks of training but ten weeks of pressure that I am lumping on myself. Why? I won't win anything, no prize money, no knighthood, but in my heart I will win. I will prove to myself that I can, Sarah Williams, do something that I really well and truly put my mind to - I don't do this often, but perhaps it will be the one thing... perhaps the start of many more things. And so, #RunThisTown is going strong - remember, if you are running the Great North Run and fancy joining us for support, get yourself over to Sam's page now.

Talking of running, I just want to mention a group or should I say groupS of people that continue to inspire me as a runner and as a person. A group of diverse and amazing people are part of a phenomen: RunDemCrew or for those who don't know them, they are quite simply a collective of creative and amazing people who all basically love everything about running and exchange and creation of ideas - they all meet once a week and let London know who's running their streets - they are. I'm not part of their group, they didnt pay me to write this, nor do they even really know me, but what I am is a back seat viewer to some seriously amazing stuff they got going on. Before I joined Team Bangs I'd always been a person of solitude, I used to do everything alone. I'm not a lonley person and nor am I a recluse but as some of you may or may not know I suffer horrendously with anxiety, meeting new people and generally learning how to be 'me' with other people, Team Bangs put me in a situation where I had to depend on other people, look to other people and gain information and learn from other people, something Id never experienced or done before. Run Dem Crew are pretty much everything of the above and them some: they are family to each other. I used to think of running clubs as those flappy short shorted albino white men who frown on anyone doing anything over than a 8min mile, I used to hate those clubs, hate those people and lo and behold: hate running. I've changed, I love running - it is well and truly part of me, some people 'say' it's their therapy, it is mine. It gives me an opportunity to sort out what is all consuming in my head - pleasure and pain. One thing that hasnt changed is my solitude, I run alone. Berkshire is hardly known for being at the forefront of running clubs: the two I know of are on opposite sides, neither one I will ever fit into. I don't want to join them as I'm afraid they will take away my love for running - I want to be with like minded people. What RunDemCrew gives me, quite simply by looking at their twitter, their photos, their experiences is I gain so much from them about the running world and running it the normal way. RunDemCrew is 'there' for it's members - not just once a week, but all the time. It's real, and it's family. I will continue to follow them from afar and wistfully hope one day, that type of club finds it ways to the sticks where I live but until then I feel like I should thank them for making me want to be a better me.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday's Must-Have's: Instant style

Looking for a quick fix for style, looking for simple way to dress up that existing top? This season it is time to work the collar. The peter pan collar's have been everywhere for the last couple of seasons but instead of buying the collar already attached to a shirt or dress, now the detachable collar is where it's at. For me, I love this idea - collar's are such an easy way to jazz up a dire old work shirt, smarten up a casual tee and adding a certain fashion forward point. Better still, you dont need to be a size nothing to wear one! 

Here are my Monday Must-have picks:

1- Bead and Pearl £16.50 Topshop
2- Gold sequin £15.00 ASOS
3- Black Bow nexk £8.50 Temp.Sec
4- Carrianne Pearl £10.00 Boohoo
5- Ivory embellished £18.00 Miss Selfridge
6- Gold studded £18.00 Miss Selfridge
7- Metal pearl fan £15.00 Topshop
8- Marni Printed £84.00 Net-a-porter

How will you be wearing yours?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Here comes the hot stepper take two...

A while back me and my feet moaned on about our problems (aka pain) in our daily commute every day to work and back, see HERE I am pretty sure I am not the only lady to have to wonder why on earth most flat shoes are either comfortable and err, dowdy looking, or look lush and rub the beejesus outta your heels. In my previous blog post, me and my feet got acquainted with some Seraphine Shoe Therapy ballet pumps and they proved that style can also be ruddy comfy, and since converted me! So here I am again, or should I say here are my feet again, trialling out another brand of shoes to put up with my daily commute.

Third up is Cocorose London. A brand that I had heard of and often read about as one of the first and UK brands to come up with the foldable ballet pump. I'm sure most of you lovely ladies are familiar with these type of shoes and the idea that had grown from the 'every woman problem' that is: wearing heels hurts, and lets face it we have been seen begging for someone to give us their trainers/flat shoes/plastic bags to wear when the 'burn' gets too much after a heavy night of too much Macarena dancing.

Cocorose offers their stunning looking shoes that fold into a teeny tiny compact purse which holds a foldable shoulder bag in its hidden back pocket - it is like a very stylish russian doll. I was kindly sent a pair of these stunning shoes to trial and boy did I do just that. I was kindly sent a pair of their Parisian Panache pumps. I was so excited when I unwrapped these babies as I'd already spent a good while (read: days) on their website eyeing up the many pumps I knew belonged in my wardrobe (and handbag) and I was not disappointed at all.

These cherry red pumps with black patent toe detail looked absolute exquisite and first and foremost I was genuinely relieved to see the pumps were made with some real quality. I have purchased a pair of 'foldable pumps previous (not Cocorose) and was so disappointed with the quality in which the shoes were made, I might as well had worn Sainsbury bags on my feet, but Cocorose had done a good job at building a shoe with some real class and quality. Inside the shoe I was pleased to see there was a double cushioned pad on both the ball and heel of the foot - another thing alot of other 'foldable' brands seem to forget to include.

I decide to test these babies out, like the others, on a dry day. I found the colour choice a little difficult to choose what to wear them with and teamed them quite simply with a black chiffon dress. At first, placing these pumps on my feet felt a little 'too light' it almost felt like I wasn't wearing any shoes and I wondered whether this would make walking the distance in them easier or harder. The extra cushioning came into it's own halfway into my journey to the train station, and I was glad to have worn them with tights on this day as my feet did seem a little chilly, but they coped really well and not once did my feet hurt. Wearing them throughout the day in the office and then setting off for my journey home I did happen to find that the elastic at the back of the shoe has pressed onto my heel/achilles a little and caused a little discomfort - not to any kind of extreme and after a quick massage of the area I was good to go again.
On day three the rain came and it was time I tested the pumps to the extreme. I'll be honest, I did expect the pumps to leak, alot but only because the shoes themselves were so light, but did they? no, not at all. I decided to team the pumps with ankle grazer chino's and didn't wear any socks and still my feet remained 100% dry if not a little cold. The journey was comfortable and I found that the shoes gripped well and didn't fall off my feet. I felt good in these shoes and never once felt under dressed or dowdy in them, in fact I could've got used to all the lush comments I got!

After nearly two weeks of trialling the shoes I will definitely give these pumps a thumbs up - they were gorgeous to look at, and I did get alot of compliments about them, however I think they are more suited to less mileage than what I do, or even if they are just worn for your commute and not throughout the day in the office. Mainly down to the elastic pinching on my achilles, as this did get a little sore after a while - that is not to say that this will affect everyone, it might just me and my feet! These pumps came with me, in their lush little bag, to a friends party, and after only an hour in heels (yes, I'm getting old) I changed straight into these and I loved them - for this they are perfect. These are without a doubt the comfiest and most stylish foldable pump around and priced from £40 they are affordable and well made, I shall definitely be buying another pair. Now, excuse me I have some more Macarena dancing to do in my pumps...

Get yourself over to Cocorose London HERE

Have you tried foldable ballet pumps?

*Please note: these pumps were gifted to me, however all opinions are completely genuine*

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