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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

July is where it's at....

Summer is trying, not just trying my patience but trying to make its proper, long-awaited appearance. Many of us have purchased our SS12 wardrobe's a long time ago and are sat with baited breathe to the moment we can happily expose the legs, let our shoulders get bronzed and for the first this year, expose our feet. Over in the Scribbles camp I have been rather neglecting the fact I may need to update my wardrobe. Being a size bigger than I was than past Summer's there is no way I wish to be uncomfortable when that sun (eventually) comes out, think a fat sausage in its skin. I am a little tired of the same old advertisements from the likes of Topshop, New Look, Miss Selfridge and the like, I am not 16/17 anymore, some of the looks just dont suit me and my figure. That's the thing with getting older, nothing is as disposable anymore. In my rush to suddenly ram my wardrobe full of loveliness for the new season that IS coming our way, Mint Velvet have some fab picks coming our way for the month of July.

Mint Velvet is a new brand on my 'want,want,want' radar (yes, there is one) and along with similar brands like Isabella Oliver and Next who really do the 'classic' styling well, Mint Velvet to me, incorporate all that is classy and timeless with some real high fashion pieces. July's drop really did make me stop and stare. Before I talk about the content of clothes, it has to be the tones and colours that have been chosen that really made me stare. Unlike many other trends for brights and sickly sweet sorbet colours, Mint Velvet July drop has a heavy emphasis on smokey grey's, dusky pinks, gentle creams and stark contrasting black. Altogether it's different from everyone else. Aside from the colours, there is some beautiful attention to details and diverse use of fabrics used. Heavy floral embroidery and applique feature throughout giving the clothes much more depth to the normal simplicity of this season's style around. Lace, silks and leather give it a grown up feel of luxe - everything about his July drop makes me want to dribble a little, and err, stroke the screen.

Here is how July at Mint Velvet is shaping up:

Now do you see how July really is looking up!? Oh and even better, they have a sale on at the moment! Go click on over to Mint Velvet HERE

What do you think of this drop? are you a fan of the new sombre/adult colours?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Just in time...

So who knew that renovating house was so much stress and so much money huh!? For those of you haven't seen me moan on twitter about the endless building work going on in my house you are lucky. For a total of three weeks my house (and still is) a building site, a messy one at that, although short of boring you senseless again, it is actually starting to come together now.... so, along with the countless sleepless nights, the ol' bank balance has taken a severe knock so imagine how happy I am that this Friday is pay day, and imagine what makes me more happier? knowing that Isabella Oliver have a sale on! Oh yes, just in time for pay day and the Summer season (it's on it's way right?) there is a huge 50% off their rather lush 365 collection as well as their fab maternity wear!

I am a huge fan of Isabella Oliver and find myself regularly wishing I was the model in the brochure who pretty much dresses and look exactly how I wish to be... *sigh* If you're not familiar with the brand, all I can say is their dresses are pretty much to die for: whether it's office wear, everyday wear or occasion wear I.O have it for sure! The great thing about I.O is there ability to create items that are pretty much timeless and I know they will literally stay in my wardrobe for years to come and never age. Here are my picks of the sale:

There is literally so much I could post on here i.e ALL OF IT, but head on over to Isabella Oliver 365 HERE and please go grab yourself some serious bargains!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wednesday Shoe-Lust: The only shoe..

I feel like I need to be waving a big 'STOP PRESS' sign at this very moment in time, now, stop what you are doing and LOOK at these shoes. I am telling you now ladies, these are the only sandal you are going to be wanting to buy this SS12. I am literally 100% hopelessly in love with these. Simple design that simply oozes class and style. Coming in 3 very different colour combo's I literally want every pair. For work or for play, these sandals are coming out to play at every opportunity and with every outfit. Oh and if I haven't made myself clear, these cost a mere £29.99.... I repeat £29.99. Enough said.

Go get them HERE

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The 'new' smart...

I remember going for my first interview for an office job, it was only a office junior position, which everyone knows is a glorified tea-maker (I make a mean cuppa) but I was ecstatic, to me I was now one of the power shoulder dressing business women, and the essential item in every business woman's wardrobe was the suit. Forget the briefcase, the kitten heel or the concrete hair-sprayed hair, oh no, the suit, or more importantly, the blazer was power dressing in it's entirety. After getting the phone call that I had got the glorified tea-makers job, I dragged my mum down to the local high street to kit me right up in said suit. My job didn't call for a suit, but I wanted one - I loved the look and sense of importance they gave off, I felt like 'somebody' even if I was employed to be the tea donkey.

Times have changed and not many people wear the humble suit to prove their worth in the boardroom, the hair has flattened itself out and people finally realise that having American football sized shoulders is never a good look, and so the power dressing style of the 80's dissipated but the blazer has since grown it's new 2012 style. Enter the printed blazer, yes, that' s right, the printed blazer. I am being serious before you all run off, and as ghastly as this may seem it's really rather pretty, yes, pretty. Not quite the 'dad at a wedding' look but more bang on style, easy to wear, versatile and accessible. I caught glimpse of a stunning blazer in River Island that literally made me say 'I have to have it' Being of a curvy size 12 figure, sometimes when the Summer season approaches I begin to die a little inside knowing the high street brands (Topshop) bring out the smallest shorts known to elves along with mini cropped tops... sorry, it's just not me. But when I caught sight of this blazer with it's delectable bright, fresh print, my first thought wasn't to run for the hills but I knew this would look good once on.

The printed blazer works for you. If you're scared of colour or print and don't want to walk out looking like Hawaii has thrown up on you, the blazer lets you add a little bit of trend, subtly. If you're of a bigger size the blazer will help nip in the waist giving you a more sensual hour-glass figure. If you have a slightly bigger bottom half the print or colour can help draw the eye away from the problem area and lastly, the printed blazer will work during the night or day. I'm sold on them. Here are my picks:

For me, as much as I love the Reiss and Jaeger ones I'm not sure I'll be spending more than £50 on mine - trends do come and go, but other than that, the printed blazer really does seem like the perfect way to go - personally I love a good cover-up and think donning these bright morsel's help make the office a bit more fun.

What's your view?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday Shoe-Lust: Going back to basics

Remember when  Carrie Bradshaw went on about the the pair of Mary-Jane's she could never get hold of and then she found them in the Vogue accessories closet? yeah well these stunning shoes made it come all back to me. Classic, beautiful, simple, cute, the list is endless. These sling-back mary-jane shoes keep on giving time and time again and year after year. I literally cannot take my eyes away from these shoes and have already mentally made them go with every outfit... ever. I may also sit and stroke them occasionally.... Dune, I applaud you.
Go get them HERE

Monday, 11 June 2012

That Leather thing...

For as long as I can remember I have always looked on at the Leather Jacket in an awe-inspiring kind of way, it was a coat to be looked up to, respected and to be honest SO not anything I could wear, I simply wasn’t cool enough. When I was too young to understand why and what a leather jacket was, I used to think those boys in the bomber jackets were all film stars and those to be feared and the ladies who wore them were rich. As the years went past I used to stare at those powerful business women with their leather macs and blazers, and now in my late twenties I look at leather jackets and think how youthful and fun they seem. I want.

I have never in my whole life owned a leather jacket. That’s right never, not even a fake one. To me, they always seemed to belong to complete hipsters or people that are way cooler than me, I never quite had the ‘swagger’ down (and yes, I  did just say that) When I was younger I swore that there was a leather jacket ‘club’ that was at my school, one that me and my duffle coat were not welcome in. I knew that the second I decided to buy/wear one, I wouldn’t be that grungy-rock-chick kinda girl I so wanted to be, instead I’ll be the twat in an ill-fitting not quite the right end of cool 80’s throwback. In lieu of this, I have/had avoided purchasing or even trying any on, yes, that bad, but more and more I see these gorgeous (young) girls literally throwing the leather jacket on I wanted to be just like that, even now.
By ‘throwing’ the jacket on I mean literally: some will team it with a girly printed dress, some will team with bright coloured skinnies and flats, some will rock it up with shorts and tights with a ripped ‘I’m with the band' tee and ultimately the look screams cool, calm, collected and purposely thrown together to just look good. That’s not me. Judging by my lateness, daily running to catch the train and resounding “I’m sorry I’m late” that comes out of my mouth there is no way any of my looks are thrown together in this way, well, maybe if you count my Sunday just-got-out-of-bed-pj-look. I think now, at the age that I am and never even trying a leather jacket on, the second I complete this life journey (yes, buying a leather jacket is one of MY lifes journey) the desired leather jacket is going to just make me look some really sad 80’s throwback that belongs in the East end gangsta land.. innit….


The other thing is, that whilst it’s all very well and good me folding down the pages of every magazine with ‘I want this one’ tab and thinking that it’ll suit me, a leather jacket is an investment people, they aren’t cheap, and I do not want to be getting some cheap, shiny ‘wipe me clean’ faux leather one! So here are the leather jacket lust-haves, that maybe, one day I might just be cool enough to buy… 

I mostly want them all to be honest and the hours I've spent ogling leather I want one more than ever... now all I need is the cool....

Are you part of the leather jacket cool crowd?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Packing it away...

This weekend has been one of changes with intense building work going on in the house has been the least of my worries, however with no access to a TV and zero plans meant that I spent a little bit too long upstairs, and I don't mean upstairs in my bedroom, I mean in my head. Am I the only one who spends a little too much time up in their head? I sometimes find myself drifting that way and sometimes I even choose to, to give myself some thinking time. With changes around me, I usually find myself giving it the whole 'evaluating life' thang.... nothing as drastic as 'why am I on this Earth' nah, that's a wee bit too heavy for me, but just general things: concentrating on things that I aren't happy with, or things I'd like to change,whether it be with myself, or around me and this weekend it seemed my energies were focused on my wardrobe.

I try not to class myself as a hoarder, but when it comes to clothes I am, and always have been, under the impression that I will 'grow into it' or more aptly, 'I will slim down into that' - hard truth to admit but it's being getting worse over the years. It's a safety net to have those clothes hanging there: all pretty, beautiful, clean, fresh, never worn... the virgin's of my wardrobe. It doesn't have to be new clothes, oh no, over half of the 'IWSD' (I Will Slim Down) clothes no longer fit me but once did.  I'm not even sure why I do it, it started as something to look forward to, something maybe to keep me focused. But do you know how long I've had those clothes in the wardrobe for? Over two years. yeah, I know. What started as a form of focus, is now a form of torture, a reason to look down on myself every darn day, knowing that despite the clothes looking all shiny and new, I cant wear them because I am too big for them. The same thing happens everyday... I open the wardrobe, pick them up, realise, then put them back and self judge all day long. No more.

With every moment I opened the wardrobe the clothes would grin at me, they knew, I knew. I was cheating myself, there was no way on earth I was going to fit in them or get back into them - I wasn't going to wake up one day suddenly able to slink myself into them - that just doesn't happen (why God, why). I was tired of this - sick of feeling down on me and my perfectly able body - there is nothing wrong with me, I work as a human, it was the 'IWSD' clothes that didn't work. So meet my friend the box. yep, that brown box is my future. In there is every item of clothing that no longer fits me, or never has done, some have tags on them, some worn only once, but either way they are going in. 

Taping the box up and placing it in the loft is a bit like an end of an era for me, and today, my first day in two years have I opened my wardrobe and seen the choices of clothes I do have that do still fit my 2 stone heavier frame. Granted I don't like the frame I'm in, but the box has given me some serious clarity. This box of tricks wont be coming back down until I can comfortably fit into them. It's exciting, I know that I get a whole new choice of clothes, dream clothes, when I get my ass into gear and get my beloved body back, the way I was. For me, it isn't bout measurements, scales, figures or people's opinions about how I look, it's how I feel deep inside of myself, and I know where I'm happiest. I feel a new sense of calm and happiness about me... all from a box, simples.

Has anyone of you got clarity through doing something so small?

Friday, 1 June 2012

Here come's the hot stepper....

There is nothing attractive about walking to work/train station in shoes that hurt/are too high/don't fit/fall off, Nothing  attractive about that at all. I've been there done that - I'm the type of girl who thinks that wearing a pair of stacked mid-heel brogues will be a sensible choice to walk all the way to the train station only to find that even getting to the end of the road is more effort than a marathon run, I'm the type of girl who wears sandals that are so slippery and slidey that once I cross over to the other side of road my sandals are still sat on the kerb, I'm the one who gives it the 'stiff-legged' walk the remainder of the way home when my heels are bleeding.... My name's Sarah and I wear unsuitable shoes, always, constantly. I have been the same since the very first time I was allowed to wear a pair of heels, it was then, on that day, that I swore I would wear all these pretty shoes constantly.... yeah and then I grew up.

With age comes sense right? and with sense and age comes bad joints. Last month, when it took me 48mins to walk a 15min journey home I decided enough was enough. Me and my poor legs/feet couldn't take the dumb-ass shoes anymore. Purely down to vanity did I not just wear my trainers to and from for the commute: I judge you women who wear a suit with trainers, I'm sorry but I do. And yes, I did try it once but I felt so unattractive and unconfident I just couldn't do it again! So, tell me, finding a pair of decent shoes that are not only hard wearing, comfy, wont hurt your feet and yet don't look like you're wearing a pair of trotters. Tell me where I can get me some of them.. First up I tried buying some simple ballet pumps from New Look but yes, they are pretty, but are they comfy? Are they heck. Rubbing my heels raw, with blood everywhere doesn't make me walk or look any better but imagine how much worse it is when the artificial inners make your feet sweat.. yeah smell much!?!?

So, second on my trials is some pumps from Shoe Therapy by Seraphine. A brand I hadn't heard of and quite frankly now, I'm kicking myself. Selling from website Seraphine and yes before you all ask, I am not pregnant. These shoes are made with your feet and comfort purely in mind. They have a medically trialed sole that gives your posture a bit of a boost, improves circulation (and we know what that means - lack of cellulite!) and they look sodding gorgeous. So here is how it works:

And here are my shoes:

I approached these shoes with trepidation really. Firstly, I was not a pregnant woman and truth be known I had no idea how to feel about wearing a pair of shoes that are essentially advertised as such. But just looking at these pumps I knew these had something special: The quality was obvious to see. Well made, stitched, lined and constructed, these shoes felt solid, nothing at all like the type of ballet pumps you normally see in the shops. When I put these on my tootsies the fit was perfect. These weren't too slim fitting and weren't too wide they slipped or rubbed. The extra moulding on the heel section instantly gripped my foot keeping it in place in the shoe, the toe section was light and airy without being too flat that I didn't have any comfort or padding.

The real test was walking in them. Throughout my many experiences with new shoes I am aware that my heels often rub on shoes and packed some extra plasters in my bag, y'know, "just in case" The walk was solid and comfy. My strides were stronger, my foot didn't slide anywhere and the slight heel the shoes had, made me feel like I was standing much taller without tottering on heels that were difficult. Wearing these for both the journey to and from work and during the day I expected some sort of moisture or sweat from my foot to build up, and yes my feet did get mild but there was no slipping and sliding unlike the other pumps I had tried. The soles were light and airy and the added cushioning in the shoe meant at no point did I get the dreaded 'burn' from anywhere on my feet.

After the first day, I did have an initial slight stiffness on the heel and it did start to rub a little making the skin slightly red, but this did soften up by day two on wearing them so I think it's a case of wearing them in.

Day two came, and ideally was a wet, rainy day. Normally I would swap right out of pumps and insist on wearing something resembling wellies, but today I decided to put these to the test on its grip and waterproofing. Once again, even through the rain, there was no moisture felt through the sole of the shoe, or either at the sides. I purposely walked the long route to the train station in order to test walking down wet slopes... this was slightly worrying, as Queen of the 'fall-over' I expected to go over within seconds, but not this time. The shoes gripped well without putting my feet under any additional pressure. 
Technical shindig aside, these pumps are beautiful to look at too. Leopard print for me is a classic at its best, and these look just gorgeous with both trousers and dresses, tights or no tights. I had so many comments about them, with many asking if they were furry.... yes, they are, feel free to stroke me.

I have trialled these pumps for over 3 weeks now and I love them. I have noticed my aching feet have decreased ten fold, and my general muscles in my legs do not seem as heavy as they normally are when I have done the day's commute. My feet have stayed fresh as a daisy and have never got wet. I am still breaking them in and have found that because of my nobbly anklebones I will remember to do this more with my next pair. Yes, my next pair. Overall I will most def be buying more of these pumps, one in every colour if possible. With prices from £69 - £79 these aren't the cheap option for your typical ballet pumps, but they work and are made to last. They are the adult ballet pump, the pump that is less frivolous, less spur of the moment and more safe, stylish and classic, which for me is perfect.

Get yourself over to Seraphine and check out the shoes HERE

Stay tuned for my next shoe trial!

*please note: these ballet pumps were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own, and I really do love them*

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