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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Guest Blog: Samantha and the English Rose

Well here's a first, I have never been lucky enough to have anyone guest blog for me, whether it's because my blog isn't 'all that' or whether it's just because I'm lazy at asking I'm not sure, but today ladies and gents I have a really rather fab one!

The stunningly beautiful Sam who writes Samantha Avena a lifestyle and photography blog is pretty much one of my favourite websites. I often find myself whiling the hours away just soaking up Sam's gorgeous photography skills and immersing myself in her world, oh and did I mention that it's pink in colour and makes me want to lick my computer screen? Here, our Sam trials the new Beau Bronze Soft Sun Self Tan for English Roses

Hi there! My names Samantha. I'm 23 years old. And I've never used fake tan.
Yes, you really did read that right. 

I'm a fake tan virgin. About as pale as they come and quite frankly the words 'fake' and 'tan' scare the living daylights out of me. I instantly think ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE and have since avoided it my whole life.

I'm a throw it on and go kinda girl. Fake tanning and all the meticulous care that comes with it has never seemed like it was for me - until today!
A couple of days ago, the ever so lovely, Sarah asked if I wanted to try out some 'Abi O - From the House of Beaubronz' tan. Of course, having looked at my self recently and thought 'wow Sam, you really are glowing white' - I jumped at the chance.

I have sensitive yet slightly olive-y, (or as I like to call it; 'yellow') skin. I tan fairly easily when in the sun. The key word there being SUN and as we all know the UK is hugely lacking in that department! So ever since my last holiday it's all gone down hill (in shades of white, whiter and ghost).
So this morning, after showering, shaving and moisturising the night before; I applied the tan. And I'm very glad to say it was a huge success! 

Before. (hey veins!)
After. (hey golden tan!)

Firstly, I need to say, I love the name 'Soft Sun Self Tan for English Roses' - now, if anything doesn't say I'm going to make you orange, it's that title. It did exactly what it said on the tin. I applied with a mitt in small amounts and gradually rubbed it in all over. An even bigger bonus was that it didn't irritate my skin in the slightest, as it's paraben free.
It has left me with an all over glow that looks great and not an oompa loompa shade in sight! It's turned out streak free, which is quite the miracle in itself, and doesn't even have the dreaded 'wet biscuit' smell! I am truly pleased with my first instant tan attempt and can happily say I would love to use it again!

So it's official, I'm a fake tan convert! I have a bad habit of finding a product I love and sticking to it to a very, very long time - and I think that's exactly what I'll be doing with Abi O!
You can have a look-see here if you'd like to give it a go, too!
What do you think? Will you be trying it? X

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Boosting my shimmer...

I do love living in England, we have real good Seasons, the type that have some real extreme changes in weather. The only problem being you can never guarantee on the sun poking it's head round the clouds. The sun that appeared the other week was a welcome change, but I do hope that wasn't the only Summer we're going to see this year, although lets face it, you can never quite tell. I have to be honest, I do sometimes dream of being on a hot sunny island somewhere, lying in front of the scorching sun, feeling the sun beat down on my skin, reality is there will be no holiday for me this year and I will have to grab every tiny bit of sunshine that may appear in my back garden, there will be some super quick bikini changing going on (think Superman and the phone box) The chances of me getting my beyond pale skin any where near a tan is err, probably slim to none, and so me and my Summer wardrobe will be relying on some kind of fake-tan.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a fabulous (daaaarlink) launch party by the rather lushville Sam at Silverbean. Launching was a fab new tanning range by the masters at work AbiO from Beau Bronze, created by the rather amazing Abi O'Leck this range was targeted at us more English rose type skins. As a sensitive skin sufferer, I find it a constant struggle to find daily skincare to suit my skin, let alone a range of fake tan products so I was really intrigued to see what was on offer. Aside from the fact the event was really rather mega, and if I had got there earlier I would've enjoyed copious celeb spotting, I still had a fab evening and enjoyed smooshing Sam's face and I went away with a fabulous goodie bag containing some BeauBronze products to try. I'd heard alot of (good) things about the brand BeauBronze with one of it's biggest selling points is its claims to use natural and organic products, no parabens, free from chemicals and any drying alcohol's. Sounds pretty much perfect! The first product I have tried from BeauBronze is the 'Shimmer Tan Boost' with Glistening Gold This is a light tanning product that contains Bio Active Aloe and 2.5% Ecocert DHA but the magic really happens with the glistening gold effect. I already have a bit of a tan from the amazing two weeks we had not long ago (in the UK too) so thought it was an ideal time to try it. I squirted the product out and was amazed at just how 'gold' the product looked straight away, I wasn't put off by the colour I was just really intrigued as to how that gold would look on my skin. 

Rubbing it on in a circular motion, the cream went on smoothly and blended well. I would, at this point, recommend you use this product with a mitt, because your palms will get covered in glittery gold! After I completed the whole of one arm, the product had dried almost instantly onto my skin and was pleasantly fragranced.

It wasn't really until I looked at myself in the natural light that I could really tell the difference. My skin, literally glowed, and when the light hit parts of my arm, you could see where the gold glistened, adding a real nice look and gleam to my skin. I didn't feel caked, or uncomfortable wearing this product and got alot of comments for how 'healthy' my skin looked. I will most def be buying this product again - a little also goes a long way! Priced at £24.00 I think the product is worth it, and when I washed the product off/had a shower my skin didn't feel dry and most importantly wasn't sore or irritated. 

There are lots of other products in the Beau Bronze range which you can see here and stay tuned for a review on the actual fake tan coming up.

Have you tried this range? are natural, organic products important to you?

My Week....

1 - Easter, Easter, Easter! Hot Cross Bun breakfast and Scruffy fighting it out with the Lindt bunny
2 - My new best friend the weighted Hula-Hoop - ouch, and the new Hot dog stuffed Pizza Hut pizza
3 - Torrential rain storms and the most wet run I've ever experienced
4 - Breakfast for one, the luxury of a weekend, and a no make-up weekend is liberating

How was your week?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

My pet shoes..

I remember my childhood footwear choices in great detail: whether it was pink in colour or decorated in glitter, some of them had a story to go with them, and some of them were even picked by my mum. nice. Either way, I think shoe shopping and wearing clothes at that age was always so much fun - there were no rules. If I wanted to wear my hair in three pig tails, I could. If I wanted to wear one pink sock and one green, I could. It's so hard to push the boundaries when you reach the age of 25+, it's 'official' adult age and even more so when you work in a strict office. In this instance I pick my attire, how do I say, somewhat more carefully, a 28 year old female cant get away with 'Hello Kitty'-esque wear, so simple, classic it is - why do you think I read all these adult fashion mags!

Well, one boring evening, a certain pair of shoes caught my eye whilst I was online - these weren't any pair of shoes, oh no. These were the type of shoes that you have to throw caution to the wind, transport yourself back to a simpler clothing time, smile and then just click 'buy' and so I did. What were these shoes I hear you ask?

Say hello, to the new addition to the Scribbles household: my Pussy-cat ballet pumps. I know, I know, I'm not 11 I'm fully aware of this, I am 28 and proud - I shall be a 28year old who wears animal-themed shoes. I just could resist, as soon as I laid eyes on it's (his) eye's I just new I had to adopt them (him) I  don't know whether the fact it was well, a cat in the form of a shoe, or its gleaming green eyes, but I decided I didn't want to be a boring 28yr old, I wanted to be a colourful, fun, throwing caution to the wind kinda girl - this is what these shoes say to me (that and 'stroke me please') but the question is, can I make them work for me? 

These shoes are so fun, I love to sit and stare at them, perhaps even stroke them occasionally (so what) but even though I'm happy with the above pictures and yes, I'd really like to think the shoes 'work' I have yet to still wear these out. That sensible 'I'm too old' side of me says no.  Perhaps these will be the shoes that never get worn out, but I will wear them in the house, stare at them, talk to them but draw the line at feeding them.

These lovelies are from the wonders of Love from Hetty & Dave and at a bargain price of only £25.00 

Go give some cats a home....

Monday, 9 April 2012

I don't think you ready for this jelly.....

Oh yes, in the words of the great Destiny''s Child, I don't think any of you are ready for this jelly, and no I'm not talking about my ass - It's all about the jelly shoe/sandal/flip flop or other grotesque footwear name.

Now, I was aged 5 did my mother decide it really was a good idea to shove me in some brightly coloured (fluro pink anyone?) jelly shoes especially for our annual trip to the Kent coast of Broadstairs. Back then, having pink shoes was pretty much the highlight of my life and the fact that they were in that weird jelly-type (original name there) material made them the perfect shoe - it was such a kid thing were jelly shoes, they were just altogether 'weird looking' Throughout the ages I graduated from fluro pink jelly shoes to jelly shoes that had a dolphin print in the sole that lo and behold, when you walked across the sand, ta-da, a print of a dolphin was left, clever eh? Well, I am 28 now and no longer do I feel can get away with wearing shoes that are made out of some jelly-inspired substitute, neither do I think it is socially acceptable, that is until I logged onto Topshop.com and upon my search for some simple leather sandals, there before my eyes, were my childhood shoes staring at me in the face - Adult jelly shoes.


With a quick shake of the head and refresh of the page, there they were..... the jelly shoes. I thought perhaps Topshop were having a giggle, y'know, trying to get all of us 80's children to 're-live' their youth, but no, River Island were next up, then to top it all, Office had the widest selection ever. Once I'd gotten over my shock and stopped being sick a little in mouth, did I get to thinking 'Why' We all know how this story goes, look at everyone's faves: Crocs. comfy: yes, but did they ever look good on anyone? NO. I would even go as to far as to say that should Kate Moss ever get the urge to don a pair of the clog-type rubber shoes, even she would not look good, nope, never. So tell me, what makes Jelly shoes different compared to Crocs - nowt. Of course there are some things I'd love to re-live from my childhood, y'know, Fun House, riding my bike with no hands, Sylvanian Families, but Jelly Shoes? Just no. I could just imagine everyone's face (including my own) when I step into the office - trousers, shirt, blazer, oh and my jelly shoes - it's not going to happen. Now, before I go irritating all you fashionista's out there, if I was on a beach (a secluded one) and well, I had no flip flops. At all. I might just think about sporting a pair. I just don't see this 'trend' happening for me, but hey, if you wanna bring something back from the 80's, lets make it lace gloves, shoulder pads, back combed hair and my ability to still wear a crop top. However, if you are still adamant (don't blame me if people stop talking to you) and you want to *gulp* wear jelly shoes, here are a selection

What is your view on the 80's phenomenon? will you be sporting these jelly-like creations?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wednesday Shoe-Lust: when beauty turns nasty

Ok, ok, so I jinxed it - the sun has well n truly disappeared, and I don't know about you, but my heating has most definitely gone back on! So last week I showed you some gorgeous toe-exposing sandals, today I want to go for some texture city! These heels are from Sam Edelman at Kurt Geiger, and they are 'fall off the sofa' gorgeous! I love the bright vivid turquoise blue that screams Summer, beaches and fun, and the juxtaposition of the hard, gritty studs give this somewhat dainty shoe, a rough and tough edge! Granted, they are not cheap, but think of the uses you'll get out of these - even if you do just sit and stare at them.....

Get yourself over to Kurt Geiger HERE

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Written on paper....

I'm what you would call old-school, traditional or just plain boring, but no matter how far technology goes and how easier it might be, I still always, turn to pen and paper for most things in life. In my job (Sales) alot of notes get taken, I am one of the few in the office who chooses to still take said notes on a notepad. Out of work, all my blog ideas get scribbled down by the simple use of pen and paper, and I love it. It's such a simple act - putting pen onto paper and creating words. A task that may seem outdated or trivial. I love the written word - there is always so much more meaning and feeling when someone physically writes something down: whether it be a handwritten letter or a declaration. One of my more favourite activities is sitting down on a Sunday afternoon surrounded by magazines, a cup of tea and of course my notebook and pen - call me oldy-worldy, or just plain grandma, but there really is nothing like the feeling of putting pen to paper.

And what makes plain old-fashioned writing a million times better? having a kick-ass notebook to write in! I am a stationery freak at the best of times pens, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners even paper clips for gods sake, but notebook's are my secret crush. I have ton's and ton's of empty notebooks literally littering my house - I say littering because they are in every room.. I know.... This year, on my Birthday, a new notebook joined my family (thank you Emily). It was more colourful than the rest and less business-like, it lacked ruled lines and even crisp white paper but it had a history. My notebook is hand-made. It has 30 pages of handmade recycled cotton paper which is unbleached and is the left overs from the Indian garment industry. Covered in the most beautiful and vibrant red fabric which is the fabric from an unused sari. It is one of the most beautiful notebooks I think I own - it has real history/journey. I have yet to write in it yet, which is like most of my others, but when the time comes - I will love every second. 

I know I'm not alone in my notebook lust, but I often find myself uninspired by the classic Moleskin's - don't get me wrong they are lovely, but I can help but wonder - If I'm not inspired by my notebook,where will my idea's come from? The key is to look harder. A great source of more individual notebook designs is Etsy - handmade and all with a certain something - these are normally alot cheaper and alot prettier, or why not try Notonthehighstreet.com my sari notebook came from there. The key is look further than your WH Smith or Ryman.... and make sure it's something that no-one else has - that's inspiring!

Are you a stationery fiend like me? what do you use as your notebook? 

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