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Thursday, 6 December 2012

What's on your menu?

I like my food and I eat alot of food, I cant help it. And in fact I enjoy everything about eating food - whether it's eating in or dining out - food for me, is one of life's simple pleasures.

I wanted to blog about all the things that me and my taste buds have been consuming each and every month and things that have got the taste buds going - with new products coming out constantly, I thought I'd go and share my faves, my not so faves, items I want to try and how I've been creating new recipes. This month I have mostly been chowing down on:

Warburtons Winter Loaf
Available at most supermarkets - £1.80 from Coop
For a limited time only

I had wanted to try this when I first read about it! I'm a big fan of bread regardless (have I mentioned lately how much I rely on toast?!) so when I realised Warburtons had produced this Winter Loaf, filled with plump sultanas, currants and cinnamon I knew I wanted to eat this toasted and dripping in butter. It's every bit as good in real-life as it was in my head. This is ideal for anyone wanting a little bit more from their normal loaf and wants a fruit 'loaf' not just a tea cake etc. Not too heavily seasoned (probably playing it safe) I would of preferred more of a cinnamon kick but that is just down to personal preference. This loaf is filling but really moreish and despite it being lush to just eat on it's own, when toasted? it is perfection. 

Available at Sainsbury priced at £1.89 for 150g

I have yet to try these yet, and disappointingly I have seen very little advertisement for these amazing new flavours. Word is that KettleChips put a competition out on Facebook for people to choose their two favourites and granted I seem to be a little behind on this but look at the flavours god dammit! I'm pretty sure they must plucked those flavours straight from my 'hungry brain' because they just sound amazing! I cant wait to try and get my mitts on these!

Available at Sainsbury £2.25 for 200g

This is most def a 'love or hate' kinda thing, but I am 100% smitten with this cheese. I first sampled this cheddar in a mini selection pack and have been long awaiting it's arrival in a slab of cheese that big mice like me can sink their teeth into. The cheddar itself is crumbly, a delightfully strong but marbled with a hint of Marmite and quite frankly it is better than I assume, winning the lottery. I know this cheese wont be for everyone, but heavens to Betsy, it is amazing.

Available at Sainsbury £5 for 500g on offer!

I know we all know about crackers, but for me, there are no better than Jacobs. I'm a bit of a traditionalist me, and this Heritage assortment of crackers from Jacobs is all kinds of yummy. With the choice of Cream cracker, poppy+sesame seed, salt and black pepper, water biscuit, multi grain  digestive, bran cracker and wheat germ  there really is something for everyone. And crackers are the perfect addition for the family to chomp on over Christmas... cheese and wine anyone? Oh and if crackers aren't your thing, just look at the amazing tin... that swayed it for me!

Available at their website or at Sainsbury HERE

I do like my coffee and considering I spend a large proportion of my monthly earnings on Costaa/Starbucks I long for the weekends when I have time enough to put the coffee machine on and drink some free coffee. I'm a long standing fan of Taylor of Harrogate coffee regardless and their Lazy Sunday coffee is my go-to coffee, however when I saw this Christmas Blend I just had to try. A real nice strong and highly aromatic coffee, this sent the tastebuds crazy and also gave my house a lovely smell to it! Easy to drink and with a strong richness that almost makes it chocolatey. A firm favourite for me.

Available at Sainsbury £1 special offer for 5 bagels
There is nothing new about these bagels, but what I love the most about the New York Bakery bagels is they work great this time of year. You can instantly make these bagels more Festive - chuck in some leftover turkey and cranberry sauce on this cinnamon and raisin bagels and well, it's Christmas dinner all over again! And even better... I feel it's more socially acceptable to eat bagels any time of the day. 

And that folks is  all I've been cramming into my gob! Until next time...

What have you been eating lately?


paperbagblog said...

I've seen a few Christmas Coffee's - one in M&S caught my eye, but I'm just not sure if I would like it or not! May bite the bullet at the weekend and dive in for a bag. Am also a big fan of the cinnamon bagels! Ooh I think I might stock up on some Christmas essentials this weekend :) Hello chinese spring roll selection packs!

daisychain said...

That fruit loaf and I are rarely apart at the moment. SO good.

2dyefor said...

That Warburtons bread looks divine - I want to eat an entire loaf and a tub of Bertolli with it. Damn you Weight Watchers!!

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