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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Guest Blog: Samantha and the English Rose

Well here's a first, I have never been lucky enough to have anyone guest blog for me, whether it's because my blog isn't 'all that' or whether it's just because I'm lazy at asking I'm not sure, but today ladies and gents I have a really rather fab one!

The stunningly beautiful Sam who writes Samantha Avena a lifestyle and photography blog is pretty much one of my favourite websites. I often find myself whiling the hours away just soaking up Sam's gorgeous photography skills and immersing myself in her world, oh and did I mention that it's pink in colour and makes me want to lick my computer screen? Here, our Sam trials the new Beau Bronze Soft Sun Self Tan for English Roses

Hi there! My names Samantha. I'm 23 years old. And I've never used fake tan.
Yes, you really did read that right. 

I'm a fake tan virgin. About as pale as they come and quite frankly the words 'fake' and 'tan' scare the living daylights out of me. I instantly think ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE and have since avoided it my whole life.

I'm a throw it on and go kinda girl. Fake tanning and all the meticulous care that comes with it has never seemed like it was for me - until today!
A couple of days ago, the ever so lovely, Sarah asked if I wanted to try out some 'Abi O - From the House of Beaubronz' tan. Of course, having looked at my self recently and thought 'wow Sam, you really are glowing white' - I jumped at the chance.

I have sensitive yet slightly olive-y, (or as I like to call it; 'yellow') skin. I tan fairly easily when in the sun. The key word there being SUN and as we all know the UK is hugely lacking in that department! So ever since my last holiday it's all gone down hill (in shades of white, whiter and ghost).
So this morning, after showering, shaving and moisturising the night before; I applied the tan. And I'm very glad to say it was a huge success! 

Before. (hey veins!)
After. (hey golden tan!)

Firstly, I need to say, I love the name 'Soft Sun Self Tan for English Roses' - now, if anything doesn't say I'm going to make you orange, it's that title. It did exactly what it said on the tin. I applied with a mitt in small amounts and gradually rubbed it in all over. An even bigger bonus was that it didn't irritate my skin in the slightest, as it's paraben free.
It has left me with an all over glow that looks great and not an oompa loompa shade in sight! It's turned out streak free, which is quite the miracle in itself, and doesn't even have the dreaded 'wet biscuit' smell! I am truly pleased with my first instant tan attempt and can happily say I would love to use it again!

So it's official, I'm a fake tan convert! I have a bad habit of finding a product I love and sticking to it to a very, very long time - and I think that's exactly what I'll be doing with Abi O!
You can have a look-see here if you'd like to give it a go, too!
What do you think? Will you be trying it? X


Madame Squirrel said...

Two of my favourite bloggers on the same site...bonus! I used to use fake tan when I was about 16...when I say use I mean attempt and fail miserably, I would always end up streaky and orange. As someone who is almost see-through as I'm that pale, I think the fake tans back in the day were only made for one skin tone. After seeing you use this Sam I think it's time for me to leave my fears of ending up orange in the past and delve into the world of fake tan again, even if it's just to prevent people putting sunglasses on due to the glare being given off from my pasty legs.

Dannii x

2dyefor said...

My sister is a typical English Rose so I think I might be getting her a bottle and see what she thinks. Most tans seem too harsh for her colouring but this just looks like a healthy glow - I think she'd love it. Thanks!

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