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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Boosting my shimmer...

I do love living in England, we have real good Seasons, the type that have some real extreme changes in weather. The only problem being you can never guarantee on the sun poking it's head round the clouds. The sun that appeared the other week was a welcome change, but I do hope that wasn't the only Summer we're going to see this year, although lets face it, you can never quite tell. I have to be honest, I do sometimes dream of being on a hot sunny island somewhere, lying in front of the scorching sun, feeling the sun beat down on my skin, reality is there will be no holiday for me this year and I will have to grab every tiny bit of sunshine that may appear in my back garden, there will be some super quick bikini changing going on (think Superman and the phone box) The chances of me getting my beyond pale skin any where near a tan is err, probably slim to none, and so me and my Summer wardrobe will be relying on some kind of fake-tan.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a fabulous (daaaarlink) launch party by the rather lushville Sam at Silverbean. Launching was a fab new tanning range by the masters at work AbiO from Beau Bronze, created by the rather amazing Abi O'Leck this range was targeted at us more English rose type skins. As a sensitive skin sufferer, I find it a constant struggle to find daily skincare to suit my skin, let alone a range of fake tan products so I was really intrigued to see what was on offer. Aside from the fact the event was really rather mega, and if I had got there earlier I would've enjoyed copious celeb spotting, I still had a fab evening and enjoyed smooshing Sam's face and I went away with a fabulous goodie bag containing some BeauBronze products to try. I'd heard alot of (good) things about the brand BeauBronze with one of it's biggest selling points is its claims to use natural and organic products, no parabens, free from chemicals and any drying alcohol's. Sounds pretty much perfect! The first product I have tried from BeauBronze is the 'Shimmer Tan Boost' with Glistening Gold This is a light tanning product that contains Bio Active Aloe and 2.5% Ecocert DHA but the magic really happens with the glistening gold effect. I already have a bit of a tan from the amazing two weeks we had not long ago (in the UK too) so thought it was an ideal time to try it. I squirted the product out and was amazed at just how 'gold' the product looked straight away, I wasn't put off by the colour I was just really intrigued as to how that gold would look on my skin. 

Rubbing it on in a circular motion, the cream went on smoothly and blended well. I would, at this point, recommend you use this product with a mitt, because your palms will get covered in glittery gold! After I completed the whole of one arm, the product had dried almost instantly onto my skin and was pleasantly fragranced.

It wasn't really until I looked at myself in the natural light that I could really tell the difference. My skin, literally glowed, and when the light hit parts of my arm, you could see where the gold glistened, adding a real nice look and gleam to my skin. I didn't feel caked, or uncomfortable wearing this product and got alot of comments for how 'healthy' my skin looked. I will most def be buying this product again - a little also goes a long way! Priced at £24.00 I think the product is worth it, and when I washed the product off/had a shower my skin didn't feel dry and most importantly wasn't sore or irritated. 

There are lots of other products in the Beau Bronze range which you can see here and stay tuned for a review on the actual fake tan coming up.

Have you tried this range? are natural, organic products important to you?


jimmi lou said...

I use tan because I'm realy pale and here in Australia its always pretty warm, white legs don't look so good. This one looks really nice, never heard of it before!

joanne from jimmilou.com

LadyBugSays ... said...

I struggle to find a fake tan that has a natural colour, but this looks lovely!

liloo said...

oh wow, this looks amazing. i love it
liloo /@tsunimee xx

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