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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Marks and Spencer - Spring / Summer Edit

Yeah yeah, I know it's cold, but I cant help but just think of the new (warmer) season. It seems like it's been a long time coming and now we're in February, our very own High Street are bringing out all their new seasons looks.

I can safely say I don't often turn to the classic Marks and Spencer for a new, fresh season, but after seeing a sneaky look from their press day photos, I was really surprised and instantly needed to see the full collection.

Full of colour with a real zing and pop - this is a good solid S/S collection, certainly one I did not think M+S would be producing. I shop at M+S for my every-day knickers (don't tell me you don't!) and my pj's... y'know the full length, up to my chin type of pj's. I sure as hell don't go there for thigh-skimming dresses and hot of the press pastel colours - but here they are.

With sickly sweet pastel colours, florals on legs and clean simple lines this new and inventive collection pretty much trounces all over the normal, high street winners like Topshop. The key to every item is its wearability. Unlike Topshop and the like, I can guarantee that most of these item can be changed around and worn with existing items in your wardrobe and by any age of person. To me, prices are reasonable and by no means out of the ordinary - especially when you compare to 'some' of the High Street brands around (you know who they are)

Here are my faves:

Surprised much? I knew you would be! To me, this sums up 2012 summer.

So what do you think? Would you look twice at Marks and Spencer's? Go to your nearest store in the coming weeks and tell me what surprises you find!


Simderella said...

I worked at M and S over Christmas and I was so suprised with what they had in store! So much more on trend than I would ever expect! I've got my eye on a limited collection skirt as I type! xx

daisychain said...

If you hadn't have said, I would not have guessed this was M&S! Wow.

anaveragejosephine said...

I actually have quite a lot of M&S clothes! They normally have a few really nice tailored dresses for work but you do need to keep an eye out! Luckily, my local store is only about a ten minute walk away so I go in about every other weekend!!

Cherry Loves said...

I love M&S I always go sale shopping, their clothes seem a more decent length, which means they're normal length on me due to being 5ft 10 :) I love their home section too. Pretty plate sets xx

Juicy Satsuma said...

Wow this collection looks great! Completely unexpected from M&S! Looks like my Mum and I will be sharing clothes for SS12! x

Mrsmac2000 said...

Looks like they have a fab summer range!!

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