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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Scribbles Scrimps - Update

Well, thank you Blogger for messing up all my schedules posts and making me uber late... thank you. Ranting aside, here goes my Scrimping update and conclusion of earlier on this week. As some of you may have read, I have been (attempting) to survive on just £95 for one week, just like the people out there who may have had to if you had the misfortune of ever being ill or off work for a number of weeks.

£95 is err, shall we say, a pretty measly amount to live off. I don't have a hectic social life, and neither do I live on the 'finer' things in life - I live in a 2 bedroom house and have the same kinds of bills and expectations to fulfil as the next person. I truly thought that this week would be a breeze - it really hasn't.

Day One - Monday.

First day of the £95 a week challenge, and I was buzzing to get started, sad I know, But I love proving a point. First port of call is my usual Costa coffee and pastry breakfast - granted, this  could be considered as a luxury, but with my eye bags?? it is seen as a necessity for me... and lots of. I made a point of bringing in my lunch today, no buying out for me it would seem, and who can go wrong with a cheese and salad sandwich!? Spending the entire day at work is a real decent money saver and therefore I didn't spend anything else throughout the whole day. After work, it was a gym visit where the only expenditure needed, was the gym car park - simples non? Here's the breakdown for today:

= £5.94
Remaining £89.06

Day Two:
Feeling good about today already, especially judging from yesterday's performance! Today was another long day at work, that once again started with Costa for brekkie (not sure I could break this habit!) I once again took my lunch with me, for no added cost, although it has to be said, I felt very anxious knowing I had to be strict with myself and not nip to the shops for any other nibbles - every penny helps an' all that. After work came the gym and car park costs, then afterwards came a sneaky meal out with drinks at my local Harvester. Not something I was planning to do, but I really wanted to see if I could test myself and my budget out - instead of just saying no to something I would normally go to. I enjoyed the meal out and it was good to be part of something social, however, I did pick my menu choices carefully and feel guilty after. Not a nice feeling.

+ Coffee £2.45
+ Car Park £1.80
= £27.05
Remaining £62.01

Day Three:
Well, today, I had to turn down 2 Blogger/press events. I didn't really have to, but I knew I should. It was going to cost me £26.00 in train fares alone, without food or anything that remotely looks like fun. So after feeling deciding glum, knowing I cant afford to go to London, I also had to think twice about getting my barnet chopped. It's currently been 3months since I had a trim, and well, lets face it, the 'mop' could use it. But once again, I knew I couldn't really afford the £30+ price bracket - another cancellation loomed. After the morning's coffee, I popped into town for a new party dress needed. I was (over) due a night out and promised myself a new (but cheap) party frock to dance the night away in. After a somewhat, shall we say depressing journey into town, I couldn't find anything I liked in my price range - which, errrr, wasn't big. I resorted to H&M and got myself a little ditty for £35. Fetching I'd say! Tonight I was asked out for a Noodle Bar, of which I felt I had to decline. What with only Sixty odd quid left, I felt I should make today as cheap as chips.

+ Coffee & Pastry £4.14
= £39.14
Remaining £22.87

Day Four:
Well, Day four already, and I only have twenty smackeroonies left.... This is hard. So much harder than I ever imagined it would be to be honest. Today is Thursday and I have my very important Team Bangs event to go to - not a huge expense, but it is travelling into London. Train fare was bought and a brilliant day was had by all, more will feature later, and I splurged a little on lunch. I knew I shouldnt have, but I was with my new team mates, so felt I had to and well I wanted to! This Thursday has pretty much cleaned me out. I have no money left over for the extra day AND going to see my parents in Devon as planned - lets face it, a full tank of petrol, is in excess of £50. I feel utterly low, and feel like I am constantly checking my purse and coins - everything I have is important.

= £26.50
Remaining -£3.63

Day Five:
Errr.... I have no money left. Not a penny. I literally cannot believe how quickly that money just disappears, I mean did I really just flounce it around??I'm puzzled by half of it, but also know now, that my quality of life, one that I'm familiar with, is not suited to just £95. I had plans to go to my parents for this weekend, in the West country. But on this money, there is no way I could have. I have, however, gone to see them as I do have money, but I just know, that there are many people out there who just don't and couldn't.

It makes me value pretty much everything I have in my life right now as I know that I am horribly spoilt. People on sickness pay are getting overlooked, no responsible adult can survive on such money - there is no way. Whether Unum are or are not the best way to go about protecting your income and possibly your future, I dont know, but it does beg the question as to how can these people survive and who is going to look after these people - Unum seem to be one company wiling to try.

I was asked to evaluate what I missed out on through lack of money - it was a lot. Not one thing in particular I might add, and no one thing more than the other. But what it has made me realise, is that my demands are so much more selfish than others - some people are pretty much just screaming out for a chance to survive the day/week on the little food they can pay for after other costs. It seems unfair of me to judge what I missed out on, just because my needs are selfish.

For those of you who are out there and struggling, please go seek help and check out Unum's website: www.unum.co.uk

Produced for Sarah Scribbles by Sarah to a brief agreed with Unum. Payment made by Unum restricted to ESA allowance only. All editorial overseen and controlled by Sarah Scribbles

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coach 1-2-1.... Every girls best friend

Confidence is a funny thing don't ya think? some of us have bucket loads, some put it right out there, some of us don't know what it means, sometimes it's good and other times, not so. I'm not really big on the whole confidence thing: When I was at Primary/Junior school I was the pushiest, arrogant, self-confidant little girl you could ever imagine. You know those girls that would boss all the boys around, read aloud, be Mary in the Christmas Play and would sing solo's in the choir? yes, that was me. However, when I went up to Secondary school I was faced with alot more girls, alot more boys and no friends - I was suddenly in an area very alien to me.
I done the usual to impress my fellow Year 7's: Be the joker by tripping over and generally being the class clown. Be the geek by studying way too hard. Be the popular girl by talking about the boys I fancied and how many past boyfriends I had. but none of this worked, I pretty much excluded myself from the outset and lost who I was... This pattern took me through the rest of school days. I was bullied pretty horrifically throughout: for the way I looked mainly and I then proceeded to copy one 'popular' girl in particular, and cut all my hair off short, so instead of being called a 'Monster' I was known as the 'Lesbian'...fun times! When I came to leaving school and joining that place we call 'the big bad world' I pretty much had zero belief in me - I was always going to be that geek at school. I'm 27 now, and after spending pretty much most of my adult years not really liking me, and wishing I could change everything about Sarah Williams,I have only just realised that perhaps, I'm not as 'monster'-ish as I used to be called, I'm just me - all the good, and all the bad!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working closely with a rather amazing person, someone who has pretty much changed me as a person in so many different ways. Mike at 121-Coaching has been, err, coaching me on how to build my confidence, I look at myself differently, change my low opinion of myself  and realise I'm pretty darn worth being on this planet. I am working, daily, on this and yes, it's never that easy (is it ever easy to blow your own trumpet?) 121-Coaching is currently on Twitter, which is definitely convenient for when I have one of 'those' moments!

121-Coaching do an amazing job, with not just boosting your overall confidence, but with turning your crappy job into a dream job (and yes, they do exist) job interviews and feeling just amazing about yourself. Yes, it may not be for everyone - for those who are blessed with feeling good, I salute you! But for those, who sometimes lack a little 'something, something' go follow Mike on twitter ( @121_Coaching) - I know you can get some mega discounts on support services, dates on some amazing social events and general feel-good loveliness! And go take a look at his website: http://www.mikesullivan.biz/

Now, I am off to go kick Today's ass, because I really am 'worth it' (shakes hair)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday's Must-Have

This little beauty gives off a real Vintage air, but believe it or not is from Topshop! and at the bargain price of £36 it's pretty much a Summer essential! I love it and its Barbie Pink hue. Go grab it here

Scribbles State Scrimps.....

I still remember those days when me and my brother were allowed to walk to the corner shop and spend our fifty pence pocket money on penny chews, only except in my days, some special, more gummy chews were not just one penny, oh no, we're talking, two pence at a time - this used to throw my sweetie listing right out. Being the age of 10, I had pretty much zero idea about budgeting or about how many sweets I could actually get for my fifty pence... relying on my brother was never normally advisable as more often than not, the little bugger would throw all sorts in my bag and make me look like a thieving lil' so and so when it was time to pay. This isn't some pansy, 'trip down memory lane' type post, nope, my life hasn't really changed all that much. Granted, I shop a little less for sweets, and have more than fifty pence to spend, but I have to be frank - since when did life get so flaming expensive.

Life was simple back then - I only had to worry where my next sugar fix was coming, not, however, wondering where my next full meal was gonna come, whether I had enough fuel to get me to places and whether I had enough to enjoy this thing that is called 'life'. Now before you all scream: 'get a job', I do. I have a brilliant job, one that I love, and one that does pay me ok. This cant be said for some of us though. Its not as easy for some - too many people are out of work for numerous reasons, but after finding myself on the receiving end of being signed off work for illness recently, there was a sudden realisation that, god forbid, this was permanent and if my company couldn't pay me sickness, what the hell would I do - this wasn't just penny sweets we were talking about either.

Most of us do believe that the State, the one that most of us hard workers pay into, would be supported, and dare I say it, looked after. But believe it or not, our state will only pay us six months after sick leave begins and not only that, they pay us literally only around £5,000 a year, get your calculators out, equates to only £95 a week. I am a 27year old Female, I don't live an exceptionally avant garde life, but even someone like me, and yes I do buy Value Baked Beans, would struggle on just £95 a week...




Unum, is our Great Lands number one leader of providing Income Protection - which is an additional insurance, that pays 80% of your salary if you become unable to work through sickness or injury. You may all laugh at me, and wonder why the hell I'm writing about this, but seriously, no-one thinks what if something does happen. We all have a duty of care, and have responsibilities to look after ourselves. Unum are doing all of this for you - raising awareness between me and you to just what can happen if you don't have that all important back-up plan.

I've been set a task. Not just any task ,one that I genuinely feel quite strongly about. I have been asked: Would I be able to maintain my quality of life on just £95? So, Ladies and Gentlemen, this self-proclaimed luxury chocolate eater, knitwear wearer and label junkie is going to scrimp and live the life on just £95 - not only will I be going through my day-to-day life but I want to see whether, I can manage to keep up with all the latest trends, activities on a limited budget. Truth be known, I'm pretty scared, but excited. It's about time, that someone puts it out there and shows off, the case for the amount of funds that a sick or injured person receives - Unum are doing that!

Stay tuned for my thoughts, my purchases and restrictions..... It's gonna be interesting...Could you survive??

Go check out Unum website for more details: www.unum.co.uk/askunum

Produced for Sarah Scribbles by Sarah to a brief agreed with Unum. Payment made by Unum restricted to ESA allowance only. All editorial overseen and controlled by Sarah Scribbles

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Money, Money, Money.....

Oh yes people, I'm a-coming-for you!!!!! As some of you may be aware myself and thirteen other amazing ladies are running , wait for it, a Half a Marathon at Run To The Beat on September 25th 2011! This is huge ladies and gentleman!

Team Bangs in pretty much a huge privilege to be a part of, and our leader, Miss Bangs herself, Muireann Carey-Campbell has put together a little feature all about why Team Bangs is so important - and this lady speaks sense.

Miss Bangs Herself!

We are here to inspire you all, yep, every single one of you ladies out there who may read any one our blogs, can put some trainers on and be kind to our bodies. We are not here to preach, tell you the magic cure to make you lose 2,3, or 4 stone, we are here to focus you, give you advice, give you inspiration and make every single one of you realise that you two can do what we are all doing and that is running, getting fit for the body and mind and doing something simply amazing for Charity. Get yourselves over to Bangs and a
Bun's post here to find out what our coach is doing for us.

So this is where I get my begging hat on (if there is such a thing) and ask you all to donate to our cause - we are raising money for the very worthwhile cause of Refuge. If some of you aren't familiar with the charity, Refuge is a national charity for women and children who experience domestic violence, providing emergency accommodation and emotional and practical support. Since opening the world's first women's safe house in London in 1971, Refuge has grown to become the UK's largest organisation of its kind, helping and supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence and acting as a national 'lifeline' for up to 80,000 victims of domestic abuse every year.You can read a little more about them here

This is a big big big deal to not only the 13 other ladies, but to myself too. Team Bangs and running this Half Marathon is pretty much the biggest thing Ive ever done and feel really proud to be a part of this.

My Team Bangs-mates!

Please give generously, literally anything you can. Even the slightest amount of money can make such a big difference to someones life and will also make all our hard training pay off. Please help us to help them:


And once you've donated, keep your eyes peeled to the blog for my continuing journey on this amazing challenge.

Is it really music to my ears??

So the trainers are on, I've squeezed my thighs, my boobs and my muffin top into my size too small gym gear and I'm pretty much good to go! It's been a real while since I got back on the gym-bunny course, y'see I was cycling a round 12 mile trip to work and home, but since I, or should I say, my chest became ill, I've been warned about the early morning cycles. Then came Team Bangs on The Run, and despite my gold medal in sofa sitting, I knew there had to be some training.

I went and signed back up to the gym and to tell you the truth I might as well hand them my bank card whilst I'm there, for the amount it costs (the reason for the nations obesity maybe??) but hey, I've done it! Now, I don't know about you, but I have a set routine when I go to gym: 1- I never look at anyone, I'm a head down kinda girl and pretty much only look up to stop myself falling over. 2- I have to start on the treadmill and start on level 5 uphill at the speed of 3.5, I then move to the Rowing machine for 10mins at level 10, followed by the stepper at lever 90 for 10mins only. 3- I have to listen to music, not just any music, I mean the insanely heavy beat-in a Ibiza trance club-kind. I also have to have it up loud. It is almost like I'm in my own world, I cant hear anyone or anything so obviously that means they cant hear me as I puff and grunt my way round the entire gym.

I've had the same pair of in-ear phones since, well, since time began. Y'know those crappy Ipod ones that you get with your pod? yeah, those. Not renowned for their spectacular bass or volume control, they are certainly not known for being any where near what you would call comfy. Half of the time, I'm sure I have funny shaped ears, not like Spock or anything, just small. Music is hugely important in my training, I find I perform ten times better than I would if I didn't listen to music - I'm focused, I have a better breathing pattern and I get to bounce (I mean this literally) along to all my favourite tunage! I was finding that my pathetic and very 'over-used' Ipod ear phones has pretty much 'had it' - awful raspy sounds, ill fitting in the lobes, and no matter how much you turn the volume up, there was just no way these babies were getting the party started! The lovelies over at Ministry of Sound came up with the answer to all my prayers, especially for my training in Team Bangs on The Run2 - an amazing new set of in-earphones to try!

These babies are pretty much all singing and all dancing ear phones. I have been vigorously trialling these for 2 weeks now, putting them through their paces over 12miles of running, 10 hours of listening time and some serious sweating. Not only are they suave and sophisticated looking, the rubber speaker protectors fit my little lobes perfectly and are oh so comfortable when I'm bounding around. The sound quality is pretty much perfect and completely rock the bass tones like you wouldn't believe. I'm pretty much on fire when I'm training now, I literally just immerse myself into the songs, the treadmill and manage to concentrate on just me. I honestly cannot believe the difference in how I feel about training at the gym, I want to go, I want to train, I want keep using my Ipod and listening to my music - I'm training harder and faster than I ever have done and am genuinely thrilled with these earphones!

These Ministry of Sound get a resounding pat on the back from me, and are pretty much not leaving my side, or my ears, for a very long time. Thank you Ministry of Sound!

My happy smiley gym face after trialling!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Congratulations Lily Allen.....

Yesterday that lovely Lily Allen got married - now I've never been a massive fan of hers: Her music is substandard, I don't always agree with her views, but the girl has balls and is not afraid to speak her mind - which in my book, is something very likable indeedy. Not to mention her ability to say it-as-it-is, Lily Allen is one of those women who, despite being in the harsh reality of the public eye, tries to live a very normal life - even when some of the bad things happen. We all know exactly what this poor girl has been through - relationship issues, her desperate want for a child and the following miscarriages - Allen has still managed to bring herself back every time. I admire this woman with my whole heart. So on her Wedding day, via Twitter, we got a first glimpse of 'the dress'. Society, and dare I say it, the Fashion world's obsession with celebrity weddings and the dresses, more importantly, are big business. So, imagine my surprise when the photos were released, and the dress-bashing commenced.

Comment upon comment were posted about the state of her and the dress. Granted, the dress wasn't the best option for her: the shape wasn't brilliant for her figure, but come on ladies (and I say ladies because, I didn't really hear it from any men) can we not let this girl just enjoy her big day and let her smile, just this once? It's a dress, but it was her dress,and her choice - can we not just lay off her this one time! She deserves to be happy after every single thing she's been through and you know what, all you dress-opinion-ista (that's a fashion-ista with an opinion) let it go, just this once... it's her wedding. Look how happy she is:

And if you're really not a fan of the dress, then at least feast your eyes on this -  Cleverly filmed by the rather lovely Tom and Steve, this time-lapse piece is of our very own Lily Allen being made out of Lily flowers by the Flower Council of Holland. Completed in nine hours and by six very talented, green fingered people, this Andy Warhol-esque design was done especially in celebration of the star's wedding! How gorgeous is this! It will be on display at a branch of McQueens, in Old Street, London, for a week

*Photos: courtesy of The Daily Mail*
*Video: courtesy of Tom and Steve

Thursday, 9 June 2011

What I Became.....

I love running. Sorry? Yes, you heard right - I love running. I do. Something that was pretty much the most scary forms of exercise to me, one so bad, that even the word: run, used to make my legs hurt. It's all changed thanks to Team Bangs.... those ladies are my inspiration! I have a long long journey ahead of me with these ladies, and its gonna be hard. I know there are so many women out there who are in the same place as me but don't have what I have in Team Bangs. So this little post is putting out there everything I was once to ashamed too say - I don't care if you all laugh, criticise me for this un-fashion related post. This is important to me and to any other woman out there who sympathises.

Now tissues at the ready...

My JoJo - this is because of you.

Some of you may know me well enough to know I've never been at one with my body - After countless problems with my weight when I was a teenager I pretty much never really 'grew up' to actually like what I saw. As most women and girls will know, the pressure to be 'one size fits all' is only made ten times worse by what we read and see in the papers, glossy magazines and on tv. Granted some women love everything about their bodies: their shape, their distinguishing features, and how they work. Me? not so, I used to hate everything about my body, I say hate because I did, not just for effect - I've always hated that shape of my body: my wide ribs, the extra pouch of flesh on my stomach, the little squidgy bits under my arms and the roundness to my thighs. When I was 19, I weighed in at over 11stone and for someone who is challenged in the height area, I was classed as 'overweight' and I was unhappy with it. I (unhealthily) managed to lose 3.5stone and weighed in at 8stone 1lb - I thought my problems were over, but they had only just begun.

What followed, was year after year of abuse I inflicted on my body, details that even you guys don't need to know. Until one day I realised I needed to change, my body wasn't strong anymore, it wasn't even useful - I had damaged it by being who I thought I wanted to be, and even being that wasn't possible. I wont drone on about what saved me, because I don't think it was one thing, when you see yourself losing who you are, I think that's the point you have to slap yourself awake.

It's now 2011, June (where has this year gone!) and I'm on Team Bangs! I have two races I am entered into and they are the Boutique Run 10K and The Run to The Beat Half Marathon in September with the Team Bangs girls - both are big deals for me as I am currently 1 stone 8 lbs from my ideal weight and have a fitness level that is so much lower than it ever used to be.

My very good friend and lady of inspiration Jo Gifford, posted a article on her blog which changed my way of thinking completely. This woman dared to bare and show her amazing body to the world. She inspires me daily to accept who I am and to love who I am, so readers, aren't we in for a treat.... here I am, all of me. This is my body and where I am starting. I am 27, I have no kids like Jo, but my mental state had an effect on my body, so this is what I am left with.

I don't claim to have the best body, and yes, I look way better with clothes on than without, but I do love it. I love my body for allowing me to still be here, on this planet, and allowing me to make a change to it and make up for the years of wrong-doing. Over the next couple of months, throughout my training I am going to join Jo and show what fitness and healthy diet can do for the body.

This is what Team Bangs means to me, and Jo Gifford, you will always be my inspiration and allowing me to better myself.

P.s I hope I haven't scared anyone or their eyes....

I am the one and a-lonley

Following my blog post yesterday Tuesday, it was only fair that I ate my words, literally. I went and booked to go to the cinema - oh yes, me of all people, to see X-Men. Slightly geeky I know, but I was curious to see it and thought it was the safest option: I wont laugh too loud, scare too easy or cry at the drop of a hat. In my efforts to push myself one step further I also decided, as the showing wasn't until gone 8pm, why not go for a meal before hand - clever right!? I'm not too sure what part of me decided that this was going to be a good idea, cos I think I felt the same sorta sickness feeling you would if you were about to jump out of a plane - but as this was an experiment to put myself 'out there' why not go the whole hog.

Off to the Noodle Bar I went, not quite the haute cuisine I know, but they have really tasty noodles for relatively adequate price and the layout of the tables are long and sit multiple people - I thought this might be a less 'look-at-me' option, something about sitting on my very own table, all alone, makes me want to be a little bit sick in my mouth. I arrived, feeling slightly nervy but with my new found mantra 'be strong' running through my head I was good to go. My first obstacle was being asked 'table for two' by the very dainty waitress, when really, I was kinda stood by myself, so unless 'katie', the imaginary friend I had back when I was 8, had come to dine out, then it was definitely only moi wanting to eat. Second obstacle was said dainty but rather annoyingly happy waitress, asking if I would like to sit in the crappy seats in front of the windows - y'know those bar-like seats. Now, not only can I not get the hell up on those babies, I'm pretty sure I don't want to be sat facing the world, eating all alone. nope. Once being seated on one the most empty tables, and tucked behind a pillar, I done it, I ordered my meal (Sweet+sour chicken with Ho Fun noodles) and glugged a glass of wine, dutch courage of course. Twitter became my date at one point, a perfect one at that and I enjoyed the meal. It was hard, and I felt a little awkward to be honest. However I'm pretty darn sure no-one could actually give a flying toss, however a 12 year old boy kept turning round making faces, but that's a daily occurrence - kids do not like me.

Noodle Love!

As for the cinema - well, dreamy! I loved every second of it! I ate way to much popcorn (salted all the way baby) and got myself one of those 'I could swim in it' size diet coke. No-one was sat next or even near me and you know what, not one person even glanced at me. All it was, was me.... watching a film. I no longer felt ashamed, scared or like Billy-no-mates - lets face it, it was pretty much like being at home, watching a film on a much bigger screen - nothing more, nothing less -obviously minus me wearing pj's (I'm saving that for the next cinema visit!) Before you all wonder, I done none of the embarrasing things I thought I would, which is some small miracle for me, and I felt quietly calm once I had got into the auditorium. The film was brill, the setting good and yes, I'm gonna be doing this all again very soon.

And I cant wait.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Going it alone?

Going out for a meal and paying the cinema a visit is pretty much my ideal.night. Simple but effective, and almost perfect for those somewhat boring weeknights. I'm no foodie or film buff for that matter, but I do love the whole feeling of going out enjoying eating (I loveeeee me food) and getting into the new, recently released blockbuster. Although sad times for me, I don't actually really get to do it all that often.

I'm that person you see in the office, who, on a quiet-ish afternoon, you see, manically texting away on their phone, because he/she has decided that tonight of all nights must be food/cinema time and is desperately trying to find someone who wants to join the gang.. Lo and behold, my fastest finger first action, often leaves me deflated with the numerous responses beeping back at me on my phone, explaining that they are too busy/got the kids/no money/cant be bothered/washing their hair (delete as applicable). Granted, I think I've used every one of those responses (minus the child one, rabbit maybe, but not child) at some point, but it still makes me let out a big ol'unhappy sigh. Until the question of going it alone came to me.

I'm pretty sure the teenager still inside me, freaks out at the mere thought of going out, in public, unaided - without someone (anyone) to keep me company, talk to me, make me look popular, to help me choose what to wear to impress and to stop me from doing anything remotely stupid, cos yes... I do (falling over your own feet anyone?!) Everytime I even contemplate doing something like, going to the cinema by myself, I feel like that, of course, upon entering the cinema alone, the entire auditorium will rise from their seats, throw popcorn at me, and all burst into song, singing "All By Myself" complete with harmonies. Truth is, does anyone actually even care? well, err, no. I cant even remember a time, when I have been sat in the cinema with a friend and bothered to even notice whether some individual is daring to face the lone-cinema wrath, cos y'know what, I don't actually think it's that bigger deal right!? Some people might think I'm sad and pathetic for not wanting to go alone, and some people might sympathise, but all I do know, is that I'm 27 and surely at some point in my life I'm gonna have to do something alone right!?

So I've vented and ranted,  but the real question is - will I do it? well, believe it or not, tonight I have actually booked to go to the cinema, alone. no-one else to sit with me, laugh at me sitting in the wrong seat, falling up the stairs, dropping me popcorn/drink/hotdog over myself, it's just me. I'm nervous but excited, but you know what, it's time this girl grows up. So cinema, tonight I am coming for you, I will embrace everything you throw at me, and learn to enjoy it alone...... helped along by the fact I get to eat all the goodies to myself - popcorn coma here I come.

Monday Must-have Purchase..... on a Tuesday...

Due to countless sodding, ruddy, Scribble technical failures, I'm having to post Monday's bits n pieces on Tuesday, which is a bit lame, and also confusing!?!

Here's Monday's Must-Have Purchase!

I'm a little bit obsessed with homewares at the moment, I'm part way through decorating a house, and am having major identity crisis in every room, mainly due to the fact I keep ruddy well changing my mind! It doesn't help when you spot lovelies like these! I may just have to redecorate...

These natural linen placemat's are single layered hand screen printed in a really pretty oldy-worldy postcard print and priced at £9.95 each or you can buy  a set of 4 for £40. Lucie Pritchard does some gorgeous original screen print items to not only match these, but many other kitsch items that will just make you life a little bit better, yes I am fully aware of how dramatic that sounds, but I'd like to think it's true.

You can log on to Lucie Pritchard's own website and spend numerous hours like me dribbling and visualising just how beautiful your house will look filled with her wares. You can also purchase on NotOnTheHighStreet.com

I love.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Specs-appeal - The Summer 2011 style

I'm classic when it comes to sunnies - imagine the big, dark lenses kind - y'know the ones that literally shield a multitude of sins..... yeah those. Well it would seem this Summer 2011, the simple Sunglasses accessory is taking on a new turn - the Talking Point turn.

This Summer sunglasses are going a little crazy, a little bright and very cat-like. With a distinct Mad Men-esque feel, there is a real high-tipped 50's look going on with the smooth cat-eye shapes, and if this wasn't enough, lets flip the record over and you have some really err, different kinds otherwise known as the John Lennon style of round lens sunglasses. I'm never one to turn down a new style, but a part of me does wonder if anyone over the age of 25 can actually get away with wearing them? and when would you wear such things?

The Cat-Eye

1- Persol £190, 2- Christian Dior £200, 3- ASOS £12, 4- Polaroid £85, 5- Alexander Wang £215, 6- Victoria Beckham £295, 7- Linda Farrow Luxe £400, 8- Alexander Wang £190

Can your face suit the Cat-Eye?
I was oh so intrigued by this style, I was under the impression that it would look delish on every model and not so lovely on moi. The Cat-Eye shape takes on one of the most sought after eye shapes - that smooth, almond wide eyed look, and despite being a traditional shape that was heavily used in the 50s and 60s and being more suited to the lean, long oval face, the new modern takes on the cat-eye are more versatile: you have the more, very arched, 50’s swoop which is for the more adventurous sort - try teaming the swoop with bright coloured and or printed versions. Then there is the softer variation with a wider and gentler scoop, which is a little more gentle on us mere mortals, by wearing them in classic colors such as vintage black and brown. It has to be said, on trying this style personally, I do think this is more gentle and wearable and actually makes a girl feel tres feminine, not at all weird like I first thought.

What do you wear with them?
The best thing about this style of glasses is the two completely different ends of the spectrum you can go for- you can team them with either formal, more classic cuts and colours, even vintage wear, or go all out kinds of crazy and team with piles of blings, printed jumpsuits, clashing colours and a attitude to kick ass. My choice: I'm not so sure I can manage the bright zingy ones... I'll stick to muted colours and a more gentle, classic swoop.

The Round Sunglasses

1- Topshop £22, 2- Paul Smith £210, 3- Linda Farrow Luxe £265, 4- Topshop £18

Can your face suit the Round?
It has to be said, everytime I see this shape, I either want to be a little sick or just loudly snigger! The first time my attention was bought to the 'John Lennon' style glasses was from, none other, Lady Gaga. The round lens is framed in a almost cheaply thick plastic material but can also be rimless. Let's face it, I don't suppose these are the most versatile suiting shaped sun glasses, and to be frank, they suit square shaped faces the best. The round shapes help to soften the sometimes sharp angular lines around the jawline and chin. Those Oval shaped faces, y'know the ones we love to hate, can pretty much carry off any shape of sun glasses, however take care to use round lenses in frames which are slightly wider. Round shaped faces should avoid round lens as the face will end up looking more round, and this really isn't what any female wants right!?

What do you wear with them?
Despite not being my err, favourite choice of spec, I do think that if you have the balls and the face, to wear these lovelies, make sure you go all out with retro bold prints, bright colors and silhouettes. Whatever you wear, make sure it is big. For a more toned down version, match the color of your outfit with the color of the frame of the sun glasses. The frame could be solid, printed or with embellishments - it just depends on how Lady Gaga you want to be.

For sure, wild and wacky sunnies are in this year, but for me? I cant say the round shapes are the most forgiving, but for the younger girlies among us, yes, 25 and below, go for it! I will be sticking with the cat-eye this time, but I don't think I'll be getting rid of my saucepan lid styles anytime soon! Sorry!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Is the beauty passion passed over?

In my attempt to catch up on the many left unread magazines piled high in my study, I came across April's edition of Easy Living magazine. One of my staple favourites, I love the In Depth articles that are usually well written and well educated. One particular article however caught me eye - titled: The Quest for Beauty.

An article written about how our (womens) desire to be beautiful, or at least improve upon what we've been given by genes and nature, is as old as time itself and is taught by the older generation. Which, I guess in some ways is true. We all know that for years upon years, even dating back to medieval times, women have trialled lotions and potions in order to stay young, hold back the wrinkles, or perfect one particular feature. However, Linda Grant, mentioned that most women's urge to perfect what they have, has stemmed from what they experienced when they were a child from their own mother, or respected elder. Writing about her continuous trials through the ages in how to perfect and refine her looks was, in her words, instigated by her mother (and fathers) love for doing exactly that. When watching her mum, every night, apply layers upon layers of anti wrinkle cream, to her father hand making various potions to sell to us mere mortals and turn them into something spectacular. But, what got me thinking, was how can something so innocent as watching your mum apply a facial cream/foundation/mascara lead to you, the individual, wanting to look like something or someone else by taking over the same habits?

I always snigger ever so slightly when I read about models, celebrities or any media person when they say their mum is their style icon - it's very sweet, cute and lovely, and I'm pretty sure everyone's mum is stylish but in her own way. I adore my mum, because she's my mum: She bought me into this world and cared for me, but I have to be honest. my mum isn't one of these mum's that I used to watch apply makeup and want to be just like and get the lippie out right there and then. My mum never applied any makeup, nothing. She used to occasionally apply a moisturising cream if her skin was dry, but nothing else - no lipstick, no eyeliner, no mascara and no nail varnish. As I grew up, this course continued, the only cream Id see my mother use was Suncream - nothing else. I went through my entire childhood not worrying about makeup, or even what I looked like. I got to Secondary school and continued my ignorance is bliss syndrome until I started going to town with friends and watching each and every one of them ransack the Tester's in the 17 makeup aisle. I'd hear them asking if I had seen the latest pop star on tv, or models and how they looked - It was something completely alien to me, and to be honest, it still is.
Everywhere around you, women are faced with the perception of what is beautiful - what our faces should look like and why at the older age you get,  you should be doing everything possible to stop age catching up. That's the media, not our mums and not our friends.
However at 27 years of age, I know a little bit of mascara can make my eyes appear more open, and a quick flush of blusher can sometimes make you appear more healthy, but overall, I know no makeup is gonna change my face and what I was born with..... I don't think it was a Linda Grants mum either, who made her start going through the rigmarole of the searh for 'perfect beauty'  but it was that of media. Why cant we all just have a quest for being 'us' - surely that's more achievable?

When creativity strikes..........

I'm not scientist, Doctor or brain surgeon, but every so often I'm lucky enough to have ideas. These aren't the ideas that are gonna change the world, or save lives, but in Sarah world, they are pretty darn important.

For the last couple of months, I haven't really enjoyed this little blog. I know it's not hugely popular but I do hugely value the followers that I have, and this is the reason why I feel I've kinda let everyone down. My posts have been boring, sporadic and of no real worth. As much as I've tried, I think I haven't really done a very good job at being a blog hostess with the mostess. This is where my Big Idea came from.

The blog is changing - not huge amounts, but enough to make it different from it's current state.
First thing to change is me! oh yes, I am going to feature a little more of me in all my posts, that's not to say I'm gonna be bending your ear about how frigging amaze I am, oh no, I found I was writing solely about what press release had been sent to me lately, or what I thought everyone wanted to read. Instead, everything from now on will be more opinionated - more about me, my likes and my brutal honesty - sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good. I just don't want to write about the latest 'thing', press day etc or what everyone thinks I should be writing - sorry, but I need more substance.
Another thing to grow up is the blogs genre - subjects before were all about the fashion, nothing else - whether it be high end or high street, there was such a huge focus on the fashion side, which as much as I love it, this it isn't all what I'm about (despite what my bank will tell you!) So moving forward I'm going to class the blog more as a lifestyle - my lifestyle. Simple right!??
The layout is going to be more simple, less advertising, gimmicks and more content. I want my writing to pretty much do the talking. The design will come in time, so bear with me, but I'd like to think that people will stop and read my blog, not just glance at it.

Well, there you have it, times are a changing in Scribbles camp, but for the better. It's time this blog grew up and got some balls!

Loves to everyone who reads already, hope you all stay and like the new changes. And for any newbies - welcome!

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