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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nailing it.......... Brights

Have you ever been so hungry you could pretty much eat your own hand!?!? well, I feel this daily, I love my food me. But this weekend, I had the urge to eat not only my hand but my foot - thanks to BarryM nail varnish!

Check out these colours - how god damn cute are they! Shame about my strange looking foot and hand (yes, I was in a pretty weird position when taking this!) As soon as I saw both of these colours I knew I had to have them! It was pretty much love at first sight and if anything was going to make tired tootsies look halfway decent, it was going to be this pairing.

Combined together, these colours are literally good enough to eat! And at only £2.99 a go, this is sure fire way to get in on the 'Brights' trend! Get your mitts (and feet) on these at your nearest BarryM stockists! On the hands:Flamingo Pink and Toes: Blueberry Ice Cream.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

May Jewellery Star: The Regal Choice

Can you believe it's May already!?! oh yes, another month has disappeared before our very eyes and there's another star that us jewellery wearers should be rocking - getting all Regal with Regal Rose.

A jewellery brand that happens to be all about the London is a rare find. There is no point in trying to tie Regal Rose down - neither are they girly or tough, pretty or statement - they are pretty much everything rolled into one - which is why they are perfect for London. Each and every collection is effortless - working seamlessly between the sporadic styles and themes. The contrast between hippy-chic florals and the edgy harsh metals make for something new and something for everyone.

I pretty much love everything about Regal Rose and have found myself styling outfits over their jewellery style choices - From the hippiness or the big style bling, I pretty much want to covet every single Regal Rose girl, no matter what they might be. We can all take a piece of jewellery from your standard High street shop, but there is always something very 'samey' about them, I certainly wouldn't style an outfit around it, but with Regal Rose.. it's different.

Here are my fave looks for this Summer:

 From L-R:
Armlet £20, Ear cuff £15, Boho Bracelett £9, Coin Purse Necklace £14, Peace Symbol Studs £13, Feather Earrings £8, Flower Headband £12, Super Long feather Earrings £9, Feather Shoulders £18, Peace Necklace £8, Large Key Ring £12

From L-R:
Jewelled Ring £15, Combined Ring+Bracelet £13, Cross double ring £9, Cross Necklace £17, Stacked Ring £9, Snake Ear cuff £15, Knuckle ring £11, Metal cuff £20, Raven Necklace £11, 3 Stud ring £9

From L-R:
Armoured ring £17, Sunglasses Ring £12, Coin Necklace £13, Camera Necklace £8, Cameo Ring £8, Envelope Necklace £11, Orb Necklace £9, Large Locket £9, Camera Ring £6

I think you can see why Regal Rose is my May Jewellery Star - so much choice and so eclectic. Get yourself to their website now 

Until next time....

I like to move it, move it......

Well, technically as I write this, I'm sat in my PJ's (they are very stylish PJ's I must admit) wrapped in a fleece blanket, slippers on and reruns of SATC playing in the background. So maybe I'm not 'moving it' at the present moment, but when a certain email flew into my inbox after being in hospital, telling me I had somehow won my place in, wait for it, Team Bangs on The Run 2, I pretty much nearly fell off my (sick) bed.

For those of you who don't know what Team Bangs on the Run is, well, firstly, Jesus Christ - where have you been, but secondly, Team Bangs is run by the pretty formidable Muireann Campbell of 'Bangs and a Bun' fame (and famous she is!!) where last year Bangs and a group of amazing ladies, ran the Paris Half Marathon! How amazing is that!?! So, for part two, Bangs has put together a team to run the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in London on September 25th.

For me, to be part of Team Bangs on the Run 2 was a huge thing. After suffering for most of my life with body and eating issues, I have finally got to the stage in my life where I know what damage I have done, and also know how far my body has come since then, how much stronger I am physically. Granted, I don't have the best body shape, I have things I'd love to change, but for once I want to use the body I have, for something good - and Team Bangs is pretty much my answer by being all about empowering oneself.

The queen bee, Bangs herself, is a force to be reckoned with. With an attitude that is powerful enough, to run a whole town and with an amazing kick-ass attitude that actually makes women feel they can do anything. I feel thoroughly proud that I'm being given the opportunity to run with the bunch of awe-inspiring ladies below:

Top row, L-R

Jayne – @beachbumbeauty
Sam – @sammi_x
Cass – @cassdenton
Amy – @thentherewere
Candice – @iCandieCupcakes

Middle row – L-R
Tahirah – @Tahirah
Muireann (Bangs) - @bangsandabun
Michelle – @_missallen
Jo – @jojogifford
Bottom row, L-R

Sam – @samcentric
Me! – @sarahs_scribbles
Kelly – @kelanjo19
Lauren – @mizzbusby
Elle – @RunLikeElle

So there ya have it! How gorgeous are we all!?!? yep... stunning! So get your fingers ready to donate all your hard earned cash to the very worthy cause of Refuge, of which we are all running for, and start spreading the word about Team Bangs on The Run2. We also would rather love a rather large support team cheering us. whooping us on! Who's in!?!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Go down to 18andEast... and just keep going....

That feeling when you go for a walk around an area that your just not familiar with, and you really wanna ask someone for directions, but you're too scared? Well look no further than 18 and East - nope, it's not a real place to go, although lets face it, if it was, you'd sure as hell want to go there!

18 and East's clothing is special: familiar, easy going - the kinda place that holds style, that makes you feel at ease - it is simply an extension of who you are, its the type of brand to find inspiration from practically everywhere. There is no-one particular type of look here: just the fact that everything is edgy and it doesn't conform to a particular ruling.

Ive been quietly following 18 and East, and they have blossomed truly - with huge amounts of stock, literally bursting at the seams and constantly growing, whether it be working with shape changes, playing with texture or creating a vintage range that is truly remarkable, I like 18 and East for them. Nothing more and Nothing less. Here's my top picks:

Fringed Maxi dress £30, Fringed Body Con dress £30

Side pocket dress £35, One tie dress £35, Ruched Bolero £32

Cross-over maxi £40, Etched ruffle dress £38, Strap back dress £30, Chiffon blouse £28

Picture print £28, Chiffon photo £28, Long line £30

There are plenty more loveliness online - my special face is the jumpsuits ;) keep tabs on their website here

Until next time...

Monday Must-Have.... Although I'm a day late...

I just cant get my timing right can I?!?! So today, Tuesday, will be my Monday Must-Have post, let's face it, you can kinda have a 'must-have' purchase any time of the week, it's really just cos Monday is a gloom-some day and well, the word sounds good with Must-Have. Anyway, here goes.

I'm pretty sure that when I was younger and I used to play 'house', this was how I imagined my kitchen to look - this gorgeous genuine 1950's retro kitchen cabinet is pretty much everything I want and need. With two glazed cupboards, with original air vent and shelf, another accompanying cupboard is a spice jar spinner and below is a large felt cutlery drawer with the original cloth in it albeit very shabby, but original and one other useful drawer. Below that is the main larder cupboard with two drawers and original air vent. Alongside is a superb, original, flour hopper, with unique flour sifter fitted at the end and a small metal egg holder attached to the back of the door.

Below these is the white enamel shelf used for placing trays and cooking ingredients. Below are a set of drawers two deeper ones, and two smaller ones which are metal lined.
Finally, there are two big cupboards which are metal lined, presumably to keep dairy products cool and one wooden cupboard with shelf.
This is pretty much picture perfect... love! Priced at only £725 it's def one for keeps.

Go check out all the other gorgeous wares of Ruby & Betty's Attic here


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lipstick on your collar.... me?

Those old Hollywood bombshells? The way they're hair cascades down in curls, the elegant form fitting dresses and the red lips. There is something oh so special about a woman wearing the hottest red lipstick, It literally is hot. It makes men go positively weak at the knees and women green with envy. I have to be honest I love seeing those women - they look so polished, so well turned out - its an overall air of elegance. Ive been on the search for a while, to see if me, of all people, can 'do' red lipstick - its not easy: some just aren't the right tone for my skin, some simply don't last and some are too drying. It's a mind field this lippie malarkey.

Through the joys that is Twitter, I came across the lovely Rockalily. Thought up by ReeRee, she has managed to come up with a whole makeup brand that is made up of femininity and fun. What she has created is a range that can be worn every single day for any particular occasion - day or night.

In the words of ReeRee herself:  "I wanted Rockalily Ladies to be able to quickly choose which shade would be right, and be confident that they wouldn't be disappointed when they got them home. I settled on three red shades and one pink, creating a capsule range of perfect shades for anyone brave enough to apply!" And boy she has managed to do just that - even for someone like me.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, was purchase my shade, trial it, and post it here. I want to show anyone that is a bit lip shy, that even us mere mortals can carry it off. I had the difficult choice from this selection

I decided to go all out and trial the Rockette Red. It's described as 'creamy, luxurious matte lipstick, Its the classic bright red and is perfect for paler skins' - TICK,' It is a blue based lipstick so is good for making your teeth look whiter' -DOUBLE TICK. So this seemed like the perfect choice for me.

On first application, it was smooth, very cream-like. Went on perfectly, with no horrid mis-match places.I really only needed the one coat, and granted, it did take a few attempts to apply it properly (I am  red lippie novice) but I was so happy with the result. It seemed to positively lift my skin tone and brighten my face, but mostly, I instantly felt glam and *stop press* felt pretty for once. I cant believe I'd wasted so much time, all I had needed was Rocckalily!
Here how it turned out:

Yes, I know it's a stupid pose, I will get better I promise, BUT I loved everything about this lippie! An absolute bargain at only £14 I cannot wait to get the Pompadour Pink next!!! I really feel like a mil Go check out lion dollars wearing this, and it just goes to show how much we should all be supporting these up and coming brands! go check out ReeRee and her site now!

Until next  time...

High Street hit list: The Result

Dahlia fashion is a nice little independent brand who remind me of those whimsical days spent in the sun, with friends and laughing - perfection guaranteed. I have bought 5 dresses from Dahlia and I love them all so very much - they are known for being my go-to items! This High Street hit list chose this stunning tiered crochet dress.
Priced at £55 I will be honest and say it isn't the cheapest brand around, although you do get really good quality workmanship here and the pieces always have an air of 'one-offs' about them. Simple and elegant, this has a  playful exterior but is balanced out with the subtle colouring, details around the collar and simple tiered skirt. So, what did you all think?

Like: 100%
Loathe: 0%

An overall winner it would seem and once again, it does prove sometimes simplicity can win against the more fussy! Dahlia, you can do no wrong.!

G check out Dahlia's website here and thank you for all voting!

Worn and Torn..............

In my life there is a gap, a rather large spac, for some statement pieces of jewellery - we're not talking the over sized cocktail ring, or chunky necklace. I want something that is a bit of everything - intricate but heavy, statement but delicate - how much of a juxtaposition am I!?!?! I have posted about Nyla Boutique before - no surprise that their site is pretty much in my top ten of most clicked on sites - I just love their diversity and being a typical girl I practically change my 'wants' on an hourly basis. Nyla pretty much manages to service these needs, so when the above gaping hole was getting bigger, I turned the Nyla on to see just what they had on offer: LUV AJ

Nope I'm not talking about that member of the Backstreet Boys (I'm old, but not quite there yet) I'm talking about the new LA based accessory line that have joined forces with Nyla. The combinations within Luv AJ's range are complex - they are pretty much everything you could want rolled into a statement piece of jewellery not everyone would initially think of  wearing - perfect for me. She combines the type of edginess that is almost worn and broken but with a hint of femininity that is bought out by the use of antique rose gold.
My instant two favourites had to be the Criss-cross body chain. I have pretty much lusted after one of these for time, this one just exudes style! and the chain bib necklace - which is just so wearable and diverse! Luv AJ has that perfect mix of contemporary edge with vintage appeal bringing a fresh breeze in jewellery. I simply adore it!

Aren't they just simply stunning - Watch out high street, serious competition here!

Check out Nyla Boutique site here

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Wish-List Outfit - Doing your bit for Charity...

Another Wednesday Thursday Friday Wish-List outfit - with all the Blogger issues going on I'm running a little behind on practically everything! That's me blaming Blogger for my procrastination issues! So, here it is, another wish-list outfit. This weeks takes on a charity-esque theme by giving you an outfit that will  pretty much work for every occasion, and still make you feel like you're doing something good in the world. Main focus of this is the Simeon Farrar For Japan tee - Simple, line drawing of the ever so familiar face of Kate Moss as a mouse - clever! Teaming with some kick-ass leather trousers (No eating cake before these girls) and rocking some seriously crazy wedges by Raphael Young which deservedly need to be stared at. Now if only I could come up with £2525 I too, could look like this:

Kate Mouse Tee £50 - Simeon Farrar For Japan - 50% of the proceeds go to the Japan Earthquake fund
Leather Skinny trousers £690 - Mason by Michelle Mason
Habaki Resin and Suede Wedges £530 - Raphael Young
Kristen Multi-strap shoulder bag £695 Alexander Wang
Resin Sunglasses £345 Linda Farrow Luxe
Charm Bracelett £215 Vanessa Arizage

*All images courtesy of Net-a-Porter*

Monday, 9 May 2011

What makes my weekend: Saturday 7th May

Haven't done one for a while, my weekdn Saturday 7th May...

Yes...... my little haven of happiness: Zoe and Bake-a-Boo

My first visit to Banners in Crouch End. Not been? You need to..... WOW

Errr.... Plenty of cocktails... mines a Margarita ;)

Followed by plenty of this.... Think I found my vocation in life...

Sunday Recovery? oh go on then.....

What made your weekend?

June Covers - Ones to love

Here's my picks of this months (June) magazine covers:

Harpers Bazaar - Eva Green.
Oh Eva, Eva, Eva! How smoking hot do you look. This woman has eyes that practically melt their way through your skull, into your brain - there is nothing I do not love about this lady. Choosing to showcase the entire face and very little of the outfit is a rarity - mostly the outfit will do the talking. Her icy blue eyes are shrouded in heavy liner, with some summery coral red lipstick to tie it all in. I just love the simplicity of this cover, but yet truly find it eye-catching. This is one lady who should be used more.

UK Vogue - Alexa Chung
Now, don't get me wrong, Alexa Chung is pretty much at the fore-front of everything Fashion, but do I find her personable? no. Do I find her iconic? no. Do I find myself being entranced to buy this purely for her on the cover? no. For me, it's mediocre - she looks pretty, and its a welcome change to see the portrait focus of her, instead of just looking at her choice of clothes (which is pretty much all that she is seen in) What really annoys me, is the stupid coloured background. This is like the ruddy awful Cheryl Cole cover Vogue did - in a sickly sweet candy colour.... I just don't get it, or its relevance. Normally Vogue can do no wrong

Red magazine - Kate Hudson
This cover sums up what I'd like to think Kate is really like: Fun, Playful, friendly and warm. Granted, I don't really know the woman, but you cant tell me you don't agree - look at her smile for Christs sake! I'm pretty much assuming this was taken not that long ago and yes, she really does have that pregnancy 'glow' but the shot gives you the reader, everything you want, or should I say, everything that we would most like to achieve: her hair, her makeup, her outfit choice, blimey, even her happiness! Great cover Red.

InStyle - Thandie Newton
There isn't really much Thandie can get wrong in the style stakes and with this suitably, bang on trend cover she doesn't fail one bit. Wearing this seasons hot colours and in the now iconic Prada stripes, she is pretty much hitting ever major trend just in one cover. The simplicity and stark contrasting white background leaves Thandie in good stead with her vibrant dress making the cover pop. Brilliant choice keeping her make up to a minimum - nothing more is needed except for the slight smudge of a bright lip and slight smile.

Elle UK - Cameron Diaz
My dream best friend, Cameron well and truly becomes a classic cover star here. Normally the joker, the hard worker, the one who doesn't take herself too seriously, she manages to exude attention on the Elle cover. As well as appealing to the female side by making practically every one of us want to be her best friend, she also manages to show off that truly amazing body of hers without coming across as full of herself. Styling choice is kept simple and classic - the way Cameron's look works best.

Glamour UK - Nicole Scherzinger
I pretty much love this lady - she is so beautifully stunning facially and her body is to die for. Although, it has to be said, this cover does not show her off at all. Wearing a dress that is simply all consuming: I literally cant stop staring at the ruffles not the actual star in them. Nicole looks pretty but not gorgeous, she looks youthful but verging on child-like - everything is a little too cutsey for me. The look needed some serious leather or studding to keep me interested.

That's my little round up of June's cover stars - whats your favourites?

Monday Must-Have Purchase....

Here is one way to get me to do the washing up that's for sure! and if not, it can just look pretty in my kitchen! Priced at £27.00 this bunny dish rack will pretty much brighten your day just by looking at it! Available at Culture Label and sold through the Domestic Sluttery shop - oh yes, those girls have a shop! So, err if anyone fancies treating me, you know where I am!

How much of a fan are you?

Shoes glorious shoes, Heel high, small or kitten..... Tuneful right!? What girl does not love shoes right - not just strictly heels but every kinda shoe. Personal faves for me are the higher the better, and don't my feet know it!? What with us mad English now enjoying some serious peeks of the better weather, it is time to get serious about our footwear choices. Winter is pretty much easy peasy when it comes to choosing one's footwear: Normally, it has to be waterproof, warm, comfy and sometimes even snow proof - this is hardly a recipe for some sexy looking shoes. Summer is when the feet come out to play, although pretty much every woman hates their own feet, it's the time that the toes get an airing, nails get painted and the shoe becomes one of the most looked at pieces on your outfit.

It would seem Debenhams know alot about this and have launched a really rather fabulous competition over on their blog. They have taken it upon themselves to search high and low for the UK's biggest Faith shoe fan of them all. Now, they're not just doing this to find out who is a crazy shoe lady, cos I'm pretty sure the title would be mine, oh no, there are some excellent prizes for the winner:
  • You will become the official shoe blogger for Debenhams
  • A Faith shoe design will be named after you!
  • You’ll be invited to spend a day with the brilliant Faith buyers and get the inside scoop on how they create their amazing shoes
  • And, you’ll get the chance to preview Faith’s new collections before anybody else, and get your orders in first
For more information on how to enter, get yourself over to Debenhams , but before that, here come's the really good stuff! To celebrate this superb competition, I have a chance for two lucky blog readers to win a pair of Faith shoes! Oh yes, read it and weep girlies, the opportunity to get your hands on either of these lovelies:
Shoe 1 - Leopard Print Platform

Shoe 1: Natural 'Daryl' Wedges

Here's how you enter:
  • You must be a follower of the blog
  • Comment on this post clearly stating which shoe you would like and tell me what kind of outfit would you team it up with. Please can you ensure you also put your Twitter name on the post too, if not on twitter please leave your email.
  • Tweet this post
Simple right! Closing date is the16th May - so go go go!!!

Until next time...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wearing my heart on my sleeve.... finger....Same thing

This week has been pretty stressful - you know what it's like: trying to get back into the swing of things after the last two Bank Holiday's, the madness that was the Royal Wedding, the endless partying, drinking during the day (and into the night) the lack of routine and pretty much everything in between. At the start of this week, I was pretty much dreading it, but a little box popped through the post that made me smile.

As a long standing fan of Laura Gravestock jewellery, I have written a few bits on her: her innovative designs, the intricate workings. Laura pretty much covets 'my kinda' accessory. As much as I like that statement piece, I'm an understated kinda girl - and Laura personifies this down to a tee. In this box was a ring... not the ring you're all thinking (I'm not that 'type' of ring girl!) an intricate heart was staring back at me..... a perfectly formed, cute and dainty heart. This perfectly formed item made me smile, it made the gloom of the impending week go away and made my real heart swell - don't you just love things like that?!

I love Laura Gravestock for letting me wear my heart on my sleeve, or finger if you like, but her designs are truly special and I genuinely think this girl will go far... I'm going to wear my heart loud and proud, why don't you do the same?

Plus go have a look at Laura's website

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday Wish - List Outfit: Laid back brights....

Today's Wednesday Wish-List outfit is all about the laid back look, working all that there is to love about brights. Taking a simple Missoni shift dress, known for the fun colour palette and joining forces with equally vibrant accessories this outfit is pretty much what I would wear out either out shopping for the day, a lazy picnic in the park or a quick sight-seeing tour on holiday.

Shift dress £930 Missoni
Coral Necklace £305 Marni
Skull Sandals £360 Alexander McQueen
Black Floppy Hat £95 Melissa Odabash
Vibrant Yellow Scarf £185 Crumpet
Coral Shoulder Bag £350 Marc Jacobs
Green Nail Varnish £10.50 OPI "Don't Mess with the Opi"
Coral Lipstick £4.20 Models Own Coral Pink

What Katy did....

If there was a God in this world, I would look like this...... Unfortunate, I do not. But let's all appreciate the absolute beauty of Katy Perry. Someone that is so comfortable in her own skin, confidant, seductive, not afraid to just be who she is.. The new cover of Vanity Fair personifies Katy perfectly: seductive, classy, fun and a little bit cheeky. The styling is perfect for her - with her rouge coloured lips juxtaposing with her Jet black hair that plays with her porcelain skin. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


If this isn't an excuse, I'm not sure what is..... now GO!

Here's something to snoop at...

Looking for something to feast your eye's on this Monday impersonator Tuesday? Well, this lunchtime have a good look at the new issue of Cellardoor Magazine. 

If you haven't tuned in before, Cellardoor brings an eclectic mix of fashion, art, music and culture in a really beautiful and visually delectable way. If you want something a bit different to the usual magazine choices, then this is the choice for you - the imagery is stunning, features are informative but spoken on a real level that is not only engaging but humorous. 

The new issue has a spring airy theme including a feature on stylish royals, the new spring/summer trends, giving you the low down on what's hot for the stereo, some beautiful editorials AND they even take a peek inside some of their readers homes. All this alongside contributions from writers and photographers across the globe, and cute illustrations to show off their love for all the beautiful things. This will soon become your must-read online magazine!


Another good look for Kate - Thanks to Dior Addict

Once again, Kate Moss is literally in the forefront of the Fashion world lately, and is practically being seen on every cover ( Vogue Paris and Brazil) and so many ad campaigns it's actually hard to keep up. It seems that our Kate is back in Vogue literally, and our love for her hasn't faltered. My scepticism remains, and as undoubtedly iconic as she is, I'm still hit and miss with Miss Moss. However, the new Dior Addict Lipstick campaign has me well and truly transfixed - it is nice to see Kate in something more playful, looking genuinely beautiful and youthful and for once, giving off just the right image for the product itself, instead of making the entire campaign all about her, which does happen alot of the time. The setting of the snaps and the photography by David Sims creates something altogether beautiful.

Nice one Kate!

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