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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Suno: Where Exoticisim, NY Cool and Ethical clothes meet as one....

Some of you may or may not have heard of Suno. Born from Max Osterweis trips to Kenya - this brand is pretty much a mixture of every spectrum that circulates the fashion world: Not only are the clothes super luxe and wouldn't look out of place on Rodeo Drive and draped over ever A List celeb, they are right at the forefront in the design and print stakes: with the wide spectrum of colours used to help bring out the Kenyan authenticity, the printing techniques verge on mathematical and problem solving but are just clever tribal designs. Some might say its all thrown together in some mish mash, but I like the fluidity - how none of it 'should' work, but it does: beautifully.










Howtruly breathtaking are these pieces! Short of making you want to travel to Kenya to walk around in the dusty surrounding, Suno transports you into a world of its own.

You can buy Suno at Matches but please do go over to Suno's website and take in, in all it's glory, about it's ethics and the wonders that go into making a Suno piece.

High Street Hit List.... The Result

Bit slow on the uptake here, but here's the results from the latest High Street Hit List poll. The dress in questions was a crazy, eccentric looking Mango shift dress. What drew me to this little lovely, was pretty much because of the bright colour blocking scheme and the geometric linage - it was eye-catching and pretty much ideal for that in between Summer weather - flats for day use and some serious heels for the evenings.
So, did you guys like it?

Like: 71%
Loathe: 28%

Oh yes - a summer success there! Get yourself over to Mango and grab a Summer Staple!

Until next time... 

And the winner is..............................

A brief little announcement for you all...............the winner off the Matalan £50 gift voucher is:

Please email me your postal address and I'll send it off pronto!

More competitions to come people, so keep your eyes peeled!

There's only one way to find out....... FIGHTTTTTTTTTT

Nope, I'm not talking about Harry Hill as being our next style icon, that would be just silly right!?! but nope, something weird happened to me the other day, this is not unusual in my world I have to admit, but I was asked by the lovely peeps at Matalan to be part of a new segment on their blog called Style Project. Putting it simply: The Matalan Style Project is a monthly style challenge which gives four UK fashion bloggers each month the chance to style themselves head to toe in Matalan. Kicking things off, this month the challenge of styling an outfit is in the much loved floral trend.

So off I went on my travels and this is what I put together:

Cringe right!?!?

Anywho... here's what I wore:

Floral Playsuit: £14.00
Buckle Wedges £18.00
Knee High Socks £2.50
Straw Bag £8.00
Flower Corsage £3.00

All available at Matalan obviously, but I was also wondering if you lovelies would do me the honour of voting my outfit over on the Matalan blog here by commenting on their post. I would really like the chance to win.... cos it'd be FABBBB!!!

Now off you pop.........

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scarlett Johansson, Thank you for 'making' Mango

Mango is a shop I often look at from afar - not because I don't like the clothes, in fact quite the opposite, but for me the looks have always been a bit unachievable. We all know Mango is an overseas brand, and its something that I've always been a little scared of - I am a typical Brit: Pasty white, manage to get sunburn when it's overcast and about as much rhythm as my pet rabbit. Spanish women are naturally gorgeous with their skin tone etc etc, do I have to go on?!?!

Mango became a shop I would walk past, rather than really wanna go in and try on everything just seemed a little out of league - you cant make a Brit into a Latino lovely by just an outfit surely?! I first took more notice of Mango as a brand with this latest campaign all helped along by Scarlett Johansson. I have a major girl crush.... just look at her: Blonde bombshell, full lips, womanly figure and curves and delectable style that suits who she is. This latest campaign is what I wanna look like - gives us British girls more of a 'look' more exotic, and more diverse, but yet still keeping a real element of British.

Dress: £79.90
Skirt: £39.90 Also available in pink. Jumper £24.90 Also Available in off-white
Dress £59.90 Also Available in Beige. Bracelet £14.90 Belt £22.90

Left: Coat: £79.90 Shoes: £59.90 Sunglasses £29.90
Right: Dress: £69.90

Top: £34.90

Left: Dress: £39.90 Shoes: as before
Right:  Coat: £99.90 Bag £34.90

Isn't she just gorgeous? and what about the collection - you like? Its a new take on the normal, heavy Spanish themes - It's a bit like a new England theme. Mango, I think I love you. Oh and Scarlett - if you ever want to give your body up? Yeah, I'm here!

Until next time....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Going back to times gone by....

The new Pull and Bear 2011 campaign has me so wrapped up in its entirety - everything about it is sumptuous: the lighting, the clothing, the models, the scenes, the poses, the nature. These are the Summers that we used to enjoy, an age ago it seems now, but they were special ones... the ones that were all consuming.

Playing heavily on the nature and friendship theme, these Summer shots take everyone back to a time when we used to stay out till late even though it was still light, frolicked in long grass and wished it'd never end. The shots play up well to the Spanish label's cool, calm and relaxed designs.

Pull & Bear

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Scribbles Royal Wedding....well, the party at least....

I think the title says it all don't you?!? yes, the Royal Wedding is a mere two weeks away and blimey O'Reilly is the anticipation mounting up. Tea towel sellers are doubling production, the teacups are flying off the shelves and bakers are knee deep in Royal cake mixes, but really.... are you all that interested? Me... not hugely, They're both very nice people I'm sure: She's pretty, He's a Prince - yeah nice. But I know what everyone is really  looking forward to: the extra day off!!!! WAHEYYYYYY! Now along with this day off comes those Royal Wedding Parties: the chance to dress all posh (it'll be a first for me... and no leopard print!) get the Union Jack flags out and get the bevvies in! This is the Scribbles Royal Wedding.

Before I go any further, I don't condone binge drinking or being silly with alcohol, but you cant say no to a tipple or two to celebrate such occasion right?! Adding the sparkle to your celebrations is every one's favourite drink brand Schweppes - pretty much as iconic as the Royal family itself, they have created a bespoke range for such occasion  - everything that we currently know and love -  The rather refreshing Indian Tonic Water, Dad's favourites Canada Dry, zingy Lemonade and Bitter Lemon - these are party night staples!

So you got your party frocks, got your dancing shoes, you got the imitation Kate engagement ring and mixers all at the ready - what are you gonna drink I hear you ask? Well here at Scribbles HQ and Schweppes, we have some tasty and rather regal cocktails for you to give a whirl!

The Wedding Bouquet: give it a floral twist
Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
25ml Gordon’s Original London Dry Gin
Add 25ml elderflower cordial

Garnish with a wedge of lime and some additional Lillie's/carnations or even daisies from your back garden!

The Best Man: topped off with Ginger Ale

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
25ml Gordon’s Original London Dry Gin
100ml Schweppes Ginger Ale

Garnish with a wedge of lime and watch out for ol' Harry drinking the pitcher full of it!
Something Blue: it’s good luck for the big day
Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
25ml Gordon’s Original London Dry Gin
Add 50ml raspberry & blackberry cordial

Garnish with a wedge of lime and just hope Kate doesn't fall down the aisle after drinking it!

Have fun Royally partying it up - enjoy the fizz! oh... pass the Ginn *HIC*

Until next time.....

Laura Gravestock - Can she be a jewellery star times two?!

For those of you that are regular readers, back in February, I featured the lovely Laura Gravestock as my Jewellery Star of the month - picked for her intricate lattice work, Laura echos the sheer elegance of jewellery at its best from times ago - her pieces are timesless, classic keepsakes that have a fresh, contemporary feel. As well as having stunning jewellery, Laura is a great, fabulous and lovely lady and I'm pleased to say that Laura has been picked as one of ten finalists in the Professional Jeweller Treasure Competition 2011.

Contemporary jewellery designers will battle it out online to win one of three stands at London Jewellery Week selling show Treasure. The shortlist has been selected by a panel of industry experts, but who wins is up to you- this is where you lovelies come in - Get yourself over to the Professional Jeweller and get voting! It is so important to support such young, and growing talent like this, and lets face it, Laura's jewellery is so pretty it needs to be seen!

Go vote here: http://www.professionaljeweller.com/ and for an extra treat, once you've voted, email the lady herself on: ivoted@lauragravestock.com  and quote with 'i voted' to enter her prize draw! PERFECT!

Now off you go!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Jewellery Star: Lucy Hutchings

Another up+coming brand for you, so please put your hands, or get your credit cards ready, for April's Jewellery star: Lucy Hutchings.

Inspired by her childhood spent roaming around the Suffolk countryside, East London jeweller Lucy Hutchings developed her love for man-made and natural fabrics at an early age, managing to create such beauty from something so basic.

After studying a course in Wood, Metal and ceramics at University of Brighton and gaining a first class Bachelor of Arts degree, Lucy quickly grabbed peoples attention with her spirited ideas and use of different media. After people sat up and took notice, Lucy joined forces with the rather amazing Erickson Beaumon's studios in London. After gaining valuable knowledge, Lucy has started up by herself and presents us with some something altogether different and unseen before, managing to juxtapose elegance with boldness. Heavy use of semi-precious stones, real peacock feathers work against the rigid metal casings - I have long been a fan of a statement piece of jewellery, but what Lucy does so well is create a real statement persona with every piece - there's almost too much to look at with every item, and is a real feast for the senses - with rope mixed with heavy acrylics joined with gentle with precious stones - these items are no doubt going to be favourites with just about everyone!

Now time for the gawping! Here are some highlights of Lucy's SS11 collection:

Go check out her website for past collections and new pieces being added: http://www.lucyhutchings.com/

Young British Designers

Until next time....

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cheer up: Clothing is your friend...

You know that feeling when you put on a favourite item of clothing, and its the type of item that just makes you smile - from the inside and out?! yeah, I like that feeling too. The problem these days, with so much variation and so much generic choice on the high street, its often hard to get excited about anything, or find something that genuinely does make you smile, in every way.

An email popped into my mailbox at approx 7:17pm today and I smiled: it wasn't some loving email from a loved one nor was it a notification to tell me I had won the lottery, it was an email from a clothing brand called Cheer Up Clothing Company - seriously, bet you just smiled right?!?

Cheer Up Clothing is just what you and I are looking for. Headed up by two best friends have united together with their love for fashion and music. There is an obvious uniqueness here: with their signature drawings, to the way their designs are presented: casual and stylish is always a winning combination. That's not to mention the way they treat their customers - each and every one of them (inc you!) is their friends. How nice is that?!?!

To me, this is a T-shirt evolution! Different t-shirt styles, different line drawings, different colour schemes and the ability to suit both men and women, surely this is the future! I'm never normally a T-shirt person: Not because I don't look good in them - hell, anyone can look good in a tee, but it's mostly because there is such little variety out there that I cant really find anything I'd feel confidant wearing out 'n' about - until now! With vest tops and Tees costing no more than £27, and hoodies and warmer wear, ranging from £35 - £45 there really is something for everyone, all within every budget, and they are all so easy to wear - this is happy central!!!

Racer-Back Vest tops: from £24.99

Selection of Uni-sex T-shirts: from £22.99

Hoodies from: £35

I'm already totally in love with Cheer Up Clothing - their technique, the feeling the vibes - this is what all clothing should come up with!

Be sure to get over to website and stock up on some Tee fun!

Website: http://www.cheerupclothing.com/
Twitter: @cheerupclothing

Until next time...

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