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Thursday, 24 March 2011

What I Wore: Just because it's 'my' Friday....

Chiffon Shirt: Primark
Print Trouser: TU at Sainsbury
Shoes: NewLook
Necklace: Ring is Grandma and chain is vintage
Nail Varnish: BarryM Raspberry

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What Makes My Weekend: Saturday 19th March 2011

A bit later than normal ,but here goes:

I took a recipe from my favourite baking book, from the lovely, gorgeous Zoe from Bake-a-Boo and done my own version of the Princess Cake.... Why you ask? just because...

I then decided that I couldn't possibly eat an entire cake (well ,I probably could... but... ) So I iced it with my next door neighbours little girls name and gave it to her - she loves pink and loves Princesses... sorted!

I went for a Spring stroll... and wanted both the Breton Stripe and the Floral to join me.. So both came...

My big, fat and white arm exposed to the sun's rays.... felt nice.. didn't look it...

A simple weekend.... 

Scribbles Wants: I click my heels...

If I was to say Chrissie Morris to you, what would be your first thought? Pop Star? Film Star? nope... none of the above. In fact Chrissie Morris is a dream-come-true-maker.. for the foot kind.

I first came across her shoes when they were featured on some really lucky ladies feet in the Elle Collections UK March edition. Her shoes were like a main feature in the middle of a well known painting.... everything else would just fade into the background when these shoes walked into the scene. These are statement shoes, that's plain to see, but the thought of teetering around on the extra high high heels wasn't something to be feared, oh no, the excitement of wearing the shoes would be enough for anyone. Not to be pigeon holed, or working to one trend only, Chrissie Morris seems to play by her own rules, by putting features that only some of us dream of, all in together- there were buckles, colour popping, lizard and snakeskin finishes - but everything was so OTT it worked.

I'm just a little mesmerized with the design of Morris' shoes, but also the individual personalities of each and every pair - they all seem to come alive in their own selective way. These are art, in their finest forms, but not to be stared at but to be lived in and worn.

I know the price of these shoes might very well put you off, but these are real investement pieces - ones that your going to love forever and forever and shoes that will literally be talked about over and over again - priced from £600 + these are pretty much on par with some of the larger names in the shoe world, but I genuinely think that Chrissie Morris has something special - something other than just 'pretty' shoes.

Available to purchase at Matches Fashion , Dover Street Market and The Box Boutique.

See Chrissie Morris's website too

Until next time....

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Scribbles Trend View: Can you 'Colour-Block' on the cheap?

Ever since Jill Sander walked the first four models down the runway for SS11 we knew burst of colour was going to be huge. Not only was Sanders show somewhat iconic, it also paved the way for a multitude of shows showcasing some serious colour blocking - DVF, Gucci, Burberry, MaxMara, Versus and Marc by Marc Jacobs all gave us a zing in our steps by walking through some vibrant and hot colour mixes. Never one to be left out the High street was sure to follow and give us 'regular' shoppers a chance to recreate the hot trend of B=Colour Blocking.

This is a trend that you cant be afraid of: I've never been exactly 'scared' of wearing colour, it's just colour doesn't like me - I stick to neutrals (namely black) as they are far more slimming and less stared at by the people of Berkshire. But when Jonathan Saunders walked his models down the runway covered in contrasting colours and florals I knew that this was what I wanted my Summer to look like! Despite having Net-a-Porter's selection of J.S clothes pasted to my desktop, I also know that it would take me years to even own a single swatch of fabric... SO, I have decided to work it from high street pieces alone and keep my looks simple - there's no way the paperbag-esque maxi skirts Sander showed, will ever look good on my stumpy 5ft nothing legs.

I purchased 3 pairs of trousers, all from Zara that are bang on trend with the colours and styles - I have turn up chinos, skinny legged, and ankle grazers. With none of them coming over the £26 price mark, they are more than affordable! To finish a simple colour block outfit off, team with contrasting coloured vest top. Mine are all from Primark - cant go wrong with paying £2.00 for a top right?!?!

Simple you might say?!? Yes.. that they are. But when you wear something that is that right surely the key is to keep it simple. I'm more than happy to trial these out come the more warmer weather, mix and match them, dress them up and down with heels or flats, and get full use out of all of them!

I hope to add more to my Colour Block section in my wardrobe, but right now I'm happy with my basics.

Until next time....

High Stret Hit List.... The Result...

A bright, Summery choice for you all - This skirt immediately caught my eye, as it was very reminiscent of the SS11 collection from Jonathan Saunders - of which I just absolutely adored. In a bright sea blue colour with a white flower print, this pencil skirt is not only ideal for the office but I also think it'd be perfect for all those Summer events you've all got lined up: Ascot, Weddings etc.

Normally, I'm not a fan of the shape of a pencil skirt, I feel I'm slightly too short for them, however I do like the more un-business like versions like this, and would love to give it a go. At only £28 this is a cheap Summer trend buy, that wont make much difference to the bank balance if the 'bright' trend doesn't last much longer. So what did you all think:
Yes: 71%
No: 28%

A downright winner it would seem - must be something about the bright blue and floral spread that make it so appealing to you all! A top bargain!

Until next time....

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dream and Real Outfit of the Day....... Dress-Down Friday 28th March

Here's my Dream (designer) and Real (High street) outfit choices for a Dress-Down Friday!

Dream version:

High Rise Bell Flares £170 Current/Elliott
Boxy Crochet Knit Jumper £530 Missoni
Tie Front Silk Blazer £625 Phillip Lim
Wooden Wedges £355 Chloe
Coloured bead necklace £540 Rosantica
Faux Leather Satchel £910 Stella McCartney
All the above are available at Net-a-Porter
Nails Inc Polish £11
Total: £3,141.00

Now for the Real version:

Indigo Skinny Flares £26 Dorothy Perkins
Seventies Striped Tee £16 Topshop
Single Button Blazer £55 Topshop
Henna Plaited Wedges £60 ASOS
Boho Bag £12 Matalan
Disc Necklace £14.40 Debenhams
Matte Blue Nail Polish £2.99 Barry M
Total: £186.39

Happy Dress-Down Friday, the Seventies-inspired way. But would you choose to dream it or keep it real?

Until next time....

High Street Hit-List..... The result.....

A gorgeous, gorgeous dress for you guys, but a slight change for me. Normally, I avoid white like the plague, but this dress from Reiss, really caught my eye. It may have been because it was featured on the 'look good in a bin bag' Jameela jamil... nice....

So what did all you guys think of it? Me? personally, I like it - the shape is perfect, I like the way it is so obviously fitted at the top half but so feminine and flowing on the bottom half with the flared skirt. With cute capped sleeves and a tougher edge with an exposed back zip. This is a cute, modern, fresh variation on the  Summer dress. So what did you all think then?

Yes: 73%
No: 26%

I got a little worried about this one, I must admit! At the beginning of voting, it was dramatically different, with the votes to 'no' tramping on the votes to 'yes' but in the end, it would seem the Summer dress is a big fat yes! I'm all for it, if it helps me look anywhere nearly as good as ol' Jameela!

Until next time......

What I Wore: Sarah Vs. The Pleat............

Cotton Grey T-Shirt: Topshop
Pleated Midi Skirt: Charity Shop
Long Grey Ribbed Socks: Next
Clogs: TK Maxx
Pressed Flower Necklace: Primark
Scarf: H & M
Plaited Belt: Primark

Until next time...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What I Wore: The Ankles came out in full bloom..............

Turn-up Chinos: Topshop
Floral Chiffon Blouse: Charity Shop
T-Bar Heels: Matalan
Gold Multi-strand necklace: Primark

Until next time....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Scribbles Style Purchase: Oh we do like to be beside the Seaside....

Busy planning my next visit to my parents house, down in sunny Devon, got me thinking of the good ol' English Seaside. Family holiday's, and the day's gone by, when I used to queue up at the local ice-cream van for a lemonade lolly or 6, when digging the biggest hole in the sand was a serious, and competitive business and the little beach hut that we used to hide in when the British weather went wrong.. ooooh we do like to be beside the seaside.

To get me all prepped and ready for the Beachy visit, I went trawling the Internet for a beach/Summer inspired bag - and found just the 'right' one from Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Here we have my Beach scene inspired by the bag... all I need now is a Mr Whippy.......

Pretty Tate Tote bag £160 Marc by Marc Jacobs. (Selfridges)
Althia Boat Shoe £165 N.D.C (Net-a-Porter)
Drew Polka-Dot Swimsuit £60 (J-Crew)
Stretch Modal Shorts £75 (Juicy Couture)
Striped Prom Dress £180 (Jaeger)
Woven Hat £16 (Oasis)
Hello Sailor Necklace £8 (ASOS)

Now off you go for a paddle....

Scribbles Views: Look who's not so Mean now?

She was the one that you loved-to-hate in the hugely successful chick flick film, has been famously linked to some of the most gorgeous actors in the business, and has literally grown up before our very eyes - Oh how I love Amanda Seyfried. I remember from the first time I watched Mean girls - yes, you all have. I loved her look. She just had one of 'those' faces: with such expressionism. For some reason I was fixated with her eyes, I'm talking in a non sexual way, I was just absolutely mesmerised with her perfect almond shape eyes that seemed to just ooze feeling.  As the years have gone on and as our Amanda has shot further and further into the spotlight she has blossomed before our eyes into a girl after my own heart. With her laid back styling, her frankness in interviews and the way she lights up the big screen - she's pretty much everything  I long to be.

I was thrilled when in through my letterbox, came my Marie Claire April edition, with my icon on the front.

This shoot for me is iconic for me - her facial expressions tell the whole story: less innocent, more fierce. Less child-like and more sexual - there's a real power in her look and shows a whole more mature attitude.

Sporting the Bohemian styling that Amanda so easily pulls off, Seyfried dons all kinda of colourful prints from Pucci and Blumarine - the florals are more earthy, dangerous even. This isn't no 'nicey,nicey' shoot with pretty pink and feminine colours - the texture play and the grainy looks give a real depth to an otherwise simple idea.

This shoot gives me inspiration for Summer: not for the clothes (even though they are gorgeous) but for the overall look - this is the real Spring/Summer and this is the real Amanda Seyfried.

Until next time....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Olivia and Dune sitting in a tree......

What do you get if you combine really good shoes and the Queen of print??? Olivia Rubin's collaboration with Dune shoe that's what! Oh yes, probably the stuff dreams are made of, and even more so for me! My love for Olivia and her dynamic digital prints have not gone un-noticed, I follow everything that this little superstar is up to and season after season, Rubin just gets stronger and stronger - her looks are more dynamic, strong, and even more iconic. So I practically fell off my chair when I found out that our Olivia was going to be teaming up with High Street shoe emporium, Dune, to create a a capsule collection showcasing three of Olivia's iconic prints. All beautiful, colourful and super girly, this is one collection that doesn't limit itself - it will easily merge into your existing wardrobe.
Not only is it shoes, there are two tote bags and a clutch to help finish any outfit off. This collection is just as iconic as Rubin's designs and are sure to grab everyone's attention and hopefully do more to propel Olivia into the public's eye.

Here's the shoes:

And the bags:

I'm super pleased that Olivia decided to do this range and stayed super true to her design ethic but still produce a collection that is going to literally fly off the shelves.

Go check them out at: http://www.dune.co.uk/ and go to: http://www.oliviarubinlondon.com/ for more on the lady herself.

Until next time....

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dream and Real Outfit of the Day - Sunday 13th March

A kinda new thing for the blog, but here are my Dream (designer) and Real (High Street) Outfit of the Day choices for Sunday 13th March:

Dream version of a Loungy Sunday from the designer end:

Head on over to Lounge Lover at Net-a-Porter for some serious luxurious lounge wear choices. In the most perfect fabrics for sheer relaxation: Stretch model is always so soft against the skin and easy to wear. Team with some comfy but warm sheepskin slippers and your away!
Lounge Lover - Eternitee draped stretch-modal - £90 at Net-a-Porter
Lounge Lover - Eternitee stretch-modal stirrup leggings - £90 at Net-a-porter
Lounge Lover - Eternitee stretch-modal top - £75 at Net-a-Porter
Luxury Sheepskin Slippers - £39.95 at Ambleside Sheepskins
Total: £294.95

For the Loungy Sunday on a budget:

ASOS really does have everything you need for a on-budget Lounge day! Comfy and soft fabrics for such reasonable prices, there's no way you should turn down this chance to have a relaxing/comfy Sunday!And, I'd so wear these out to the local shop to pick up the milk!
ASOS Longline Vest Top £8
ASOS Lounge Pants £25
ASOS Angora mix Wrap cardigan £40
Ruby and Ed Shaggy Slippers at ASOS £33
Total: £106

Relax on a Sunday day but just choose whether you want to Dream it or keep it Real?

Until next time....

What makes my Weekend: Saturday 12th March 2011

Saturday 12th March made my weekend:

Spring really came alive on Saturday - bright Sunshine all day, and there was even some heat. So nice to see the flowers getting some vitamins...

it was finally time for The big Spring clean....... hard work, but so worth it!

Reading a book outside.....

Finally finishing this book....

Then taking my time to decide what book to read next...

I finished the day with a hearty, but home-cooked Curry....

What day made your weekend and what did you get up to?

Until next time...

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