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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Scribbles Views: Pushing my Face Boundary's Further? Part One....

I'm a simple girl - no, not just in the head, but in my make-up bag too. I wake-up everyday and can safely say, my makeup  'routine' (This is a rather loose term!) is this:

  • Apply E45 face cream
  • Pencil in my thin eyebrow (yes, I have only one!)
  • Apply a one coat of mascara on my top lashes
  • Apply Pink blusher on apples of cheeks
That is literally it - I sometimes, if I'm feeling adventurous, or rather my lips are sore, then I will add some Vaseline, but that is it. It takes me approx 7 minutes, and that's if I go slow! There's nothing wrong with this I hear you say, but I cant help feeling like a make-up novice. I listen to all these people going on about new items of make up: smokey eyes, rep lips, neons, flicks, bright lips... the list is endless, and you know what, I don't happen to know what the hell they're going on about, but I sure as hell want to be part of it! So, as of this New Year, I decided I was going to attempt to be slightly more adventurous - I will advance my make-up styles by trying out new colours, brands and styles! Exciting?!?! I think so! Eeeeek! I will be joining forces with the stunning Ros from Primps and Preens, who is going to teach and show me the way!

First up is beauty brand Cult GD. The amazingly gorgeous Hannah at Push PR pointed me in the right direction for this brand. Little history: Founded by Jayne Lyons, Cult GD was created solely for the large gap in the market for a innovative beauty brand. Looking through their website, Cult GD is inspirational, a little out there, exciting and at the forefront of most makeup trends.

My first task, and first product up, is the Cult GD Lip Duet! This is not just your normal lippy! One lipstick; double the fun! Two colours fused together. They have some rather gorgeous, striking shades. It's pretty much perfect for any occasion - cos you literally get the best of both worlds. The idea is, you can use just one colour, or mix the two or highlight the centre of the lip. This was going to prove interesting!

The Lipstick:

Red Side:
The Lipstick

How I looked in it!

I must admit, I always, shy away from red lipstick - not too sure why, I just cant help but think my mouth is too big for red lippies and the brightness just exaggerates this! The lipstick was easy to apply and was extremely moisturising when first applied. The colour was bright and vibrant enough even on the first coat and lasted really well, with no bleeding and my lips did not go dry!
Im still not 100% sure on the colour 'red' on me, but its a first!

Gold Side:

I was pleasantly surprised with the Gold side - something that looked a tad too 'futuristic' on the stick, looked relatively good on. It gave a nice gentle sheen on the first coat, but this could easily be built up with more applications. Was nice and moisturising and I would probably wear this side for a more gentle change. This was a lot easier to apply as it wasn't a strong enough colour to worry whether you applied it precisely.
Surprisingly, I really like it....

I'm glad I gave this product and brand trial run and will most definitely be giving it another whirl. There are plenty more 'experimental' products on the Cult GD website so get yourself over there to have a looksie! I was most pleased, even if it was so far out of my comfort zone!

Here's to the next trial!

In my search to push my makeup skills and looks forward, I'm looking for any recommendations of products, styles, trends or brands, that you think I should give a go! Please email me: sarah@sarahs-scribbles.com and I will go, purchase and trial! I need all the support I  can get to bring me up to date!

High Street Hit List: Result.....

Time for the result of the High Street Hit List again!

This time it was a gorgeous Coral mid-length, skater skirt from River Island. Made out of cotton, this has to be a staple for the summer? I love the colour - bright, airy and feminine, although, I am not so keen on the style or the length - Its that awkward length that us shorter girls struggle to carry off! But what did you all think?

Here we go.....

Yes: 70%
No: 29%

Well, looks like it got the thumbs up from you all! Reasonably priced at £34.99, your getting alot for your money and could certainly see you through multiple outfit choices come Summer - dress it up with cut out heels and loose t-shirt, or dress it down, with flat pumps and a simple T - either way its a nice style to bring you into SS11.

Until next time..........

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Scribbles Reviews: Giving a Little Love Back This Valentines...

I'm really sorry to have to remind you all, but February 14th is just around the corner and we all know what that means! For me, I've never been a real fan, and with it being not long after my Birthday I prefer to concentrate on that! But if your anything like me and find Valentines day slightly too commercial (I know strike me down) then how about this year we start to give a little back.

Matters of the heart mean alot to me - not the 'being in love' kind, but the heart as an organ. Heart problems have run in my family and after losing my Grandad late last year, it has struck an even bigger chord with me as of late. I am an avid campaigner for both the British Heart Foundation and Heart Research UK - both are hugely worthy causes as I'm sure you are all aware. This Valentines day, I'm fully supporting the 'Love Your Heart' campaign, supported by everyone's favourite: Damart, in association with Heart Research UK.

This campaign is all about raising money from what Damart is known for: The vest top. Not just your standard one, this is a really cute, feminine and pretty vest. Just think, this one, little, (rather gorgeous) addition to your wardrobe, is going to help fund pioneering research in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, which as most you won't know, is the biggest killer among women in the U.K. Fronted by the rather gorgeous Katy Hill, the vest can make such a difference to the charity.

Damart have kindly given me one to try out and Ive fallen in love with it: I will be wearing mine on Valentines Day in support. Available in sizes from 10 to 22, its super comfortable coming as it's made from 100% cotton.

The best thing, is that it only costs £12 and every single amount does go to charity - Heart disease does touch so many lives and is often the forgotten disease, it can affect nearly everyone - whether your born with it or you develop it later on in life .

To order your T-shirt please do go and visit Darmart's website at: http://www.damart.co.uk/ or call them on 0871 882 1111. Please go and consider it girls, this really is a worthy cause and you are genuinely giving something back.

Until next time....

Monday, 24 January 2011

Scribbles Views: Sneaky Peek at H & M Spring 2011

Top Model duo: Freja Erichsen and Raquel Zimmermann have teamed up for H & M new Spring11 collection. Judging by the above photo released, me thinks the 70's trend will feature heavily! Check out the hair on Raquel - insane! You gotta get me a 'do' like that!

Until next time....

Scribbles Views: Hogwarts Spring Collection.. Clémence Poésy

Some of us may or may not recognise Clémence Poésy - best known as the rather captivating Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter. She was all the boys favourite, with her silvery-blonde hair, pale eyes, good looks, and ability to entrance men she really was one of the pretty girls from the films. But by Jove, look how she's grown up!

Appearing in the US's Marie Claire Feb edition, she shows off just how amazing she looks now - Capturing the essence of Spring, she sports all the trends that are so hot! Not only is she stunning, she has a real element of  a sweet but sinful look about her! Plus I'm completely loving the styling in these shots!

Yep, she's pretty darn cute!

Until next time.......

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Scribbles Views: New Season High Street.......Urban Outfitters

Following on from the Reiss SS11 collection, sSecond up: a sneaky peek into Urban Outfitters SS11 picks:
Completely and utterly loving the cute, girly and really sunny looking prints! Featured heavily on dresses, tunics, and camisoles. Its so pretty to see some real femininity coming back into play. I just love this smock dress! Team sunshine yellow with some hefty wooden wedges and neutral makeup.

Normally as a golden rule, the bikini will match and colour co-ordinate. Over at Urban Outfitters, they like to do things differently. Make a real play this Summer, with deliberate mis-matching of your bikini's - not just colours, but prints and styling. These are fun and sexy - but also put you bang on trend in how 'not' to match. I love the way it's deliberate and just a little bit different from what we would all normally expect.

The mini-skirt is back and the short makes a welcome reappearance too! Skirts are short and flirty - but keeping it innocent in cute floral prints - these remind me of something I used to wear when I was (alot) younger - its always nice to relive your youth right?!?! The shorts are equally as short, but have a retro feel with polka dots - team with rep lipstick and some kiss curls and your away!

An unusual choice for a Summer shoe style. Normally used in Winter and often seen as the 'warmer' footwear choice, makes a much needed textured appearance this Summer. Whether it be laced up wedges, or open toe sandals - keep it heavily fabricated with suede that's coloured. My favourites: the Sage green lace up wedges - wow!

Keep an extra eye out for the accessory range in Urban Outfitters this Summer - their hat's are kitsch and playful, the Sunglasses are so high fashion, and their scarves are just what you need to keep your hair shielded from the sun. Fab collection Urban Outfitters - nice to see just plain fun featuring heavily after a very grey Winter.

Until next time.......

High Street Hit List: Result

Time for the result of the second High Street Hit List vote! What did you think of this Oasis Brown Stripe Dress?

I love this knitted swing dress with a striped top and a flared silhouette. It is the perfect day-wear and can so easily be teamed for that hectic day shopping, or try it at work for a comfy,smart look.

Here we go..............

Yes: 55%
No: 44%

Another close one! Mixed bag on this one again! I personally love it, but what made some of you dislike? was it the colour? the shape or was it too plain? Priced at £45 - this could be seen as slightly more expensive than some would pay! But a nice surprise from Oasis all the same.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next High Street Hit List vote!

Until next time......

Scribbles Views: Summer + Maggie Angus = Viva Del Mar

I'm pretty sure we all remember my post about the eclectic and fun jewellery by Maggie Angus - y'know the ones with the cute rabbit, the cloud and the dancing couple?!?! Yeah, I knew you'd remember! Well Spring-Summer has well and truly arrived at Maggie Angus - I already feel a Pina Colada coming along!

Dive into the sun-soaked beaches of Miami and feel the fun vibrancy of the the Studio 54-ish D.I.S.C.O. I just love love love this new collection - seriously stylish, but it just oozes fun - exactly what the summer should be about! Instantly transporting you to the far-away sea's, the hot sun beating down on your skin, cocktails by the pool and FUN!

With the collection made predominantly from a classy Gold mirrored and glossy black acrylic - it constitutes not only a classy, mature and ageless style, but also fun fun fun! It's hard to find my favourite, and you know what? the whole ruddy collection is my favourite - every single item! I've decided that I'm going to wear all the rings at once - pile them on every finger and shine away, until the sun goes down! Go check out the new collection:

Coral Branch Necklace - Made out of the statement mirrored gold and glossy black acrylic, this is a real diva-on-fire necklace! I love the way the light will catch on the mirrored part, creating a real glow.
Everyone loves a charm bracelet don't they!?! Four statement discs cascade off this chain, silhouettes of palm trees just sum up every holiday! Team this with more bracelet's to make it more chunky and show that bling!

Glamour personified! These have to be worn in Miami, or Margate for that matter - anywhere that an added bit of glamour is needed! I just love these, you cant beat a statement piece of Ear-Art right?!?!Go from restaurant to the clubs in style!

This is the blingiest ring I've ever seen.... wow! please, take me to the nearest pool party and I'll be a happy girly! With a superb contrast between the black and the shiny gold, this is bound to catch everyones eyes.

Such a cute necklace, featuring a sailing boat and seagull blissfully floating along the waves. This season's hot golden mirrored acrylic, hangs individually from a chunky black metal chain. A great nautical look for the summer! Super cute!
Making you think of the deep sea.....this is just soooo nice and will definitely go with some of this seasons hot 'nude' trends.

As you can see, the new collection from Maggie Angue is really eclectic and fun - everything that Summer should be!Go check out the whole collection here I just love Maggie Angus!

Until next time...........

Friday, 21 January 2011

Scribbles Views: New Season, New Loves for Red...

I think we all recognise and love those slick, glossy red soles - the ones that gently follow the arch of your foot, creating a real buzz with every step... yep, Christian Louboutin is back with some more eye candy - yes, I may seem surprised, but honest to god, this man continues to keep us all guessing, and all lusting over his gorgeous shoes, their designs, their textures and more importantly the way they can make you feel. So it is time ladies, to feast your eyes on these, get ready to fall in lust:

Pik Pik Pik 120 Studded Slingbacks £595
These slingback are just to die for!!! These are both elegant and fierce - With a gentle beige working up against the tough looking spikes, creating the perfect look.

Brandaplato 140 Leather and Mesh Sandals £725
Sheer and so sexy, These have to be my favourite new season choices. With mesh panels, and a intricate loop detailing, cascading down your foot, all tied together in statement black leather and the flash of red.

Hassaneta 120 Leather and Linen Shoes £595
These are just so built for summer, With gunmetal studs and snakeskin panels, pared together with a light-grey leather and off-white linen, these are natural but stylish, can be dressed up and added to the most simple of outfits - modern glamour personified.

Bibi 140 Leather Platform Pumps £495
I just adore these. They are simple enough to be worn with practically everything I already own, and everything I want to own. These nude pumps are a staple item for every female. With heels that are thick enough to be practical, and are perfect to add to your ladylike look.

Open Lips 120 Suede Pumps £495
These shoes, blow me away and I think these are the type of shoes that will last forever and ever, surely? Being able to add instant glamour to an after-dark look, I have a feeling I'd probably even wear these round the house! 

Panier 120 Wedges £345
These are my beach essentials, well, maybe not to wear on the beach, but around the beach, out for lunch, walking in the evenings, in my garden, and again... around my house! Taupe linen espadrille wedges are just fun fun fun, and really fits in with the new seasons look.

Is that enough shoe-porn for you? I could quite happily look at these all day.... every day! Anyone out there... It's my Birthday on 9th February!

Until next time.....

Scribbles Views: The New Season High Street...... Reiss

We are hitting the best time right now, the Winter season is slowly but surely moving further away, the nights are beginning to get a little lighter and its time to start thinking about what our very own streets have in store! I always love this time of year, when we all get a sneaky peek of whats going to be embracing our wardrobes - always fills me with butterflies of excitement!

First up is Reiss and their SS11 picks:

A reoccurring theme perhaps? Trousers were streamlined, well fitted and cut just above the ankle. Whether it be by a turn-up or actually cut shorter. Either way, they look stunning, showcasing the ankle to its fullest, leaving you the opportunity to show-off a lush shoe!

I just love the style of Leopard print on these. You know what it's like with animal prints: hit and miss, but I like the way it works so well with the 70's inspired camel trousers, and the fit and flare dress looks expensive and well made. Making leopard print seem a whole lot classier?

The new seasons dress is loose and flowing. A dress that can be worn for practically any event - the shorter versions can be worn for day wear with flat sandals, put on some wedges or some sparkly heels and you are transformed for the evening. These dresses are made for each and every one of us.

Bringing a spring into your step - hot jewelled colours are on the agenda to catch everyones eyes. This bold hue works not in cute, slinky evening dresses, but the ever present trend of the 70's is where this colour works best - think flared and flowing jumpsuits, belted at the waist, creating that air of dynasty glamour.

I love New Season Reiss, there was simply too much to choose from, but Reiss have seriously pulled themselves ahead in high fashion - and their trends are above and beyond what you would expect from your normal High Street shop. Reiss is, well and truly one of my Top Five for the New Year.

Until next time..

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Scribbles Reviews: Learning How to Dump The Lumps.....

We all know what it's like when the New Year comes around, the pressure is immense to try and lose the Christmas cake belly and get toned up ready for the imminent summer holidays, but as a serial dieter I know that there are many diet pitfalls around and sometimes what we 'think' may be seen as healthy, isn't always the case.

I am on the Weight Watchers plan as I endeavouring to lose approx one stone and seven pounds, however it isn't all plain sailing, every time I go to the supermarket, I am faced with a new 'heatlhy' food or drink that will supposedly help me in my efforts to be Miss Fit and Healthy 2011 - quite frankly, I never know what to read, believe and most of all, buy. The biggest problem I'm finding is what to drink, as a self proclaimed coffee addict I have been looking for other liquids to keep me hydrated. There are so many options out there that self-proclaim themselves to be the 'good option' for you to drink: whether it be made solely from water, actual fruit, low in calories or high in vitamins, how do we actually know that what we're being told, is true?

I'm as naive as the next person, cos to be honest, I have spent many of pennies (or pounds I should say) buying the latest fashionable drink to keep myself hydrated. I can safely say I never read the label properly, I like to know what flavour it is I'm guzzling, but that's about it! But I am swiftly stopping now. You want to know why? Feel Good Drinks have exposed the many popular brands as being liars, yep, these so-called 'Healthy' drinks couldn't be further from the truth.

Feel Good Drinks is one company on a mission, to make people aware of what it is, they're exactly drinking! Naming the campaign 'Dump The Lumps' they have their very own brand of drinks that literally contain 84% fruit juice, and fruit extracts, with only the natural occurring fruit sugars with no added spoonfuls of refined sugar! It even says so loud and proud on the label! Not only are they oh so good for you, they taste chuffing YUM! I've been lucky enough to try them thanks to Feel Good Drinks, and they really do taste amazing, they are more-ish but less damaging. Having suffered from bad IBS attacks that is bought on by refined sugar this is a huge revelation for me, and after trialling them, I really know that they are nasty free! Coming in a variety of different flavours in both still or sparkling, there will something to tickle your fancy!

Would you consider your drink to be healthy if there were 7 or 8 lumps of sugar added to it? Nope, didn't think so, but let's get serious - this is happening. With some of the most well known brands adding it, right underneath your nose! Did you know the brand: This Water, contains an extra 8-10 teaspoons of sugar? or, Vitamin Water adds an extra 5.5 spoons of sugar? and everyone's favourite J2O contains between 4-5 teaspoons of sugar for every 275ml! Well, let's put a stop to these lumps and their advice of being able to lose your lumps by drinking these so-called 'healthy' drinks!

Get yourself over to Feel Good Drinks Website to find out a whole lot more and please people - check the label before you guzzle!

Until next time.......

*This is a Sponsored post, with thanks to Feel Good Drinks and Handpicked Media.

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