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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Simply Beach = Simply ME

I do love the Summer months: long, drawn out days with light long evenings, the birds are tweeting, the flowers blooming, and the heat of sun on your body - you just cant beat it can you? As we all know, for us women, Summer means something altogether completely different, our whole wardrobe changes: hemlines, arm lengths, strap size, even shoes and accessories. - it's not just your simple t-shirt and shorts jobby, oh no, a Woman's Summer wardrobe takes Military planning. Along with the normal Summer dresses and strapped tops, comes the Summer essential: Swimwear.

This word pretty much strikes the fear of God into most (un-surgically enhanced) women at the best of times, but for me? I chose to, every year, ignore it. How do I ignore it you ask? Well, I don't go swimming, I will always say no to pool parties, I don't often go to the beach and if I do, I conveniently forget my swimsuit - this pretty much runs year in, year out, without fail. I have, somewhere, got a old swim-all in one strap everything in-suit, that I might wear if I was kidnapped and placed on a desert island (yeah, I should be so lucky) I hate everything about swimwear, but can possibly hate the bikini even more. I owned a bikini once before - I had spent about a tenner on it, and thought that it was perfect for sunbathing - it was pretty much one of these string-porn-star type ones, but with a D cup chest, that really wasn't going to work was it!? So the love affair ended. Since that moment I haven't worn anything like that in public again, and never again did I think I ever would - that would mean going into a shop and possibly daring to bare in a changing room with the brightest white lights and curtains that are no bigger than dental floss - yeah = not going to happen.

Along came Simply Beach.com Now I know alot of you are going to say 'there are alot of swimwear websites, but I will respond, saying no, none like this. The reason why Simply Beach is so different, is not only due to the extensive ranges and brands, but to the amazing service you receive when looking on the site and purchasing. I was drawn to purchasing a bikini online mainly because I could get to try the garment on at home, where I could black out all the curtains and light some candles, we all know what good lighting can do for a figure right?! Simply Beach is well set out, its tabs lets you decide to zoom straight to the Brand you want, or whether you're looking for swimwear, cover ups or even clothes - you cant really get lost.

I decided to fight my fear and go straight to the bikini section - I wanted one that wasn't your normal cheese  grater strung kind, nope, I wanted one that was going to fit my enlarged figure, be well supported but also not look like something Bigfoot would wear. I found this in the 'Cup-sized Swimwear' tab, which is a first for me to see - I knew I was going to find something to hold my puppies in, in this section. I fell almost instantly in  love with Freya's range of bikini's - with actual cup sizes and pretty, feminine but fun designs, I knew this was the option for me. As for the bottoms, well, anything that doesn't have enough fabric to cover both my japan-sized cheeks, is a no-go. So a full, but sexy brief was my aim - my final pick was the Freya Pier Halterneck Bikini - perfection by fit, and perfection by print - love.

Now the decision and purchasing was complete, all I had to do was wait for the normal, agonizing delivery times until my bikini body got it's D-Day. A pet hate of mine is delivery times anyway, but with Simply Beach, my order came within 2 days! I was truly excited to see the package nestled safely on my doorstep and ran inside to my darkly lit boudoir in preparation to try the elusive bikini on. Well, strike me down and call me Ms. Pamela Anderson - It was lush, lush and well lush! On every level I loved it - the fit, the quality and the style. Believe it or not, I felt, mildly, attractive. Would you Adam and Eve it!?

Now, as the above pictures will show you, I do not have a bikini body, I probably never will, and yes I still wish I was about 2 stone lighter, but what I love more than anything, is that I'm in a bikini, yes, that's right, I'm in a bikini. That is all you need to know.

Simply Beach made my journey to Bikini stardom (ha!) so much easier. Giving me a easy to use website, with no silly jargon, its amazing descriptions, truthful measurements and a really really handy catwalk function where you can see those gorgeous models swishing their amazing bods down the catwalk *sigh* I loved everything about this website and the fact it got me into a bikini, through its ease of purchase pretty much equates to a big resounding success.

Thank you Simply Beach... Thank you...

**I would ask if you have nothing nice to say about my pictures, please do not say it at all - It took me over a month to pluck up the courage to post them!**

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sasdothat said...

omg hun, you do have a bikini body! and you don't need to lose 2 stone, you look amazing you sexy thing!

sarah xoxo

FeeneyFooFoo said...

you are a foxy lady - end of!!!

loving the pink, V flattering and fun



Siobhan said...

You rock lady! And you look GORGEOUS, I love the bikini and I WILL be checking out Simply Beach, because bikinis strike fear into my heart, too!

You're so brave for plucking up the courage to post the pictures, and it was worth it, because you look HOT lady!

Much loves :) xxxxxx

MissCatherine said...

You look amazing and I only wish I had the confidence (and/or banging body!) to post pictures of me on t'internet.

Style Souk said...

This is such a brave thing to do, but...

You look completely and enviably gorgeous, Sarah.

I loathe shopping for swimwear - with its predictable battle between me, my fat arse, and lycra - and usually end crumpled on the changing room floor sweaty, breathless and thoroughly demoralised.

It's nice to know there may be an alternative.

Sarah x


Michelle said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, look at your lovely tummy! The bikini is lush too! Well done you brave beautiful girl xxxxxx

Dexterous DIva said...

*golf claps* wit wooooo Scribs! Looking HAWT! xxx

Dookie3000 said...

I'm really pleased you found this website, you obviously loved it, its beachwear and, more importantly, it gave you the confidence to buy bikini's again! Am so glad you did, it's so great to hear and see you feeling good about yourself :)
I'd definitely trip over myself if I walked by you on the beach! Beautiful...

daisychain said...

freaking hell Sarah...hello amazing figure.

Lorraine said...

Looks fab! Gorgeous bikini x

CoolCrafting said...

That is brave, but you look fantastic - you have a bikini body and just think how gorgeous you will look with a tanned tummy.

lipsticklori said...

You look amazing just how you are, sweetie. All the 'get a bikini body' stuff in magazines is rubbish, and certainly not needed when you have an awesome bikini and confidence. Looks like you have both :-)

Trudi Gibson said...

Really enjoyed this post - made me giggle a bit as I can totally relate! But you DO have a bikini body! Loving the bikini too!

Maria said...

You look AMAZING. End of. Love the bikini too :)

Maria xxx

Olivia said...

Wow, how is that not a bikini body?! Toned arms...check. Abs to die for...check. Amazing rack..check. Don't lose weight, you look gorgeous hun, don't ever doubt it!
That's a gorgeous bikini too. Now where are you going to flaunt this thing?!

Christina Sanders said...

you look super hot. I'm jealous!

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