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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Suno: Where Exoticisim, NY Cool and Ethical clothes meet as one....

Some of you may or may not have heard of Suno. Born from Max Osterweis trips to Kenya - this brand is pretty much a mixture of every spectrum that circulates the fashion world: Not only are the clothes super luxe and wouldn't look out of place on Rodeo Drive and draped over ever A List celeb, they are right at the forefront in the design and print stakes: with the wide spectrum of colours used to help bring out the Kenyan authenticity, the printing techniques verge on mathematical and problem solving but are just clever tribal designs. Some might say its all thrown together in some mish mash, but I like the fluidity - how none of it 'should' work, but it does: beautifully.










Howtruly breathtaking are these pieces! Short of making you want to travel to Kenya to walk around in the dusty surrounding, Suno transports you into a world of its own.

You can buy Suno at Matches but please do go over to Suno's website and take in, in all it's glory, about it's ethics and the wonders that go into making a Suno piece.

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