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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cheer up: Clothing is your friend...

You know that feeling when you put on a favourite item of clothing, and its the type of item that just makes you smile - from the inside and out?! yeah, I like that feeling too. The problem these days, with so much variation and so much generic choice on the high street, its often hard to get excited about anything, or find something that genuinely does make you smile, in every way.

An email popped into my mailbox at approx 7:17pm today and I smiled: it wasn't some loving email from a loved one nor was it a notification to tell me I had won the lottery, it was an email from a clothing brand called Cheer Up Clothing Company - seriously, bet you just smiled right?!?

Cheer Up Clothing is just what you and I are looking for. Headed up by two best friends have united together with their love for fashion and music. There is an obvious uniqueness here: with their signature drawings, to the way their designs are presented: casual and stylish is always a winning combination. That's not to mention the way they treat their customers - each and every one of them (inc you!) is their friends. How nice is that?!?!

To me, this is a T-shirt evolution! Different t-shirt styles, different line drawings, different colour schemes and the ability to suit both men and women, surely this is the future! I'm never normally a T-shirt person: Not because I don't look good in them - hell, anyone can look good in a tee, but it's mostly because there is such little variety out there that I cant really find anything I'd feel confidant wearing out 'n' about - until now! With vest tops and Tees costing no more than £27, and hoodies and warmer wear, ranging from £35 - £45 there really is something for everyone, all within every budget, and they are all so easy to wear - this is happy central!!!

Racer-Back Vest tops: from £24.99

Selection of Uni-sex T-shirts: from £22.99

Hoodies from: £35

I'm already totally in love with Cheer Up Clothing - their technique, the feeling the vibes - this is what all clothing should come up with!

Be sure to get over to website and stock up on some Tee fun!

Website: http://www.cheerupclothing.com/
Twitter: @cheerupclothing

Until next time...


Fashion Tales.... said...

So lovely! I adore these tees, especially the big bow tank. Thanks for sharing this! -xxoo

Smeeeff said...

These tshirts are so cute! What a great little pick-me-up. I really love the crown :)

Amy x

Lizzys Lips said...

Such a great name :) really cute tees as well, the bow being a particular fave.

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