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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Jewellery Star: Lucy Hutchings

Another up+coming brand for you, so please put your hands, or get your credit cards ready, for April's Jewellery star: Lucy Hutchings.

Inspired by her childhood spent roaming around the Suffolk countryside, East London jeweller Lucy Hutchings developed her love for man-made and natural fabrics at an early age, managing to create such beauty from something so basic.

After studying a course in Wood, Metal and ceramics at University of Brighton and gaining a first class Bachelor of Arts degree, Lucy quickly grabbed peoples attention with her spirited ideas and use of different media. After people sat up and took notice, Lucy joined forces with the rather amazing Erickson Beaumon's studios in London. After gaining valuable knowledge, Lucy has started up by herself and presents us with some something altogether different and unseen before, managing to juxtapose elegance with boldness. Heavy use of semi-precious stones, real peacock feathers work against the rigid metal casings - I have long been a fan of a statement piece of jewellery, but what Lucy does so well is create a real statement persona with every piece - there's almost too much to look at with every item, and is a real feast for the senses - with rope mixed with heavy acrylics joined with gentle with precious stones - these items are no doubt going to be favourites with just about everyone!

Now time for the gawping! Here are some highlights of Lucy's SS11 collection:

Go check out her website for past collections and new pieces being added: http://www.lucyhutchings.com/

Young British Designers

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daisychain said...

((you and the jewellery))

sapphire ring said...

This looks like a modern and beautiful version of steampunk jewellery set. It's wonderful!

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