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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Scribbles London Fashion Week Day Four: Holly Fulton

This girl cannot go wrong - oh no... This new A/W collection was art-deco on speed! There was some extreme bejewelled dresses - in the most zingiest canary yellow and jet black, all teamed together in Holly's signature heavy use of print. If you didn't think you could pile anything else in the mix, try adding tweed, tassells and beading.

The dresses has shown a huge improvement even on the success of last season. The attention to detail was second to none, with the most cute leather cap sleeves and intricate but hard studding details. Despite the shocking and obvious colours used, the prints really done the talking right now: some were truly stunning and simply beautiful, some were strangely unusual but eye catching at the same time. Using baroque swirled patterns, with the more vibrant art-deco, geometric designs was a step in the right direction.

The gentle use of colours made for some simply stunning but elegant looks: with pale turquoise and pink were thrown together with oodles of beading. Towards the end of the collection Fulton went on overdrive and managed to toughen it up - snakeskin shift dresses exposing miles of leg, hard metal rivets around hem and necklines - it was altogether so different and so supercharged compared to last season, Holly Fulton really done herself proud, I loved it.


LilliesandLove said...

I absolutely love Holly Fulton!! Although there were individual pieces I listed after at LFW, the Holly Fulton collection is the only one where I fell head over heels in love with every single item! I always love reading your blog but this particular post has made my eyes so happy!!

LilliesandLove xx

Carol said...

This was actually one of my favourite collection esp any of the outfits with the ice blue colour. Looked so regal!

Carol x

Rach said...

I adore HF!

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