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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Scribbles Views: A Bag Is For Life.....

Nope, I'm not talking about a cute little puppy, or any other bundle of fluffy fun.. I am talking about handbags.

Now shoes were always, and still are, 'my thing' and always be. My heart has always been full to the brim with love for shoes - I often don't have alot more time and space to share this love with anything other than shoes - yep they are my life. Until I met a handbag.... it's name was The Drayton. She was Plum in colour and was shiny and buffed all over. With an air of elegance and signature box pleats around her middle, I was captivated by her beauty, she was everything I'd ever wanted...... in a handbag.

After a lot of soul searching, I found her readily available at a gorgeous website called Milo & Saint and not only was 'my' Drayton there, but a whole load of equally gorgeous siblings were featured. I found out that Milo & Saint gave my Drayton her distinction, and elegance, and it was witnessed right across the board. Milo & Saint are exclusive as they come, and not only are these all individual and works of art - they are born and bred in our very own London, England. With delectable Leathers and fabrics used, these bags are for life - they yearn to be used but not abused and they will last you for life - no matter what the trend is.

Check the whole collection to see which one you're going to give a home...

The Hardwick in Steel £380

The Hardwick in Doormouse £380

Hardwick Lining
The Drayton (Swoon!) in Plum £360

The Drayton in Denim £260

Drayton Lining

The Chantry Clutch in Steel £340

The Chantry Clutch in Denim £340

The Franklin Tote in Cocoa £395

Have you had enough yet?? Nope, didn't think so, to make it a little bit more easy for you all, the absolutely gorgeous Lucy-Holland Smith is offering all you lovelies free delivery on any order. All you have to do is email Lucy ( lucy@miloandsaint.com ) directly with your order, quote this site and Ta-Da!!!.... Save yourself  those pesky delivery charges right in time for Christmas!

Until next time...

The Blogger Diaries Part Nine: A Daisy Chain Dream

Ooooo Part Nine! where has the time gone eh?!?! We have a fab Blogger up this week - someone who we all know and absolutely love: Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream.

A Daisy Chain Dream is one of the first blogs I started reading and was in awe of. One of the first things that caught me eye, was the amazing outfit posts that this girl puts out. I can guarantee that I will always find outfit inspiration from her amazing styling and outfit picks, and what I love about Laura is her use of colour. We all love Black, but as much as its a fail safe colour for me (and my hips!) Laura exudes happiness with her colour filled outfits - I want to live in Laura's bubble of fun! The content on the blog is always cheerful, much like Laura herself, filled with informative posts that cant help fill your imagination up with the very likable thoughts on fashion and lifestyle views. Aside from the must-see outfit posts and superb writing content, fab giveaways are a regularity and you just have to get a sneekie peek at her gorgeously cute cat: Flash - who is a star!! Here Laura, answers some Scribbles questions:

  • Using only 5 words how would you describe yourself and then 5words to describe your blog?
Myself: Determined, loyal, curious, surprising, friendly
My blog: Honest, life, personal, outfits, Flash!

  • How long have you been blogging now?
About 18 months on my current blog, I don’t count the one before that as it’s long gone!
  • How did you get into blogging?
I think I stumbled over some blogs when I was browsing The Fashion Spot forums and became curious about the whole idea of blogging. It grew from there…it’s an obsession, I tell you!
  • How did your obvious love for fashion start?
I don’t really know to be honest, I was never a girly girl growing up, nor particularly interested in clothes, but I did like to stand out and loved finding quirky pieces that none of my friends had. Non-uniform days at school were like a freak show for me! My Mum has always dressed well and followed trends to some extent so I probably picked it up from her.

  • What has been the most pivotal/most memorable/favourite moment in your blogging career?
I know I always talk about this, but honestly, when I got really ill, the support I received from bloggers was over-whelming. Up until that point I didn’t fully appreciate just how loving “strangers” could be. It’s not about the material things for me, it’s about the friendships made.
  • Who inspires you?
I think we can all find a little inspiration in anyone. I find “real” people far more inspirational than models or celebrities; both in the way they dress and in how they deal with what life throws at them.
  • What item of clothing and style do you find yourself being drawn to over again?
Tights! I really cannot get enough, the brighter the better! I have over 60 pairs.

  • Other blogs you read?
How long have you got? I honestly couldn’t begin to make a list.
  • What makes a good blog?
I love blogs that give insight into the person behind it. But really, as long as it’s not just re-gurgitated press releases or magazine editorials I’ll probably like it.
  • Favourite high street shop and favourite designer boutique?
New Look, I find myself going back there again and again. Partly because I love their clothes and they fit me well, but also because it was the only clothes shop in my town when I was growing up (and pretty much still is now!)
  • Most treasured possession?
My family+friends, god I’m a sap.

  • A fact or detail not many people know about you?
I’m a natural born red head! I spent years covering it up and now I’m desperate to re-embrace it!

What a fab interview, Laura is an all around, rather stylish gem and she has mostly definitely brightened my life with her blog and humour! Go check her out here!!

Until next time.........

Monday, 29 November 2010

Scribbles Views: Dancing Shoessssssss

Forget trying to squeeze yourself into your fave party dress, the way forward my lovelies, is party shoes!

Oh yes, lets face it, your feet never gain weight or bulge at the seams after too many mince pies - shoes always fit! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with email after email about the High street brand showing off their 'latest and best' party dresses - there is literally only so many prom dresses that make the creative ears prick up. The best thing with shoes is that literally you can get away with anything and everything but they make so much difference to an outfit.

I always have been a shoe-convert and preferred the foot fancies much more than any piece of clothing - I have found over the many years, and countless shoe endeavours, my foot-art have received many more compliments than the clothes I wear - that might just be peoples way of telling me I dress crap, but I think wearing something a little more creative and special on your feet is viewed a little more differently. Feet and shoes are seen as a necessity and due to the nature of using your feeties to hold your entire body weight, we are usually advised to wear sensible, flat, well fitted shoes... I choose to ignore that, and my motto seriously is 'The Higher, The Better' - Granted, being only a little over 5ft helps, but I think I'd still wear 4-5inch heels if I was 6ft!

With it being Party season, what better way to go a little bit different than forget the standard 'party dress' syndrome, get yourself some frigging gorgeous heels and let them do the talking! Please note: much feet swinging is needed!

First Row: Miss KG Platform Detail shoe £75, Studded Peep toe Shoe-ASOS £90, Glitter Stack Heels-Reiss £149 
Second Row: Gold Bow Heels-Kurt Geiger £100, Lace Mesh Heels-Topshop £68, Orange Hendrix Heels-Kurt Geiger £100
Third Row: Gold Shoe boots-Schuh £69.99, Magenta Cut-out Heels-Dune £45, Glitter Platforms-Schuh £59.99
Bottom Row: Crystal Christian Louboutin-Net-a-porter £1,945, Purple Fan Heel-Charlotte Olympia £590, Spiked Platforms-Kandee £269

How do you feel about shoes? are you an all or nothing kinda girl and are shoes your choice to wow?

Until next time...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Scribbles Views: Stealing the Style.... .Fearne Cotton

Another Style Steal post for you: this one we're getting all masculine!

Alot of people are hesitant about sporting the masculine look - granted, it's not easy to get it right. I think the key is to finish the outfit off with a certain something feminine - whether it be an extra bold slick of lipstick, double the accessories or some extra high heels.

Inspired by our very own Sarah Jessica Parker in the rather memorable scene in SATC 2 - when Carrie was bridesmaid for her gay best friends and she wore the rather formidable Dior Tuxedo. It was so eye-catching, and so different. With split views as to whether it worked or not, one thing was sure, she certainly new how to work it. Even our Carrie, knew that it was imperative to add a certain femininity to her outfit - enter the Gothic black head-dress that she so elegantly slipped on just before the ceremony - who can forget that!

One person's style who caught me this week and took the 'masculine' trend to a whole new edgier level, was the beautiful Fearne Cotton. Working the androgynous look perfectly, she teamed an edgy, masculine suit jacket-white shirt and bow tie combo with some very sexy leather shine trousers but prettied it up with some girly tousled hair and bright pink lips - this outfit is perfection to me - it just works. Here's how to get yours at a fraction of the price:

Silk Blazer: Topshop £129
Black Bow Tie: Aspinal of London £39
High Waisted Wet Look Trouser: Topshop £20
Adjustable White Shirt: ASOS £95
Multi-strap Shoes: Topshop £60
Blush Pink bag: Debenhams £35
Multi Stranded Bracelets: Accessorize £6
Lipstick: Rimmel 'Kiss me' £6.29

Love it or loathe it? Are you willing to be a man?

Until next time...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dear Santa.............

I have been a very good girl.....

I actually truly believe that this Charlotte Taylor Tweed Alice Skirt, was made for me and only me. Look at the shape, the styling, the colour and fabric... its me right?!? Thought so.. That's why we all must beg Santa to deliver this to me on Christmas Day.. I promise I'll let you all swoon over it!

P.S Santa if you're reading this, get yourself over to Young British Designers cos frankly I love everything to do with Charlotte Taylor.

Until next time...

Scribbles Views: Star Nails by Debenhams

I do love messing around with nail varnishes and designs - initially spurned on by a certain miss Gem Fatale ! The only problem being for me, is I literally cannot stand to grow my nails very long (purely down to typing purposes!) I have been known to sport some fakes! I used to think the 'apply it yourself' fakes were limited to the standard French Manicure, which, don't get me wrong, are very nice, although for those nights out and something a little bit different I much prefer a colour.

There is a real strong surge for nail art right now, and getting right on trend is Debenhams. As part of the new STAR by Julian Macdonald beauty range, are these gorgeous, pre-glued and easy to apply nails. I think we've all seen the various bright colours and various designs that are hot for nails right now and these lovelies do it all for you! They come in gold and black leopard print, black and white zebra print, and my fave a Dorothy Red sparkly set and guess what, they only cost a mere £8 for a set - cant be bad huh!?

I shall be stocking up on these: Not only for myself but for some nifty stocking filler ideas! Get yourself to Debenhams now!

Until next time....

Scribbles views: Stealing the Style.....Heidi Klum

Time for new little feature: How to replicate the celeb style secrets!

First up is the stunning Heidi Klum, who can never do wrong! This week, the American Music Awards was a veritable style-fest with countless gorgeous girlies getting their party frocks on. It seemed everyone had gone for the short and glamorous dresses, but one person really bought the glamour and that was Victoria Secret model, Heidi Klum. Opting for a full length sheer lace gown, that was elegantly belted at the waist to show off her enviable figure. With her hair dramatically pulled back, exposing some gravity defying earrings - her accessories gave the outfit the real pop, whilst the sheer fabric gave her look a real sex-appeal that even the short-hemmed girls couldn't pull off. Here's how to get your version right here on our high street, for a fraction of the price!

Sheer Maxi Dress: ASOS Black £95
Suede Belt: New Look £6.99
Feather Chandelier Earrings: Topshop £20
Lace detail Slip: La Senza £50
Flower Ring: Boohoo.com £6
Red Bauble Ring: Boohoo.com £8
Black Stone Ring: Boohoo.com £8
Strappy cage Heels: New Look £22.99

Until next time......

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Scribbles Views: Versace heads to January

Versace has gone well and truly mad for the very lovely January Jones and picked the Mad Men star to be their new face of the label. This isn't really news as such, the star was seen with Donatella in March at the Milan show for the Spring/summer 2011 showcase, but what is more thrilling, is that the blonde beauty will be shot by legendary Mario Testino for the campaign images.

Versace's is renowned for having a string of beauties showcasing the brand and January will take over from the pout-tastic Georgia Jagger who was last seasons star. Georgia's editorial was very young and hip, it zoned into the same age group as Georgia, however it'll be interesting to see how far from this, the new shots are going to be?

To me, its not surprising Donatella chose January Jones to be the latest muse, with the resounding success of Mad Men, and the influence of the style of clothes worn in the programme, it would seem the Spring/Summer collection was made for the Mad Men blonde star. The Versace S/S11 campaign itself had a real retro feeling to it, featuring longer than normal wiggle-worthy pencil skirts, A-line dresses in a classic black leather, boxy jackets and with varying colours - the whole look had a slightly more fresh appeal and told a real story.

I cant wait to see just how January Jones looks once Mario Testino's finished with her, but I just know it's going to look great! Nice to see the stars of Mad Men getting the publicity they deserve.

Until next time..

Monday, 22 November 2010

Scribbles Views: Chocolate Nails???

I love chocolate, like you wouldnt believe, but imagine a world where you can combine beauty and chocolate??? WAIT: Before you lot go and cover yourselves in chocolate, this really isnt what I was talking about.. oh no, I'm talking about the two new Nails Inc shades in conjunction with Dairy Milk and the launch of their new 'Bliss' bar.

I was lucky enough to win a competition on LDN Fashion to win a set of these Dairy Milk inspired nail polishes, not only did I get the beautiful colours, but I got a bar of Bliss to munch on!!! Seriously, life cant get much better than that right?!

One shade was called: Chocolate Bliss and the other Vanilla Bliss - both are gorgeous and slightly metallic! I decided to combine the two and paint my nails alternately! Go check them out below:

Please note: You cant actually eat the nail varnish... yeah I know, disapointing!

Until next time...

Scribbles WishList: The Diverse Christmas Party Outfit.....

We're all busily getting ready for the Christmas party season: What dress, what shoes, what look we're gonna go for, hair up/hair down - the list is endless. But me, I'm cool, calm and collected... oh yes... my dream outfit is here. This year, I'm shunning the dress limelight and I'm going for 'different'

This is not something I'd normally go for - its trousers for one! But These Silk Palazzo Trousers by Willow are just something a little bit special. With an abstract aztec print, high waisted and exaggerated wide leg, these are like the maxi dress equivalent in a trouser format. Now I know these are expensive, but what you get here is quality and diversity: the two things that are so rare to find. These will last you a lifetime!

Silk Trousers: Willow £590, Feather shoulder cropped jacket: Topshop £60, Lace Bralet: Topshop £22, Gold Tassel Necklace: ASOS £30, Phoenix Ring: Lola Rose £65, Extravagant Red: Estee Lauder Lipstick £15, Velvet Clutch: ASOS £65, Gold Shoe: Bourne Dres Viva La Diva £169

To vamp the outfit up, Ive teamed the high waist of the trouser with a fitted and well structured top half. To contrast with the loose fit trouser, the lace bralette gives a subtle glimpse of flesh with some much needed corsetry.

The gold accessories keep the look modern and less monotone, The long tassel gold necklace provides a much needed distraction from the flesh on show. The statement Lola Rose ring is simple yet elegant enough to still create an impression.

The red lipstick is an essential for this look - there's nothing quite like a quick flash of a red pout to really dress an outfit up and add a certain va va voom!

So girls, are you going for the standard dress this Christmas party or are you willing to trouser-it-up?

What do you think?

Until next time....

Scribbles Focus: Creative Cherries

I love fashion, that's a given, but I do struggle with anything in relation to beauty, see the thing is, I never normally wear that much make-up or have the knowledge to work out what all the beauty gubbins tells me to do - I get a little bit lost in it all. My key to getting over my lack of knowledge is the numerous beauty/lifestyle sites that are about. However a certain site has now taken over my life and not only has it helped me cure my beauty and lifestyle woes, it has also opened my eyes to so much more.

The the lovely Jo Gifford is a lady who is on a one woman mission to take on the world - I don't actually think there's nothing this one cant do. Jo is the director of Cherry Sorbet which is literally your one-stop shop for Graphic design services, writing editorials and consult on everything related to pampering oneself with beauty.
Chance had it, after speaking to the effervescent Jo (This woman rocks my world) I located and logged onto the The Scoop which is the Blogzine for Cherry Sorbet. Focusing on the insights into consumer trends within the beauty and lifestyle industry, this is a really bright, vibrant and fun website that tags on to Cherry Sorbet perfectly with its well written, perfectly illustrated site, that showcases Jo and Cherry Sorbet at a perfect angle. Getting an insight into Cherry Sorbet through the Blogzine blew me away with just how much this lady has achieved.

Now, not only does Cherry Sorbet, the Blogzine and Jo  manage to provide just about everything you need for your Graphic Design services, but can also arrange Social media management and blogging management. Seriously, can this woman really do all this! well, just take a look at Cherry Sorbet's portfolio for the oodles of amazing clients they've recently serviced.

Just goes to show, just how much one woman and one dream can achieve. I beg all of you to go check out Cherry Sorbet, recommend it to your friends or contacts and please go and read the wonders of the Blogzine - this is the future!



Until next time.....

Friday, 19 November 2010

Scribbles Views: I want to be a Desert Fox...

Style Stalker are on my list of fave designers, I've featured them before on the blog, and no matter what happens, or what new trends come out, I can guarantee I will fall in love with every collection. Style Stalker do something a little bit different each and every time - I love how all their clothes have such attention to detail and now how to create such strong individual looks.

The new collection, entitled 'Desert Fox' is inspired by sun-parched landscapes, the rough grains of dust, the harshness of cactus's and scorpions - This is a road trip through Cowboy country. The designs are spot on - with dramatic lace up, hook and eye details, hard studs are cleverly juxtapositions next to elegant and gentle lattice effect backs and hemlines, and softly draped dresses. The colours have been kept neutral enough to team with some fierce jewellery. The lookbook for the new collection, shot by Zanitta Whittington, manages to capture the soft and hard in the photos, and manages to make the raw scenes work seductively creating superb silhouettes. I also think the model choice of Bambi Northwood-Blyth works well - with doll-like eyes, and a spicy frame to her face, The clothes were simply made to work with her body frame and look stunning in every shot.

Another superb collection by StyleStalker, and I cant wait to get my hands on the Snake-Bite leggings, which are a work of art in their own right.

The new collection is now available online at their store

Until next time..........

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Scribbles Wants: Take Four: The Old Lady Who Lives in Her Shoes

Its Take Four in the serious Shoe Envy section, these babies are possibly heaven on earth and I think maybe my choices of the whole year. Who else could they be from than Mr Nicholas Kirkwood.

Kirkwood is by far the king of Sculptural glamour, displaying some of the most exquisite designs and play on fabrics and textures I've ever seen. I can guarantee that his shoes are pure and unadulterated works of art for the feet. The latest collection at Browns are no exception and I have swiftly added each and every one of these to my Christmas list, feast your eyes on these:

Suede Platforms with Lattice detail £695
(yeah - two photos for these, Im almost licking the screen)

Suede Shoe Boots £710

Boots with removable cover £645

Platform Heels £585

For Erdem Hiking Boots £710

Need I say anymore???? Feet-Art!

Until next time...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Scribbles Wants: The Curse of The Red Coat

Nope,I'm not talking about the perma-smile Butlins folk, but an actual 'red coat'. Ive never been one for dressing properly in the Winter: I don't work layers well, I'm too short and stumpy, but I'm also not very good at styling an outfit that suits my age, I just seem to resemble that of my Gran. One thing that everyone knows is an essential for the Winter is a warm coat right?! No-one wants to freeze and I do agree that a coat can totally make a whole outfit work, but I cant help but get lost in all the different styles and trends that are bought out every Winter, that why the Red Coat has a very special place in my heart.

I've wanted a red coat for as long as I can remember, yes, the style tends to change each year, but not the colour. Instead of being the disposable fashion 18year old I used to be, I want classic style. A coat that stays in trend every year without fail. I'm not all that sure why I love red so much - this time of year I find it helps with the festive nature but I just love the whole look. I imagine myself walking in the country, through a big pile of crisp leaves, keeping snug in the frost with my stunning red coat. So here's the challenge girls, Ive come up with seven favourites of mine, and I'm leaving it up to you to decide which 'red coat' is my destiny... I couldn't possibly decide, cos I love them all!

From L-R:
A: Dorothy Perkins £79
B: South by Very £69
C: Karen Millen £265
D: Per Una at Marks & Spencer £99
E: Mango £119.90
F: Paul Costelloe at House of Fraser £299
G: Next £75

So come on, help me choose which Red Coat will fulfil my dreams - drop me a comment and whichever one gets the most votes by Friday 26th will be purchased and photographed all over the blog!

Until next time....

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Blogger Diaries Part Eight: Edible Glitter

Part Eight is here!!! And by Jove, its a good one! Warm Welcome to the amazingly gorgeous and hugely talented Angharad Mead of Edible Glitter fame! Now, not only am I one-woman super fan of Edible Glitter, I'm a rather large fan of Angharad herself - She's my kinda girl, she not only loves fashion and amazes me with her styling, there is also alot more to her than meets the eye.

Edible Glitter first came to my eyes right at the beginning of my Twitter/blogging life, in fact it was Ang who inspired me and spurned me on to create this very blog in the first place. Edible Glitter is special in so many ways and I have watched this site literally grow and blossom before my very eyes. EG has literally everything you'll ever need to know. From talking about her current style crushes and what we should all be wearing, to the places she visits, the food she cooks (the recipes are rather amazing) to her passion for art - this blog really is a little bit of everything - and everything is oh so beautiful in Ang's mind and world. Here we find out a little bit more about Edible Glitter and its creator:

  • Using only 5 words how would you describe yourself and then 5 words to describe your blog?
Me: talkative, curious, creative, home-loving, day-dreaming
My blog: eclectic, colourful, varied, chatty, informative (at least that's what I hope it is!)
  • How did you get into blogging?
I've had several attempts at blogging over the years. Most were irritating, self-important scraps of teenage writing. But then I started Edible Glitter, and although at that time I was writing only for myself, I found it so much more enjoyable to write posts that might actually be of use to people. So I have a rule that instead of wittering on about things/emotions that are only of interest to me, I aim to write about things that other people can see/do/try for themselves, or can form their own opinion on.
  • How did your obvious love for fashion start?
That's a pretty hard thing to pin down! When I was a child I had a dressing up box full of clothes my Mum and Aunt had worn in the 80s - jackets with huge shoulder pads and a massive blue ball gown. Playing around with clothes like that helps you discover how changing your outfit can change your mood, but it doesn't necessarily help you develop good taste! I was probably 16 before I gave much thought to fashion. Then I developed an interest in observing those around me and those in the media spotlight and mixing up what I saw to give it my own twist. When I was 19 I got my first full time job, and suddenly I had enough money to actually buy the clothes I was lusting after, so I immersed myself in high street fashion. Going back to being a student after that was hard!
  • What has been the most pivotal/most memorable/favourite moment in your blogging career?
It probably sounds a bit corny, but I'm just so happy every time someone says they enjoy reading Edible Glitter. In terms of pivotal and memorable moments, being offered my first restaurant review felt good - that's when I thought I'd 'arrived', if only in a modest way.

  • Who inspires you?
In this day and age I know we all like to think we are super individual and beyond the influence of magazines and the media, but I think those areas are still where most of us gain our fashion inspiration from. What's important is knowing how to mix everything up and give it your own edge. I certainly derive fashion inspiration from film stars and singers that I admire, but I would never want to simply copycat an entire look. Good fashion sense is about borrowing a little bit from here and there.
Moving away from fashion, I am also hugely inspired by novelists who seem to write so effortlessly and yet conjure up worlds of such wonderful language. Every time I finish reading a good book I am left feeling inspired. I just need to harness the willpower to do something with that inspiration!
  • What item of clothing and style do you find yourself being drawn to over again?
I find it hard to imagine a world in which I will ever give up leggings. They are so comfortable, and don't make me look as bulky around the hips as jeans do. I'm a massive fan of faux fur in the winter, and I'm also particularly drawn to gold jewellery - it's not often that you'll catch me wearing silver.
  • Bags, Shoes or Clothes? What’s your fave?
This is a toughie Sarah! It used to be shoes when I was younger, then I got lazy about tottering around on heels, and switched my attentions to bags. There are some really fabulous, eccentric bags out there, but the iPhone makes life difficult as it won't fit into the teeny tiny ones! I've just acquired a pair of beautiful Aruna Seth butterfly heels, so I think for the moment I'm back in the shoe zone.
  • Other blogs you read?
I have a blog roll on Edible Glitter which lists some of my favourite blogs. I mostly read food and fashion blogs, but I love slightly more eccentric blogs which explore all sorts of topics. If a blog is attractively presented and the writer engages well with the reader, then almost any subject can be made interesting.
  •  If you were on a desert island what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
Probably my iPhone or a laptop, which is sad, because I'd love to be able to choose something quirky or cultural!
  • Favourite high street shop and favourite designer boutique?
I'm pretty much strictly a high street shopper, as I live on a student budget at the moment and don't get to shop nearly as much as I would like to (*violins*). New Look probably wins my prize for best high street shop - I can't remember an occasion when I walked into the Oxford Street shop and didn't find something I wanted to buy. They do student discount, which is great, and they have a fab range of shoes which look high-fashion without the high-fashion price tag.
In terms of designer clothing, I have a soft spot for Chanel, but what girl doesn't? I'd love a pair of their Winter boots. Every now and then I come over all weddingy, and when that happens I head to the Temperley website for a fix.

  • Is there a destination in the world that inspires you most for fashion and why?
Indian clothes are so incredibly beautiful and detailed; real works of art. Whilst on holiday in New Delhi a month or so ago I tried on a beaded lengha, and the intricate detailing on it made it so heavy I could barely walk in it! I love the different colours and fabrics that are used over there - I saw women in bright pinks and yellows and berated myself for spending so much time dressed in black and grey.
  • A fact or detail not many people know about you?
I'm afraid of the dark.

Man, I just love this girl! She is so hugely talented and her blog always transports me to places beyond my wildest dreams! Transport yourself to her blog now

Until next time....

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Scribbles Views: Merry Matalan

With Christmas just around the corner, I dunno about you, but I am in the mode to try and become more organised this year and plan ahead. I'm more of a 'last-minute' kinda girl to be honest, but year in, year out I leave everything until the week before Christmas and end up going into panic mode and pay double the price for things I haven't even thought about and don't really want. This doesn't just apply to present buying, oh no, its spread to even me organising myself it would seem. So, in my effort to be more of a Christmas Angel than the Grinch this year, I'm taking a helping hand from the rather lovely Matalan Lookbook to organise the Scribbles Christmas, and WOW there are some gorgeous things, in fact, Dear Santa... if your listening, Can I have it all??

Things I'll be wearing

For the office Christmas do:
Heart Print Dress £25, Platform Gem Detail shoes £16, Teardrop earring £4, Black Croc Clutch £6

For Christmas Eve Night out:

Lace wrapped Bangle £6, Lace Printed Dress £25, Lace Shoe Boot £18, Military Jacket £22

For the Big Family Christmas Luncheon:
Curved Spiky Earrings £3.50, Metal Trellis Ring £6, Embellished Shift Dress £25, Over the Knee Boot £28

Boxing Day Brunch with Friends:

Shoulder Embellishment Jumper £16, Faux Leather Trousers £20, Stud Top Boot £18, Military Jacket £45, Chain and Stone Studs £6

Now for the Interior

For the Family Home, Perfect for the Traditional Christmas Lunch:

Christmas Plates/Bowls/glasses: Prices from £3 - 10, Pudding Shapes Service Plate £8, Christmas Cake Stand £12, Christmas Dip Bowl £8

For the Glam Interior, perfect for Christmas Cocktails:

Christmas Plates/Bowls/Glasses from £3 - £12, Silver Cake Stand £12, Carafe and Wine Glass Set £20

And for those quiet alone times:

Espresso Cup and Saucer £8, Panetone £8, Mulled Wine Set £8,

Well, I feel well n truly Festive thanks to Matalan, and at least I'm sorted, Now just some present planning to go....

Until next time...

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