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Friday, 29 October 2010

Scribbles Wants: What My Hair Desires Part 2

Well, I hope you all read my previous post, cos you wont understand this otherwise, BUT, in order to give you the whole story, I've decided I am going to post my progress on the 'great lengths' project. This actually means posting my ugly mug on the blog. *warning* people of a nervous disposition, please look away now.

So this was me when my hair last cut, dated 28th August

And as of the 27th October, this is the mop now....

Well... there you have it....... my problem. I like the left hand side, but the right is HORRID! On with the next month of hair growth... grrrr

I hope I haven't scared any of you off with my ugly mug, but anyone who has any advice/tips please do let me know!

Until next time......

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Scribbles Wants: What my Hair Desires......

Since I was 17 years old I've had short, short hair. It was a defining moment in my life when I chopped it off - I actually remember the very moment I decided to 'go for it' and go for the chop. I never really had excessively long hair to start with, I should imagine it was approx shoulder length, I have a natural wave in my hair, although back then it was known as a 'kink' and to be honest I had no idea, no tools and no products to make the most of my actually 'nice' hair. With me not knowing what to do with the frizz ball mess on my head, I often tied it up in to a ponytail, I had a wispy fringe, which I automatically thought made me look cool, what I didn't realise, is that with my natural 'kink' in the hair, my fringe wasn't the one I'd dreamed it would be and often resembled a frizzy mess that would flay out in all sorts of directions. My notorious bad hairstyles would often lead me to being endlessly teased throughout my entire school life. Going into Sixth Form at school, so I decided in the Summer break, that it was now my time to shine and to start a fresh and change my style, and so that day came. I trundled off to the hairdresser and without a specific hairstyle in mind, I requested a shorty hairstyle of which I assumed was err.. cool.

The Hairstyle wasn't bad by no means, it was different yes, I still had my beloved fringe and it looked ok..... Until I washed it that is, and my god, I literally had a head full of frizz, kiss curls and what could best be described as a full on Afro. My new hairstyle didn't give me a fresh start and it certainly didn't make me cool. It made me different, which now I enjoy, but back then, 'different' wasn't a good thing, I was segmented and targeted by the usual suspects and the rest of my two years at school were a living nightmare. On weekends, it wasn't such a big disaster as I had my trusty handbag straighteners to clamp the fringe down should needs be, but overall it wasn't really the making of me... until a couple of years after school. I became more and more aware of styling products and styling tools and came to grips with the way my hair worked (which more often than not, would mean it frizzing and curling all over the place, especially in damp weather) and I began to style my hair a little better and gradually over the years grew to love having short hair. Not for the reasons that most short-haired people do, quick to dry and style, just because I rather enjoyed being a little bit different from conventional girls my age.

So here I am, nearly 10 years, and several shorter hairstyles later, I still am a self proclaimed shorty, and yes, its not bad... although I am now yearning for change. I have a rather unhealthy obsession with long hair - any colour, any style but as long as its long. Look what you get with long hair: Diversity. The ability to change the style when your mood sees fit, or at the drop of a hat - Talking of hats, that's another thing you can wear.... hats. I long to be able to wear a faux fur hat, beanie or beret and not look like a boy or bald..... swoon. So, here it is, my pledge to grow my hair. oh yes, I'm going for it... my determination for this is stronger than it ever has been. I have even bet a friend £50 that I wont cut my hair for 9 months - read it and weep! Well, at the moment, as some of you may know, I have a very prominent asymmetric hairstyle, with the right side being dramatically shorter than the left. My first step in the 'great length' campaign is to even out my sides, so both can grow equally and to look after my hair and not use the straighteners at all, and only use the hairdryer when needs be! In order to keep my inspiration and need there , here is what I'll mostly be looking at:

Well, there you have it, that's my pledge. Lets just ruddy well hope I can do it, I'm gonna need your help girls! What styles do you like? and who's got the best hair in your eyes?

Until next time....

Scribbles Views: The Jewellery that was made from my thoughts....

Oh yes, I'm on a jewellery high this week - it's everywhere! I've been taken out of my comfort zone by GoGo Phillip by falling in love with a slinky chain and not just a chunky lovely that I normally go for, and I've been bedazzled by Erickson Beamon, but moving on in all things 'jewellery' I was looking for more fun, eclectic styling. I put the word out on Twitter that I was looking for something more unique and boy, did it deliver - I found the unique Maggie Angus jewellery website.

As soon as I saw the bright colours, the child-like fun illustrations of Anna Hickman-Evans, I knew this was the brand I was looking for. These pieces are friendly little items, they are not offensive or boring, they are fun and weird, and are pieces that are there to not only make a statement, but to create a talking point between you and the admirer. Having inherited her Grandmothers jewellery collection and seeing the pure treasure trove of accessories that she once had owned, it spurned Anna on to create Maggie Angus.

Kooky little illustrations, sit on slim fitting chains, unique pretty girly colours are mixed with the loud and proud bright variations - but all are distinct and most of all, fun to look at. There's no hidden agenda here, no hidden meaning - just jewellery at its most recognisable and best. 

Along with some classics,  a new collection has been launched called 'Girls can never have enough', which is personally a saying I use a little too often. Full of drawings of Shoes, vintage handbags and antique looking perfume bottles all showcased on some funky acrylic these are ideal as presents, or if your like me and have a stupid shoe addiction then why not shout it loud and proud and wear it on your neck... or wrist... or ears!

I have started writing my Christmas list and right on top of it is the rabbit necklace (that is nearly out of stock!!eeeek!) I intend on using it as a tribute to my bunny.
Aside from how lush the designs are, prices are pretty brilliant for an item that is so different and not seen in many places. I cant wait to see what Maggie Angus bring out one season to the next, and I must must must get my mitts on a bit of their kookiness!

Go check them out here

Until next time....

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Scribbles Views: GOGO unlocks my heart....

Some of you may remember my recent blog post all about the gorgeous GOGO Phillip range of jewellery. Well I just had to post a picture of my very own GoGo Phillip necklace kindly sent to me by Amy at Material PR and GoGo themselves!

My normal choice for jewellery is bigger the better, the chunkier the lovelier, so it was a much welcome surprise to receive something a little different. On a slim, closely knitted gold chain, hung a delectable old fashion style key. Hitting just on the middle of my chest, it hung beautifully. It goes with practically everything in my wardrobe and adds a certain kitsch, classic, antique look to my outfits. The necklace is stunning and there is no doubt about it. I have had countless comments asking me where it's from, it really is a sign of things to come when people are talking about the jewellery already!

Get yourselves over to the site now and go find yourself something that is one of a kind and a talking point.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Scribbles Wants: Getting Organic....

When someone says to me 'do you buy organic?' I always say yes, for food - all my fruit, veg and meat are organic and personally I do prefer the taste, but recently, I have just been introduced to Organic clothing. Yeah, for sure, I've heard of it, but to be honest, I've never really sat up and taken notice. A part of me, has always though that maybe Organic clothing will be verging on the slightly 'hippy' side (not that there's anything wrong with that of course!) and perhaps I was worried of representing a Nora Batty-style, instead of 'on-trend'. So, when I caught sight of two of my favourite bloggers Mademoiselle Robot and Pretty much Penniless styling up a gorgeous, detachable collar from a company called Beaumont Organic. Well, for starters, these girls looked amazing, but wowzer for the collar too. Intrigued I headed on over to the site.

I was instantly taken with their kitsch, classic taste on their website and needed to find out what they were all about. It would seem Beaumont Organic is all about creating stunning, simple, extremely well made, classic pieces of clothing. What is different is the way they have brought it right into the 21st century, and to the forefront of everyones 'environmentally friendly' side, they only use 100% Organically grown cotton - making it free from any nasties! I was stunned that a company is going into so much care and attention to make the world a truly better place, and also providing the consumer with some amazing items that are not boring, not plain, but classic, beautiful pieces that are right on the money with trend.

There is a real air of luxury with these pieces, and there is no normal 'guilty' luxury we sometimes feel for buying clothes, this is clothes to feel really good about. I literally cannot take my eyes off their clothes: they look comfortable, fresh and youthful. Their dresses are beyond stunning, and going into a new Season, I feel it only right to showcase my faves:

Removable Bib Button Dress £40.00

How stunning is this? This is perfect weekend wear, team with jewelled coloured tights and patent pumps. Too cute for words.

Plait Detail Button Back Dress £40.00

This dress is my absolute fave. Has such a feminine shape and look to it. I actually think I would wear this too much. Versatile must be its middle name - teaming with open toed sandals in the Summer, with a flower in the hair, or for Winter, layered over thick opaques or leggings, skinny fit polo neck jumper, mid-length fur and mittens.

Cowl Neck Dress £135.00

This is your Winter necessity. If you buy nothing else, let it be this. Made from a heavy, thick Cotton jersey, so it positively hangs from your frame, slimming and disguising anything you want to be hid! Once again, versatile and easy to make it work for the office in sheer tights and patent heel Mary Janes or for the weekend with flat, riding boots, with knee-high socks and cosy layers.

Bow Front Top £59.00

Now, how beautiful is this??? I literally cant get over the pretty, delicate bow detail, or the cute little turn-up sleeve - this is my wardrobe all-rounder. weekend with skinny Jeans, tailored work trousers, leather-look leggings with heels, or a high-waisted skirt - how many different combinations can you come up with?

Wool Lined Mac £297.00

Here it is Ladies, the only coat you will need ever. This is bang on trend with this seasons Military styling. Fully lined to keep the heat in, with a perfect neutral colour that is timeless. What I love about this jacket the most is the details - the double button collar and the belt that can be cinched in. A absolute must-have.

Well, I could go on for hours and list the entire collection, but I do truly love everything from Beaumont Organic. I love the clothes, that fabric use, the classic style and most of all, I love the meaning behind it.

Something that is really close to my heart, in all factors of everyday life, please think of what you buy and where from - and go and check Beaumont Organic out. Also, do go check out Nola Boutique who stock these and some more goodies!!

Until next time.....

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Scribles ALERT: Date for your Diary - Vero Moda Hits London

I can barely contain my excitement when typing this....... right, breathe, one of my favourite brands and Danish export Vero Moda is finally opening its one and only flagship store in London!!

Oh yes, Vero Moda is coming to the UK's hottest shopping district, Oxford Street on the 4th November (Monday) Housing the very best of Vero Moda's collections including: Vero Moda Very (The Premium brand) Vero Moda Jeans and Vero Moda. Even as I'm typing, I am frantically looking over the look book and searching the website and making a list of everything I want!

For those of you, who haven't heard or seen Vero Moda, this is the brand of choice for the fashion-conscious, independent young woman who wants to dress smart and pay less. With a range of four design lines - Vero Moda, Vero Moda Jeans, Vero Moda Basic and the directional premium range Vero Moda Very - to cover the needs of each and every customer, Vero Moda offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for the young woman who wants to look good and have fun with her look in a trustworthy fashion-orientated context. At Vero Monda the customer finds the opportunity to follow fashion on her own terms

Take a look at some of these lovelies and get yourself down to Oxford Street on 4th November for the grand opening. I shall be there, with my list, rearing to go!

Check out the Vero Moda Facebook page for more updates on giveaways on launch day here and if you cant wait like me, check out their website to get an insight to all the goodies you can get here

Until next time.....

Scribbles Views: Debenhams and Erickson Beamon gives us advice time...

Any jewellery fans out there? Yep, I thought so, well my lovelies, if you haven't already, you need to check out Erickson Beamon. Personally, I have been a huge fan Beamon for a number of years and like to think of them as jewellery aristocrats. Beamon have a certain luxe look about them and are by the far, have the most decadent styling around. Their collections are always classic, sparkly and look a million dollars. The branding was thought up after countless runway shows proved to be missing something in terms of classic, expensive and stylish accessories. I don't think I know of any other jewellery brand to be quite so associated with Fashion runways than these guys, they have worked closely with the likes such as Givenchy, Dior and Chanel - all giving the designers collection a certain 'dazzle'

Last week, Debenhams kindly gave us the opportunity to put all our jewellery fuelled questions directly to Vicki (joint partner at Erickson Beamon) about whats hot and whats not, and her advice on everything bling. Here are some of the questions I was dying to ask EB and the responses - it was amazing to get the chance to talk to a brand that is so famed for bringing antique jewellery back 'in'
  • In all your past experience in dealing with designers such a Chanel and Givenchy, what would you say is you favourite Runway collection?
Every collaboration with many designers we have worked with over the years have been amazing, we have no faves, as we take pleasure in being diverse and fun with every collection
  • EB are often famed for bringing back the chandelier earring - how did that success come?
Well, all our original designs for the chandelier earring were made from semi-precious stones and it was always a key factor that should be the main focus. I think the colouration in the stones and using semi-precious materials helped drive the success forward and the new styling that is coming out now is so great and solely made to make you feel good.
  • What do you make of the age-old ruling, that you should 'either wear bracelets OR rings, never both'
Great question, to me, I am definitely more about 'piling it on' the more the merrier is what I say!
  • Whats your advice for those of us who are bringing out the LBD for the Xmas Party season and ways to dress it up?
Whatever you do, make sure it's fun and loud. Think a large, statement pendent, long dangly, bejewelled earrings or a stack of bracelets piled high up the arm.
  • Do you see jewellery as simply something pretty to look at, or do you like your pieces to tell a story?
I think collectible pieces are very personal, it's like the old saying 'One man's treasure is another man's trash' Keep what you love, and make room for something new. I think ethic jewellery is my classic, and I like our pieces to tell a story. But more important than anything else, jewellery is for self expression, so it should be what you want it to say.
  • What pieces of jewellery should you use to work it in the boardroom, during the day?
Personally, keep 'boardroom' jewellery simple and classic, tone it down a little. However jewellery can make you feel more confidant so wearing something that empowers you is a must-have.
  • Where do you get inspiration for the pieces you design?
Inspiration comes from many different sources, but I love old movies and characters in books.
  • What works and doesn't work for men when it comes to jewellery?
Silver chains are really great, but difference is good. Ive seen men in pearl necklaces that still look unbelievably masculine. All it takes is for the man to love the piece and believe in it.
  • And finally, What top tips would you give men wanting to buy their ladies jewellery for Christmas?
Forget that ruling that men should take the safest path. Be adventurous and go for diverse, eclectic pieces that not many people will have. The effort will always be appreciated.

Some wise words from the experts, and thank you to Debenhams for giving us individuals the chance to speak to such amazing designers. Ive been particularly interested in the collaboration with Erickson Beamon and Debenhams for quite a while and was even more intrigued when on first sight, the range was alot more luxe than I first thought possible. 'EB by Erickson Beamon' is delightful and worlds away from most jewellery that is available right now. The reason being? is its sheer class. Unlike some designers, who when taking their brands into the High Street, often 'lose' what their about, EB haven't. You still have the statement chandelier earrings (of which EB are famed for) The effervescent choker necklace and the big, chunky rings all very reasonably prices and look just gorgeous. What's more, is you can buy your very own piece of EB at Debenhams,which is on sale too - even more reason to get yourself some new bejewelled loveliness

£12.00 Was £15.00

£6.40 Was £8.00

£14.40 Was £18.00


£16.00 Was £20.00

£12.00 Was £15.00

£6.40 Was £8.00

£12.00 Was £15.00

£14.40 Was £18.00

£6.40 Was £8.00

£12.00 Was £15.00

There you have it, go get yourself some Runway specials and keep Erickson Beamon advice in mind! Thank you Debenhams and EB.

Check Debenhams out here
Check Erickson Beamon's website here

Until next time....

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