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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Scribbles Views: Gogo Phillip Vintage Bijoux

I think we've all established I do, very much, like a good bit of bling in my life, and mostly, the chunkier and the bigger, most definitely means the better.

With special thanks to the rather wondrous Amy from Wolf Whistle and Material-PR.com, who introduced me, I should actually say, made me fall in love with, Gogo Phillip. Knowing I'm a sucker for all things glitzy, a rather sumptuous and may I say it sexy, look book appeared in my emails.

Gogo Phillip is powered by Italian jewellery designer Georgi Peciknov Phillip, who was well and truly born into a dynasty of jewellery manufacturing, and took the path he was born to do, in designing and creating a modern, young and fresh porthole of jewellery designs, which really have sparked a torch in my eyes. Some of you may recognise the retro, 80's bling vibe, as its currently stocked in Topshop Flagship stores, but now, just launched, his own webstore!

Mesmerized from "the word go" the initial photos from the look book, were undeniably sensual. With a real tough and dirty edge, there was literally no way for me to take my eyes off them. First and foremost the designs of the rings took centre stage - I can safely say, I am constantly on the look out for decent, well designed, but fresh and different ring style - I like a good 'statement' ring - one that people will swoon over - and 'boy oh boy' these are most definitely it!

Necklaces are made at opposite ends of the spectrum - either delicately multi-stranded that that gently, drape over decolletages, or the heavier more rock-chick versions that are made to be seen - me, personally, I love the more statement pieces, but lets not leave out the superb and cute charm necklaces with eclectic little symbols such as 'victory/peace' and 'fingers crossed' - just perfect with a little tea dress!

Another, plus point (if there wasn't enough already!?) is the price! With prices ranging from €6 up to €40 these are a must for pay-day, pocket money, any kind of money purchase!!!! I am, without a doubt transfixed and in love!

Go check out the site here and be sure to have a read of the blog also! I'm off to place my order now!

Until next time.... 

The Blogger Diaries: Part Four: Sarah Betty

Are you ready folks, Part Four of The Blogger Diaries, and its time for the exuberant Sarah Betty.
A site that is full of wish and promise and is like a little 'Sarah Wonderland' that you can truly get lost in. With stunning illustrations, photos and a real honest approach to her writing skills, Sarah is firmly fixing herself into the fashion blogging world rather nicely.
You can guarantee Sarah will always show the good in the fashion world, her likes and her genuine passion for all the original beautiful things in life. Here we find out just a little more about our Sarah Betty.

  • Using only 5 words how would you describe yourself and then 5words to describe your blog?

Five words to describe me: Creative, contradictory, ambitious, idiosyncratic and green.
Five words to describe the blog: Charming, honest, eclectic, playful and pretty!

  • · How long have you been blogging now?
I’ve been blogging since I was 15 (nearly eleven years ago!), but I’ve only been a fashion blogger for about half a year.

  • · How did you get into blogging?
I wrote a lot of poetry and wanted somewhere to store/share it. I found a place where there were lots of people who also loved doing that AND commented on your work.

  • How did your obvious love for fashion start?
I have always been in love with creativity, for me fashion is just one aspect of that. I have been in love with personal style and clothing before I knew it was called fashion.

  • What has been the most pivotal/most memorable/favourite moment in your blogging career?
Making friends with other bloggers. Unlike the magazine world, where competition is rife, bloggers actually embrace you into their world. The community aspect is one of the most important for me.

  • Who inspires you?
The old woman on the bus who sits in front of me. She has no name that I know of, but she always looks fabulous. The little boy who sits in the corner of the playground alone. His hair is a little too well done and his shoes don’t look like the other little boy’s shoes. I love individuals who express themselves despite the backlash they receive, not the try hards who want to be something they’re not.
  • Bags, Shoes or Clothes? What’s your fave?
I think you can do the most with clothes. They’re more versatile and you could create a bag, or a pair of a shoes out of clothes. So they win!

  • Favourite designer and why?
Vivienne Westwood. She embodies talent, creative vision and is fashion for me. She knew what she wanted, where she wanted to go and she just went out and did it!
  • Hints on up+coming talent?
I am excited about seeing designer Charlotte Taylor’s collection this LFW! Not related, but also a fan of Hannah Taylor and last but not least - Kathleen Connors a new shoe designer you HAVE to watch out for.

  • Other blogs you read?
I read yours of course, Fashion Dreamer, Cherry Blossom Girl, Style Bubble, Coco’s Tea Party, Disneyrollergirl, Tavi, ReallyRee, Cellardoor Magazine, Young British Designers, Le Blog de Betty, Gem Fatale, The Clothes Whisperer, Fashion Fois Grois, Freak Deluxe Mag and SO many more!

  • What makes a good blog?
I think if the blogger knows their own tastes and opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them, then you have a good blog. You can tell a fake a mile away. Those blogs that think ‘everything is AMAZING’, and they’re not even being endorsed. Honesty, without bitchiness always wins.

  • If you were on a desert island what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
I’d say my laptop, but I’d enjoy that for all of an hour. Soooo, a sewing kit. I’d need to turn those palm leaves into suitable garments.

  • Favourite high street shop and favourite designer boutique?
High street shop=Topshop. Which I think is now stupidly over priced. Favourite designer boutique (not that I can afford anything designer) is Sarah Coggles in York.

  • Is there a destination in the world that inspires you most for fashion and why?
I’d say London, where I live. It’s so full of life here and people really put the effort into the way they dress. Slices of personality and projections of taste come to life on this city’s streets!

  • Most treasured position
At the moment, my iPhone. It lets me do everything.

  • A fact or detail not many people know about you?
That I would give up fashion and everything if I could go into space. I’d still love to be an astronaut.

Well here you have it, this girls a clever and beautiful one! go have a look at her blog and live in Sarah's world.

Until next time....

Monday, 27 September 2010

Scribbles Views at LFW: Day Four: David Koma

Onto David Koma, who had, by far, my favourite show. This was the epitome of Spring/Summer as far as I was concerned. There were miles of well made, pretty, fun and playful dresses with some excellent use of textures, fabrics and colours. However the real difference here, was the sophistication shown in the designs. Rather than some of the more unusual looks - bright use of colour and ott shapes, this time he had given us a more sedate version.

Dresses galore to open the show, with full pleated skirts that flared out in a flirty way. With the opening walks shown in the purest white, and palest pink. With a soft and gentle start, I can safely say I was chomping at the bit to see the rest of the show kick in! When things really started, there was alot of panelled skirts which had his statement prints, with contrasting colours - bright splashes of colour just jumped off the outfits, and some clever use of metallic fabrics - I loved the whole 'party girl' look of the dresses, in fact, i wanted every single item.

The skater skirt is something we've seen a whole lot of, however Koma manages to team a full skirt, with a peplum silhouette, creating a real play on the shape, he finished it off nicely with some monochromatic colouring - which was ideal for daywear. Golds were flashed making the outfits all ideal for that summertime party. I loved the sheer feminine style flashed, it made such a change to have a real sickly sweet and sexy and really very wearable, collection.

This was one of my favourite collections, for the simple but bang on trend style, I wasn't disappointed at all and I really pleased to see David move on to a slightly more mature collection.

Until next time...

Scribbles Views at LFW: Day Four: Peter Pilotto

A new day and one of the most busiest days in London Fashion Week. With many to choose from, some more well known than others. Here are my picks of the bunch.

Peter Pilotto showcased a multitude of inspirations, ranging from the sheer minimalist chicness to the more playful side then moving on to the more polished end of the spectrum. Overall the colour schemes were subtle and fresh. Using some more grown up colour schemes, ranging from sky blues, whites and nudes. All the items were cleverly bought together by the art of the jacket. Just like alot of the shows seen, it seemed the biker jacket was well an truly back this year. All accessorised with zips, cutouts and studs there was a real emphasis on textures - helping the nude shades come alive with a little more pizazz.

For the first time this year, I fell in love with the shoes that were shown - there was hollowed-out heel shoes which, of course, were designed by king of design, Nicholas Kirkwood.

With a real loose use of fabric, flowing lies and with knitwear being well panelled and structured there seemed to be a real play on a sportswear theme. Dresses had long, flowing trains, with yards of silk that billowed out, creating a real sense of movement and speed. Once again the transparency theme ran throughout, showing the delicate skin tones, that really helped to break up the white outfits.

I liked the showing of knitwear, layering over the trousers, with small but elegant flashes of prints. I think the real winner of this show was the shoes and no doubt these babies will be sought after by absolutely everyone. A real different and slick show.

Until next Time...

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Scribbles Views at LFW: Day Three: Richard Nicoll

Lastly on Day Three is Richard Nicoll.

This was a real success of a show - sexy and elegant, Richard has managed to do both with ease. The outfits were simple - the designs natural, but it was what Richard added on to the starting points, was the secret to what he achieved. Working with a dark palette helped to add to the naughty 'maid' feeling, layering was pivotal as was chiffon.

Full length chiffon skirts were layered with a high-waisted and well structured mini, that was full and pleated. Exposing some flesh tone with sheer vests, covered with a contrasting bright white leather bomber jacket, added some real definition. Trousers were once again high-waisted and full and flowing - however the sexual tight, leather trouser did make an appearance.

Heavy use of chiffon was literally sculptured into shape, made stiff around necklines, and flared at the breastbone - clever use for the standard use of chiffon, which is often just for transparency. Once again, Nicoll opted for black and white - which added to the sexy/elegant juxtaposition. There was a slight introduction of some pale peach - a softer complexion over the white and more preferred by me.

On first sight, I thought the collection was relatively soft, however the lines were dramatic and graphic. Each and every piece worked well together, although there was this great ability to use each segment on its own, as its own forefront runner - making the whole collection more adaptable and probably more wearable. Jewellery was kept to a minimum and the only sparkle that you could see, was from a slight earring or feature on the belts.

This collection is fresh and energetic and I jolly well loved it! these are the girls I want to look like....

Until next time...

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