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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Scribbles Says: THANK YOU

Scribbles is oh so happy.... more happy than I have been in a long time.... and you wanna know why?!?! Well, this little known blog has only gone and sodding won BLOG OF THE YEAR! After the amazing-ness that was, winning 'Blog of the Month' in May/June,  the very kind, generous lovelies that you all are, have only gone and voted me for Blog of The Year!

I'm not going to harp on about how this is has created world peace, a la Miss World, I just simply want to say Thank You. It means more than any of you will ever realise. For such a novice, I'm simply doing something I truly adore, and I just hope that I entertain along the way! Your gratitude will not go un-noticed and I plan to treat you all with some loveliness very very soon!

Also a huge thank you to the British Style Bloggers for holding the competition and taking a chance on me!

So lastly....... Thank you.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scribbles Views: Head - Candy

For this one, the pictures are going to do all the talking... Why? well, there is only so much one can say about Hats. For as long as I can remember I have been mentally obsessed with head wear. 'Mentally?? I hear you ask? yes, mentally in love. See, the reason being, is that as a short-haired girly, I have always looked, well more like stared at girls with long luscious hair having the ability of being able to don a hat. Now, I'm not saying short-haired girls cant wear hats, its just me personally,  who cannot. For those that have met me, or looked at my ugly mug, can see my particular choice of haircut, being asymmetric and choppy it does not look good when you shove any kind of head wear on it.

When I see my long-haired friends completing their outfits with a hat, it seriously makes me insanely jealous - yes, Mariana, that is YOU I'm talking about!! The head is often forgotten when it comes to fashion, and more often that not, the hair usually does the talking, but its nice to see with Winter just around the corner its time for the hat to take centre stage! The style of hat is also endless, and can be as adventurous as you want (just try not to wear the Ascot themed hats every day!) In the words of my great 'Hat Wearer'- Mariana, "say yes to Hats, yes to Berets, yes to revolutionary-Che-like hats, and big Dolce Vita ones!This season go all out cute. yep, you heard right: Cute! Whether it be a woolie beanie, or a smart trilby, just make sure it has Knitted textures, warm, cosy tones such as dusky pink, grey marl, cream, beige, and the hat has to have a definite 'look' about it!

My fave ranges by far this season is River Island and Topshop. They both have every style catered for, all at reasonable prices.
First up, is River Island. They have the 'cute' look down to a 't' Check out the rather amazing, eye-catching and so on trend Animal Beanie range! In various different animal related themes, these are just way to cute to not be liked. This is my first stop to head wear this a/w10

I mean seriously, how can you resist...... These are all priced between £12.99 and £14.99

Next up, we have the more conventional style, of the classic Beret. These are literally just the classiest way to wear a hat, and easiest. Even I would attempt to wear one! Here are my faves from River Island. (priced from £12.99 to £14.99)

If Berets aren't your style and you prefer a nice looking Beanie, how about these lovelies to warm you up? (Priced from £14.99)

And for the down-right 'different' try the Sherlock (£12.99):

Onto Topshop. Another great selection for your Winter wardrobe. Topshop have taken a slightly more chic approach to the hat and gone more tame. With more Beret's you can shake a stick at, these are the type of hats that quite possibly last you for years and years. Personally, I'm a little obsessed with the fake fur number, but thats a whole different story.
Check out the plain but essential Berets (priced at £8.00):
Next up is the snuggle-some, Beanie (priced at £14.00):
Now for some speciality hats, all of which, I so want (Priced from £20.00 to £25.00) !
I am manically growing my hair in preparation for hat season, although it will take me until next year, but off you go girls, go and get yourself some serious head-candy!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Scribbles Purchases: TK Maxx I think I love you...

After trying incredibly hard to save some cash, I have been on what you could call, a spending draught. The draught being caused by me, but a draught none the less. To say this mean feat has been hell, would be a complete understatement. For people that know me,will realise that there is not 1 week that can go buy without the sheer need to buy something new - and it doesn't even have to be clothes or shoes (although that does tend to be the majority!) however, as I was watching the pennies, most of my time has been spent Window Shopping - something that I would never normally do. I was always one of these people that couldn't go shopping unless I had the money to buy something. However I have grown to love staring through the glass panels - I actually find it quite therapeutic to see the different trends, and combinations used on the mannequins. It also gives me the opportunity to think about how I could possibly re-use some of my existing wardrobe to create new looks. However, on a recent "look but don't buy" trip, I decided to venture into Tk Maxx. My 'local' TK is not the best one in the world and more often than not, can resemble a jumble sale. After rummaging through several badly organised rails and not finding anything remotely worth 'mental note-ing' I entered the shoe department - now this is where things started to pick up.

Rows and rows of some diverse looking shoes screamed out at me: sorted by size I swiftly power-walked my way over to the Size 5's. Mostly there were disappointments - some very dubious looking styles and some odd coloured shoes, but there were a few lush label choices - just a shame they were not in my size. Imagine my sheer joy at coming across a pair of sandals, tucked away on the bottom shelf, in the corner. Fair enough these were labelled size 6, but they were just gorgeous. Bang on trend with the recent phase for clogs (love them or hate them?) they were just perfect for me. A good solid platform sole with a large chunky heel. Brown and Tan, with exposed stitching and ankle straps. I knew, not only would they do for the remainder of the summer (yes I may very well eat my words?!?) but teaming with tights/long socks they would last for winter! I decided to try them on, even though they were not my size - they fitted me perfectly. However, my brain caught up with my heart and I knew I wasn't supposed to be buying anything! Turning the shoes over to examine the damage, the shoe fairy was well and truly with me when the label read SALE: £8.00!!!!!!! I could most definitely afford that, and into my arms they lovingly went! Here are my £8 beauties in all their glory!!

Thinking my (sinful) shopping trip was over, on heading to pay for my new lovelies, I spotted an absolutely gorgeous pair of brown, leather booties. Obviously, as it was part of my original plan to look, I headed on over to feel the lushness. Well, when I held new boots in my hands and felt the leather softness, I melted. Oh and on looking inside the lush leather, they were also a size 5... wow..... did I dare to turn them over to be told of a price that I just couldn't afford???? Well, would you believe me, if I told you they were in the sale also, at only £12.00? would you? 'cos they were!!!!!!!!!!!! They fitted me perfectly, and felt amazing on! I knew they would be a superb addition to my A/W wardrobe right there, £12 was nothing for an all leather shoe! I didn't think twice and didn't worry either at the thought of coming out of Tk Maxx with 2 pairs of shoes, lets face it, it only cost me £20!
Here are my booties in their glory too:
There you have it, My two new purchases, which personally, I think were well worth me breaking the non-buying promise! Plus Tx Maxx - thank you!!
Until next time...

Scribbles Views: The Not-So Rare Winter

I'm beaming right now, oh yes, I have a grin like the Cheshire cat. You wanna know why??? It's almost Winter!!!! I cannot ruddy wait until the nights start drawing in, there's that unmistakable nip in the air and the chance to don opaques without feeling like your cheating on an old season boyfriend. To follow suit with some of my other posts, I just had to showcase some of the sumptuous Autumn/Winter looks that Rare have come up with!

This year I have well and truly locked onto Rare. There was an element of wonder as to whether Rare could compete with the rather formidable ASOS.com and find their very own niche in the market. Season after season, they have not disappointed. Rare are special as their looks are ultra feminine, and ultra slick. I'm not sure Ive seen a better collection of dresses in one place as I have done at Rare, the looks are truly eclectic and different for a relative new online store - I can guarantee that I find something in there every week that I just have to have. Rare have recently expanded their range and now sell some rather delicious shoes (see a previous post here) and are set to continue up the online ladder judging by this new seasons collection.

A/W to Rare is sexy. Gone is the stereotypical jumper wearers of the winter and enter the Rare Fem Fatale! With hoards of dresses that are made to be seen for the party season, there are textures galore, prints in their plenty and some daring shapes. I like the way they have targeted their early A/W campaign differently from the other brands around and moved away from wrapping the body up in long, woollen layers and took a chance and showed the more fun side of winter - granted, please wear a coat when wearing some of these dresses! Here are my picks of the lot:

Featuring: Tie Back Feather Dress £45.00
Ideal for the sultry winter dinner dates, team it with some thick black opaques should the winter chill be too much for the legs. Such a statement look for such a bargain price.

Featuring: Cropped Circle Jumper £49.00
Flash a little tummy flesh with this gorgeous embellished cropped jumper. Team it with this seasons High-waisted Leather shorts, tights and some serious bag envy from Stella McCartney.Team with Flats for a day-time look.

Featuring: Floral Gathered Strapless Dress £45.00
Bring the summer right through to the winter, by layering a classic grey marl t-shirt underneath a floral strapless dress. Cosy this up with some Ankle, Cable-Knit socks and some flat tan boots. Layer a navy blue Cape around you and your all ready for a crisp sight-seeing trip.
Featuring: Plain Maxi dress £29.00
Don't hide the maxi dress away for another year, get yourself a t-shirt maxi. The ideal solution for the chillier period, team with some heavy biker boots and a cosy shearing leather jacket that is just so on trend, throw on a shredded jumper for additional layers and belt it all up.

Go check out Rare now, and pick up the alternate A/W options.

Until next time.....

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Scribbles View: Sandals: Are you a Sinner or a Saint?

Take the harmless Sandal, there's not many bad things you can say about them. I in fact, rather love the humble sandal. But, this year, the sandal has divided people within the fashion world as to whether the original "Fashion Crime" of wearing socks with your sandals was now acceptable?

For S/S 10, Ankle socks worn with open-toed sandals were seen on all over the catwalks, never one to miss out on a trend, the abnormal combo, was leaked onto the High Street. Many people instantly frowned at this typically British, Cringe-worthy look, but some were instantly taken. Me? I'm in love!

Shoes have always been the focus of an outfit for me. Normally, on principle, I try to make sure when I'm buying an outfit, I choose the shoe before anything else, or at least I tend to know what type of shoe I'm  looking for. I like a good statement heel (the bigger the better) some loud and proud studs or buckles and a nice size able platform to the sole - put all those elements together with a larger than life contrasting colour and there you have it, my ideal shoe! However the only problem with the open-toes is often how the weather has the ultimate say-so as to whether you get to wear them or not, Enter the Sock!

Thou shall not wear socks with sandals is one of the many Fashion commandments, and prior to falling in love with the trend, Whenever I thought of it, I would always conjure up the image of some hairy-legged man with the worst, dirtiest pair of socks, scrunched up round his toes in a pair of foam flip flops, or worse still, the chocolate brown leather ones with the cross over buckles, exposing some serious hairy legs... URGH! however, put a lady in some cute coloured socks and some heeled open toe sandals and you have a look that's positively divine! The beauty of this look is the versatility, oh yes, I can wear my favourite pair of summer sandals even when the summer fails to appear - I just throw on a pair of ankle socks and voila: cute, sexy and god damn comfortable! You don't even have to match either, however, I do try to stay away from bubblegum pink socks, must have something to do with my childhood. But what about A/W I hear you ask, aha, there is a socky solution here too: the knee-length sock!However, be careful with the choice of outfit when wearing a long sock and heel, a millimetre too far and your heading into "naughty school girl" land, but teaming with a more low-key outfit and it works every time. Here's some Socks n Sandal combinations to inspire your tootsies!

For those who hate the look, give it a whirl, you are never going to look like these bad boys right!?!?

Go on give the socks a chance!

Until next time....

Designer Focus: Olivia Rubin - The Print Queen

For me, real talent is home-grown, y'know, from my 'neck of the woods'.  I like to think I can associate better with the person, when their from good old Blighty! This rings so true, when I talk about my love for all things Olivia Rubin. This girl has rocked my word since she first came bounding onto the scene when her SS07 AND SS08 collections were shortlisted for the Fashion Fringe Award scheme, which gave her the opportunity to exhibit her designs at London Fashion Week.

What instantly draws me to Olivia is of course, her prints and use of colour. Her obvious ability to not only project a strong print but the way she manages to keep the collection silently strong on feminine shape, never to allow the print or colour to draw away from the girlie structures. Her collections are coming more and more renowned for their abstract designs, making each piece instantly recognisable, just ask Fearne Cotton and Cheryl Cole to name but a few. However not only available to the stars, Olivia has designed a diffusion line for everyone's favourite Online shop: ASOS making her collections accessible. But what has really caught my eye is her new A/W collection. I have seen a different side to the bright graphics: the looks have matured and have morphed to a more grown up glamour.
Not only is our Olivia an incredible designer and amazingly lovely lady, but as the Style bible itself, Vogue, labels her as "The One to Look Out For" there are surely bigger things to come from our London girl. I got the chance to quiz my idol and ask her all about the A/W collection.

  • First and foremost, what made you want to be a designer
I can’t pinpoint anything in particular-I just think there’s always been an artistic gene within me-my grandfather was a beautiful painter so it must run in my family.

  • The new A/W collection has blown me away, with the different use of contrasting prints and colours - what was your biggest inspiration for this new range and for A/W itself?
I fell in love with the Mulberry campaign that was shot a few seasons in the woods. It conjured a mood of mystery and an enchanting beauty that I carried forth into AW10. The combination of ‘bug’ and ‘rose thorn’ prints added an alternative beauty on feminine silhouettes.

  • One of my faves, is the Lily dress - this has such an overtly feminine, voluminous shape, and a little different to your normal style - was there a different inspiration to this particular item?
I try to create feminine and flattering shapes without being too girlie. While the shape of the ‘Lily’ is a cute ‘skater’ style dress the harder brocade fabric gives it a tougher edge.

  • What are your key pieces to the new A/W collection?
The Lily, Dorrie, Eustacia and the Darcy have been key pieces as well as the new Oli Rubi t-shirts which have gone down a storm! It’s been the best reaction I could have had to the new jersey line!

  • The print behind both the Kitty Jacket and the Eustacia tunic is by far one of my favourite’s I think you’ve ever done - what was behind this concept?
The mono print was taken from a photo I took of rain running down my screen when I was driving. It created unique, graphic shapes that I reworked on Photoshop to make more squared and rigid.

  • What trend do you think is going to be big this winter?
An eclectic mix of colours and fabrics-although there are key trends for each season, I try reworking them to suit my own style. I’m going to be wearing my printed tunics with thick tights, lace camisoles, camel pea coat and fur lined clogs!

  • How do get your inspirations?
I’m always excited to move onto to the next collection so by that point, my mind is swimming with different ideas that I’ve picked up along the way-modern art is always key in my work in someway combined with lots of other random snippets.

  • How do you think you’ve made your mark on the fashion world?
I hope that I’m known for my bold prints on feminine shapes with a hint of humour!

  • What’s your biggest achievement to date/proudest moment?
There have been so many amazing moments since I started the label. I like to give each interview a different one so for you I’m going to say seeing my dress on Cheryl Cole-that was a shock for me!

  • Who is or what is the Olivia Rubin woman?
I design mostly for myself so a lot of my collections are all clothes that I want to wear. I look for good quality pieces with a point of difference that are going to set you apart from everything else that is out there without breaking the bank!

  • What would you say is your personal signature piece? And the collections signature piece and why?
The brick print-it was my first print that I designed for the label and everybody seems to love it. It signifies strength and resistance-what you need to survive in the fashion world! It has been one of the best selling Oli Rubi t-shirts for AW10….simple yet original.

  • Do you have any fashion icons?
There are some great dressed celebrities out there today. I don’t have an icon but I appreciate women who dress for themselves with certain quirkiness. Fearne Cotton, Leigh Lezark, Nicola Roberts and Rachel Bilson-all have very different wardrobes, but all with their own unique sense of style.

  • Best advice anyone has ever given to you?
Believe you are going to succeed and you will.

  • What do you do to unwind?
Running-I can lose myself and just let my mind run free too-it’s the best stress relief.

  • What is next for Olivia Rubin?
There’s so much coming up for the label-I’m super excited about the year ahead-I’m heading stateside for SS11 and hope to start selling in the US. I’ve got another couple of collaborations in the pipeline and will continue to grow the label and the new ranges-watch this space!

I think I fall more and more in love with Olivia everytime I look at her collections and if you too, want to fall in love with the print, and keep up to date, check out her website here and support a local girl!

Until next time....

Friday, 20 August 2010

Scribbles Views: Getting Friendly with Feud

There's no place like home right? and what better place than to call home than London. Technically, I don't actually live in London, I know, Cop out right?!!? no seriously, I truly believe a part of me belongs in London, I actually have a rather unsavory obsession for the place, Everything amazes me - EVERYTHING! what amazes me more than anything, is the style.

Oooo there's some stylish people in our London Town. I could honestly spend an entire day people/outfit watching! What I love is the eccentricity of some people and how it is oh so acceptable! it's like a breathe of fresh air! I currently reside in Berkshire. As nice as the Royal County is, it is known for being a little bit 'up it's own...' with a culture for if 'your not wearing what everyone else is wearing' your classed as weird! not nice and not inspiring, hence the reason why I get myself to the Fashion Capital as much as I can!

The diversity in London Fashion scene's helps also bring out alot of new talented individuals and brands - whether it be clothes, accessories, jewellery or my fave shoes. One brand that I always lust after is Feud London. Feud is a designer brand, that have a fusion of elements in their design but relies heavily on its inspirations from London towns. Namely reminiscent times of King Road, when the punk culture was in full swing, Feud takes the more traditional and mixes it up with different materials, colours and styling. These shoes are real eye catchers, and are ideal for our cosmopolitan city.

Ive been busy oggling the new A/W collection and also checking out their new diffusion line: Feud Britannia (don't ya love the name!) is a collection of boots for Men & women that are remaining true to the British style, showcasing some vintage styling and classic looks. Recently launched for A/W 2010 this is a essential new addition to Feud and if I just desperate to get my mitts on a pair of their boots. Here are my Tip Top selection from the A/W catalogue that you just have to ram into your show collection:

As the same suggest, you will be creating some of that with these fierce loveliness. I'm such a huge fan of tan shoes, that these instantly appealed to me. With the solid, carved heel that is smooth and slinky. With the delicate cut-outs along which creep up the foot are made to feel and look more tough through the material and colour!! These are my must-haves!

Sexy sexy sexy shoes. With the eye-catching metallic outer print and the sneaky hot pink that just pokes through. These have to be worn with the tightest, and hottest leather outfit this A/W . 

how cute as these babies!? Covered in the rather lush aubergine fabric, this is a real feminine style that just screams to be teamed with some opaque and pleated skirt, with a pussy bow blouse in a sultry see-through fabric. These are your top pick for the winter sultry vintage girl look.

In this seasons mushroom/beige tones and delicate textures, these are the perfect choice for the skinny jean, which have refused to go away. If skinnies aren't your thing, team with some high waisted shorts and the blackest tights and let the shoes do the talking for you!

not just your ordinary Black boot, these take the ankle boot to a whole new level. These are a fresh take on the traditional style that often appears. The attention to detail is what makes these take the limelight. I call these a wardrobe staple/essential. Lush.
Britannia - Lola
What I adore about these boots are the "I've got a story to tell" look about them. Hard wearing and ideal to give that 'soft' outfit a rough, fierce edge. These have catapulted myself to my lust have list. 

With the much-seen chunky heel, these are ideal to wear to complete your boho look. I imagine wearing these whilst sight-seeing somewhere when you need style and warmth. Once again, team with some grey marl tights or even some long socks.

I love the diversity with Feud and the styles that are so different to what you see within the normal high street shops. Enjoy London and embrace diversity and go get some Feud footwear.

Until next time..

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