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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The end of the challenging trouser?

All of us are familiar with the past seasons rather tricky-to-wear trouser shapes: not only did we have the rather formidable Harem, which personally, I still dont think I can pull off (saggy bum anyone!?) a fave of mine: The Peg leg trouser - this was slightly more easier to wear and I loved the zany colours and prints - however after scrutinising several photos of myself (yes, I do this quite alot) it seems the "peg" makes my hips beyond child bearing!  Paperbag waisted were another nice change for the summer - cinching in at the waist, with a real prominent tie up detail - once again, this wasnt always the easiest style to carry off if you had just been for a "all you can eat"! and lets not get me started on jodphurs - I am only 5ft 3 and yes, I weigh more than 7stone! But now we're moving into the S/S transition to A/W to my joy it seems the difficult trousers are long gone and up steps the classic cuts that we all know and love.
 Legs well and truly took the spotlight on the catwalk, exposing a more grown-up, chic way to don the traditional trouser. It seems the key was to give the leg a lengthening effect. Showcasing some rather gorgeous and expensive fabrics. Chloe showcased a real tailloring theme across the show and more improtantly on the trouser leg - sticking to a neutral, muted and nude palette, there was no real colour there apart from the classy camel and tan, however they teamed already classic colours with even more of a selection of fabric choices such as leather, wool and suede. Trousers were teamed together with silk pussybow shirts all delicately tucked in with a thin strip belt. This was all very sophisticated and more adult than what we had previously seen.

Yves Saint Laurent showcased an equally tailored theme, but with a more gothic edge. Displaying not much else other than black, the trousers were pleated, tailored and looked the business. There seemed to be a running theme throughout the catwalk - making the women look hard, buisness like and give an air of 'women in power' I'm not 100% sure whether I like this style or not - for sure I love a good tailored trouser, and lets face it, noone can go wrong with plain black, but inspired I think not. Teaming with the very 'now' cape on the top half, mostly the looks were very corporate themed with only a  splash of gold jelwery to break it up.

Marc Jacobs used a similar theme to his show - however using a slightly lighter colour palette. This collection was hailed as cleansing and refined, however if I'm being brutally honest, I cant help but feeling a little disappointed at this effort - to me it was like we had seen some of this before. Using netural, grey and tweed fabric,the trousers were baggy, wide legged, and fitted on the hip. To me, it looked a little samey, too understated and no fuss (not necessary in a good way either) die hard fans of Marc Jacobs will probably beg to differ, however compared to Balmain, I certainly think Jacobs best pull his socks up.

For the 9-5 work day take inspiration from both Laurent and Jacobs - these are classic ways to wear the trouser, and almost easy. Teaming with a silk shirt and statement necklace is simple to put together but eye catching all at the same time. However, if like me, you enjoyed the 'craziness' of the peg leg and harems of the summer season, there is still something in the new trend for you:

On to my favourite display of trouser - Balmain. Someone obviously never told Christophe Decarnin that less was more this season because at Balmain, the party was just starting! Gone were the super tailored look we'd seen elsewhere, this was promptly replaced by some uber tight, texture central fitted trousers! I just loved the OTT look of the collection. Talk about rock n roll, this was a pure 'I don't care if I look trashy or not' kinda look:for girls that don't care!
The prominent trouser look here was, Skin tight leather, bell-bottom flares, skinny black jeans - all in ludicrous fabrics. These were all teamed with shredded tops, exaggerated shoulders all in the most bolshy gold brocade and sequins - OTT I kid you not! 

I'm super excited to see the new style of trousers come out, and not so sad to see the clown type ones disappear, but what's most important is that we wear what suits us and excites us the most!

Until next time...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

To Sock it or to Tight it????

We've all been starting to see the sumptuous looks for A/W sifting through already (I know, I know, its only July) and I think we've all realised that the dress is firmly back in and making a name for itself for the "go to" item for winter. However if like me, you tend to automatically assume skirts/dresses are made purely for flashing the pins in the sun, then your wrong - there are some rather stunning ways to work the dress without so much of a pinprick of fleshy skin!

Enter the fail safe: Tight. A staple item in every girls drawer, it doesn't matter what size, look or style your going for, it always works - For each and everyone of us!  The standard favourite has to be the black opaque - easily matched with every item in your wardrobe, classic and chic. It can be worn for work and casual days, can be worn with brights, in a monochrome effect, and with heels or flats - every girls has to own these - In fact, I'm ordering you all to go and get a pair!
Not only is the black tight available in the classic and rather snug Opaque black, the black tight can be worn sheer, showing that ever sexy skin tone - this is my fave secretary-esque look - adding a little Oooo La La when worn with a single line drawn up the leg! The black is seen as a classic - a good all-rounder and my personal fave.

Over the years the tights is now a pivotal member of the accessory family but we're not just limited to black anymore, in with bright jewel shades, fluorescent (if you like the 80's throwback look!) and my personal fave, patterned. Its time to let the imagination run wild and go for something that is altogether a little different and eclectic. I rather love the way a bright tight can totally change the dynamics of an outfit, wearing all black when teamed with a teal coloured tight can still look professional but with some added fun factor! Wearing colours that are completely contrasting are cutsey, fun, and kooky - I love it!
Patterned tights are the newest member to the tight brigade - previously seen as a little "bit out there" and slightly "coco the clown" these are no longer the "black sheep" of the tight family but queen bee! My absolute faves - HAVE to be the Henry Holland suspender tight which positively burst onto our scenes and were seen absolutely everywhere! these are still a classic to me, and I don't ever think the trend will falter! Stripes, hearts, bows and other printed variations are another hot fave - instantly girling up an outfit!
Lastly you have the rather vampy slit,netted, cutout kind of tights - these are more for the evening, however are great at dressing up an outfit, setting yourself aside from everyone else and also showing a little more flesh! Keep your eyes peeled for some rather futuristic versions which rather resemble that of armour - love! Overall, tights are the easiest and most fun transition item you can get your hands on this winter! Here are a few faves on mine to feast your eyes on:
And you wanna know another great thing with tights, well they have this rather lovely gift of holding it all in;)

On the flip side to tights, when maybe the weather is a little nicer, how about knee-high/over the knee socks. Now initially these wouldn't be my first choice, I often think of these as, brace yourself, a little tarty, BUT my opinion has changed somewhat during this year. They are everywhere this A/W - don't get me wrong, these aren't to be worn with your highest stiletto based shoe (or if you do, be prepared for "those" kind of stares) instead, try something you wouldn't normally do - wear with some flat brogues, roll them down to ankle length with some sturdy looking clogs or wear with a thick platform shoe but keep the outfit understated. My fave way to wear them is to team with some flat boot or Hunter wellies and keep it country and relaxed. There are so many nice varieties on the market at moment, my fave range coming from Topshop and ASOS (also for tights too) and they are all reasonably priced also. Once again go for plain, thick argyle, or go to the opposite end and go full on striped or florals. 
I like the youthful look of the sock and the comfiness, but you do have to be careful - try not to team with an excessively short skirt, if you do, you risk the whole "sexy school girl" look - not good! instead, try teaming with shorts. Keep the look understated and simple and enjoy wearing them for what they are.
Here's my selection at some of the best around:

Until next time....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Thank FCUK for The Autumn/Winter Range

To add to my very very very long list of wintery wounders, I thought why not add some snippets from the Luxe Hight Street brand: FCUK.

Ive always loved having a mooch round FCUK's new season ranges, however as of late, I have been somewhat left a little underwhelmed. However the new Autumn/Winter collection certainly pricked my chilly ears up.

Full of some very lush, and rather exuberant coats, spangly dressy numbers, wardrobe staples, and some amazing textures - to me, FCUK is back to it's best - being young, upbeat, on trend, and being at high end of the High Street. I really hope they keep this style of quality and vivaciousness.

Here are some of my faves, and some outfits I've put together:

*navy blue ruffle coat*

I love the colour of this coat - instead of going for the "norm" black, navy has a habit of making any piece of clothing seem a little more expensive and well made. The gentle puff shoulder, with the gorgeous ruffle effect down the one side of the jacket - this is feminine, smart, stylish and very accessible. I wanna team this with my staple Breton top, skinny indigo jeans and some high heeled tan brogues.

*Brown Trench Coat*

This Trench coat is the super sexy secretary look - with a longer line, and in a delectable brown worn shade, wear it simply with a straight skirt in tantalizing leather, team with a straight-laced white ruffle shirt - breaking it up a bit, with some of the now famous Henry Holland suspender tights and some statement fringed boots!

*Sequin Dress*

This sequin dress is just bound to be a xmas part fave and I can certainly see why!?!? with flattering long sleeves, for if like me, your a little self-conscious and plunging v-neck, this is a red-carpet "to be seen in: dress! Team with some colour pop heels and subtle accessories. Keep it all about the sequins.

*Bird Print Dress*

I love this bird print tunic dress. In simple, neutral colours this is easy to dress up and down. Best word during the day, cosy it up with some knitted knee socks, long line boyfriend cardigan and some handy arm/hand warmers. accessorise with chunky scarves and tan plaited belt. Finishing the look with some of my favourite shoes of this year, the formidable ASOS Randal sandal. 

*Tea Dress*

This is my fave piece of the collection. In my opinion you don't see enough good quality, printed tea dresses but this one is divine. In a classic brown and burnt orange print-it has the right structure to make you feel so completely feminine. Team with some t-bar (another underrated style!) heels, satchel bag and some rouge on your lips and your all ready for tea for two!

*Geometric Print Dress*

Go big and bold with this Geometric Dress. Harden the exterior with a heavy leather jacket, extreme strapped heels and with a multi-banded belt, finished nicely off with a big, statement ring. Wear this with confidence and the compliments will roll in!

*Embellished Drape Top*

Going to the opposite side of the spectrum, getting all Gothic and sultry is this stunning detailed embellished drape top. Ideal for a meal out or even teaming with some nude ballet pumps for during the day. Ive matched it with some leather trousers, you could always choose some high-shine leggings for a more affordable option. The best thing about the top,besides the stunning detail, is the gentle draping and length - easy to wear if your a little self conscious also!
*Puff Shoulder Leather Jacket*

This leather jacket is a must-have. Bringing leather back to the 80's with the power, structured shoulders. This could look quite harsh, if teamed with the wrong item and personally, I'm not all that keen on resembling an exact 80's throwback. Therefore, I've teamed with a uber-girly dress, with ruffles covering the entire structure and in the most delicious blush colour, the power shoulders of the leather jacket, helps to toughen the image up, and by teaming with some classic court heels you manage to not overpower the outfit. Also easy to team with a skirt combo with some nice thick opaque tights. Perfect for winter!

Overall, I'm loving the new collection, certainly beats my old memories of FCUK (remember their slogan t-shirts!?) Its luxe, affordable and bang on trend - I cant wait to add these to my already bulging Wish List!

Until next time......

Thursday, 22 July 2010

You Wont Get The "Hump" with this one

I know I keep harping on about winter.. I'm sorry, but I just love the snuggle-factor - the thick jumpers, the big endlessly long scarves and the ability to wake up in the morning, throw on a hat and not have to worry about bed head! Along with the comfy side of winter, comes the uber stylish side. All those lush colour schemes that come out of the rather rustic woodwork are just rather yummy! One of the hottest colours that we'll all be wearing this winter is camel. Not a colour that is always easy to wear, but it just exudes style and chic-ness.

Gone is the normal trend for covering ourselves head to toe, Stella McCartney showcased some fabulous pleated, turn-up shorts with a tan version of the structured blazer. Showing a wool pleated skirt in the almost nude tone, paired with bare legs and a bright white shirt. I love the way this colour just screams sophistication.

Personally I like this colour teamed with white - but I love changing it up with different textures of fabric. For a day time look, team with a crisp white cotton shirt, and in the evening, glaming it up with a silk/satin, slightly off-white tone, feminine blouse. Black can sometimes be a nice contrast to Camel, however I quite like the safari-esque white+camel tones together. Be sure to team with Gold jewelry, and try not to overload the camel features. For instance, there is a rather lust-worthy Cape's out there for this season, my favourite being Stella McCartney again. Priced at a little more up-market £815 its a little too pricey for my budget, however there are some rather gorgeous high-street alternatives. Team this with some black cigerette trousers, black patent platforms, with a simple long sleeved top.

When wearing a camel coloured dress, there is a risk of looking a little bit monotone - break it up, by mixing with different contrasts of the same colour. Maybe infuse some different fabric choices. Team with nude coloured shoes that will help lengthen any size leg, and wear with loose,undone hair with minimal make up.

If opting for the fail safe, and slightly warmer option of the trouser. Keep it loose and simple in a basic chino, tailored way. Keep it cropped to show off some serious heels, and team with a loose cream shirt and ooodles of bling jewelry.
When going for camel coloured shoes, make it fun and grab yourself some wedges. Once again playing with different materials and textures to play up the different side of camel. To keep the toes a little more warmer, how about some beautifully crafted cowboy boots... yes, I thought so! 

Below, is some of my faves all put together, especially for this colour trend.
There are so many ways to wear this colour of season, but whatever you do, insist that there is a little bit of camel in your wardrobe!

Until next time....

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Getting Cosy - River Island A/W 2010

Judging by the weather these last couple of days, its a good thing that the A/W trends are trickling through - it makes it all the more easy to dribble over when its a little bit more chill outside!

Now some of the trends that I've seen so far for the wintry season haven't been all that inspiring, however I was more than a little surprised with River Island's take. The trouble with winter is that sometimes you tend to lose your femininity that you've managed to grow during the summer period. Big woolly jumpers, baggy trousers and comfy leggings, loose knitted jumpers layering over skinny fit long sleeved tops, necessary biker boots and wellies -this list is endless, and lets face it doesn't do much for the female form. What I liked most about River Islands new season's clothes was how they have managed to keep us girlie's looking, well, err, girly!
Full of knitted skirts, with clashing thick knitted tights, with ribbed knee high socks worn over the top. The top half cleverly layered with thick woolen jumpers, teamed with furry gilet's, layered once again with a hard wearing leather jacket. It all about the textures and feel of clothes but instead of drowning you with wool and the like, they have managed to keep us looking womanly. Here are some of my faves:

This outfit is just super gorge and talk about cute. Resembling that of a snow bunny (well, minus the ears) Normally this type of skirt would be worn whilst meandering in the sun, in a country field, but I love the way, teaming it with some dark coloured ribbed knee high socks make it more wearable. The jumper is actually a long dress, which creates a beautiful layering silhouette with the see-through skirt. Wear with some hard wearing (and shall we say waterproof!) ankle boots, some serious bulky rings that just sneaky peek out of the arm warmers! I really want to wear this ice-skating!

*Hat: £14.99, Jumper Dress: 39.99, Skirt: £34.99.

Another take on a feminine wintry look, this time leaning more towards the boho edge. Again working on textures - The pleated skirt, with the thick knitted jumped and furry gilet are all contrasting from each other but create alot more depth. The boots are especially gorgeous, however for us girlie's with angles/calves on the larger side, this is not an easy length to wear, try teaming with black opaque tights to create more of a streamlined look. I like the colour mix in this outfit - once again blending well to a more care-free look with different and un-matchy colours.

Leather and biker jackets are re-released to us again this winter but striking on a more military/aviation theme. Shearling is going to be massive this winter, that's not to say its never been out of fashion (think Uggs) this jacket has a slight addition of this theme whilst also working the leather. Teaming the hard edged fabric with the more dainty frill of the lace dress adds a much needed juxtaposition between the two looks. However girls, please for gods sake, do not wear this out in freezing temperatures, but team with either the fail safe tights or long socks and dress down with heavy handed work boots, or for a more evening look, grab some heavy metallic, open toed heels - exposing either tights or socks! Intricate and dainty jewelry is a must, and perhaps a slightly flirty bejewelled headband.

*Jacket: £59.99, Lace Dress: £39.99

Another comfy cosy day look - this makes me want to stroll round NYC. Again, the key is in the layering and colour schemes. As has been popular with alot of trends this A/W the colours are kept along the same palette - lots of greys, khaki greens, browns and blacks. They have played the fur stole against the shiny panel in the trousers creating in a look that you just want to touch. The hat is just too cute and if I ever had long hair I would literally be buying lots of these. Sexing this out up is a bit of toe exposure in these to-die for boots! SWOON!

*Hat: £9.99, Fur Stole: £24.99, Dress: £34.99, Trousers: £49.99, Boots: £64.99

A great night time look and a perfect way of not exposing the pale and interesting legs you've kept hidden for a while. In the same muted tones, work some serious shine and luxe trousers teaming with a day-to-night dress in easy to wear khaki. Add some serious shoe porn - look at these!!! I cant wait to bag these shoes, and literally sit and stroke them all day long, I expect lots of compliments when worn!

*Dress: £49.99, Trousers: £19.99, Fur Biker Jacket: £129.99, Heels: £69.99

Comfy Central!! I love love love the look of this outfit, I shall be wearing this on a trip to a small cafe to buy a large hot mug of coffee! Bringing the maxi out of the beach and placing it firmly into the winter wonderland, this is practical, cosy and oh so' stylish. Wear with concealed platform soled shoes boots and some serious studded bangles.

Showing the shearling off to the max, I love the cute-factor with this look. Interchangeable and versatile, all of these items can be teamed with something else. I love the way this look oozes English Heritage, make sure you again, don't flash too much flesh by either teaming with thick tights, or possibly layer over pairs of long socks, rolled down to different lengths. Loving these boots and can see myself wearing these to take a walk in the chilly, crisp woodland. Bronze jewelry will work really nicely with the tones of this outfit as well as some large bronzed hoop earrings.

*Jacket: £160.00, Dress: £39.99, Boots: £74.99, Gloves: £12.99

I picked this, purely for the jacket. I have well n truly fallen in love with this. The structure and shape is stunning. The gentle fitting on the waist, accentuating the female figure and the most stunning neckline, I want to wear this not just as a jacket but as a main piece of my outfit - this deserves to be left on and not taken off and hung up. The gorgeous army green is spot on and truly sumptuous, but just look at the detailing on the buttons, and hooray for having lots of them!! I have to have this jacket and wear with a simple tea dress and pink tights for contrast.

My last choice, is this amazing camel coloured ensemble. Teaming Duck egg and camel together works so well and the two compliment each other truly well. I truly want this Cape, which has a certain equestrian look about it. Capes are a must this winter and this is one of the more different ones seen around purely by the difference in colour. Teaming with a retro cable knit jumper this is just a gorgeous look and looks very un-High Street to me!

*Cape: £59.99, Jumper: £39.99, Leather shorts: £44.99, Riding Boots: £85.00

These are just some of my faves, but what I'm especially pleased about is how River Island have spent an obvious amount of time coming up with some really, interesting and luxe looks which are bang on trend. Well done River Island and long may it continue.

Until next time.....

Monday, 12 July 2010

Get In Fast - Mark Fast for Topshop

If someone was to say to you that Knitting is "SO IN" right now you would've probably laughed at them and wondered when "granny chic" suddenly came back into fashion. The new style of knitting couldn't be further away from your blue rinse even if it tried. When a certain Mark Fast graduated from Central Saint Martins, he came and knitted up a storm with his unique body-con styles, worked in with a luxe knitted/crochet style - high impact, statement, sexy and unique, not only were his designs causing a stir, but his catwalk shows were sure to follow suit.

I first caught sight of Fast's show at the A/W 2009, and was mesmerized by the amazingly intricate detail of the knits, not only this, but how overtly sexy and sensual the dresses were. With countless flesh on show, it never seemed torrid or unnecessary, it was done with such a subtle taste that there was a real honest appeal there. The dresses that hardly even covered the models very pert derrieres, seemed to be woven from one seamless piece of yarn, exposing backs, thighs, midriffs and over the chest - these were not for the faint hearted and put Mark Fast out there with a bang.

Along came the S/S 10 collection and not only did the clothes grab everyones attention but also for his use of curvy models. By no means "plus-size" to the average woman about town,  but in the heady fashion world these girls were positively large. If I'm being honest, with the type of dresses and styling Mr Fast normally goes for (the see-through naked variety) I wasn't sure whether teaming it with larger ladies would work - we all know what societies views are, on fashion and body, but these girls looked divine. Instead of the dress being worn, the women were wearing the dresses like no other. The curves and bumps of the ladies frames brilliantly poured over the intricate, holey knits created a positively sumptuous lusty look. It certainly made people sit up and take notice. Lets face it, we all wanna be wearing this style but who on earth wants to give it a whirl when compared with a size 6!!! Rejoice Fast for making it seem more achievable and allowing all us girls to have a bit of the LookFast. 

Imagine my joy when word got out that my fave High St brand, Topshop, was collaborating with the Mr Fast himself - err dream come true I hear you say! I regularly dreamt of the amazing, wholesome textures, the intricate and weaving knit, dramatic colouring and superb beading. I don't think I could've been more excited.
On release of the new range I have to be completely honest here - YES, I was not let down by the styling and clever knit but what I was let down with, was the colour and theme range. Now, I know they cant release every colour and every style but, I was looking for a bit more of a zing in the palettes chosen. I'm not one to moan and personally I'm just a little bit obsessed with Mark Fast but I have been left feeling a little under whelmed. My only hope is that as the season progresses, we get more of the same looks and colour schemes as seen in his A/W 2010. I'm hoping for the ruby reds, the jewel shades mixed with some delicate posey pastel pinks - along with keeping his signature, cleansing palette in olives, greys and golds. Never one to miss a good collab, I will be buying a couple of pieces, but I really hope to see the collection grow along with Fast's catwalk collections - here's to next season!

Until next time....

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