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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Every Little Helps - not just for your groceries!

Well all know and love Tesco, I regularly shop there for the weekly groceries and often bag myself a bargain in the fruit and veg department, but it wasn't until I searched online I discovered the truly amazing Clothing at Tesco.

I'm a real High Street brand supporter, and even bigger bargain hunter and basically Tesco's clothing is just that: High St, bang on trend and oh so' bargainous! Not only do they stock they're very own lush items they also sell a number of well known, London based brands. The looks are eclectic, fun and purse friendly - which is my kinda shopping!

The range is constantly updated, and has it own style takes on what is hot and in season, but what I also love is the fact that it doesn't just cater for us lovely ladies - it's also for the men and children in our lives. With special "seasonal shops" that cater for our holiday and winter needs - the list is endless, and even then it just feels like we're doing our "weekly Shop" Here are my faves at the moment:

F & F Couture

This range is so totally not what you would've expected from Tescos. Focusing at the more high end fashion market, the range is uber- luxe, sculptured and textured - this is exuberant and so far away from a supermarket brand as you can get. With a range of 16 pieces, ranging from the very gorgeous and superbly sculptured Pagoda dress, the delicate, flow of the silk harems and my personal fave, that well n truly, takes my breathe away is the Couture Extreme Denim jacket - with a normal "dressed down" look ,Denim has been given a new spin with this fitted and beautifully tailored jacket. With prices around the £40 mark, you pay for what you get with a special, statement piece that will give you an added Oooomph to your weekly shop.

F &F Trend

A bright and fun selection, which concentrates on celebrity styling and hitting some serious trends. Filled with bright colours, amazing prints, and youthful, fun shapes - this is just a great range that I can personally guarantee you will want to buy practically EVERYTHING from it! My faves are the Floral Print Shift Dress, which features some gorgeous colour effects and a fitted, feminine structure, The Animal Print Maxi dress is bound to be a winner for the summer season - cool and fun in some stunning colours that are bound to grab the attention - I need this in my life. I'm a big fan of their longer line, loose tassel vest tops which I shall be teaming with extra short shorts and some heavily strapped gladiators.


A non-Tesco brand, but one that fits in just fine - this range is super sexy, super different and mixes catwalk and brings it into mainstream. Bold lace, chain and shoulder detailing helps Liquorish catch your eye. I'm in love with Military dress - with some rather gorgeous and delicate chain detail over each shoulder, a sublime key-hole back and buttoned down this is just a must-have - army boots must be worn with this! another dress to be had is the embellished little number - which features intricate studs and sequins and just oozes class and contemporary style.

These are just my 3 fave ranges withing the Tesco clothing range, but I haven't even got started on the shoes yet. We all know I have a slight penchant for shoes but Tesco have managed to create some beautiful, high-end shoes - all at stupidly reasonable prices.

Apart from this, they also have regular sales - we all love Sale bargain but the prices that Tesco go down to are amazing - keep your eyes peeled for some amazing bargains. I managed to pick up a right little gem of some gorgeous metallic jazz shoes that were on offer at only £5! Yes, can you believe it!?!?!?!

So next time, you go to Tesco to do your weekly shop, pop along to the clothing site and add some more pieces to your basket!

Until next time........

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'll Have A Cone With That...

I dunno about you, but whenever I think of the ever so talented Madonna, or the Queen of pop, not only do I think: AMAZING figure but first and foremost I think: Bra! The iconic conical bra she wore circa 1990 for the Blonde Ambition tour, was instantly made famous by the fact, that quite frankly, she was wearing two, very large, party hats over her breasts! Designed by exuberant Jean Paul Gaultier, this iconic piece of underwear, worn as outerwear, has been copied many of times; more recently by everyone's fave: Lady Gaga (my modern day Madonna) However it now seems every single one of us can achieve a cone-d look with the very exciting new collaboration with the man himself: Jean Paul Gaultier and upmarket underwear brand La Perla!

Now before you start burning your M&S specials, this range is stunning to look at, a visual fantasy and my god is it sexy as hell! but this isn't your every day underwear, and I don't really think the conical bra will look good teamed under my work shirt ( I might knock a few people out tbh) With Gaultier's trade mark cleverly boned structures to give every woman that much desired feminine shape, that pulls you in all the right places, and intricate detailing on the stitching - this collection contains a waist cinching corset, and the beautifully stunning cone bra that he once made for Madge. In seductive black and simply stunning nude, This is the type of underwear that has to be seen for it's pure, unadulterated sex-appeal and gorgeousness. I cannot wait to see this in the flesh....

On the note, I'm off to practise my Vogue moves... Madonna eat your heart out!! ;)

Until next time....

Blog of the Month - A HUGE Thank You

Ok, so I'm going to get a little mushy now, I have just been told that Sarahs_Scribbles has been voted Blog Of The Month on British Style Bloggers website.

As a competition that is run every month, and voted by the general public, this is a truly amazing title, for someone and for something that is only very little and basic compared to some of the amazing blogs out there. I consider myself extremely lucky to have some amazing people that read the blog and some very good friends.

I just wanted to say "thanks" to you all for receiving me in the "blogging" world and I owe you all alot for letting me do something I genuinely love.

Until next time.....

Introducing: MaxC London

This weekend I trotted off to the Clothes Show London. I'd never been to this exhibition before, and thought I would give it a go. Not necessarily for buying the clothes, but in the hope of finding some decent new brands and suppliers. First on my list is MaxC London.

This stand automatically took my interest as I kept seeing people buzzing around with the rather fetching bright yellow shopper bags - once locating the stand, I was thrilled to see a well made, well presented stand featuring good quantities and range of stock on offer. Being a London brand I was pleased to see that there were a few nicely selected and eclectic prints on offer (something that London is known for) I was first and foremost taken with the range of dresses (I blame you Lottie!) I seem to of gone on a dress frenzy as of late, so to see a new and interesting new brand, the first choice of clothing was a dress. Florals were big, not only here but throughout the show anyway (More of this on my exhibition evaluation!) but there were a few special pieces that were most definitely worth a mention and possibly buying ;)

First up, was their tie back range of dresses. They came in a mixture of colours and themes: Very nautical looking navy with white piping, a very lush coral with navy piping and a very pale yellow- more of a lemon colour, backgrounded in florals. I actually happened to buy the pale lemon coloured floral dress - to me it was almost verging on vintage and had that "lived in" feel!

Next up, was their selection of crop tops - almost all were in a sheer, chiffon fabric - very light and airy. Choice of designs, again, featured solely on florals - which were nice but nothing I thought were that "little bit different"until I found a very kitsch and rather cute print of lucky charms and horseshoes - it was uber cute and most of all it came in 3 different colours. In a dark navy (which made a nice change from black) a very cute and rather unusual mint green and neutral nude colour all with the same print. I liked the fabric, the longer, slung corners, making it seem more feminine and making the "crop" line shorter.

Finally, my fave piece out of the lot, with a new spin on the Breton stripe, its got the classic colours and has the same comfortable fabric and is as versatile as they come. if like me, you own approx 100 million of these things,then check this out. I love the detachable necklace feature. In bright gold cones, filled with navy blue jersey, these are like little bells. Adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise "another Breton stripe" top. Versatile and luxe all at the same time, A part of me cant wait till the weather chills a little so I can wear it!

Overall, there are some gems to be had at MaxC - however I highly recommend going in to the store in person that relying on the website, of which will get bigger and better once it becomes more established! I'm super happy with my purchases, and look forward to seeing these players on the high street.

Until next time.... 

Sunday, 27 June 2010

My New Telephone

As some of you all know, I'm a big supporter of the lovely Lottie (the lady who created "Think Frock") this lady has given me all sorta gems: from bringing out the inner female goddess in me, teaching me how to get back into wearing a dress (and feel good in them) and all her wonderful vintage-esque/inspired goodness! So imagine my thrill when I found out the ever-so talented one also sold some beautiful hand made items over on Folksy.

Along with some very beautiful hand-made clips in a array of colours, I also spotted a rather delicious and "too good to pass up" vintage inspired telephone necklace. This wasn't just a typical necklace and flat pendent - this was a proper little telephone, complete with moving dial - just how cute is that right?!? It was also priced at the rather respectable £7.60-its a jewelry and summer essential.

I think I can safely say all of us (well girls at least!) are Glee fanatics (Oh how I love to sing along... and yes I really do!) we have all seen how eclectic and quirky the accessories are that Emma Pillsbury wears - you cant beat a little bit of that can you.

Made in traditional copper on a 24 inch copper necklace, this is the perfect necklace for the summer florals that are about and even better teamed with a shedload of other necklaces all at the same time!

I cant wait to see what Mrs Lottie comes up with next, but I do know I'll be following her and her wares closely.
Until next time....

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sublime Second S/S drop for Kate Moss at Topshop

Alot of us have seen and heard of Kate Moss's collaboration with Topshop when it was first launched back in 2007. Since then it has literally been going from strength to strength, for me, its possibly one of my favourite celeb-shop collaborations.

After releasing the initial S/S 2010 range, and showing us a new found softness to Kate's styles, there is another July drop on its way, and it is to die for.

With some absolute lust-worthy dresses coming in, Kate has gone ruffles and drapes mad and created a soft, feminine capsule wardrobe absolutely made for summer. With a rather neutral palette of colours, I find myself drifting off to summer field when looking at the new drop.

What I especially like is her direct move away from the more structured, body con looks that are currently being exhausted in most of the high street. The looks are positively light and fluffy and most of all look quite simple and easy to wear.

Here are my July Hot picks:

Beaded Pleat Dress: £250

This dress is worth every penny. With a rather vintage twist and with some amazing beading detail, this dress comes in the most gorgeous, if not tricky, colour to wear - not quite lemon and not quite cream, it fits in rather well with the sorbet colours that are hot right now. Although being labelled as more of a ball gown, I'd like to mix it up and wear as luxe-day wear - team with metallic sandals, thin,simple silver jewelry, leaving the beading the focus of dress. Wear with a distressed, denim jacket and feel like a princess during the day.

Butterfly Smock Dress: £150

Fab as day wear and evening wear - cute as a button, and with the ever so present "Kate" theme of butterflies, this is simple as it is detailed. Reflective of festival wear - think Woodstock and Glasto, this is comfy, pretty, easy to accessorise and versatile. A staple buy from this new collection.

Halterneck Jumpsuit: £135

One of my faves for the collection, super sexy, different, eclectic and also suited to being day wear into evening wear, this looks uber-luxe and high quality, you may very well find yourself wearing this all summer. I wanna wear with wedges shoes, a floppy hat and some pillar box red lipstick.

Sequin Playsuit: £90

My fave item - what is there not to like? it's a playsuit, its sequined and its rather show stopping don't you think? wear this in the evening to glam it up - think uber-high cutout platform in a matt nude colour, bling it up with some heavy statement jewelry, or team it with some flat gladiator sandals and wear during the day for a rather traffic stopping effect.

Necklace Dress: £150

Who can refuse another LBD dress right? This one is a little different to your average one with the selective Diamante neckline and waist feature. With a gentle, ruffle hemline helping create a little more softer and feminine look - which is a refreshing change to Kate's normally grungy/harder look. Wear with some scuffed utility boots for a different day look - throwing on a leather biker jacket to create a soft and hard look. Or wear in the evening, with a soft, cropped blazer, in a contrasting, Cream colour.

I personally look forward to snapping some of these lovelies up, it's definitely worth a look at least. Ooooo and while we're on the subject of Topshop - they have a sale on at the moment... ENJOY!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

H&M's Juicy July drop

With some of the sumer sales now sizzling out, it's time to bring in some delicious newbies for all of us to salivate over, enter H&M's new July additions.

With H&M's usual quirkiness and their kitsch statement pieces, this new drop will not fail to deliver.

Here are my top tips and how to wear:

Body-Con Colour block Dress - £14.99

When I saw this statement, eye catching number, I loved it. Still channeling the very sexy, body-con trend, H&M have now incorporated some serious and rather clever, colour blocking. Using a very smart technique that has used black strips at the sides, with a diamond shape down the torso in white, drawing the eye in, and away from any lumps and bumps you might have- CLEVER!
Nice use of colours here, taking this dress for evening solely, go for a more edgier version and team with some heavily buckled platform heels, vintage leather jacket and finishing with some bad gal eyeliner, really rock this one out.
You could also calm this one down and keep it slim-line and simple, by teaming with a longer length blazer, neat padded clutch and carefully place large cocktail rings to bring definition - letting the dress do the talking.

Nude Kimono - £24.99

I would chew my right arm off for this beauty. Looking decidingly un-H&M, this really is eclectic, kitsch, and on trend. Working the nude trend, H&M have managed to pull a catwalk-esque piece into the High St by combining trends and making it oh-so wearable - oh, and did I mention its only £24.99?!?!
I shall be wearing this with practically everything: teaming with super skinny, original blue denim jeans, with some killer, pointy stilettos, Large, statement, link chain necklace - I'd want to make the kimono the key point to look at here, keeping everything else slim-fit and neutral.

Stripe Maxi Dress - £12.99

This is my necessity buy, and wardrobe friendly. We all know the success of the maxi - whether you do it floral or whether you keep it plain - you must get this striped version - with again, very cleverly placed stripes, coming in at all angels, this is slimming, working the Parisian trend, please team this during the day with a cropped, rough looking denim jacket, and some gorgeous metallic strapped sandals, work it for the evening, bejeweled shoes, with some heavy gold, chain link jewelry.

Silk Shirt - £29.99

Another very luxe piece for H&M - 100% silk and with the effortless style seen on the catwalks, this is as versatile as they come. Ideal for layering and with the soft neutral hue, this ideal for all those pastel shades you have OD'd on this summer.
Teaming with some beautiful high shine leggings or leather leather trousers for an evening look, with black, patent, criss crossed heels, and a statement Mawi black necklace, Or my preferred option: for day, teaming with the dulcet khaki tones of some rolled up hem shorts, super strappy flat gladiator sandals, metallic gold bikini underneath, with the shirt loosely opened until the navel with a straw hat and aviator sunnies... ahhhh Beach it up baby!

Cat Cropped top - £17.99

Well, what's there NOT to like?? I love cats, and I the love the loose cropped t-shirt style top... yes, I love this. Uber cute, and just a little sickly with it, I cant wait to use this piece as many times as I can with as many different pieces. First look will have to be teamed under some 3/4 length denim dungarees, with some mega pastel colour brogues and broches ahoy - this look just wants to be different - so let it!

Effect culottes - £24.99

One of the easiest to wear short is the culotte. With the natural flowing fabric, and natural cute pastel shade, this pair will help you bring fashion into the boardroom. Teaming with a straight line shirt for office chic, or for days off, in a ruched bust strapless top, this is ideal for all your summer wears. Whatever you do, team with pretty, clashing coloured heels and walk confidently.

Stripe Crop Top - £9.99

I couldn't resist putting this one in, whether I would dare to bare, but at £9.99 I just have to have it! This one is for the truly adventurous out there, wear it bare, with super skin tight high waisted short - think leather, or for the lesser adventurous and more tummy conscious, layering under a sheer jacket or top, contrast in colour and make sure the stripes stand out to effect. Work the underwear as outer-wear trend. This is also good for any smaller chested women out there as the stripes will make you appear slightly fuller.

Clogs - £34.99

The clog trend has split the fashion world in two - some love, some hate. Im kinda somewhere in the middle - on long legged beauties they work, on the slightly stumpier (me) - not so. However I am loving this simpler take on the Clog trend. With a simple, stack heel, plain straps and in neutral tan, I genuinly think these might work for me - with a reasonable price I'm not bothered if the trend doesnt progress longer than this year. Wear with your shortest of short, and for a more kooki look, team with frilled ankle socks.

Chain Necklace - £14.99

Not much to say, other than I love this - good, versatile, statement necklaces are hard to come by and when you find them - you buy!! BUY THIS!

Hope you all enjoy, there are lots of other products in the new July range, have fun picking out your faves.

Until next time....

Summer Body - Step 3: Beating Blemishes

Ok girlies, you've scrubbed, moisturised and now its time to target those blemishes.

We all have them - ranging from Stretchmarks, scars and uneven skin tone..... for me its the bain of my life and I'm alwyas just a little self concious, despite knowing that its completley natural... however during the winter months, I simply relish the fact that I can hide those parts of me. Even though there isn't a cure for the blemishes, there are certain things you can do to improve the look and feel of them. This is another simple part of getting bikini ready and getting confidant in donning all those sexy, slinky summer clothes.

Ive decided to go straight to the daddy of all products for all areas of blemishes, and this is Bio Oil. I'd personally recommend this for treating any kind of blemish or even dry skin condition. Because of the unique formula it covers almost all angels of skin problem.

Below is just a few uses that bio oil can help with, along with some techniques to use with them:


This could be any type of scar, from when you fell over as a kid, or to a surgical scar, Bio Oil can really help when it comes to helping disguise and lessen the appearance of scar tissue. It is also extremely useful in maintaining elasticity of skin, especially for scars on joints.

All you need to do is apply the Bio-Oil and massage (it is essential you massage!) in a circular motion, on and around the scar tissue. I would recommend doing this at least 1-2 times a day for a minimum of 3 or 4 months. You can also use the oil on fresh scars - using only once a day.

Stretch Marks

These are the dreaded skin blemish, and personally I am disgusted by mine! Never one to give up on the chance for perfection, I have been using Bio-Oil on the marks for a while and have significantly noticed they are ALOT less visible - now if that isn't enough to boost morale for the summer shedding, I don't know what is!

By improving the elasticity of the skin it also eliminates the appearance of any new stretch marks! cant say fairer than that. Simply massage into prone areas, again in a circular motion, at least 3 times a day and within 2 months you should see a huge difference.

Un-Even Skin Tone

Most of us will suffer from this at some point in our lives - whether it be from excess UV light or hormone fluctuations, these often unsightly patches can cause embarrassment and desperation on what to cover them up with. Bio is also a good case solver for this too.

Simply apply to areas, whether it be on the body or feel free to use the oil on your face. Apply it to the chosen areas, massage in at least 2 times a day and you should notice a difference within 2 months. Make sure you apply sunscreen to your face after the oil has been absorbed.

De-hydrated Skin

We put our bodies through so much-day in, day out, and we often strip the moisture levels away by just normal washing, exposure to air con, and by our diets and as the skin is one of the largest organs it requires as much moisture as it can get.

Simply use Bio-Oil before moisturising, to ensure the oil is absorbed fully, apply this 2-3 times a day and continue to include this in your skincare routine from now until eternity and you will have simply gorgeous soft and silky skin.

I hope the above helps and you'll give it all go!

Until next time....

Monday, 21 June 2010

Primark get's Limited

When I first discovered Primark I thought all my shopping wishes had come true at once - here was a shop that was selling on -trend fashion and stupidly low prices.  I never thought such a place existed until now. Granted, some of the pieces weren't for me, some of the fabrics were a little too flammable and the accessories a little too Pat Butcher-esque, but overall I loved the fact that this shop became my guilty pleasure and helped me cement my "throw away fashion" ideals.

Alot of my items in my wardrobe are High St with a few selected designer pieces, obviously I would love to increase the amount of one-offs and designers pieces that lived in my wardrobe but unfortunately, I'm neither rich or successful enough. The one thing I tend to always look for when I'm buying  High Street is something I saw on the catwalk that was a big trend, there is always a few lucky finds and some special gem's to be had, but what excites me, is when a high st brand bring a more exclusive range out. Take for instance the very uber-luxe ASOS Black range. Bringing a whole new layer to ASOS - the attractive prices and bang on trend styling are still there, but the different couture looks are something completely different, bringing ASOS into a whole new dimension. This is exactly the reason why I was mega excited to see that cheap and stylish cheerful brand, Primark were releasing a "Limited Edition Collection"I was hoping this was only going to bring good stuff at more than reasonable prices.

At first sight, of the most beautiful 100% silk Victorian Blue dress, with the delicate ruffles, and draping it seemed that this beauty, would be a little more expensive than the usual £12 for a dress, but at just £35 this piece is right at the base price of most Limited Collections, but this dress looks amazing, serious couture looking, and made out of 100% silk this is well worth the slightly higher budget.

Another fave is the ruffle, semi see-through high-waisted short at £13 - hitting the "underwear as outerwear" trend bang on, this screams of a screen goddess's bedroom - romantic ruffles, with beautiful, soft draping over the ends of the shorts and confronted with a contrasting big black tie waist which just exudes serious sex appeal. I cannot wait to dress these up and down, rough them up with flashes of studs and leather.

Going along the same lines as the semi-sheer shorts, we also have the ruffle-tastic rose coloured blouse. Almost matching to the shorts (of which I wouldn't wear together!) is as versatile as they come, for lady-like chic, team with a-line, pleated, pastel coloured skirt with sling-back louboutins, and for some rock, grunge and a darker side to the frill, team with slim-fit leather trousers with the highest platforms shoes you can manage, detailing with bangles piled high on one wrist. This top is priced at the amazing £13.00.

One of must-haves of the range is the very summery and stunning Floral print cropped jacket (£19.00). I have never been a huge fan of the cropped style, but I rather enjoy seeing such a loud print working it on a waterfall front jacket and manage to remain stylish and not mumsy. Team with some tight, skinny blue jeans with some peep-toe flesh-coloured heels, and a long draped vest top, this is one way to give yourself effortless chic.

Talking of jackets, may I introduce you to the sheer boyfriend jacket. This is heaven in a jacket. I've always had a bit of a "thang" for sheer, as it is so accessible and easy to wear. No matter what your teaming it with,you can bring it into every outfit due to the nature of the fabric. Priced at just £21 this is a little bit of a wardrobe statement piece. I want and need.

Finally the very useful Black Harem cuff trouser priced at £15. This will go with every top already in the wardrobe and also create a statement, comfy look for no matter what you team with it. Dress it up with heels a - plenty in the evening and gladiator it up during the day, with extreme buckles, a military inspired jacket and your well away.

This is just a small insight to the new range, and I'm pretty sure that Primark will continue to bring out more and more to add to the collection. I've rather enjoyed seeing a different kind of look coming from the Primark camp which will make them a little more innovative and inspired and a little more at the for-front of the fashion camp.

Until next time.....

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