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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Blogger Diaries: Part Four: Sarah Betty

Are you ready folks, Part Four of The Blogger Diaries, and its time for the exuberant Sarah Betty.
A site that is full of wish and promise and is like a little 'Sarah Wonderland' that you can truly get lost in. With stunning illustrations, photos and a real honest approach to her writing skills, Sarah is firmly fixing herself into the fashion blogging world rather nicely.
You can guarantee Sarah will always show the good in the fashion world, her likes and her genuine passion for all the original beautiful things in life. Here we find out just a little more about our Sarah Betty.

  • Using only 5 words how would you describe yourself and then 5words to describe your blog?

Five words to describe me: Creative, contradictory, ambitious, idiosyncratic and green.
Five words to describe the blog: Charming, honest, eclectic, playful and pretty!

  • · How long have you been blogging now?
I’ve been blogging since I was 15 (nearly eleven years ago!), but I’ve only been a fashion blogger for about half a year.

  • · How did you get into blogging?
I wrote a lot of poetry and wanted somewhere to store/share it. I found a place where there were lots of people who also loved doing that AND commented on your work.

  • How did your obvious love for fashion start?
I have always been in love with creativity, for me fashion is just one aspect of that. I have been in love with personal style and clothing before I knew it was called fashion.

  • What has been the most pivotal/most memorable/favourite moment in your blogging career?
Making friends with other bloggers. Unlike the magazine world, where competition is rife, bloggers actually embrace you into their world. The community aspect is one of the most important for me.

  • Who inspires you?
The old woman on the bus who sits in front of me. She has no name that I know of, but she always looks fabulous. The little boy who sits in the corner of the playground alone. His hair is a little too well done and his shoes don’t look like the other little boy’s shoes. I love individuals who express themselves despite the backlash they receive, not the try hards who want to be something they’re not.
  • Bags, Shoes or Clothes? What’s your fave?
I think you can do the most with clothes. They’re more versatile and you could create a bag, or a pair of a shoes out of clothes. So they win!

  • Favourite designer and why?
Vivienne Westwood. She embodies talent, creative vision and is fashion for me. She knew what she wanted, where she wanted to go and she just went out and did it!
  • Hints on up+coming talent?
I am excited about seeing designer Charlotte Taylor’s collection this LFW! Not related, but also a fan of Hannah Taylor and last but not least - Kathleen Connors a new shoe designer you HAVE to watch out for.

  • Other blogs you read?
I read yours of course, Fashion Dreamer, Cherry Blossom Girl, Style Bubble, Coco’s Tea Party, Disneyrollergirl, Tavi, ReallyRee, Cellardoor Magazine, Young British Designers, Le Blog de Betty, Gem Fatale, The Clothes Whisperer, Fashion Fois Grois, Freak Deluxe Mag and SO many more!

  • What makes a good blog?
I think if the blogger knows their own tastes and opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them, then you have a good blog. You can tell a fake a mile away. Those blogs that think ‘everything is AMAZING’, and they’re not even being endorsed. Honesty, without bitchiness always wins.

  • If you were on a desert island what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
I’d say my laptop, but I’d enjoy that for all of an hour. Soooo, a sewing kit. I’d need to turn those palm leaves into suitable garments.

  • Favourite high street shop and favourite designer boutique?
High street shop=Topshop. Which I think is now stupidly over priced. Favourite designer boutique (not that I can afford anything designer) is Sarah Coggles in York.

  • Is there a destination in the world that inspires you most for fashion and why?
I’d say London, where I live. It’s so full of life here and people really put the effort into the way they dress. Slices of personality and projections of taste come to life on this city’s streets!

  • Most treasured position
At the moment, my iPhone. It lets me do everything.

  • A fact or detail not many people know about you?
That I would give up fashion and everything if I could go into space. I’d still love to be an astronaut.

Well here you have it, this girls a clever and beautiful one! go have a look at her blog and live in Sarah's world.

Until next time....


Anastasia and Duck said...

Oh wow you've been blogging for 11 years?? That certainly puts my one year anniversary to shame...


sarahbetty said...

Oh I LOVE it. Thanks so much!

P.S I didn't get blogging right for a long time, so 11 years doesn't mean anything really! ;)

Sarah Betty xx

Amy said...

Aww, she's so cute!


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