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Monday, 21 June 2010

Primark get's Limited

When I first discovered Primark I thought all my shopping wishes had come true at once - here was a shop that was selling on -trend fashion and stupidly low prices.  I never thought such a place existed until now. Granted, some of the pieces weren't for me, some of the fabrics were a little too flammable and the accessories a little too Pat Butcher-esque, but overall I loved the fact that this shop became my guilty pleasure and helped me cement my "throw away fashion" ideals.

Alot of my items in my wardrobe are High St with a few selected designer pieces, obviously I would love to increase the amount of one-offs and designers pieces that lived in my wardrobe but unfortunately, I'm neither rich or successful enough. The one thing I tend to always look for when I'm buying  High Street is something I saw on the catwalk that was a big trend, there is always a few lucky finds and some special gem's to be had, but what excites me, is when a high st brand bring a more exclusive range out. Take for instance the very uber-luxe ASOS Black range. Bringing a whole new layer to ASOS - the attractive prices and bang on trend styling are still there, but the different couture looks are something completely different, bringing ASOS into a whole new dimension. This is exactly the reason why I was mega excited to see that cheap and stylish cheerful brand, Primark were releasing a "Limited Edition Collection"I was hoping this was only going to bring good stuff at more than reasonable prices.

At first sight, of the most beautiful 100% silk Victorian Blue dress, with the delicate ruffles, and draping it seemed that this beauty, would be a little more expensive than the usual £12 for a dress, but at just £35 this piece is right at the base price of most Limited Collections, but this dress looks amazing, serious couture looking, and made out of 100% silk this is well worth the slightly higher budget.

Another fave is the ruffle, semi see-through high-waisted short at £13 - hitting the "underwear as outerwear" trend bang on, this screams of a screen goddess's bedroom - romantic ruffles, with beautiful, soft draping over the ends of the shorts and confronted with a contrasting big black tie waist which just exudes serious sex appeal. I cannot wait to dress these up and down, rough them up with flashes of studs and leather.

Going along the same lines as the semi-sheer shorts, we also have the ruffle-tastic rose coloured blouse. Almost matching to the shorts (of which I wouldn't wear together!) is as versatile as they come, for lady-like chic, team with a-line, pleated, pastel coloured skirt with sling-back louboutins, and for some rock, grunge and a darker side to the frill, team with slim-fit leather trousers with the highest platforms shoes you can manage, detailing with bangles piled high on one wrist. This top is priced at the amazing £13.00.

One of must-haves of the range is the very summery and stunning Floral print cropped jacket (£19.00). I have never been a huge fan of the cropped style, but I rather enjoy seeing such a loud print working it on a waterfall front jacket and manage to remain stylish and not mumsy. Team with some tight, skinny blue jeans with some peep-toe flesh-coloured heels, and a long draped vest top, this is one way to give yourself effortless chic.

Talking of jackets, may I introduce you to the sheer boyfriend jacket. This is heaven in a jacket. I've always had a bit of a "thang" for sheer, as it is so accessible and easy to wear. No matter what your teaming it with,you can bring it into every outfit due to the nature of the fabric. Priced at just £21 this is a little bit of a wardrobe statement piece. I want and need.

Finally the very useful Black Harem cuff trouser priced at £15. This will go with every top already in the wardrobe and also create a statement, comfy look for no matter what you team with it. Dress it up with heels a - plenty in the evening and gladiator it up during the day, with extreme buckles, a military inspired jacket and your well away.

This is just a small insight to the new range, and I'm pretty sure that Primark will continue to bring out more and more to add to the collection. I've rather enjoyed seeing a different kind of look coming from the Primark camp which will make them a little more innovative and inspired and a little more at the for-front of the fashion camp.

Until next time.....


shareitwearit said...

The floral jacket is just gorgeous I've never had the patience to rummage in Primark thanks for the update!

Natasha Bailie said...

The harem trousers and cropped jacket would look awesome as an outfit!

Sarah said...

Do you know which stores will be stocking this collection, loving the floral print jacket!!!

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