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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Introducing: MaxC London

This weekend I trotted off to the Clothes Show London. I'd never been to this exhibition before, and thought I would give it a go. Not necessarily for buying the clothes, but in the hope of finding some decent new brands and suppliers. First on my list is MaxC London.

This stand automatically took my interest as I kept seeing people buzzing around with the rather fetching bright yellow shopper bags - once locating the stand, I was thrilled to see a well made, well presented stand featuring good quantities and range of stock on offer. Being a London brand I was pleased to see that there were a few nicely selected and eclectic prints on offer (something that London is known for) I was first and foremost taken with the range of dresses (I blame you Lottie!) I seem to of gone on a dress frenzy as of late, so to see a new and interesting new brand, the first choice of clothing was a dress. Florals were big, not only here but throughout the show anyway (More of this on my exhibition evaluation!) but there were a few special pieces that were most definitely worth a mention and possibly buying ;)

First up, was their tie back range of dresses. They came in a mixture of colours and themes: Very nautical looking navy with white piping, a very lush coral with navy piping and a very pale yellow- more of a lemon colour, backgrounded in florals. I actually happened to buy the pale lemon coloured floral dress - to me it was almost verging on vintage and had that "lived in" feel!

Next up, was their selection of crop tops - almost all were in a sheer, chiffon fabric - very light and airy. Choice of designs, again, featured solely on florals - which were nice but nothing I thought were that "little bit different"until I found a very kitsch and rather cute print of lucky charms and horseshoes - it was uber cute and most of all it came in 3 different colours. In a dark navy (which made a nice change from black) a very cute and rather unusual mint green and neutral nude colour all with the same print. I liked the fabric, the longer, slung corners, making it seem more feminine and making the "crop" line shorter.

Finally, my fave piece out of the lot, with a new spin on the Breton stripe, its got the classic colours and has the same comfortable fabric and is as versatile as they come. if like me, you own approx 100 million of these things,then check this out. I love the detachable necklace feature. In bright gold cones, filled with navy blue jersey, these are like little bells. Adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise "another Breton stripe" top. Versatile and luxe all at the same time, A part of me cant wait till the weather chills a little so I can wear it!

Overall, there are some gems to be had at MaxC - however I highly recommend going in to the store in person that relying on the website, of which will get bigger and better once it becomes more established! I'm super happy with my purchases, and look forward to seeing these players on the high street.

Until next time.... 


Leia said...

lovely items! i'll have to check out this shop! :)

DailyDoseOfAloha said...

ok. i am in love with the sheer crop top idea.. i love all things flowy and flattering. it seems to me that that would be!!



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