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Sunday, 8 March 2015


and so... I guess this is expected, but it's time for sarahs-scribbles to say goodbye.

I've loved writing this blog, but now, at the age of 30, I am a MUCH different person and with a baby scribbles on the way I felt it was time to grow and get myself a new and improved blog where I can talk about this new journey as much I want, on a platform that fits.

I hope some of you will kindly come and follow me over to my new blog but for those that dont, THANK YOU for everything - for your support, your readership and most of all the love that you gave me. You can still find me at my twitter channel (this I wont be changing) and neither will my instagram. So, without delay, please welcome my new blog - please do click on the below and stay tuned for some new and much more improved blog posts:

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The one with the fluffy coat...

Its no surprise that with all this mind numbing arctic weather we've been experiencing, that I was bound to feature a Winter coat post on the blog, but that's about as far as I get involved here.Y'see, what with being of the rotund nature lately, I can no longer do any of my coats up without trapping part of my stomach in (ouch) so posting pictures of me in the coat in question just isn't going to happen... no no no. (I'll save your eyes) And so, my very lovely (and not to mention drop dead frigging gorgeous) friend, took being my model in her stride - to be fair, she's the type of girl that would make a ripped bin bag look good (and no, this is NOT the latest look) so it was a no brainer to use her to show off exactly HOW to wear a fluffy coat.

In this weather, you have no choice but to go BIG and BOLD with your coat choices. Too short a coat and lets face it, your bum is going to freeze right off, too thin and you can guarantee you'll be part of the flu brigade in no time. This is your only time when going for something a tad extreme is so totally ok, whilst leaving you smug as hell! This Tesco furry chubby coat, is pretty much THE ONE.

This is the type of coat I fall in love with from afar, but my very 'plain jane' demeanour means that there is not a hope in hell that I could ever pull this off. Period. Seriously, the thought makes me giggle. This faux fur coat pretty much does what it says on the tin: its nice and long for maximum warmth, it's extra thick and furry which helps keep the heat in and most of all, it looks high fashion and well, NOT Tesco... AT ALL. So how would you wear it? Biggest dilemma EVER. Is there ever a thing as TOO much? well, not with this coat. Want to know how to wear the statement fur coat? well, here's how:

The great thing about this coat is the versatility: Yeah, granted, its a talking point, but whether you decide to well and truly dress up or casual it down, the coat doesn't have to overpower your outfit if you dont want it to. Try layering with other fur, team up with statement necklaces and dress up with sparkles. Statement tees and pared down trousers work well for day wear, whereas a slinky black dress will ALWAYS be a timeless way to wear it in the evening. 

This coat is now reduced at Tesco Florence and Fred HERE and is available in a shorter style for the petite ladies. 

How do you wear your faux fur?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The shoes, the ones I really want

Being all about the shoes lately (because my belly wont fit in anything else) my shoe obsession has taken on a life of it's own lately and this is only made worse by the announcement of the third collaboration between Clarks shoes and Orla Kiely.

Known for being just utterly beautiful, the sneak peek of this latest collaboration goes one step further in the pretty stakes. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, there is a real play in colour with muted tones and texture with patent, crocodile-effect leather. With a selection of heels and sandals that despite resembling those that I used to be MADE to wear when I was at school, I kinda really want.

Being shown exclusively at London's Fashion Week, keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Designer looks on a strict budget

Not going to lie, but being in this weird second trimester stage of pregnancy and well, most of my clothes not fitting, I am clutching at straws at things to make me feel attractive and pretty. Without an endless pot of money to be able to spend of brand new clothes that actually fit me, I have found myself looking a the smaller ways to make myself feel, and look better.

Shoes are always a fail safe item to make subtle but effective changes (and they ALWAYS fit) make-up has become another new obsession - not only because my skin HATES me right now, but because its fun to try and change your look (with the help of Bobbi Brown my latest obsession) but another easy wardrobe changer is jewellery. Normally, I only wear my wedding and engagement rings and as special as they are to me, the addition of some added bling most def makes you sparkle a little, and bling was what I got as I am now the proud owner of a lovely sparkly Marc by Marc Jacobs silver bangle after being gifted to me from Harvey Nichols, which is just the thing to make a girl feel a little more special. Not normally a wearer of bracelet/bangles as I often find bangles too 'showy' and a little in your face but this option from Marc by March Jacobs is simple looking and classic. This type of bangle would go with pretty much any outfit and would even look good in both the day and then layered up at night. But one of the best things about this piece is its affordability.

Priced at £40 this bangle is just perfect for a gift for a fashion conscious friends or a pay day purchase for yourself without breaking the bank. If you thought that a designer piece of jewellery would cost the earth, then you are wrong, there is a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are all, quite frankly cheap as chips but look so cute! See how I worked my Marc Jacobs cut out bangle below

If you want to check out more, log on to the Harvey Nichols page here

Sunday, 1 February 2015

15, 16 and 17 week pregnancy update

I've been a little slack with updating the blog the last couple of weeks - talk about struggling for time! If I'm not working, I'm struggling to find the time to cook dinner, do housework, let alone, sitting down and writing a blog post! UGH! anyone else struggling with TIME lately? where the frick does it go?

I'm now over 17 weeks pregnant and all seems well (touches ALL the wood) My belly is just THERE right now, with it growing in size as the day goes on. Despite feeling a little more full of energy than before, I have now gone from being relatively symptom free to pretty much crippled in pain with my hips and lower back  especially at night! I can't really describe the pain, it is kinda like a dull ache, the type you get when you lie for too long on one side, but this is pretty much if I sit down for too long on the sofa and then comes back to really strike the second I go to bed.

I am such a light sleeper anyway (I dont need to get ready for the baby waking, I wake at the drop of a hat anyway) but this has taken tiredness to new levels. I manage to get a rough 3 hours of sleep a night, which was never really a problem when I was free to live on ALL the Costa Americano's but now? I am suffering a little. I went out and purchased a memory foam mattress topper and a really long sausage-like pillow for between my legs in some small teeny tiny hope that it might work. Well... so far? NOWT. There has a been a little room of improvement but not enough for me to get a full nights sleep. Small price to pay really. I start yoga tomorrow so fingers crossed it might help!

I get the odd twinges every now and then, which for me who is a natural born worrier, I go into mental breakdown about it and I try NOT to Google! My emotions again are, how shall we say, DIFFERENT. I vary from one mood to the other at the drop of a hat and my poor ol' husband is getting the brunt of it - sporadic tears are becoming a bit of regularity in the Nash household!! Cravings are still the same - Chewits are still very much flavour of the month, but now I have the addition of crumpets. Hot, buttery crumpets. Mmmmm! Me and Mark have been discussing baby names and I think we've both surprised ourselves with the choices and then with the amount of names we've vito'd! So much fun!

Baby is about the size of a turnip right now, which makes me giggle every time I think of it, fingerprints are forming  and baby is practising sucking and swallowing (clever thing) 

I'm now on official countdown until my 20 week scan... not long now!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

14 weeks pregnancy update

So here I am being annoying pregnant blogger again and 14 weeks done and dusted (This is almost  week overdue now, I'm further on - couldn't decided if this was a really boring thing to be writing about) it's weird, because time DOES seem to be flying, but yet at the same time seems to be taking FOREVER until my next scan and finding out the sex time! (not sex time, gender time obv)

So how am I feeling? Overall, good. I use this term loosely, because in the day I feel ok, granted, I get tired by say 4 pm, and can often be found in a tired stupor if you  ask me to stay awake past 9pm but one cant really complain. My belly or should I say 'bump' seems to of popped a little more and I think I do look bigger and possibly, dare I say it, more pregnant (either that or I just look like I've had a superb eating Christmas) other symptoms, seem to of disappeared, although that being said I didn't really have much nausea/sickness (I've been really lucky) I've had a few days of headaches, but I think it was due to me being a little dehydrated. I have however been dealing with a lack of sleep. Unfortunately I have been getting alot of hip/joint pain the more I sleep on my side - I have been reading up that this is quite common. Common as it may be, it still sucks ass to get NO sleep during a night and then having to wake up at 6am to start work (dont tell me, good practice) I have read that a memory foam mattress topper can make a difference so going to look at getting one, and on my agenda is to start pregnancy yoga. More on this to follow.

Cravings? What have I not been eating. I've really noticed that I need to eat regularly now, I actually have breakfast these days - which is a first! I am craving lots of sweat stuff and err, fried food. tut tut I hear you say. I wish I could tell you I was being all super duper healthy like some new age mum, but alas I'm not! Whoops! The one thing I cant get enough of is Chewits. yes, that chewy sweet? yep... THEM! Can't stop. The one thing I cant stand? Lasagne..... *vom*

Baby is just over the size of a lemon right now and can now squint, grimace, frown and guess what PEE! Also baby can maybe possibly suck its thumb. It's all very exciting, if not a little hard to believe at the same time!

See you next Sunday for week 15 update!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Doing up the living room - frugal style

It's been several months of long, hard, work (namely for my OH) but our living room is FINALLY finished and I couldn't love it anymore. Pictures are up, the finishing touches are in and at last ,we have a new sofa after living with a very compact (read SMALL) two seater sofa that barely fitted bot home and the hubby on, lets just say it was WAY closer than I ever wanted/imagined it would be.

Despite the innate moaning I done throughout the entire renovation of the living room, I do love it now. Swings and roundabouts and all that! So I thought I'd give you a little insight to our new living room that was grafted lovingly all on a very tight budget! I kinda wish I had done more before,during, after blog posts but I kinda didn't really know if that would interest people as we aren't even close to some of these Pinterest board interiors.... so here are some of the little, frugal changes we've made to our house.

Our ssuperblovely,comfy sofa came from DFS and was a mere bargain considering all the customised changes we made to it - it has a double sofabed in it as well and fixed back cushions which are much better for longevity compared to cushion back. I added two red cushions. the covers came from Primark costing £3 each and used cushion filler from a haberdashery store. Our curtains came from Homebase and the picture from Photobox using our wedding pics. It cost about £80 in total but is gorgeous!

Had to have some rabbits involved somewhere. These came from Wilkinson's and cost a total of £10 combined! Bargain! The flowers are faux and came from Dunelm totalling £5! 

My two favourite prints in the room came from Boo and Boy. The first one features the date that me and Mark got engaged and the second features our wedding date. These are so reasonably priced considering the superb service and amazing design. They are miracle workers there! We 'may' have left room for a third for when baby arrives!

Alongside what I have shown you above, we also reclaimed our old parquet flooring. It was in dire need of some attention and despite people telling me parquet is 80's, we decided to give it a new lease of life and restored it by sanding it all down, repairing all the loose wood pieces and varnishing it to within an inch of its life. it was hard work and took a long time but we finished it and it looks amazing! We completed this task all by ourselves MASSIVELY reducing the spend! 

So there we have it, snippets of our DIY (literally) living room!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday Reading: Sealed with Kiss - Rachel Lucas

Wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only person who said they would read more in 2015 - I am fully aiming to read a book every two weeks (here's hoping) and first up is a nice easy read.

I had this title recommended to me by a close friend before Christmas but unfortunately never got round to reading it. A first of Lucas's books Ive read it was described to me as a good easy-to-read book that had a real nice feel-good nature about it - JUST what I was looking for!

I found this book to be so comforting, friendly almost and fell in love with the detail descriptions of the surroundings. Focusing on the character Kate as she run's away to a completely island in Scotland after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, I immediately felt some recognition and friendliness to her - we've all been in THAT position of just wanting to disappear somewhere new, to escape, to begin again. Rachel manages to describe the characters in such a way that we get a real insight to their emotions despite it being written in third person. Each character that we are introduced too really does have their own personality that is really brought to life with every description and spoken word.

Lucas manages to spread this trait to describing Kate's surroundings. I have never been to Scotland before but I sure as hell felt like I really was there when I was reading. The wildlife, the scenery, everything felt blissful. you get a sense of just hot remote it is, how the weather reflects the surroundings. I don't want to give too much away in terms of storyline, although I will say this is chick-lit at its very best. With warming characters and a really interesting storyline this really is how to do chick-lit. I finished the book feeling genuinely sad to come to the end, but felt thoroughly fulfilled and altogether good inside.

I would thoroughly recommend Rachel Lucas and can't wait to read more of her books!

Available to download via Amazon HERE

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Some pampering for me AND the bump

I am most definitely a bath queen, showers are too impersonal for me, baths are more in touch, more sensual and all the more relaxing - something of which I really look for now I have the bump in tow.

With many sleepless nights that now seem to be affecting me (hip pain anyone) and being massively busy both at work and at home decorating the house, running a bath means a whole lot more to me than it ever used too! I was really lucky to be gifted a Cusson's Mum & Me gift bag for Christmas by my very thoughtful sis in law - now, I'm not going to lie to you, but I literally had NO idea that when you were pregnant there were bump specific products to benefit you so was really intrigued to see if these made a difference.

In the gift bag contained:

Smooth and Glow Pregnancy Shampoo
Relax and Unwind Bath Soak
Soothe and Nourish Body Lotion
Relax and Unwind Sleep Mist

and an extra gift I was given was:

Stretch Mark Cream

The shampoo promised to make my hair more manageable, and despite only being into my 4th month of pregnancy, I have found my hair to be very dry and a bit coarse and wiry (this is after it was CRAZY greasy in the first trimester) I was really eager to try this in some small hope it might make the mop look a little more decent. The smell was gorgeous: very gentle, almost smelt baby-ish (that sounds weird but hopefully I'm not the only one to think so) and was very fresh. My hair felt really clean , after using and wasn't greasy at all. I found my hair to still be rather dry at the ends but overall it had a softer feel, however my hair still looks a mess! (I can thank growing out a crop for that!)

The Bath Soak contains Camomile to help de-stress as well as moisturising proprieties. I'm a Radox girl through and through and have used the Sleep Easy scent for far too many years so was really reluctant to give this a go, I was however really surprised with how moisturising it was on my skin, normally my skin does feel a little tight after a bath, but that had disappeared without a trace. The smell again was very soft and baby-powder, almost 'Matey' like (for those that remember) and it produced a fair few bubbles - easily pleased me! I ant say whether it was the Camomile that made me feel more relaxed or whether it was just the bath itself  - but I enjoyed either way.

The Body lotion contains Avacado (yum), almond and grapeseed oil to help moisturise and an ingredient called Allantoin which can help with itchy skin. The cream was nice and thick but absorbed well into the skin, without leaving any residue. The scent was delicious, to the point I DESPERATELY wanted to squeeze it in my gob... I know. the only downside was that my skin SO dry I found I needed to apply in quick succession otherwise my skin would've gone dry and scaly again (horrid central heating)

The Relax and unwind sleep mist is just total YUM. I am tempted to wear it as a perfume, as well drink it. It's just one of those amazing scents that not only smell clean, but its gentle, softening, warm, fluffy and a little homely too... yeah ALL of those things. Whether it helps me sleep, I have zilch idea, BUT I do notice myself feel calmer when I spray and breathe it in! This is a MUST,

I was also given the Stretch Mark cream also. This was on a huge recommendation from my sis in law who had used it and she didn't have ONE stretchmark, so... we shall see. BUT upon use, it's lovely and thick and feels really luxurious!

Personally, I love the Bump range from Cussons. I'm not saying its benefiting me anymore than other standard, unbump products, BUT I actually enjoyed the fact it was specific for pregnancy, even more so when I have noticed a change in both my  hair and skin. I would highly recommend all the products. Just try not to fall so in love with the smells you want to eat them.....

The gift pack is priced at £16.99 and the Stretch Mark cream at £9.99

Saturday, 10 January 2015

BUMPy opinions....

So I have dared to write my first mummy-to-be post - judge me if you will! Not gonna lie though, this being pregnant malarky sure gives me lots of inspiration on things to write! First up, BUMP talk.

It's that age old thing, unless a woman plasters a post-it note to her forehead the main tell-tale sign of being pregnant is well, her bump. As I am now in the second trimester I am finding that I seem to be brewing a little bump. I've been quite lucky pre pregnancy to have a relatively flat stomach without much work as I seem to carry any excess on my legs and hips, so my teeny tiny bump seems to of popped from nowhere, but yknow what, I love it. One thing I have learned already in pregnancy is that every single one is different and no two women are the same and this too, includes the size of a bump. And so I found out recently.

Upon posting a photo to instagram of my maternity/preggars fashion, I rec'd so many lovely comments about my bump which is BEYOND lovely to hear, but what I was surprised was the random messages from people to tell me they were surprised at my size, and how BIG I was for how far along I am. 

I was surprised, shocked possibly, but it really did make me wonder what was wrong with me. One thing I have been warned by from my friends that are already parents is that when you announce a pregnancy, everyone has their own opinion, but the better side of me didn't believe it. But here I was,  subjected to all things bump related. Dare I say, it made me feel bad about the bump I have, it made me a feel a little abnormal, so much so I had to do some reading up to check that I was... well yknow, OK. 

So is this the start of things to come? Can I get used to this type of opinion? Will I always feel like I should be comparing myself to other pregnancies? and should I just ignore? 

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