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Monday, 17 November 2014

These boots were made for walking, dancing, etc etc

I have ALOT of shoes, I mean ALOT. I have heels, sandals, pumps and flats - leather, canvas, glittery and metallic  but what I dont have is good pair of boots. I have 'boots' I use the term loosely, they are more fashion boots and whilst they look pretty they certainly do not like my feet and y'know what, being of the age 30, I do look for comfort these days.

In answer to my feet prayers, I was offered the opportunity to try out Clark's for my boot needs this Winter. I have only one other pair of Clark's shoes but these a flat loafers. My initial thoughts were that I wouldn't find any boots that was in my taste but when I went into my local branch I was pleasantly surprised to find there was so much choice - from knee high boots to ankle. I was specifically thinking more ankle boots for me this year as I have expanding calf muscles and can never really find knee high boots to fit nicely. After trying on various tan and black boots, I knew I wanted to find something in black, ankle boots with a slight heel so I could wear to work and look smart and yet wear them more casually at weekends where they would be comfy enough for long walks out - not looking for much am I?!?

After much trying on (the beauty of going to the shops rather than buying online was trying different styles on) I decided to go for the Malm Dance ankle boot. Priced at £69.99 these ankle boots caught my eye as they were just a little different to everything Id seen and tried on. Similar to Chelsea boots, with a cuban heel that looked a little cowboy-ish, these were exactly the type of boot I was looking for, and once I tried them on I knew they were the boot for me - they were SO comfy.

Basically these boots are just yummy. They're first outing was to work - I don't do too much walking around work, but I wanted to see how they faired for the office - were they suitable to wear in the office or did I have to resort back to my court shoes? They were perfect. They looked great with a black leather-look dress and tights - it was a nice modern take on office wear.
This weekend me and my boots ventured out for some shopping. I decided to wear some black skinny leg trousers and peterpan neckline top, finished off with my fur leather jacket, the boots fitted in perfectly. The proof is in the walking, and well, these boots were comfy throughout my entire trip into town: no rubbing and the heel wasn't uncomfortable at all. The insides are well padded, especially on the ball of the foot (which is where I experience pain first!) and I lasted all day, walking around shopping and no pain - success! 

I loved the look of these boots and it completely changed my impression of Clarks boots - they were so much more modern, the fit was exceptional and the quality is brilliant - all priced at £69.99, you are getting alot for your money. I'm already eyeing up the Lisette Blues boots in tan - look at them, they are yummy! 

What are your favourite Winter boots?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Reading: Human Remains - Elizabeth Haynes

Some of you may have remembered about a gazillion years ago my Sunday blog post used to be a book review, well since the wedding took over my life and the blogging took a back seat I didn't really get much time to read, however now that has gone - I have drifted back to my books and so here is the first of many book reviews! Before you all think I shall be sprouting something semi-intelligent, let me clarify, I read for sheer pleasure, I like books that I can immerse myself in: whether it be thrillers or the fluffy romance kind - it doesn't matter. I will pretty much read anything and well, my reviews are pretty much just my thoughts. That ok? Phew. Read on!

Elizabeth Haynes isn't as well known as some thriller writers but this is the second book I have read of hers. Her first book ' Into the darkest corner' literally had me on the edge of my seat, biting down on a pillow and left me sleeping with the lights on. literally. I could not read the book alone it was THAT scary. So I was thrilled to find other books she had written and promptly downloaded 'Human Remains' shortly after I finished.

With the tag line "How well do you know your neighbours? Would you notice if they lived or died?" Can only mean you're in for a creepy ride. This book is written, rather cleverly, from different people's point of view - normally this is something that I can't stand in a book, I lose track, get confused and don't normally like chopping and changing, but Haynes manges to make this way of writing really work - and in fact, it is essential for the story. 
Focusing around the character of Annabel a police analyst who is outwardly to others classed as lonely, but to herself she is busy with work - concentrated and sensible Annabel has taken on the role of carer to her elderly mother, is single and lives alone with her cat. Nothing different happens in Annabel's life that is until the discovery of her dead decomposing neighbour in the house next door. Annabel is just appalled to think that no-one, including herself even noticed. What immediately sets this book apart from normal writing is the way Haynes writes about everyday life so, REAL. I sympathised and related to Annabel as she spoke of the mundane-ness of everyday life, but when this shock turn of events happened, again we are placed exactly in Annabel's situation and like her, I would've immediately felt shocked and horrified.

Through Annabel's work does she find similar case of deaths involving people being found much later, in their homes already dead. Annabel's real struggles to get anyone to listen to her and her findings are both frustrating for the reader as they are for the character, you get a real sense of her feelings.

The new individual we are introduced can only be described as odd. From the outset, Haynes manages to create a creepy chill with this character, we instantly know there to be something wrong with this individual but its pure genius the way Haynes manages to build on this character throughout the book until the point as to which your blood runs cold. Playing with underlying humour makes this character seem clever, slightly masochistic. Haynes is clever to write from the differing point of views, Annabel, the man behind it all and the deceased, makes for an ever changing storyline that doesn't give you time to relax. The man behind it all makes for uncomfortable reading but that's not to say you dont want too. The way Haynes writes from the two main characters point of view makes the story really get under your skin and prompts you to just keep turning the page.

For me, this wasn't AS good as Into the darkest corner but lordy, it is a good read, if not uncomfortable because it is so believable. A must-read for anyone who likes    thrillers. Thoroughly recommend.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

'There's no place like home' *clicks heels*

Now, I'm not going to blow you away with how heartfelt and serious this blog post is going to be. Nope, in all honesty, this is one of those posts that is purely there for show, like on a dark miserable day and all you crave is seeing some light... yeah, it's a bit like that but this time with sparkles. Y'see mostly I'd like to think my life is missing sparkles - both diamonds and fake ones but really, who gets to have a bit of sparkle on an every day basis? no-one. This blog post pretty much is that.

I cannot stop thinking about sparkly shoes y'see, I'm pretty sure its that time of year, I'm starting to feel a little more Festive and well, now we're getting into darker times of the year I cant help but feel I need something to put some oomph into my wardrobe. Anyone feel like that?!

Sparkly shoes and boots this season really are part of your staple wardrobe - you need them! (I give you permission) This year instead of saving the shoes or boots for that one special occasion, why not try teaming them for during the day, at work, out shopping, lunch with friends - sparkles can work for during the day too. This season why not opt for shoes with a block heel - no more ball pain (no sniggering) for pointed toe flats and for ankle boots that are slightly wider at the top. Here are my top picks to get sparkly this Winter

I love these boots more than my entire wardrobe and I pretty much fell off my seat when I saw these - yeah, that much love. These slightly wider ankle boots would look great teamed with some black trousers or even teamed with a dress or skirt. The list is endless, in fact anything is possible with these boots. Their sparkly right?!

For those of you who want a little bit of everything - we're talking glitter, mesh, bows and a rather sizeable heel - these are the shoes for you! Truly shocked that these babies only cost £38, these shoes are just stonkingly gorgeous, no other words needed.

I just had to include a red sparkly pair! Now, I'm not gonna lie, these shoes are both out of my budget and I'm pretty sure my feet will leave me if I make them walk in these, alas they are just so pretty... I mean look at them, they really are a eye-catcher!

How cute are these? and hey, look at the price tag and they are flat! WOOHOO! These very pale pink glitter pumps are a great festive shoe to wear to, err, pretty much everything - dressed up, dress down - it really doesn't matter, just buy!

These Matalan heels are great for the Christmas party season. Sometimes block heels can be a little bit too much, but the part glitter on these heels makes them seem a little bit more delicate and feminine. Oh and £18. Nuff said.

YES. I KNOW. I could buy an old car for this price, but a girl can dream right?! These Christian Louboutin brogues are the stuff dreams are made of! Sparkly, comfy, pretty, their Louboutin's for goodness sake, yeah, please someone buy them for me.... please? 

So, there you have it, serious sparkles. I told you this post wasn't rocket science, or that it wasn't going to change your life, but hey we all like to look at something pretty right? Well, this season sparkly is most definitely it.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Hey all of you lot. Wow, where has the last couple of weeks gone? Seriously, we're now in November and well, dare I say it, that Christmas is very much just around the corner! So, here's what I've been up to through the eyes of my Instagram...

1 - Heading off to Newcastle for the day to visit Barbie's Dream Experience.. with Barbie herself!
2 - Finally treating myself to a new work bag - finding myself buying red was a first
3 - Halloween and eating ALL the chocolate brought for the Trick or Treaters
4 - Having my first decaf red cup of the season and instantly feeling Festive!

5 - Diversity! I know... Ashley Banjo LOVE! getting the opportunity to go to Dream Toys 2014 along with Mattel, and then finding out Diversity were there...
6 - Yes... that's me, with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. and yes, I am pulling some karate move.
7 - Me with my pal Barbie!
8 - Treating myself to some new Winter boots courtesy of Clarks... they are just WAY too comfy!

What have you been up to lately?

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Monday, 3 November 2014


With the change-over in seasons from Summer to Autumn and in typical English style hot/cold/wet/dry weather I've been going shopping in the hopes that my wardrobe can cope with this really weird state of our weather and seasons - does anyone else struggle with the whole putting on a jumper on in the morning in the cold then sweltering in the afternoon when the temperatures raise?! Good. I'm not the only one then.

My lates clothes shop love is, Sainsbury. Yes, you heard right, Sainsbury the supermarket. I never ever find the time to go clothes shopping so on my last supermarket shop I took a trip round the clothing department in Sainsbury and was really pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of normal, staple items like plain tops, jumpers and cardigans, but their Autumn collection is SO lovely, it took all my power not to ransack the rails and dump it all in my trolley. This is my perfect type of shopping, everything under one roof and the sizing in Sainsbury is really rather generous. I can happily fit into a size 10/12 and I find their clothes great quality for the price. I was lucky to be buying when they had 25% off also - you cant say no! Here's what my latest Sainsbury haul consisted of:

1 - Tartan Skirt - £18 Sainsbury Tu

It seemed wrong for me to just walk away from this tartan-esque skirt. I've had many of the more traditional kilts in red and black but there was something really likeable about the colours in this skirt. I think Ive got some kind of obsession with the ochre yellow colour, so just had to pick this up. I've teamed this with thick black tights, tan brogues and a black sheet shirt. I was amazed this only cost £18 - the skirt is really thick and of really nice quality.

2 - Leather look dress - £18 Sainsbury Tu

So, err, I'm not 'too' sure what possessed me to buy this leather-look dress, but I've seen SO many people wear similar that I thought why the hell not. So, yeah. I brought it. In truth, it's actually a really basic dress - with one simple leather look / or should I say 'pleather' look panel down the middle of the dress, the rest, is a black stretchy cotton dress - comfy. With nice stitching darts to give the dress a little more shape, I hav yet to wear this, but I think when teamed with a statement dress like this one I got ages ago from Lebeado, this is going to make a good 'go to' dress for my wardrobe.

3 - Spotty Jumper £18 Sainsbury Tu

This jumper is just really cute. I brought this for no other reason than well, it's spotty - I know, what can I say. I really need to up my jumper game (I currently have 3 jumpers and they are all about 5 years old) so this was the frist of me branching into jumper-dom. This jumper is nicely thick (not too thick) it isn't itchy, it fits well and washes up lovely. The best thing with this jumper? you can dress up with black trousers, a statement necklace like the one above from Accessorize, or you can play down with some jeans. 

I know alot of people class supermarket clothes as a bit cheap and cheerful, but I was honestly really surprised (in a good way) with Sainsbury and I cant wait until the next time I go food shopping to pile some more in trolley.

Have you ever clothes shopped in a supermarket?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spooky Shoes....

Happy belated Halloween! Normally, Halloween is my FAVOURITE time of year - what's not to love: extreme fancy dress, the excuse to look, well, ugly, sweets, parties and PUMPKINS! Halloween is all kinds of fun but for me this year I kinda missed the spooky boat - being manically busy I never got the chance to get planning to take part in anything remotely spooky and so, Friday came and I resumed the sitting position, eating all the sweets that I had purchased for the trick or treaters (that's ok right) and watched scary films - no slutty witch here. But now the cobwebs have been dusted away, the fancy dress packed away, pumpkins used and the sweets eaten Halloween is well and truly over... but on my quiet Friday when I was snuggling up at home, I came across the latest offering by Upper Street Shoes.

I know I regularly blog about them, but I can't help it - they just get better and better. This Halloween saw them launch their new screen printing service and showcased the new Bat Shoe! I'm not even kidding, this is DEFINITELY the type of Halloween I can get on board with. This creative collaboration between Upper Street and British ceramic company Volpe and Volpe, showcases the brand’s ability to completely customise any shoe with their new screen-printing service and have it delivered within just 3-4 weeks. These BAT statement heels have been created with Halloween in mind, a nice, fun take on this creepy time of year but you can wear these all year round. At £325 they're not cheap, but I do like a nice statement heel and these are a real fun option. If these aren't your taste how about designing your own, screen printing costs from £95.

Only another 12 months until the next Halloween, however I shall be wishing for this lovely shoes to make an appearance for me to wear in-between *writes on Christmas list*

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Capturing the Fever pitch...

It has got to be said that whilst I do have an already bulging wardrobe, I seem to be missing one type of clothing which I think can really make or break a wardrobe and that's dresses. Y'see I don't have enough of them and as a consequence I sure as hell don't wear enough. Since getting all my hair cut off there has been a massive part of me that is trying to look MORE feminine, I'm not saying I don't already look it, but there is something inside of me that wants to, well, make sure people don't mistake me for a teenage boy. Anyway, I digress. As a 30 year old woman, who is of a curvy nature the places to find dresses that not only fit (bye bye Topshop and your teeny tiny sizes) and also flatter, are few and far between. My inability to be able to wear anything 'bodycon' has pretty much been and gone and well, everything else seems a bit... err.. grandma-ish. And now with the Christmas Party season well and truly around the corner I'm starting to wonder what the hell does someone like me, wear?

Fever London is a brand that I somehow stumbled upon when trawling the same old clothing websites. I'd heard the brand name passed around a select few times and now realise what a doofus I was to not check them out sooner. Being of a particular age, I am acutely aware that my look must be classy. I have done the stints of flashing the flesh (when I was younger and skinnier) and I have done the rounds of wearing something a little 'different' but now I like to think I channel classic and classy (no belly buttons in sight here) and Fever London seem to do just this. Inspired by vintage prints and feminine silhouettes they get both a tick and tick from me and my body shape. Often afraid of rooting through vintage stores (I often cant fit into the sizes - I have a weird body shape), Fever London offer me the best of both worlds with old style designs in a new format - what's not to love!? Here are my top Fever London dress picks:

I love the difference in textures in this dress! Sometimes a black dress is all you need but they sometimes do have a habit of being a bit dull. The difference in textures with the embroidered mesh over layer on the skirt makes for a nice eye-catching change. The best thing with this dress is the versatility - either go full on vintage with some blood red heels, nails and lip, or update is with some neon shoes. 

My jaw done a little drop when I saw this - look at the back of this dress. Such a simple idea, again done in classic black, but with the addition of a belt the back of dress takes centre stage! I'm not normally one to go full-length but this dress calls for it! I love it! Team only with some metallic shoe and simple jewellery. The dress talks for itself.

This 1940's / 1950's inspired dress is just perfect for the holiday season. The metallic fabric is eye-catching, the colour is so different. The dress lets your legs do the talking and you can really go to town with your shoes and jewellery on this one. this one instantly caught my eye and said 'party' I love the fun feel of this dress!

In my humble opinion, you can never ever go wrong with a tea dress / shirt dress. Built for every figure known to man, this dress is a great versatile and dare I say it, wardrobe staple - it's a must. For both dressier occasions and working days, I love this classy navy blue choice with a dotty mesh overlay. I want this dress BAD!

If you're like me and a little afraid of wearing sequins then this is a great party dress. Trimmed with sequins and really rather cheeky slit up the leg this shift dress shows just the right amount of leg and sequin. I love this blue colour - not a colour I would normally go for, but this is a good staple party piece.

Have you shopped Fever London before?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Giving it up - #Stoptober

The prospect of giving something up is hard for most of us, For me, the thought of maybe, possibly giving up chocolate for any time long than say 24 hours is enough to have me cowering in the corner, however this October starts the annual Stoptober. 

This isn't about giving up chocolate or even that odd alcoholic drink, this is the time for all smokers out there to finally give up their habit. for good. As most of us will know, stopping habits is hard and smoking is probably the hardest of them all, this is why Boots UK are supporting and inviting people to take part in the 28-day stop smoking challenge. Offering support, advice and help every step of the way Boots UK is willing YOU to stop.

For me, I have never smoked. Before you all think 'why am I writing this post as a non-smoker' well the truth is, some of my loved ones have either smoked or are still smoking currently and yes, I don't smoke and don't have the addiction, but what I do know is all about the reasons as to WHY I never wanted to smoke. We all know that smoking is bad for your health, it's be wrong for me to sit here and type a load of rules for you to follow and to preach my non-smoking self on to you, but now is the time to rid yourself of this evil habit. I'm not going to lie, there is nothing more off putting than smelling stale smoke on someone: whether it bee their breath, or on their clothes - it's just not nice. Never before has there been more reason for you to quit: it's no longer socially acceptable to have a cigarette. With smoking banned in all public spaces, there is nothing worse than seeing your friends having to disappear during the night for a cheeky fag and not only that, surely you don't enjoy standing in the freezing cold do you? really? So what might happen if you do decide to take that leap and quit?

Those taste buds that you have slowly been killing off? yeah they will decide to make an appearance again, and rather swiftly, research has shown. Imagine being able to taste every food again, knowing that you wont miss out on tasting your favourite food again, Onto your smell - smoking alters the way you smell things also - but this can all come back should you decide to take that step.
The way you look.... Oh boy, smoking has a field day with this one. Smoking reduces the nutrients in your hair, dulls your complexion  and eventually stains your teeth - all making you look alot older than what you are. After 4 weeks of non- smoking there is a dramatic improvement in this and all of the other effects of smoking, surely this sounds better? Ready to take the step?

Boots UK are here to help and are offering people to join their Smoke Less Plan. Available at selected stores, they really can help you on your journey to cut down or quit. As a free flexible programme it provides personalised advice and helps understanding of smoking patterns, triggers and cravings to help find the right stop smoking support.  Boots health care advisors have been specially trained to provide support both in-store and over the phone. The Smoke Less Plan includes

  • Initial consultation to help prepare for the quitting journey and agree personal goals
  • An information pack including a booklet, appointment card and a refer a friend flyer
  • An appointment to establish a quit date and create a personalised action plan which may include choosing smoking control products (charges may apply)
  • A follow-up appointment usually 7-10 days after the quit date to see how people are getting on
  • A unique Nicotine Exchange Service that allows you to switch to a different form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy during your smoke free journey, if you feel your current one is not right for you
Boots UK has a wide selection of smoking control products to chose from to help you find the right one. The NicAssist range includes patches, gum, lozenges, tablets and nasal spray. In line with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines which state that a combination of treatments are proven to be effective, Boots UK is also offering 3 for 2 on all smoking control products  (cheapest item is free) during Stoptober (the offer starts on 17 September and ends on 11 November 2014).

Still unsure? Stoptober is the perfect opportunity to really do something about this habit - there is tons of support out there from Boots UK and even better, there are lots of other people who are out there doing the same as you, experiencing the same things and will need your support too - you CAN do this.

For more information click HERE and remember, keep your eyes peeled for a superb Twitter chat on the  16th October to hear straight from the experts - just following the #bootsukstoptober 

*this is a sponsored post*

Monday, 6 October 2014

Another one to add to the faves... Pia Jewellery

I'm not gonna lie, I'm one of those girls who never really changes her style. I know what I like, dislike, things I can and cant wear and my must-have buys and anyone who knows me, knows that I can't stay away from a statement necklace. 

I have oodles of necklaces - some big, some small, but all of them stand out in their own way. I've spoken before on the blog about how a statement necklace can make an outfit, if I'm struggling to find something to wear on a morning you can bet your bottom dollar that my go-to item will be a big necklace with any top I happen to be close too. 

Along with my already bulging collection, I decided to review a jewellery brand that I haven't once noticed or purchased from before, Pia I hate to admit it but I am one of these people who tends to keep to the High Street and only ends up buying from your Topshop's, Next, or H&M, but the reality is there is a whole lot more choice on the internet and with more British brands - something that I am guilty of taking no notice too. 

Pia is a company based in the UK and specialises in creating pieces which are based around timeless style rather than fast fashion fixes - something which, dare I say it, now I've got older I'm looking more into. I opted to trial the curved Torc necklace. It kinda fits in with pretty much what I would look to buy and really is something that I would definitely wear on an every day basis.I was pleased to see the necklace was not only really well made but was as pretty as I was hoping it would be. In terms of wearability? I would definitely rank this quite high. I have worn it a dozen times, all with different tops and dress and every time I've worn it I've been given the nicest comments. 

From a brand that I hadn't actually looked into before, making a decision on just ONE thing to review was pretty hard - all their jewellery, and their bags (yes, they do bags) are pretty damn lush. This necklace has gone straight onto my statement necklace pile and I have a feeling this one will last and last.

The necklace is available from the Pia Jewellery website here and this was priced at £55

*I was gifted this necklace, howevr all views are my own and yes, I still am wearing this necklace - I love it!*

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Four weeks 'deactivated'

It has been 4 weeks since I pressed the button and deactivated my Facebook account. There were and still are many reasons as to WHY I pressed the button (I did mention it here) and partly alot of them are still valid. I have been asked over these 4 weeks as to how I'm feeling it, how people wish they could do the same and whether I feel like I'm missing our and well, the truth is? NO.

Since coming off Facebook I have taken real time to concentrate on my life - yeah, it's a small life: I have a very small circle of friends and family but it was a good push to concentrate on just that. No-more logging on to Facebook to be nosey at other peoples lives, no-more checking to see if someone/anyone had 'liked' my Facebook page, no-more impromptu anger over idiot statuses - it was a pretty good feeling.

In my first post about WHY I wanted to come off Facebook I tackled the subject of me being the one who posted boastful statuses, photo's and cryptic messages and also how I didn't want to be THAT person, when in fact I didn't like the people that done this also - go figure. For me, my main quest in life is to make amends in my life, to better myself and strive to be a better person and feel getting rid of Facebook does just this.

In all honestly, I feel better now I am not on it, sure it's hard when everyone is talking about a certain thing (ice bucket challenge anyone?) or arranging plans, but if anything it has been a real eye opener as to who might be my real friends - the ones that contact you AWAY from Facebook, and yes, I may have decreased my 'friends' by over 80% but the question I ask is "were my 'Facebook' friends, ever REAL friends in the first place"

Possibly not.

I totally get why people are on Facebook and its great if you like/enjoy it and use it in the right way but I think I can safely say I wont be going back. So, as I realise I will never be invited to anything again, and have a very very small number of 'real' friends, I will never be tagged in a photo or wait around waiting for another 'like' on my status, I will be off in my real-life world, with my real-life friends.

What are your Facebook rules and views?

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