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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Giving something up

I think we've all been in a position where we've said we wished done more of this, less of that and give so and so a go, but its amazing what a 'thought' is - it is exactly that, a thought. Ever heard of the expression 'actions speak louder than words'? Well I've always believed in this: when I was younger I took this literally with everything I was told, and even now with the promise of various things like 'the best cup of coffee' - we all know it HAS to proved right?! Well, the same goes for the statements we all make.

I regularly sit here type into twitter about how I should go veggie, gossip to a friend about losing weight and rant to anyone and everyone about out how I should run more- the truth of the matter is I'm a big, fat fraud. Yes,  you've guessed it, its ALL baloney, I'm all talk and no action. 

Why should this matter? Not only do people begin to roll their eyes at you whenever you so much as open your gob, but the reality is, it does nothing for the soul to realise you are queen of broken promises. About a month ago I read a really rather poignant blog post from the lovely Liz Goodchild - I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Liz and as well as being a runner who I aspire to be like, she has a really good knack of putting down on paper exactly it is you are thinking, without mincing her words. Her blog post (featured HERE) was all about 'How to make something happen' and let me tell you, it really is a whole piece of writing close to home - WHY say these things and not commit? Part of the problem is normally due to the sheer extent of these statements, to sometimes completely cut something out FOR GOOD is just too much of a big deal for us, and me included. Opting to change or start something for a particular period of time is the great 'in-between' so this is what I've decided to do.

First up on my list is giving up Facebook. I used to love Facebook - keeping in touch with old friends, on paper, seems like such a good idea, however lately for me, I just don't enjoy the idea of Facebook. When used in the right way, Facebook can be great, but when used in the wrong way it can be a whole load of crap sticks. Lately I have found the enjoyment of Facebook disappearing - attention seeking posts, cryptic messages and boasting, all of which I am quite possibly guilty of, and y'know what? I dont want to be that kind of person. I dont want to be that person who judges people on their photo's, their status's, and likewise for people to do that to me - so that's it - I am what you would call 'deactivated from Facebook. I'm not gonna lie, but after the first day it is hard not to just log on and get checking - I'm putting this down to boredom, but I'm hoping I start to feel refreshed after a week or so. So how long do I anticipate I am going to do this for? A whole month. No less, but maybe for more. We'll see. I just hope I can become a better person by doing this, grow to concentrate more on my own life and stop judging other people. Call this a self-experiment if you will...

Thank you to Liz for making me do something that I didn't think I'd eventually ever get round to doing.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The long and short of it

I have always been a hair girl - my bob was my pride and joy and I used to spend ridiculous money (and time) on the barnet on a regular basis - products to make it shiny, to keep it straight, to protect it and to keep the colour, so imagine my surprise when the other month I just decided to chop it all off.

Now before you all think I've gone for a buzz-cut a-la Britney, you'd be wrong. Just over a month ago I had the bob removed and a semi pixi crop cut in and it was pretty much the best decision I've made in a long time. Hair really does define you, so when I started to feel in a bit of rut, I knew that the first thing that had to go had to be the hair. Pre-wedding, I had often flitted around the idea of cutting it all off 'one day' but after the last time I cut all my hair off and then pain stakingly had to grow it all back it pretty soon put me off - so yet why did, every time I look in mirror, yearn to chop it.

I've gotta be honest, I've never been a 'long hair' girl, I simply cant get away with it: I have such a small head, too much hair really does drown my face and make me look reminiscent of cousin IT, but when my amazing hairdresser first gave me the 'bob' it was most definitely my signature look. That's not to say I don't love long hair on girls, man, I wish I could get away with growing my hair as long as I could (modern day Rapunzel) but there is something about having short hair that makes me feel a million times more feminine. To cut a very long story short, after going for my normal 'trim' appointment with my hair dresser, I decided right at the last minute for her to chop it all off. I had some ideas of a style that I wanted but I decided to let her 'do as she wanted' and saw the hair tumble down.

The end result was perfect - I loved it. It was short without being too short but still looked a little feminine. What do you think?

This haircut has totally given me a new lease of life - I feel a million more times like 'me', it is easy to manage and mostly I feel so much more confident. I never thought that having my cut off would make me feel quite like this but the difference is huge.

Do you think hair plays an important part in how you feel?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Coffee Crazy...

It is pretty darn official that I am known as being 100% coffee crazy. My day starts and possibly ends with coffee, nice and strong to start with, and moving to decaf in the afternoon - I. love. it.

I have written so many posts about coffee, my Costa addiction, the money I spend and well, everything in between. I am one of THOSE people who genuinely struggles if they do not have coffee in the morning, and can safely say I suggest you do not talk to me prior to me consuming some caffeine and there is a good chance you may experience the 'bear with a sore head' Sarah - never a good thing. For me, coffee is pretty much my only vice, and a vice I do love. What started as just your typical mug of instant, progressed into coffee shop visits, purchasing a filter coffee maker to finally getting my mitts on the latest addition to the Nash household: my Nespresso machine.

This baby (and yes it really is my baby) was much wanted and sought after and post wedding it was the first thing we purchased with our wedding money - and I really wasn't disappointed. This machine really does it all and fulfils my dream of proper coffee in the comfort of your own home. For me, the best thing about the Nespresso machine is trying all the different flavours of coffee - if anything this is the best thing about consuming coffee regardless for where or how, its a sport almost, I've been on the search for 'my' signature flavour. Y'know, the one you turn too the most, the variable one, the one you can mix with syrups, have as just an espresso or in a long glass with hot milk as a latte - enter the Arpeggio, a dark roast, strong character, intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes. Yum!

Not only is the Krups Nespresso machine a joy to look at, perfect at brewing your home brew, you have the option of the addition of the Aerrocino milk frother - me and this little machine are a match made in heaven and many a morning have I been known to gaze into the lid of this frother watching the milk go round, and round and round.... you get the picture! 


The milk can either be heated for your latte or frothed to make an amazing cappuccino, it's a superb gadget that is a must for a good home brew! AND the latte art possibilities are endless, so far I am trying to master these....

Whether you opt for a Nespresso machine, a Dolce Gusto or even a Tassimo machine, the one thing you can guarantee yourself is a good tasting, economical cup of coffee all in the comfort of own home or wearing your pj's - cant be bad! For more helpful hints, head on over to Curry's Crazy for Coffee page

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I have a favour to ask...

It's not often I feel I have to ask a favour of you reader's, I dont go in for competition's very often, I seem to lack that competitive streak and mostly I just think everyone does things a little better than me. Yet here I am; asking you all for a huge favour.
My wedding (yep, that again) has been nominated to win Wedding Of The Year in the Your Berks Bucks and Oxon Wedding magazine competition. Firstly, I mean WOW, secondly this is a great honour for me. My wedding is one of my most proudest days of my life, alongside my happiest, to even be nominated is pretty much the best thing ever (I'm sure there are a 100 weddings out there that are better) but all I need now is to hopefully get through to the final..... so, here goes, after looking at my photos hopefully you'd do me the honour of voting via their website? Id be so grateful - I'm not sure I can offer you a reward, but let me tell you now, if I win? Cake for all!

All you have to do is go onto their website, link below, and click on the vote button. Simples!

And if you want to see EVEN more photo's to justify the click, do head on over to my photographers page for more wedding-ness - CLICK HERE

Thanking you all in advance......

Monday, 21 July 2014

The joys of just 'being'

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you just exist, you excel in just the power of being you? I had one of those weekends. With no plans on the horizon apart from pottering, I found myself getting excited at just being me, at home, in my trackies, surrounded by the rabbit, the sofa and well, just my house. With non-stop plans for the last seven months, it is so nice to know that things are slowing down, bringing with it the ability to take a step back and to look upon everything I have in the here and now - how many people do this?

Life goes way too quick, can you actually believe that it is nearing the END of July. I swear it still seems like it was Christmas yesterday, and here we are in the middle of a heatwave, over halfway through another year. Despite 2014 being pretty much the BEST year ever, there hasn't been nearly enough time to take it all in and really, and I mean really appreciate what it is we are doing with our time. So on Saturday I spent the day manically cleaning the house. Granted I only got through 2 rooms but man alive, the feeling was good. to lovingly clean something that you have worked so hard for is a real good feeling. I know I sound like some crazy OCD lady, but at that moment in time, I needed that, not necessarily the cleaning part, but to just DO. It really does bring a clarity to life. My Saturday evening was filled with Mexican food, wearing a sombrero and dancing with my bestie. Simple.

Sunday was where this blog post came to light. I woke up at half 11 (something of which I never do) and the first thing I read was the gorgeous Sam's blog post on really loving yourself http://www.tinypaintpot.co.uk/2014/07/self-love-being-kind-to-you.html  it was a great way to start my day - it made me sit up, take notice and reflect on something that I thought would've disappeared with age. Being kind to yourself is a free act and blimy it is every bit as amazing as it should be - life really is too short to be wasting it on negatives. It is a really good read.
My afternoon consisted of some baking. An activity I do when either bored, stressed, or hungry. So out came the mixing bowl, the ingredients and I baked for no other reason that I wanted too: no special occasion, no groups of people to bake for, just ME. Seeing yourself produce something from nothing is a great way to boost the self-esteem and in my case, fill your belly. Baking for me is cathartic: to do something so simple, for no reason. I didn't want to receive praise, I didn't want applause, I just wanted to do. Whilst the cake was busy baking in the oven I took to catch up on some blog reading - another free act that fills me with joy. However I found myself switching off the tablet and feeling despondent. None of the blog posts I was reading felt real. ALOT of posts about what I should get/buy, alot of posts about their latest purchases: material things. I can't help but wonder whether any of these bloggers feel truly fulfilled by purchasing the latest fashions of whether its a smokescreen, I just wanna read something about people being happy and fulfilled for just being alive.

Some of you might say it was a boring weekend, a wasted weekend, but being able to stop and just breathe and just exist is a gift that really does keep giving.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The one where I got married...

*ducks for cover* so, here it is, it was only a matter of time right?! Earlier on the blog I pre-warned you all that I was going to show you some of the wedding photos, and well, here they are. I won't blab on about it too much and leave the pictures to do the talking... Hope you enjoy!

- x -

* Photo credits go to my amazing wedding photographers Katie and Jon Gray http://www.kategrayphotography.com *

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